Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3500, Are You Trying To Trick Me


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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Bei Li Mo turned around and looked down at him, corners of her lips lifting smugly, “What’s wrong? Can’t you speak properly if you have something to say? Must you take advantage of people?” She glanced at Yang Kai’s sneaky hand, “Take your filthy paw off me or I’ll break it.”


Yang Kai quickly retracted his hand. There was no other way. This woman may not actually kill him, but torture was definitely something she would be happy to see, so he didn’t dare to give her the opportunity to pressure him. He said in a trembling voice, “Don’t you… go too far. Kill a man, but humiliate him not! If you insult me again like this, do you believe I won’t die for you to see? I would rather perish than suffer humiliation.”


Bei Li Mo laughed and slowly crouched down in front of Yang Kai, reaching out her jade white hand and lightly lifting his chin with a finger, smiling, “It’s only been a little while and you’re already getting desperate? Weren’t you having a good time cursing me just a few days before? Why aren’t you continuing anymore? Oh, that’s right. You even told a very wonderful story. Why don’t you recite it for this Saint to listen to? This Saint is very interested to hear your story, too.”


Yang Kai turned his head away in disdain, but he was pulled right back and forced to look her in the eye. Those beautiful eyes were filled with laughter and amusement, but he had no idea what she was being so happy about.


He gritted his teeth, “What do you want?”


Bei Li Mo narrowed her eyes, red lips opening faintly, “Am I beautiful?”


Yang Kai blinked his eyes and recovered a little from his shock. The change in topic was too great. He was just about to say that she was as ugly as a pig, only to hear Bei Li Mo say, “You’d better tell me the truth. Otherwise… Heh heh…”


The threat in her voice was evident, and a cold light was overflowing from her narrow eyes.


“Beautiful! Overwhelmingly beautiful!” Yang Kai shouted indignantly. Even though it was the truth, it still felt very vexing to say. He cursed in his heart, [You little bitch, you better not fall into my hands or I’ll show you what you’ve got coming to you! I’ll definitely catch you and ask you ten thousand times whether I’m handsome or not! Of course, saying I’m not handsome is definitely not an option. If you do say I’m handsome, I’ll have you tell me why I’m handsome.]


“Then… between Yu Ru Meng and I, who’s more beautiful?” Bei Li Mo then asked.


“Hey, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch. What kind of question is this? Are you trying to set me up?” Yang Kai glared at her.


“Tell me honestly first…” While speaking, Bei Li Mo brushed a finger softly over Yang Kai’s lower lip.


Even though his body was cold all over, Yang Kai felt as if his throat was on fire and he gulped, “You’re both beautiful!”


Bei Li Mo obviously wasn’t satisfied with that answer. She glared at him charmingly, “Answer me properly. Don’t try to play me.”


Yang Kai hung his head in frustration, “Is there any point in dwelling over this matter with me? My relationship with Ru Meng is completely different than with you. In my heart, Ru Meng is the most beautiful woman in the world. No other woman can ever compare with her. But if you look at it from a man’s point of view, you and her are like a spring orchid and an autumn chrysanthemum. Each of you has your merits. There’s no way to compare a woman’s beauty, only the difference in a man’s preference. As they say, whether it be turnips or greens, each is favoured by different people. If you ask Brother Bai Ya this question, he will definitely say that you’re the more beautiful one. En, I don’t know whether he has the guts to answer the question at all though.”


“You cunning thing!” Bei Li Mo snorted.


But from her tone and attitude, Yang Kai knew that though she wasn’t very satisfied with the answer, she could barely accept it. After all, what he said was right.


“Then… If I ask you to abandon Yu Ru Meng and commit yourself to this Saint, how would you choose?”


“Just kill me!” Yang Kai gave a firm answer.


Bei Li Mo gave him a knock on the head that sounded with a soft thud, “Won’t you even consider it? At the very least I’m not that different compared to Yu Ru Meng.”


“Yang Kai is honoured to receive Holy Venerable’s regard. It is truly as prosperous as green smoke rising from my ancestor’s graves. Only, there’s nothing to consider in this matter, so you’d better kill me and get it over with.”


Bei Li Mo chuckled, “Fine, I won’t make things hard for you any longer. I can’t blame you either. With that bitch’s Heart Seal Secret Technique, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get rid of her influence on you so easily. Speaking of which, did you know that she used the Innate Divine Ability of the Charm Demon Clan on you? Everything you feel for her is because of the effects of that Secret Technique, and not because of your own thoughts.”


“Ru Meng told me that on the first day, but I believe even without the Secret Technique, nothing would change.”


Bei Li Mo just smiled, not denying it. She rose and looked down at Yang Kai again from above, “Little boy, it’s best you stop thinking so highly of yourself and believing that Yu Ru Meng is really interested in you. She is one of the Demon Realm’s Twelve Demon Saints. Your qualities may not be bad, but it’s still not enough to enter our eyes. If not for your relationship with Yu Ru Meng, then this Saint also wouldn’t even bother with your existence. Let me give you a piece of advice. When the day comes that you’ve lost all value to Yu Ru Meng, you’d better flee quickly if you want to keep your life!”


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai could tell there was more to what she was saying than pure sowing of discord, so he frowned and asked, “What does Holy Venerable mean by this?”


Bei Li Mo sneered, “Did Yu Ru Meng tell you that once the Heart Seal Secret Technique is performed, then it is absolutely unbreakable?”


Yang Kai nodded, “She did say that.”


Hearing this, Bei Li Mo broke out in a fit of laughter, but her eyes were full of pity as she looked at Yang Kai, as if she had great sympathy for him.


Yang Kai thoughtfully said, “Could it be that it’s possible to break the Secret Technique?”


Bei Li Mo’s laughter subsided, “It’s true that a normal Charm Demon can’t break it, but Yu Ru Meng is a Demon Saint. If she’s willing to pay a certain price, then why wouldn’t she be able to break it? She can break the Heart Seal Secret Technique’s grip on her at any moment. Let me put it this way. As long as she can steel herself to kill you, that Heart Seal Secret Technique will break all by itself! Sadness lasts only a fleeting moment, but it can be exchanged for a lifetime of freedom. If it were this Saint, then do you think you would still be able to keep your life once your value has dried up? A proper Demon Saint entangled in an unclear relationship with a Human is simply unbecoming.”


Yang Kai’s face paled at those words. He had no idea whether Bei Li Mo was telling him the truth or not, or if she was just trying to cause a rift between them on purpose. But undeniably, Bei Li Mo’s words successfully planted a thorn in his heart.


It wasn’t that he valued Yu Ru Meng’s feelings for him, but rather that the Heart Seal Secret Technique had long been transferred to the Soul Warming Lotus, so it had essentially no binding effect on him. However, it had a huge hold on Yu Ru Meng. Even though he couldn’t see Yu Ru Meng as a stranger anymore after being with her for such a long amount of time, if Yu Ru Meng really did have ill intentions toward him, then he definitely wouldn’t stand still and just wait for the end.


What made Yang Kai wary was whether Yu Ru Meng was doing just as Bei Li Mo said, waiting for the right moment to cut off the Heart Seal Secret Technique’s hold…


If such a day really came, then he needed to make preparations in advance. Otherwise, if a Demon Saint really had it out for his life, then he wouldn’t be able to escape no matter how hard he tried.


However, his expression changed as he saw the smile on Bei Li Mo’s face as soon as he lifted his head and shouted, “Nonsense!”


Bei Li Mo sneered lightly, “Whether what I said is nonsense or not, don’t you know it in your own heart? There’s no need to deceive yourself and the others around you.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s useless no matter what you say to try and frighten me, so don’t waste your time. My relationship with Ru Meng can’t be shaken with just a few words from you.”


Bei Li Mo could not tell the insincerity of his words and answered coldly, “In that case, let me ask you a question.”




“Have you taken her yet?”


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment. He never would have expected this woman to ask such a question, and he couldn’t help but frown, “Is this related to what you said earlier?”


Bei Li Mo smiled, “Why not? It has a lot to do with it. En, let me guess. Since you’re a man, then you’ve obviously had such thoughts before. Only, I’m sure she probably rejected you, but she doesn’t reject acting intimately with you, correct?”


“So what?” Yang Kai looked coldly at her though it was indeed as she said. Even though he and Yu Ru Meng acted intimately with each other, there was no substantial breakthrough. For one, Yang Kai had his own reservations; after all, he was of a different race from her, and also had ulterior motives for following her to the Demon Realm. If they really come to that step, then things would also get troublesome in the future. Secondly, Yu Ru Meng didn’t seem to have such intentions either.


Bei Li Mo smiled, “She’s not giving herself to you because she wants to leave a way out for herself; after all, if she really does lose her purity to you, then there will be no way for her to turn back. Women are different from men. Whether it be me or her, we may be honourable Demon Saints, but we are still women in our bones. How could we bear to kill our own man?”


Yang Kai’s face darkened at her words. He did not speak, but his expression was slightly hideous.


Seeing that, Bei Li Mo continued, “So, if I were you, I’d definitely hurry up and find the opportunity to do her. Only then will you be able to rest easily; otherwise, if you really wait until that day comes, then you’ll definitely regret it.”


Yang Kai’s face turned more and more hideous as he listened. He clenched his fists as if he might go on a rampage at any moment before he raised his head and glared at Bei Li Mo, “Are you trying to trick me?”


Bei Li Mo stared indifferently at him, “Whether I’m trying to trick you or not, you will know one day. When that time comes, don’t regret not heeding my warning today. If that day really does come and you’re lucky enough to escape from her, then you can come to this Saint. This Saint will keep you safe!”


Yang Kai snickered in his heart. While Bei Li Mo was making things sound so pleasant now, if such a day really did come, it would be absolutely impossible for her to take him in. Indeed, she had grievances with Yu Ru Meng, but she wouldn’t go as far as to enter into a real fight with her for his sake. He estimated that she would try to exchange some benefits with Yu Ru Meng at the very most. The mind of a Demon Saint couldn’t be so simple. She had undoubtedly spoken too much today, so even though Yang Kai couldn’t ascertain what her motives were, they definitely weren’t good.


Even saying what she did about women being unable to bear killing their own man, even one’s own flesh and blood could be cut down in the pursuit of the Grand Dao, so what need be said of love between men and women?


Yang Kai did not forget that they were all part of the Demon Race!


Though he thought so in his heart, he still answered, “Then I must thank Holy Venerable for her kind intentions in advance. But I believe such a day will never come. If Ru Meng truly does want to kill me, then this King will just give his life without resistance!”


“Fool!” Bei Li Mo looked at him with contempt.




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  1. All these thoughts should’ve been going through his head honestly. Yu ru meng approached him because of his space ability, idk what else she knew about him.

    Whatever she did know it couldn’t be enough for her to want to be in love with him, she’s a charm demon that’s her weapon.

    As much of a bitch bei li mo is I think this is common sense she’s bestowing upon him.

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