Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3501, Seeing the Sun Again


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After an incense stick of time, Bei Li Mo brought Yang Kai out of the Ice Prison and dropped him directly on the ground.


At the same time, the Emperor Qi that was imprisoned in his body was finally released and began to flow freely. Yang Kai shivered and circulated his energy, forcing the chill out of his body. Looking up at the light in the distance, it felt like he was finally seeing day again.


His days of being locked up in the Ice Prison were smothering.


“For the Territory Gate’s repairs, go to the Holy City yourself and seek Bai Ya. He will coordinate with you!” After saying that, Bei Li Mo flew away, not even bothering to look at Yang Kai.


The Stone Demon who guarded the Frozen Nether Ice Prison walked over from the side and cupped his fists, laughing, “Brother Yang, earlier, this King was merely following orders, so please forgive me if I offended you.” In all his years of guarding the Ice Prison, it was his first time ever seeing a living person walk out. And, this man was actually brought out by the Holy Venerable herself. It was simply astonishing.


If the Holy Venerable did not think highly of this Human, why would she make this trip herself? So, in this Stone Demon’s opinion, this Human was worth associating with.


Yang Kai squinted at him and coldly snorted. Flicking his sleeves, he left with both hands behind his back, leaving an awkward-faced Stone Demon behind him who immediately gnashed his teeth with hatred.


He was but a Human, so what gave him the right to be so arrogant!


Yang Kai did not go directly to Soaring Snow Continent’s Holy City, but first went to look for his own men. The ten thousand people he brought here had been stationed outside the Ice Palace the whole time since he brought them here. He had been thrown into the Ice Prison by Bei Li Mo and had no idea what happened to them. What happened to the others was one thing, but he had to care about what happened to Li Shi Qing.


When he arrived at where they were stationed, Yang Kai finally felt relieved.


The ten thousand soldiers still maintained the same position as if they never moved during the past few days, and not a single one of them was missing.


When they saw Yang Kai appear, Tu Qia Luo, He Yin, Ba Zha, and the other Demon Kings all quickly came over to greet him and asked about him with concern.


The mobilization of the Soaring Snow Ice Guard a few days ago really frightened them. They thought that Yang Kai had angered Bei Li Mo in the Ice Palace and dragged the rest of them to be buried here as well. Only, they didn’t expect that the Soaring Snow Ice Guard would only hold them here for a few days before suddenly withdrawing earlier.


The Soaring Snow Ice Guard had just left and Yang Kai appeared right after.


When they saw each other again, Yang Kai asked them a few simple questions and got to know what they encountered during the past few days, but he didn’t care too much about it. Yang Kai estimated that Bei Li Mo simply mobilized the Soaring Snow Ice Guard so as to prevent He Yin and the others from sending news to Yu Ru Meng. Even though Yu Ru Meng could use Soul Descend on Xiao Wu at a critical moment, who knew what sort of conditions were required for that to happen?


Li Shi Qing also cast a concerned look at Yang Kai from the back. Sweeping a gaze at her, Yang Kai simply nodded lightly before picking Bo Ya and He Yin to head into Soaring Snow Continent’s Holy City together with him to seek out Bai Ya. The rest naturally stayed where they were and awaited further orders.


Li Shi Qing looked eager to follow, but she was stopped by a tug of her sleeve from Xiao Wu.


The Holy City was just a hundred kilometres away and was easy to reach. Bo Ya had been here before, so he naturally wouldn’t get lost.


After entering the Holy City, they inquired about the location of Bai Ya’s mansion from someone and in just a few moments, the trio appeared at his manor. As the servants headed off to inform their master, Yang Kai sat in the reception room, waiting for Bai Ya to appear.


Soon, Bai Ya came out in a hurry. As soon as he saw him, he cupped his fists, “I’ve kept Brother Yang waiting.”


Yang Kai looked up at him and said disgruntledly, “Brother Bai Ya, you weren’t very kind.”


It was only later that he realized certain details. When he was affected by the aphrodisiac at Bei Li Mo’s place, it was thanks to the Soul Warming Lotus dispelling the effects that he was able to not make a fool of himself. Bai Ya must also have been affected during that time, or else he wouldn’t have left in such a hurry.


Accompanied by how he acted, Yang Kai dared to ascertain that Bai Ya must have noticed it back then. Even a Half-Saint could not resist the effects of the drug, so its overbearingness could be seen. If Yang Kai did not have the Soul Warming Lotus, then he would probably still be lying atop a woman’s belly to this day.


Bai Ya was taken aback by his words, but then he couldn’t help but laugh, “Please forgive me, Brother Yang. I was also a victim on that day. There was nothing I could do.” He showed his concern, “Holy Venerable didn’t do anything to you, did she? How come I heard that you later angered Holy Venerable and were thrown into the Nether Ice Prison? I heard you were even imprisoned on the 18th floor!”


“Despite being in the Holy City the whole time, Brother Bai Ya seems rather well-informed.” Yang Kai grunted.


Bai Ya’s mouth twitched, “Is Brother Yang blaming me for not pleading for your sake? I must ask Brother Yang to forgive me on this matter. Holy Venerable has her own reasons for doing what she does, so there’s really nothing I can say as her subordinate!” 


Of course, inside he was feeling amused in his heart. [We have nothing to do with each other, how can I possibly take the risk of offending Holy Venerable for your sake?]


“Forget it!” Yang Kai waved his hand, “I know Brother Bai Ya means well but was powerless to help, and I’m not blaming you either. Fortunately, it was just a bit of a frightening experience and nothing dangerous.”


Bai Ya then asked, “Brother Yang, how did you anger Holy Venerable? That she would actually throw you into the Frozen Nether Ice Prison… That damned place isn’t one that just anyone can come and go from.”


Yang Kai looked smilingly at him, “If Brother Bai Ya is curious to know, then just ask Holy Venerable directly. I’m not at liberty to discuss it here.”


Bai Ya laughed dryly. Naturally, he didn’t have the guts to ask Bei Li Mo about the details. No matter what Yang Kai did, it must be something that made her extremely angry; otherwise, there was no way he would be thrown into the Ice Prison. If Bai Ya were to run over and ask her, then wouldn’t he just be embarrassing the Holy Venerable? Then, the next one to enter the Ice Prison would probably be him.


“Let’s get back to business!” Yang Kai rapped his fingers on the table, “I’ve been in Soaring Snow Continent for quite some time, but having been confined by Holy Venerable all this while, much time was lost. Now that Holy Venerable has released me, it is only natural to turn my focus back to the Territory Gates. Holy Venerable is busy with her own affairs, so she asked me to seek out Brother Bai Ya to learn more about the situation, and also to ask Brother Bai Ya to cooperate with me fully. If there are any delays, then no mercy will be shown.” Naturally, the last few words were added by him casually. In any case, he was just waving a chicken feather as a token of authority. Even if Bai Ya went to ask Bei Li Mo, it wouldn’t matter.


Bai Ya answered readily, “Holy Venerable has already entrusted this matter to me previously, so if there’s anything Brother Yang needs, please just say the word. I will do my best to cooperate with you.”


Yang Kai nodded, “First of all, I’ll need information about the lost continents, the lost Territory Gates, and the unstable Territory Gates in the Holy Venerable’s territory.”


Bai Ya pushed a Space Ring in front of him, “I’ve already prepared all of that. All the information is already inside. Please take a look, Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai looked at him with a bit of surprise before picking up the Space Ring and scanning it with his Divine Sense. He found a lot of jade slips inside, probably containing the information about the Territory Gates and the lost continents.


After putting the ring away, Yang Kai said, “Now, I must ask Brother Bai Ya to call up 500,000 troops to wait on standby!”


Bai Ya couldn’t help but reveal a doubtful expression, “What does Brother Yang need 500,000 troops for?”


Yang Kai casually responded, “This King needs an absolutely silent environment while repairing the Territory Gates and must not be disturbed. When that time comes, the Territory Gates must be blocked off from both sides, so wouldn’t I need sufficient manpower?”


Bai Ya nodded, “So that’s how it is. That’s not a difficult request.” It was just a trivial 500,000 men. He could put them together in short order. In any case, it was just to seal off a place, so their cultivation didn’t have to be that strong. Having just a few Demon Kings with the rest being ordinary soldiers would be enough. Yang Kai himself had also brought over ten thousand men, so strength wasn’t an issue.


“Then, please make the preparations first, Brother Bai Ya. I will peruse this information and we will start tomorrow at the earliest, or the day after tomorrow at the latest.”


“I’ll be troubling you, Brother Yang!”


Bai Ya’s mansion covered a vast area, so there was naturally space for Yang Kai to stay. Bai Ya personally arranged the best guest room for Yang Kai to relax in and had someone serve him while he went to take care of other matters.


After ordering He Yin and Bo Ya to guard the door, Yang Kai went inside the room and took out the information that Bai Ya gave him, as well as the Demon Realm map he bought and began studying it carefully.


A wordless night passed. The information that Bai Ya gave him was not much, so it didn’t take Yang Kai too long to study it either. Only, Yang Kai had other plans in mind. If he wanted to put those plans into action, then he would have to plan everything out properly, that was why it took a little longer.


And, a night of research also gave him insight into the Territory Gates in Bei Li Mo’s territory.


In terms of territory size and the number of continents held, Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo were practically the same. A dozen of the continent’s Territory Gates on Yu Ru Meng’s territory had problems, and a total of six continents disappeared during these years. With the Abyssal Returner’s help, Yang Kai found three of them. Then, having Gun-Gun swallow the remnants up, the Small Sealed World’s area expanded enormously, and even the World Principles began to change.


The situation on Bei Li Mo’s side was similar. There were also a dozen continents with faulty Territory Gates. Even the Soaring Snow Continent was so; however, the number of lost continents was a little more at a total of 8.


Of these, five continents were highly likely to be accessible! As for the remaining three, Yang Kai would need to find some excuse to get to them.


But that wasn’t what excited Yang Kai. What really excited him was the fact that one of the continents could be used as a springboard, granting him the opportunity to enter Eternal Sky Continent! Once inside, he would be able to find out whether Bright Moon Great Emperor was trapped there or not.


However, it wasn’t going to be so easy. No matter how much of a hurry he was in, he had to take it slow. At the very least, Yang Kai had to numb Bei Li Mo and Bai Ya’s nerves and lower their guard before he could have the chance to infiltrate Eternal Sky Continent.


The next day, Yang Kai opened the door and headed straight to see Bai Ya together with Bo Ya and He Yin, telling him that they could move at any time now that everything was prepared.


Naturally, Bai Ya could want nothing more than for Yang Kai to be done as soon as possible, so in agreement, they immediately set off for the nearest Territory Gate.


There were a total of eight Territory Gates on Soaring Snow Continent that led to eight different continents. One of them had disappeared while problems had arisen in two others. At this rate, Soaring Snow Continent would likely disappear from the Demon Realm’s map within a few thousand years.


This place was Bei Li Mo’s foundation, and also the ancestral land of the Demon Realm’s Snow Demon Clan. It was suitable for the growth and cultivation of the Snow Demon Clan, so they couldn’t lose it. This was also the reason why Bei Li Mo went to look for Yang Kai personally. The survival of a regular continent would not have warranted this level of care from her.




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