Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3503, Arranging a Ruse


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Very soon, Bai Ya began to feel that Yang Kai was a little too serious with the Territory Gates.


They went through continent after continent, and Yang Kai had to stop to check each Territory Gate thoroughly. In the end, the Territory Gates that were perfectly fine naturally had no problems, but they did waste a lot of time.


This made Bai Ya a little speechless. He tried several times to advise Yang Kai both overtly and covertly but to no avail, so he decided to just keep quiet. If he wanted to waste his time, then just waste time. At most, he just had to accompany him for a few months.


A month later when they entered another continent, Yang Kai suddenly said, “Brother Bai Ya, you seem quite bored these days when you’re running around with me. Why don’t you just wait here for me? I’ll just check and see whether there are any problems with the Territory Gates here. If there are no problems, then we will leave for the next place.”


Bai Ya pondered for a moment, “If you say so. Then, please go and return quickly, Brother Yang.” The main thing was that the Territory Gates on this continent had always been very stable and there haven’t been any problems at all. According to previous experiences, he also knew that Yang Kai would check each and every Territory Gate, and then find nothing in the end.


Yang Kai nodded, and then, calling his 10,000 men, they departed. Only when he left Bai Ya’s perception range far behind did a glint flash in his eyes. He had finally gotten rid of that sticky bastard. At least his efforts weren’t for nought.


The Territory Gates that currently existed on this continent were indeed stable, but the information that Yang Kai received mentioned that one of the Territory Gates had collapsed, and that the continent the Territory Gate connected to had also disappeared.


Bai Ya only knew that he could maintain those unstable territory gates and restore the lost Territory Gates of continents that still existed, but once the continent disappeared, there was no way of repairing the corresponding Territory Gates of that continent anymore. But unbeknownst to Bai Ya, what Yang Kai couldn’t do Ah Wang could.


Without wasting time, Yang Kai led his 10,000 men directly to the long-lost Territory Gate and ordered Tu Qia Luo, He Yin, Ba Zha, and the others to ward off a 10-kilometre radius and forbid anyone from approaching.


The several Demon Kings naturally did not suspect anything. They also did the same thing previously so they had long familiarized themselves with the task. Very soon, the 10,000 troops moved into place.


Only then did Yang Kai head to the lost Territory Gate. After carefully identifying the location and faintly feeling around with his senses, he turned to check his surroundings. After making sure no one was paying attention to him, he quickly released the Abyssal Returner from the Small Sealed World.


Ah Wang shook her head and opened her big mouth directly, biting down on a certain part of the sky, directly biting out a gap in the Void.


After a few bites, the aura from another world faintly spread out.


Yang Kai quickly stored Ah Wang away and pushed his Space Principles to force open the Void Crack.


He couldn’t go in himself because if Bai Ya came here on a whim and didn’t see him, then he was sure to make waves. So, Yang Kai could only let the Embodiment go.


Flicking his wrist, Yang Kai threw the Sealed World Bead straight into the opposite continent, and then waited silently. In order to cover his tracks, Yang Kai even used his Space Principles to stir up the traces of the Void Crack so that even if Bai Ya really did come over at this time, he wouldn’t be able to find anything.


After a full four or five days of work, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed. Space Principles fluctuating, he stretched his hand forward towards the Void.


A short while later, when he closed his grip again, he had already retrieved the Sealed World Bead. Not even bothering to communicate with the Embodiment about what he gained within, Yang Kai threw a few fists at the unstable Void Crack in front of him, making it even more chaotic. Then, he turned around and left.


It wouldn’t take long before the rift here was repaired, and then no one would be able to find anything.


Yang Kai naturally wasn’t in a rush to look for Bai Ya. Instead, he led his men around and continued checking the other Territory Gates. If he had to put on a show, then he naturally had to put on the full show.


On the journey, he communicated with the Embodiment and learned that it made a good harvest this time. Even though they found three lost continents in Yu Ru Meng’s territory already, they only found some Myriad Demon Pills the first time. The Myriad Demon Caves on the two later continents had already been destroyed, so they naturally didn’t find any spoils.


But this time, they managed to obtain a harvest. Just like last time, there were more than a thousand Myriad Demon Pills. Together with the last batch, it was almost enough for the Embodiment to reach the Half-Saint Realm. But even with the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, refining so many Myriad Demon Pills would still take some time. After all, the amount of energy stored within those Myriad Demon Pills was quite shocking.


A few days later, the last Territory Gate was checked and the group marched back to Bai Ya’s location, ready to rejoin him and enter the next continent.


Bo Ya suddenly flew to Yang Kai’s side and turned her head to look at him.


Yang Kai glanced at her from the corner of his eye and frowned, “What is it?”


Bo Ya hesitated for a while, but curiosity finally got the better of her, “Are you able to find the lost continents?”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean?”


Bo Ya rolled her eyes, appearing quite charming, “I mean what I said. Stop pretending. There was a Territory Gate connected to another continent where you first went, but that continent has already been lost for almost a thousand years. If you weren’t able to locate it, then why would you dawdle there for so long?”


Yang Kai replied bluntly, “I was researching to see whether I can find traces of that continent, which is also what I did in Holy Venerable Ru Meng’s territory. Is there any problem with that?”


Bo Ya didn’t know whether he was telling the truth or not, but she had some doubts. Frowning, she said, “But I clearly saw you take something out of the Void. Don’t forget, I’m a Feather Demon!” As she said that, she pointed at her own eyes, expressing that her vision as a Feather Demon was exceptional. Even if others couldn’t see something, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t.


“You saw wrong,” Yang Kai looked coldly at her.


Bo Ya spat disdainfully, “You’re quite careful, but rest assured. Since I’m telling you this means I won’t be making this public; otherwise, I could have secretly gone off to tell Bai Ya. I was just curious is all.”


“Curiosity can kill a person,” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


Bo Ya was annoyed, “I know, I know. Seriously annoying, can’t we even chat properly? Who are you acting all mysterious for? Great Aunt’s Soul Puppet is still in your hands, so how can I not wish you well? I just wanted to remind you to be careful.”


Yang Kai had to admit that though he had no idea what she saw, she definitely noticed something. The eyesight of a Feather Demon was incomparable to that of ordinary Masters. But with her Soul Puppet in his hand, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of Bo Ya acting against him, otherwise, she would also suffer if he fell into misfortune.


Tu Qia Luo and Ba Zha, as well as another High-Rank Demon King staying behind to watch over Blue Plains Continent were also the same. These three were even more miserable than Bo Ya since they had Yang Kai’s Soul Imprint planted in their Knowledge Seas, which truly meant their life or death could happen at a thought.


After reuniting with Bai Ya, they passed through a Territory Gate into the next continent.


After this experience, the journey became much easier.


Only when he was restoring and maintaining the Territory Gates would Bai Ya stay at the side to watch. But when he went to check on the stable Territory Gates, Bai Ya was too lazy to even follow.


This naturally made it easier for Yang Kai to sneak around. And, with Bo Ya reminding him last time, Yang Kai also became more cautious. He had his men stationed thirty kilometres away, with only Tu Qia Luo, Ba Zha, and Bo Ya remaining at the inner ten-kilometre radius. Even He Yin was excluded.


This time, even Tu Qia Luo and Ba Zha discovered something wrong with the situation. Even though they didn’t understand what Yang Kai was doing, it definitely wasn’t anything good. But since they had received Yang Kai’s Soul Imprint, they didn’t dare to ask even if they were feeling suspicious.


Gradually, Yang Kai found a total of three lost continents in Bei Li Mo’s territory, and the Small Sealed World’s area expanded greatly after devouring them. He also managed to harvest another batch of Myriad Demon Pills.


The continents that were swallowed by the Small Sealed World had been reassembled into one new world within the Small Sealed World with clear features of the Demon Realm still present, complete with the Demon Realm’s World Principles flowing through it.


Yang Kai estimated that even if he were to toss in some Demons, then they would probably be able to live quite well inside.


Two months later on another continent.


In the middle of a wilderness, 10,000 men were scattered thirty kilometres away. There were only four figures present, namely Yang Kai, Bo Ya, Tu Qia Luo, and Ba Zha.


The wind was blowing and their clothes were billowing. Yang Kai’s expression was serious, and even Bo Ya and the other two had uneasy looks on their faces. They had a few guesses from their experiences in the past few days, and they knew it was likely time for them to come clean.


Among the three of them, only Bo Ya knew a little more because of how much she could see. Even though Tu Qia Luo and Ba Zha knew that Yang Kai definitely had something to hide, they didn’t know what it was.


Today, Yang Kai suddenly asked the three of them to stay here alone, so he clearly meant to do something. If they were unlucky, then they might draw fire to themselves.


Yang Kai’s gaze swept over the three people in front of him before finally settling on Bo Ya, “You three are considered this King’s most trusted people. And, together with this King, if one suffers, all suffer, if one prospers, all prosper. So, that is why this King asked you to remain here. If anything happens to this King, then the three of you can not escape death, but if I remain safe, then all three of you can naturally rest easy.”


When they heard how seriously Yang Kai spoke, the three of them couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Tu Qia Luo gritted his teeth and cupped his fists, “If Great King has any needs, please order us and we shall obey to the best of our abilities!”


Ba Zha echoed the sentiment, “Please give us the order, Great King!”


Bo Ya did not speak, and instead had a reluctant expression. Ever since finding out Yang Kai’s little secret, she knew that following him definitely meant nothing good, and now, it seemed to be exactly so! For a moment, she was so regretful that even her stomach was churning. She thought she could borrow Yang Kai’s power to protect herself back then, but she didn’t realize she was actually boarding a pirate’s ship.


Yang Kai smiled, “It’s nothing dangerous so no need to overthink things. This King only needs you all to stay here…”


Then, silently transmitting his voice he passed a short order to the three of them. After hearing it, they all looked at each other, but they still did not ask any questions and obediently nodded.


Tu Qia Luo’s body shook. Blood Qi churning, the world became washed in crimson in an instant. In the blink of an eye, a mist of blood enveloped them all. The blood mist had the effect of isolating Divine Sense, so unless their cultivation was stronger than Tu Qia Luo, it was definitely hard to find out what was going on within.




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