Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3498, Young Lady Bing


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After waiting for a long time but still seeing no reaction from his surroundings, Yang Kai sighed, “What you’re doing is meaningless. I knew you wouldn’t try anything with my life. Since this King offended you, then I will not complain about this, but since you can’t kill me now either, we might as well sit down and talk things out if we can. Otherwise, we can go our separate ways. Is tormenting someone who can’t resist fun for you?”


After saying so, Yang Kai looked around him, seemingly trying to find where Bei Li Mo was hiding.


But at that moment, a weak and melodious voice suddenly entered his ears, “I’m guessing you’re speaking to me?”


Yang Kai was surprised as he turned his head to look around him, “Who!”


This voice definitely did not belong to Bei Li Mo as even though it sounded weak, it was filled with warmth. Even the tone was very different from Bei Li Mo’s. Yang Kai wouldn’t confuse something so simple. But this surprised him. There was actually someone else on the 18th floor? He checked this damned place previously and even though the area was not considered small, it definitely wasn’t big either. There was no vitality, but he did find many Demon Race corpses.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but be surprised to suddenly hear someone speaking to him.


“Come here!” The voice appeared again to lead the way for Yang Kai.


Yang Kai took a moment to identify the direction. Focusing his eyes on a certain spot, he hesitated for a while before moving over. He was also curious to know who it was he was talking to and why he hadn’t noticed them before.


Walking past several frozen ice sculptures, Yang Kai crossed a dozen metres or so before finally stopping in front of a certain ice figure. Gazing ahead, his eyes revealed a hint of surprise.


There was also a Demon encased in this ice sculpture, and she seemed to be a Snow Demon like Bei Li Mo. She had delicate crystal clear skin with soft lustrous black hair, a slender and graceful body, as well as perfect and exquisite features that were slightly more plump than thin. Yang Kai had seen many beautiful women in his life, and his own wives were all Heaven-defying ones, but of course, in the confines of power and vision, as well as temperament, none can be compared to Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo. However, this one in front of him definitely wouldn’t lose to those two Demon Saints.


This ice sculpture was different from the other ones. The Demon corpses in the other ice sculptures all sat cross-legged without exception, but she was the only one standing with both hands folded before her, seemingly sleeping peacefully. She didn’t look old either, only around 16 or so. She seemed to be a young girl who had yet to grow into adulthood.


Yang Kai did not feel any vitality from this ice sculpture, but with his cultivation sealed, even if there was any, he wouldn’t be able to sense it.


After looking around, Yang Kai turned back to the girl inside the ice sculpture in front of him and asked uncertainly, “Are you the one speaking?”


A few breaths later, the warm voice appeared once more, “Yes, it’s me. I’m sorry, I’ve been trapped in here for too long so it’s affected my Soul. That’s why my reactions are a little slow. Please forgive me.”


Yang Kai almost burst out in laughter. The way this girl spoke gave off a charmingly naive impression… But once he remembered what happened to the other party, he couldn’t laugh any longer. He thought to himself that this Bei Li Mo was truly a piece of work. Even though he had no idea what this girl’s nature was, she didn’t seem to be a bad person. Still, Bei Li Mo actually tossed her into the 18th floor of the Ice Prison, and from her appearance, who knows how many years she had been shut in here for.


At that thought, Yang Kai was horrified. Even he himself could not last long in this damned place and almost fell unconscious from the cold earlier, yet this girl actually remained awake in some sense of the word, which was enough to prove her strength.


Seemingly figuring out what Yang Kai was thinking, the girl explained, “I cultivate Ice Principles as well, so even though the environment here is harsh, it affects me far less than others.”


In principle, it was not impossible for one who cultivated Ice Principles to persist in such an environment, and the harsh cold in this place may even become a boon to their cultivation. But if a stronger opponent were to play a few tricks, then the situation would be different.


Since Bei Li Mo shut her in here, she definitely made arrangements.


But Ice Principles… Yang Kai asked, “Were you the one who saved me?”


When he almost fainted earlier, it was an icy cold force that swept through his body. He had thought it was Bei Li Mo who had done it, but it seemed like it wasn’t that woman to begin with, but the girl in front of him now.


“I can save you for a moment, but not for life. So many have been thrown in here over the years, but you’ve already seen the result. None of them managed to leave this place alive.” This was undoubtedly an admission.


Yang Kai chuckled, “No matter what, I must thank this young miss for saving my life.” Even though he wasn’t without a backup plan, it was still true that she saved him. After a pause, he asked, “May I ask for this young miss’ name?”


It was another few breaths later before the girl answered, “My name… Even I myself have forgotten it. You may call me whatever you please.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but sweat. How many years must she have been locked in here to even forget her name? Perhaps it had something to do with her Soul being damaged? Touching his chin, he snapped his fingers, “Then, I shall call you Young Lady Bing!”


“Young Lady Bing, is it… Hehe, if it pleases you.” The young girl didn’t mind. She was curious, “How did you come to be thrown in here by Honoured Master?”


“Honoured Master?” Yang Kai blinked his eyes, “Is the Honoured Master you speak of… Bei Li Mo? You two are Master and Disciple?”


Young Lady Bing explained, “From what I can remember, we are in fact Master and Disciple!”


Now Yang Kai was well and truly shocked. He originally thought that this Young Lady Bing had committed some crime like himself to be thrown here into the 18th floor to receive punishment. He thought that she was Bei Li Mo’s subordinate, but who knew that these two were actually Master and Disciple!


Yang Kai couldn’t help but sweat. Through their previous interactions, Yang Kai didn’t like that woman Bei Li Mo very much, but he also didn’t expect her to be so ruthless to even be able to bear punishing her own Disciple in such a way. Throwing one into the Ice Prison was tantamount to taking their life! She was her Disciple after all, so even if she did make some kind of mistake, there was no need to go so far. But Yang Kai also did not know the cause and effect, so he did not say too much about it.


Bei Li Mo was a Demon Saint, however, so her Disciple should at least be a Half-Saint, right?


No wonder this Young Lady Bing could hold up this long in this Ice Prison…


Young Lady Bing said, “You haven’t answered my question. How did you offend Honoured Master?”


Yang Kai sweated and scratched his face, “Ahem, it was an accident that I provoked her.” He couldn’t tell her that she tried to molest her Honoured Master by turning her own tricks against her and was seen through before being beaten by her. That would be far too embarrassing so he quickly changed the topic, “What about you? Why are you imprisoned here?”


Young Lady Bing was silent for a long time before she spoke, “I shouldn’t tell you this, but it’s been so long and you’re the first one who has spoken so much with me. The reason that I’m imprisoned here seems to be because of a man…”


Yang Kai recoiled in shock, “You two Master and Disciple had your eyes on the same man?”


Young Lady Bing laughed, “No such thing. It was just me, but Honoured Master wouldn’t agree to it. When I refused to separate from him, she brutally tortured that man to death in front of me. I remember Honoured Master asked him to humiliate me and curse me, but he would rather die than to say a single bad word about me…”


“That bitch!” Yang Kai fumed, but coming back to his senses, he quickly added, “I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about that villain Bei Li Mo!”


Young Lady Bing said, “Don’t curse my Honoured Master.” Even though her tone was light, Yang Kai could hear the displeasure in her voice and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, so he probed, “What happened after that? If she killed that man, then why did she have to go this far with you?”


“Because I attacked her out of anger, disappointing her greatly. That is how things came to this.”


Yang Kai sighed at her story, not knowing what he should say. If this was all true, then this Young Lady Bing was undoubtedly the most tragic victim in this matter. The man she loved was humiliated and killed before her eyes by her Honoured Master, then her Honoured Master broke all ties with her and locked her up in this place, sealed in ice to live a life worse than death. What else could be more tragic in this world than this?


It must have been hard for her to persevere until now. If it were anyone else, their Soul would probably have collapsed long ago.


“By the way, I heard you say that Honoured Master won’t kill you? Why are you so confident?”


Yang Kai grinned at that, “Because your Honoured Master still has something she needs from me.”


“Oh?” Young Lady Bing was surprised, “What does Honoured Master need from you?”


Yang Kai did not answer; instead, his eyes flashed slightly as he smiled, “I’ve made up my mind. When your Honoured Master comes to save me, I’ll have her release you from here as repayment for saving my life.”


Young Lady Bing, “No need!”


Yang Kai frowned, “You don’t want to go out?”


“It’s not that…” Young Lady Bing’s voice was bitter, “It’s just that my body has long become necrose, leaving behind only a broken Soul. I can still survive for a while longer if I’m frozen here, but if I leave, then I’m afraid I will die even faster.”


That made things difficult. Right now, there was no way for Yang Kai to check her body’s condition either; otherwise, there was no saying whether he might be able to think of an idea or not.


While he was pondering, Young Lady Bing said, “Are you sure you can leave this place? It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that not a single person has been able to leave this place alive.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Just wait and see.”


“Is that so…” Young Lady Bing sighed, “Seems like this is really fate…”


“What fate?” Yang Kai frowned.


Young Lady Bing said, “You thanked me for saving your life and said you wish to repay me, but are you sincere?”


Yang Kai answered solemnly, “Naturally so. If Young Lady Bing wishes to leave, then I can really put in a few words for you to your Honoured Master. I don’t dare guarantee that she would definitely agree, but I still have eighty percent confidence.”


Young Lady Bing quickly stopped him, “Please, you mustn’t. And if you do manage to get out, then you should never mention me in front of Honoured Master lest you not be able to save even your own life!”


[Was it that serious?] Yang Kai was doubtful. Wasn’t it just a bit of narrow-mindedness between Master and Disciple? Yet he couldn’t even mention her name, even though he had no idea what this girl’s true name really was.




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  1. She may look young but Demon Saints and Half Saints live a very long time. She is definitely older than Yang Kai. And I see that she wants revenge against Bei Li Mo.

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