Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3502, Dedicated and Responsible


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The 500,000 troops that Bai Ya agreed to arrange were ready overnight, and Yang Kai commanded them with no trace of politeness. He divided them into five groups and assigned them targets to march to. Four groups were told to block the two sides of the two unstable Territory Gates, and for the last group, they were told to move ahead to the lost Territory Gate to make preparations.


Bai Ya watched from the sidelines and had no intention of intervening. Bei Li Mo had already entrusted the matter of the Territory Gates to him, so he naturally had to accompany Yang Kai through the whole process, both to monitor so that he doesn’t engage in any mischief with the Territory Gates, and also in case Yang Kai had any other needs to be met, then he would be able to carry them out swiftly.


With a Half-Saint helping him, then work would naturally go smoothly. But if Yang Kai wanted to devour the lost continents on Bei Li Mo’s territory and even enter Eternal Sky Continent, then he first needed to find an opportunity to shake Bai Ya off.


But one must wait for an opportunity to arise. Things had just begun, so Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry.


Half a day later, the group arrived at the first Territory Gate.


The Territory Gate had begun showing signs of instability several hundred years ago, and now the situation was becoming more and more obvious, flickering as if it could collapse at any moment.


The 100,000 men were already scattered in a hundred-kilometre radius, blocking this area and turning back anyone who did not have permission to enter. Then, Yang Kai arranged his own 10,000 men as an inner circle to guard a ten-kilometre radius. Only then did he turn his head to look at Bai Ya, his intentions obvious. He wanted Bai Ya to stand back now.


Only, Yang Kai obviously underestimated how thick Bai Ya’s skin was. Bai Ya had no intention of leaving at all. Instead, he was nonchalantly chatting with Yang Kai and telling him about the history of Soaring Snow Continent and its people.


Yang Kai coldly snorted in his heart. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to drive Bai Ya away so easily. Even if he made it clear to him, he would still find an excuse to remain. When that time came, all Bai Ya had to do was say that it was the Holy Venerable’s orders, and Yang Kai would be left with no other options.


However, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of Bai Ya secretly learning something, so for now he just ignored him and flew straight to the Territory Gate. Then, body shaking, Space Principles surged up.


As soon as Yang Kai moved, Bai Ya had already stopped chattering. He watched Yang Kai move without looking away, seemingly wanting to unravel the profound mysteries of what he was doing. When Bai Ya felt the fluctuation of Space Principles, he looked even more excited. Divine Sense surging silently, he tried to peek into the process.


Even though Yang Kai had his back turned to him, how could he not feel Bai Ya’s slight movements? Still, Yang Kai couldn’t help but snicker. If the Dao of Space were that easy to grasp, then what would Bei Li Mo need him for?


It wasn’t his first time repairing an unstable Territory Gate. Yu Ru Meng had a dozen continents under her command that had faulty gates, so after repairing some 30 Territory Gates, Yang Kai could be considered experienced in this work. Even though the situation with this Territory Gate was a little more serious, if Yang Kai put his all into it, it would only take him half a day’s work to restore it back to its original state, then it would not falter for at least a thousand years.


But if he made everything seem easy, then it wouldn’t be able to show his importance.


So, while Yang Kai was happy to dawdle over work, he still put on a look of concentration as if he were doing his best when in fact he was just thinking about Eternal Sky Continent and Bright Moon Great Emperor.


Stopping and resting several times in between, the Territory Gate’s condition improved slowly. Bai Ya was finally sure that Yang Kai really was capable of repairing and maintaining the unstable Territory Gates.


It wasn’t until a few days later when the Territory Gate was completely stabilized that Yang Kai flew back with a tired face. Nodding to Bai Ya, he sat cross-legged in place and adjusted his breathing.


Bai Ya was shaken and quickly went forward to inspect the work.


Even though he wasn’t proficient in the Dao of Space, he could still sense whether the Territory Gate was stable or not. He crossed through the Territory Gate and went to the other continent. An hour later, he flew back the other direction, face full of joy.


Upon his return, Bai Ya sent a message to Bei Li Mo informing her of the situation. Bei Li Mo also seemed quite happy on her side, and ordered Bai Ya to meet all of Yang Kai’s needs as soon as the conditions permitted it so that he could have all the Territory Gates repaired and maintained as soon as possible.


Because word of Yang Kai’s abilities had already reached the ears of the other Demon Saints, many of them were naturally also interested in him. Several of them had already contacted Yu Ru Meng and were willing to pay a high price to invite Yang Kai to their territory to check on the situation. Yu Ru Meng naturally also sent a message to Bei Li Mo, warning her not to mess around with Yang Kai and to send him back as soon as possible.


That a Human, who had not been in the Demon Realm for even a year, would actually become such a hot commodity, even attracting the attention of so many Demon Saints, this was definitely an incredible feat.


Even though Bei Li Mo also wanted to keep Yang Kai in her territory for longer, she had no choice but to consider the wishes of the other Demon Saints as well. If she really tried to monopolize him, she would definitely become the public enemy of all the other Demon Saints!


This was also the reason why Yu Ru Meng did not stop Yang Kai from coming here, because she couldn’t stop him at all. Otherwise, with the grudge between her and Bei Li Mo, how could she have allowed Yang Kai to come here so easily?


After resting for half a day, the group set off again. The 100,000 men on guard a hundred kilometres away had already been sent away to another continent’s Territory Gate by Yang Kai.


In just five days’ time, the maintenance of two of the unstable Territory Gates on Soaring Snow Continent was completed, leaving only one Territory Gate that had been lost.


This Territory Gate took Yang Kai a little more time, and Bai Ya also stayed at the side throughout the whole process.


Even though he was mentally prepared, it was still shocking to see how Yang Kai restored the lost Territory Gate before his eyes and stabilized it. It had to be known that this Territory Gate has already been lost for more than a thousand years. The fact that Yang Kai was able to find its traces and reopen the gate proved how accomplished this Human was in the Dao of Space.


At first, he called Yang Kai Brother Yang under Bei Li Mo’s orders, and because they needed his help, but now, Bai Ya realized that this young man’s future indeed seemed boundless. Bai Ya had heard that there was another guy similarly proficient in the Dao of Space in the Star Boundary, and was known as the strongest Master under the Great Emperors, all relying on his profound Space Divine Abilities.


If Yang Kai was lucky enough to grow to that level, then even he himself may not be a match for him. At that thought, Bai Ya couldn’t help but change his attitude with Yang Kai a little.


In just ten days’ time, the repair of the three Territory Gates of Soaring Snow Continent was completed. As the rest did not need to be maintained, Yang Kai led his 10,000 men directly through a Territory Gate, entering another continent and continuing his work.


Day after day passed. Even though he had the protection of over 10,000 subordinates, Yang Kai still lived a monotonous and boring life; however, the process of repairing the Territory Gates also helped him in his comprehension of the Dao of Space.


After all, the Territory Gates were links between separate worlds. Even though he could arrange Space Arrays, those arrays could only function between points within the same world. Compared to the Territory Gates, Yang Kai’s Space Arrays were less impressive. If he could thoroughly understand the Territory Gates’ secrets though, he may be able to leap across World Barriers someday and take a big step in his attainment of the Dao of Space! When that time came, even Li Wu Yi wouldn’t be able to compete with him.


And it was because of that thought that the maintenance and repair of these Territory Gates was not a trouble for Yang Kai, but a pleasure. He could only wish for there to be more problems with the Territory Gates in the Demon Realm. That way, he would be able to delve deeper into their mysteries.


As time went by, the novelty that Bai Ya felt in the beginning also began to wear off. While Yang Kai was repairing the Territory Gates, he could only sit by the side and watch, not even daring to make a sound for fear of disturbing Yang Kai.


Even though he was a Half-Saint, and the cultivation of his temperament was not bad, having to repeat the same dull process over and over again would also become boring. From monitoring Yang Kai closely in the beginning, Bai Ya was now resting his eyes a short distance away, and would even sit cross-legged occasionally to cultivate.


Just because he was a Half-Saint didn’t mean that he didn’t need to cultivate. The ‘world as a bottle’ theory also applied to the Demon Realm, and the Twelve Demon Saints represented the upper limit. It was impossible for a thirteenth Demon Saint to be born, but the Two Worlds Great War was now in full swing. Even Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors had come out undisguised and bore the risk of losing their lives at any moment. Who could guarantee that the Demon Saints and Great Emperors would not meet each other in battle someday in the future?


When that day came, then a Demon Saint or a Great Emperor may fall, then the vacant position would probably be fought for between the Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors. The more strength they accumulated during this time, the higher their chance of laughing to the end in the battle of the Grand Dao of the future.


Not to mention, there was a Great Emperor trapped in the Demon Realm currently, and the Demon Saints hadn’t attacked him yet because they hadn’t made full preparations. But once the butcher’s knife was raised, it would become a fight of life or death where tens of Half-Saints could be buried with them!


Bai Ya did not wish to become one of the deceased, so he naturally had to maintain peak condition at all times.


Naturally, Yang Kai also noticed these changes, and he was in a good mood because of them. The time to shake off his observer didn’t seem too far off now.


Twenty days later, the group of people passed through another Territory Gate, entering another continent.


After stepping out from the Territory Gate, Bai Ya frowned and looked doubtfully at Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, if I’m not mistaken, there are no problems with the Territory Gates in this continent. Why have you come here?”


Yang Kai said, “Just because it doesn’t seem like there aren’t any problems doesn’t mean that problems won’t crop up in the future. Perhaps you just haven’t noticed it, but since Holy Venerable has entrusted the matter of the Territory Gates to me, I must naturally be responsible for them until the end. Besides, it’s not much effort for me to come and perform a simple check, and it would naturally be for the best if nothing turns out wrong. If there is something wrong, then I can also apply an early remedy.”


Even though Bai Ya thought it was odd, he didn’t feel as if there was anything wrong with this and just nodded, “Brother Yang is truly dedicated to his duties.”


Yang Kai laughed, “I’m just faithful to the task I’ve been entrusted with.”


As he spoke, he flew ahead and found a Territory Gate nearby, investigating it carefully.


The investigation lasted three days.


Bai Ya was getting impatient now and thought that Yang Kai really did find something wrong, so when Yang Kai flew back, he asked, “Did you find anything?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “No. All is well with this Territory Gate.”


Bao Ya was stunned. [Everything was fine and it still took you three days?] Even though three days was barely any time, it was only for a single Territory Gate. If he had to check every single Territory Gate, then how much time would that take?




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