Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3504, Eternal Sky Battlefield


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At the same time, Yang Kai had already used his Space Divine Ability to silently arrive a thousand kilometres away in just a few flashes. Even though Bo Ya, Tu Qia Luo, and Ba Zha’s life or death were under his control and reasonably, there should be no risk at all for anything to be exposed, he still took the necessary precautions. He wasn’t prepared to tell the three of them about his plans to head to Eternal Sky Continent. Leaving them there was just a diversion.


After preparing for so long, Yang Kai was finally going to see the results soon. Yang Kai also couldn’t help but feel apprehensive about whether or not Bright Moon Great Emperor was even in Eternal Sky Continent.


Based on the information Yang Kai had gathered, there was a very high chance that Bright Moon Great Emperor was trapped on Eternal Sky Continent. After all, it was impossible for four Territory Gates to suddenly disappear from a continent all at once, unless some great calamity happened there. The fight between a Great Emperor and a Demon Saint was definitely a big enough event to re-shape a continent though.


In less than an hour, Yang Kai arrived at a plateau. Carefully avoiding the continent’s inhabitants along the way, he released his Divine Sense to scan the surroundings thoroughly.


There used to be a Territory Gate here that was connected to Eternal Sky Continent, and it was also one of the four lost Territory Gates, but it hadn’t been gone for long. So, if he hadn’t gotten the wrong location, then he should easily be able to find traces.


Things went relatively smoothly. In less than an incense stick of time, Yang Kai was able to pick up on the remnant aura of the Territory Gate. Flying to a height of around 300 metres, and under the surge of his Space Principles, Yang Kai thrust both hands towards the Void, took a deep breath, and tore space apart violently.


Like a piece of cloth being ripped in half, a crack immediately appeared in space that was large enough for one person to enter.


Yang Kai looked around for a bit before slipping inside in a flash.


Before his eyes could get used to the new scenery, Yang Kai had already used his Nihility Secret Technique and concealed his aura as best he could.


But very soon, he realized he was being overly nervous for nothing.


There wasn’t a hint of vitality that he could feel from this place, at the very least, not within the perception range of his Divine Sense. He had originally guessed that if Bright Moon Great Emperor really was trapped on Eternal Sky Continent, then this place must be heavily guarded. How could he have anticipated that this emptiness would be what he would be greeted with instead?


In this case, either his guess was wrong or Bright Moon Great Emperor was trapped in an even deeper location, so the Demon Race did not need to fortify their defences here.


But either way, Yang Kai had already arrived on Eternal Sky Continent now, so he had to figure out what was going on.


Looking back at the Void Crack which he had torn open, Yang Kai saw that it was healing up at a very fast pace. It likely wouldn’t be long before it restored itself completely.


Without waiting for it to restore itself completely, Yang Kai found his bearings and cautiously flew off.


He didn’t dare to fly too high in case someone noticed him, nor did he dare to fly too fast lest he draw attention to himself. Yang Kai even had to try his best in restraining his aura, so the speed of his investigation was naturally very slow.


After flying for a full hour, Yang Kai still didn’t find a single living being, which he couldn’t help but feel surprised at. Where had all the Demons from Eternal Sky Continent gone?


But the strange circumstances strengthened his confidence in Bright Moon being here.


Even a mouse would fight back when cornered, much less a Great Emperor. There was not a single safe place in this entire continent, so it was only natural that the Demon Race would evacuate in advance.


Another hour later, Yang Kai finally made a discovery.


Not the discovery of the Demon Race’s traces, but rather the remnants of a battlefield. The ground below was a mess with collapsed mountains, and rivers that flowed backwards. Destructive power could be felt everywhere, and gullies several hundred metres deep and spanning an unknown length intertwined like scars on the world that would never heal. Chaotic Principle Strength was surging restlessly around the various scars. Even without coming close, the frightening aura was still enough to send trepidations to Yang Kai’s heart!


There were also many cracks in the Void that could not heal themselves, like fatal ink stains. Anyone who dared trespass into these would surely die without a burial.


The Void Cracks were not as neat as the ones that Yang Kai tore, but were completely irregular. Some were long while others were round. Some even looked like funnels. But no matter which they were, the area surrounding them was still filled with destructive Principle Strength. These principles were just like toxins on an abscess that prevented the world from repairing itself.


Naturally, this scenery must have arisen from when a Master shattered the local space, and other than a Great Emperor, the only Masters who could produce such an effect would be Demon Saints.


[Bright Moon Great Emperor is here!]


When he saw this scene before him, Yang Kai could finally be sure that his previous guesses were correct.


This Eternal Sky Continent was definitely the battlefield where a Great Emperor and a Demon Saint clashed. Otherwise, there was no way such terrifying changes could have happened to the mountains and rivers of this place. This was most likely where Bright Moon Great Emperor first encountered those Demon Saints!


Yang Kai suddenly looked up, his profound gaze seemingly piercing through space to see into the deepest part of the battlefield.


Without stopping, Yang Kai’s body flashed and he flew out.


The more he advanced, the more wretched the battlefield became. Every so often, holes large enough that they almost seemed to go straight to the bottom of the world would appear below. The entire world seemed to have been turned upside down several times and had truly become barren. The more Yang Kai looked at it, the more shocked he felt. He really had no idea what number of enemies Bright Moon had to face for such a fierce battle to have taken place, and what was his condition right now.


Following the traces of the massive battle, Yang Kai flew for a whole day, but still found no traces of Bright Moon Great Emperor.


Another day later, Yang Kai, who was speeding forward, suddenly stopped his pace before swiftly dropping 30 metres and concealing his aura as he looked up ahead.


There, a hundred kilometres away, Yang Kai vaguely saw a large group of people who were currently traversing across the messy battlefield and making their way forward. Yang Kai couldn’t help but be stunned at the sight. Even though they were a long distance away and he couldn’t see too clearly, wasn’t the number of Demons gathered in front a little too great? In rough estimation, there were at least a million of them, and these were only those within his field of vision. The Demons formed a long line, almost like a long dragon. It was as if they were going on some sort of pilgrimage. The number of Demons outside his vision could only be countless!


Yang Kai thought that the Demons of Eternal Sky Continent had already evacuated due to the battle between the Great Emperor and the Demon Saints, but now that seemed not to be the case.


The Demon Race did not evacuate. Instead, they were converging towards a certain spot.


He couldn’t figure out what was going on here, but Yang Kai concealed his aura a little and approached the other side carefully.


Luckily there didn’t seem to be any powerful Masters among this group. Even though there were some Demon Kings, the cultivation of their Divine Sense wasn’t enough to detect Yang Kai’s presence. After reaching a certain distance from them, Yang Kai could finally get a clear look of the Demon Race’s situation.


The number of Demons gathered there was immense. Previously, he could only see around a million or so. But now, it seemed that this army of Demons did not stop at just a million or even ten million. It was simply impossible to see the end at a glance. There were old and young among the procession. Many Demons seemed to be bringing their families along and migrating to a certain place.


But the expressions of most of these Demons looked very strange. It was sad, yet determined.


With such a large number of Demons moving forward, they strangely made little noise. There was only some loud urging and shouting coming from the supervising Demon Kings.


[What is going on here?] Yang Kai frowned in the shadows, completely puzzled. He had a vague feeling that this should be related to Bright Moon Great Emperor, but he couldn’t figure out what the connection was.


The Demon Race couldn’t be thinking of trying to kill the Great Emperor by overpowering him with numbers, right? If that was really their plan, then the Demons of just Eternal Sky Continent might not be enough to kill him.


Yang Kai couldn’t figure it out, and he couldn’t be bothered to think about it either. Seeing so many Demons moving forward in a direction, Yang Kai also followed them in that direction.


The further forward he flew, the more terrified Yang Kai felt. The line of Demons seemed to stretch on endlessly, and now it seemed like the entire continent was gathering in one place.


After another day, a small change finally appeared ahead.


There was a crimson red glow in the air, as if fresh blood was poured over it. And, in a certain place, Yang Kai detected a towering malevolent aura and hostility. Even from such a long distance away, Yang Kai could smell the strong smell of blood in the wind.


His expression couldn’t help but change at this.


He was at least three thousand kilometres away from that place, yet he could still smell the blood from such a distance, so how many people must have died there? Even if the dead were all part of the Demon Race, this kind of loss of life was simply shocking. Could it be that the Demon Race really did intend to try and overpower Bright Moon Great Emperor through numbers? That was too naive.


But when he arrived here, Yang Kai didn’t dare to be careless at all. If Bright Moon Great Emperor really was in Eternal Sky Continent. Then that place three thousand kilometres away must be where he was trapped, and there must also be a Demon Saint standing guard nearby!


Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was indeed powerful and no one noticed any traces of him on his way here, but wanting to approach Bright Moon Great Emperor under the watchful eye of a Demon Saint was still nothing but an impossible dream.


He had to find a safer plan. While carefully making his way forward, Yang Kai’s mind was racing.


But no matter how he tried to think, he couldn’t come up with a viable solution.


The difference in power was an insurmountable gap. If there really was a Demon Saint standing guard here, then he would be exposed before he could even get near. Then, if they were to ask, how was he going to answer? He couldn’t just say that he was curious and came to take a look, could he?


What’s more, they might just kill him directly without even bothering to ask any questions.


Thoughts turned in his mind, but Yang Kai could only put his attention on the marching Demons. The Demon Race was moving towards the blood-coloured lands, and the best way for him to get near was probably to mix with them and find an opportunity to enter. The only thing he had to worry about was whether there was anything bad waiting for him at the end of the line.


After making up his mind, Yang Kai didn’t delay and slightly disguised himself to look more like a Demon before moving toward the marching Demons.


Looking around for a while, he found a suitable opportunity to teleport directly into the procession.


Heading over using Instantaneous Movement wasn’t going to work. These Demons may all look solemn, stirred, and completely silent, but it would definitely be suspicious if an extra person suddenly appeared in front of them. So, Yang Kai moved instantaneously in a crouching position as he entered before slowly getting up, moving forward while being squeezed between the procession.




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