Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3499, Profound Darkness Needle


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Young Lady Bing means to say…” Yang Kai looked doubtfully at her.


“I want to ask a favour from you,” Young Lady Bing responded.


Yang Kai smiled, “You saved my life, so if there’s anything I can do to help, just say the word.”


Young Lady Bing answered, “Don’t be so quick to agree just yet. It’s not too late to think about it after you let me finish. Though it’s not a difficult matter, if you really do this, then it would most likely anger Honoured Master. And, it might even make her think of killing you. Would you still be willing to accept if that were so?”


Yang Kai raised a brow, “Can you tell me more?”


He could be confident that Bei Li Mo really wouldn’t kill him; after all, he was needed to restore the Demon Realm’s Territory Gates. No matter how angry she was, she would still need the approval of the other Demon Saints in the Demon Realm if she wanted to take his life. But he had already offended Bei Li Mo once, so if possible, Yang Kai didn’t want their relationship to sour even further. It wasn’t a good idea to have a Demon Saint bear a grudge against him.


Inside the ice sculpture, Young Lady Bing was silent for a while, seemingly deliberating. In the end, she still said, “I have an object that contains a Forbidden Art that I cultivated myself. It is extremely powerful, and I want you to use it on my Honoured Master.”


Yang Kai’s pupils shrank at those words, “You want to kill her?”


He couldn’t help but feel perturbed. From her words earlier, Young Lady Bing showed quite a lot of respect for Bei Li Mo. Even though the man she loved was tortured to death, and she was thrown into the 18th floor of the Ice Prison, never to see daylight again, she didn’t speak the slightest word of discontent and even showed some displeasure when Yang Kai cursed Bei Li Mo, speaking out in defence of her. So, for Young Lady Bing to suddenly make such a request baffled him.


Young Lady Bing laughed, “Honoured Master is a Demon Saint. How could I possibly kill her? Not to mention my lack of ability, even if I were strong enough, it would be impossible for me to do such a thing.”


“Then why…” Yang Kai couldn’t understand.


Young Lady Bing sighed, “It’s to make it up to him. Back then, when that man was tortured to death by Honoured Master, I didn’t make a single plea for him, even though I lost my mind afterwards and lashed out against Honoured Master, it was already too late. Perhaps Honoured Master could have let him off in view of the Master and Disciple relationship we shared for so many years had I begged her… Even though I have been frozen between life or death here for so many years, my heart could never rest at ease. Now, my predestined time of death is near, and I’m afraid it won’t be long before I must journey to join him in the next life. This is my account to him. When we meet again in the underworld, I can also tell him that I took revenge for him. It’s just, my strength is limited…”


Even though Young Lady Bing’s voice was steady while she spoke, Yang Kai could understand the sorrow and grief she felt within, and could also understand what she was trying to say, so he couldn’t help but stay silent.


Young Lady Bing continued, “The might of the Frozen Nether Ice Prison’s 18th floor is almost Earth-destroying. After so many years, not a single one who came in walked out alive. I thought that this Forbidden Art would never see the light of day, but I didn’t expect to meet you here at the final moment. Tell me, is this not fate? Since the Heavens intended so, then I can also take this opportunity to fulfil my wish. But rest assured, while this Forbidden Art’s power is not small, it definitely won’t do much to Honoured Master. She is a Demon Saint in the end. She will certainly look into it after the matter is done, but you only have to tell her what I said today and she won’t make things difficult for you.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a little troubled by this matter. If Young Lady Bing asked him for anything else, then he may be able to consider it, but wasn’t it a little too frivolous to use something sealed with a powerful Forbidden Art against Bei Li Mo? Even if Bei Li Mo was unlikely to make things difficult for him afterwards, who knew how that crazy woman would react in the moment? If she really flew into a range, who was going to save him then?


But since he had already said such big words, it would make him seem cowardly and ungrateful to back out now, so after pondering for a moment, Yang Kai told her, “Frankly, I’m not a member of the Demon Race. I am a Human and have not cultivated Ice Attribute Secret Arts or Secret Techniques. Thanks to Young Lady’s inheritance and origins as a Snow Demon, it’s obvious that what you cultivate are Ice Principles. Is this Forbidden Art even something I can use?”


Young Lady Bing replied, “It doesn’t matter. You only need to activate it and the Forbidden Art will be released. I know this request is a little difficult, so if you’re unwilling, just forget it.”


Yang Kai raised his hand to stop her, “Young Lady Bing is also imprisoned and unable to protect herself, but since you were willing to save me, how can I possibly refuse such a small request?” He had also made up his mind. Since he couldn’t refuse, he could only agree. In any case, he was just taking a risk in front of Bei Li Mo. If worse comes to worst, he could just drag Yu Ru Meng in, and then Bei Li Mo wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.


“Then I must offer you my sincerest thanks. With this, I can die in peace.” Young Lady Bing thanked him happily and at the same time she spoke, Yang Kai saw a warm glow suddenly blossom at her chest which grew bigger and bigger, as if something was going to break out.


In the next moment, light flashed and a hole appeared on the ice sculpture. A long crystal clear needle that was only a palm length long and looked as if it were carved out of the purest ice appeared in front of Yang Kai, floating gently.


Young Lady Bing’s voice then sounded, “This Profound Darkness Needle has my Forbidden Art sealed inside of it. I’m not too sure how strong it is because I created it after being sealed in here, so I’ve never tested it out before, but it definitely won’t be weak. Seeing as your relationship with Honoured Master is not too good, you can keep this for the time being. If one day she strikes at you, then you can also use this to hinder her for a moment…”


This was a good proposal that caused Yang Kai’s eyes to light up. This was equivalent to having another trick up his sleeve. Even though this was a one-time-use object, he couldn’t ask too much from something he got for nothing and asked, “How long can it stop her for?”


“Ten breaths at most. Perhaps as few as three!” Young Lady Bing quickly responded.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, but remembering that Bei Li Mo was a genuine Demon Saint, it was impossible to ask for more. Just as he was about to put the Profound Darkness Needle away, he remembered the seal that Bei Li Mo planted on him. He couldn’t even open his own Space Ring, so he awkwardly asked, “Where should I put this?”


Young Lady Bing laughed, “I’ve been negligent.” After pondering for a moment, she suggested, “How about this? I’ll plant it in your hand so it will be convenient for you when you need to use it. I’m just not sure whether you can trust me or not.”


Yang Kai readily extended a hand, “Please, do what you need to, Young Lady.”


It wasn’t that he was easily trusting. Even though he had a good impression of this Young Lady Bing and was also grateful for her help, he didn’t trust her to the extent that he could lay bare his heart to her. The only reason he agreed so quickly was that even if she did have any ill intentions, nothing much would happen to him.


It was true that he had Bei Li Mo’s seal planted in him that restricted his Emperor Qi, but he had the Soul Warming Lotus to protect his Soul which was as strong as iron. His body’s foundation did not disappear either, so even if this Young Lady Bing tried anything on him, after being frozen for so many years, she still wouldn’t be able to do much.


Young Lady Bing clearly did not expect Yang Kai to agree so easily, so she was stunned for a moment before saying, “Please bear with it a little. It might hurt.”


Yang Kai nodded, motioning for her to go ahead. He wasn’t afraid of pain.


In the next instant, the Profound Darkness Needle that was floating in front of Yang Kai twitched slightly. Then, in a flash, it penetrated Yang Kai’s wrist as quick as lightning.


Pain erupted as a cool aura lurked within his wrist, but it quickly disappeared. Yang Kai sensed it carefully and could clearly feel something foreign embedded in his wrist, but since it didn’t have any effect on him, his mind was put at ease.


When he looked down again, he discovered that there wasn’t even a single injury on his wrist. He couldn’t help but admire Young Lady Bing’s skills. At that moment, he was unable to clearly identify how strong Young Lady Bing’s energy fluctuation was, but he guessed that she was definitely a Half-Saint.


Shaking his hand, he found no discomfort. Yang Kai asked, “Is that all?”


“Yes.” Young Lady Bing replied, “Now that my wish has been fulfilled, I fear only that we may never see each other again in the future, so please take care of yourself, and…”


Speaking up to that point, Young Lady Bing suddenly stopped. Then, a soft energy emerged from the ice sculpture that expelled Yang Kai a dozen metres away. At the same time, the protective force enveloping Yang Kai’s body also disappeared and Ice Principles flooded towards him from all directions again, making it so Yang Kai couldn’t help but shiver as his face and hair were quickly covered by frost.


This all happened so quickly that Yang Kai completely failed to process what had happened. By the time he recovered, he was already a dozen metres away, shivering involuntarily.


But very quickly, he knew why Young Lady Bing reacted so violently, because a strong aura quickly appeared above.


Even though his cultivation was now sealed, Yang Kai could still feel Bei Li Mo’s aura.


This woman actually ran down here personally.


As expected, in just a few moments, a snow-white figure emerged on the 18th floor.


Yang Kai had also retreated cooperatively to a corner of the wall. His entire person was covered in frost, shivering with a pale face and purple lips.


Sweeping her beautiful eyes over, Bei Li Mo saw Yang Kai, and the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, revealing a mocking smile. Waist swaying, she slowly came before Yang Kai in light lotus steps and touched his calf with her jade foot, “Are you dead yet?”


Yang Kai shrunk into a ball. When he heard her words, he raised his head with difficulty and squinted at her, “Fuck you. Even if you die… I’ll never die!”


Bei Li Mo sneered, “So you still have the strength to curse at others? Seems like you’re still far from death. Stay here, then. Tell me when you’re about to die and I’ll come to collect your body.”


After she finished speaking, she turned and left, ruthless and unforgiving.


But she was unable to leave because Yang Kai had found strength left in him to grab her ankle. His expression was one of grief and anger. He knew that this woman had deliberately come here to laugh at him, and perhaps holding hopes that he would lower himself to her and apologize. But the situation was bigger than him and his fists weren’t as big as the other party’s. No matter how unhappy Yang Kai was inside, he had to consider a way to get back.


If he continued fighting with this crazy woman, the only one eating a loss would be him.




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  1. Why did the author or translator write this sentence: , “The might of the Frozen Nether Ice Prison’s 18th floor is almost Earth-destroying. ” if Lady Bing has never seen or been to Earth? He could have use “world destroying” instead.

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