Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3505, Blood Sea Bright Moon


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With this, even if any Demons nearby thought it was strange, it wouldn’t arouse their suspicion. They would only think that he had just fallen and gotten up again.


As expected, when Yang Kai got up, the Demons behind him looked at him but didn’t ask any questions.


The procession was long and silent. The surrounding Demon Kings were all riding on mighty Demon Beasts, running back and forth and barking orders at the Demons to pick up the pace. Just like the Demons, Yang Kai slightly lowered his head without a word and through the concealment of his bangs, quietly observed his surroundings. The more they moved forward, the stronger the smell of blood became. The air was filled with that sickening smell. Yang Kai could also hear the vague sound of crashing waves, which he couldn’t help but feel suspicious of. Could there be a sea ahead?


A trip of a thousand kilometres was not considered far, but it was not short either. Pushed forward by the line, Yang Kai walked for half a day and had only made it halfway through the journey. Suddenly, Yang Kai’s drifting eyes were drawn to a huge blood-coloured pole.


The pole appeared crimson in colour with extremely complex patterns carved onto its surface. Just looking at it for a moment gave Yang Kai a palpitating feeling as if countless Demons were pouncing at him. With a thickness the width of several dozen people huddled together, its height was not known as it seemed to connect the Heavens and the Earth. Just the part protruding from the ground alone was at least a thousand metres high, not to mention how much of it must still be buried in the ground.


And, the reason why the pole appeared that crimson red colour was because fresh blood flowed over its surface. It was not known where the blood came from, but from the complex pattern on its surface and the way the blood kept flowing downwards as if it would never end gave off a very malevolent feeling.


[Array base!]


Yang Kai’s pupils shrank. Though he had no idea what this pole was called, it was definitely part of an Array. In other words, a shockingly large Spirit Array was arranged in this place, and for such a sensationally large array, its base would surely consist of more than this one pole.


Looking up, Yang Kai found that just as he thought, there were poles like this one erected from the ground at hundred-kilometre intervals around this bloody world, like nails hammered down by the Heavens to pin something or someone firmly in place.


The poles that Yang Kai saw alone numbered more than five, and there were most likely even more that had yet to be seen.


For such a shocking array to be used, who else could it be for besides Bright Moon Great Emperor? But the Demon Saints of the Demon Realm seemed to have also invested an enormous amount into this. Just the array base alone had already cost them the wealth of many continents, but now, it was being used to deal with a single person! But if they were truly able to use the power of this array to kill a Great Emperor from the Star Boundary, then any price would be worth it.


[Bright Moon’s situation doesn’t seem good!] Yang Kai’s heart sank slightly. Bright Moon Great Emperor was fighting in foreign territory to begin with, and was also overwhelmingly outnumbered. Now, he was even being trapped by the other side using such a large Spirit Array. It could be seen that the Demon Realm was determined to kill Bright Moon here on Eternal Sky Continent no matter the cost.


And once Bright Moon died, the gap between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm’s top Masters would further widen. The Star Boundary, whose situation was already dangerous, would only become worse. If the Demon Saints of the Demon Realm were to come out in unison when that time came, the Star Boundary would definitely be unable to resist.


Right now, the reason that the Demon Saints had yet to take action was that they wanted to use this war to reduce the population of the Demon Race and also because they were afraid of damaging the Star Boundary too much. They had already considered the Star Boundary as their own property, so how could they allow their future home to be destroyed by intense fighting?


As thoughts continued to turn in his mind, Yang Kai kept on moving forward with the group.


Finally, at one point, he was able to see the blood world’s source.


It was simply a Blood Sea! A boundless sea of red that was surrounded by the huge array base he saw earlier, constantly rolling and tumbling. The sound of crashing waves that he heard previously was no illusion. It was all real.


Countless corpses tumbled around in the Blood Sea. Spirits wailed, and the Evil Qi soared.


Around the Blood Sea were Demons covered in red Blood Qi with serious expressions on their faces. Their eyes were tightly shut and each of them was making different hand seals. The Demon Qi in their bodies was tumbling, but Yang Kai had no idea what sort of Secret Technique they were performing. These Demons were all from the Blood Demon Clan. In the Demon Realm, their ability to control blood was unmatched among the other Demons. There was a distance from several dozen to a thousand metres between each Blood Demon. Though their strength varied, all of them were at least Demon Kings.


Just as Yang Kai was observing them, the Demons that arrived at the edge of the Blood Sea plunged into the boundless Blood Sea without stopping, melting away without making a single sound and integrating as part of the Blood Sea, strengthening its power…


Yang Kai suddenly understood how this huge Blood Sea came to be, and why all those Demons were gathering in one place.


[It’s a blood sacrifice!]


Blood sacrificing all the Demons of Eternal Sky Continent under the Demon King level! Even though Yang Kai had no idea how it worked, from the magnitude of this blood sacrifice, it was clear that it was being used against Bright Moon Great Emperor. Alongside the Spirit Array, which Yang Kai could tell was a terrifying existence at a glance, this blood sacrifice would undoubtedly be able to perform an unimaginable role.


What was Bright Moon’s current situation? Even though he was a Great Emperor, he must be injured after landing here alone and fighting with so many Demon Saints. Now that he was being trapped here by the Demon Race with a blood sacrifice and Spirit Array, his situation was most likely disastrous.


Yang Kai secretly clenched his fists, brows furrowing deeply.


One by one, the Demons jumped into the Blood Sea without a care for their lives. Most of them did not even hesitate. Even though some were reluctant, they didn’t seem to have the guts to resist either way…


An hour later, it was almost Yang Kai’s turn, but he hadn’t figured out a good idea to deal with the situation yet. With his current power, there was no possibility of him saving Bright Moon Great Emperor once his identity was exposed. Even though he did not detect the presence of any Demon Saints, there were quite a few Half-Saints present.


The Demons in front of him had all jumped into the Blood Sea. Standing in front of the Blood Sea, Yang Kai could faintly feel the evil hidden within it. Possibly sensing his hesitation, the nearby Demon Kings all turned their gazes over in unison, each of their faces grim.


Since things had already come to this, he had no other choice. Even though the Blood Sea felt terrifyingly malicious, Yang Kai was confident he could deal with it, at least for a time. So, even if he really did have to jump in, it wouldn’t affect him. He just had to quickly hide after jumping in, then he might have a chance.


Considering all this, he didn’t delay either and jumped straight in before quickly sinking down.


The bloody mass felt sticky and corrosive. Yang Kai didn’t dare to resist too early, and without protection, even his Half-Dragon Body stung under the corrosion of the blood water, feeling as if he were being burned by fire.


After sinking a thousand metres deep, Yang Kai felt that he was far enough down to circulate his Emperor Qi to add on some resistance.


The next moment though, a powerful Divine Sense suddenly swept across his body.


Yang Kai’s expression stiffened, and his face instantly turned ashen! He had already been careful enough, but he didn’t expect to expose himself at the last moment. Even though the Divine Sense was foreign to him, Yang Kai could feel how strong it was. This was definitely the Divine Sense of either a Great Emperor or a Demon Saint.


What should he do? Make a last-ditch struggle? But he was afraid that he didn’t have any power to resist in the face of a Demon Saint. For his plans today, he could only hope that his ability in repairing the Territory Gates would still be of some use; otherwise, he would be killed immediately.


Just as Yang Kai was frantically trying to come up with a solution, a dazzling light suddenly burst out from the deepest part of the Blood Sea. At the same time, a terrifying power surged from it, causing the entire Blood Sea to tumble as if it were boiling.


Yang Kai was shocked and quickly tried to stabilize his body, but he still felt like a feeble boat caught in a terrifying storm. There was no sense of security to speak of. In an instant, the corners of his lips were filled with bitterness.


Just as he thought that he was going to die, a burst of laughter suddenly erupted in his ears, “Just in time!”


When those words came out, another terrifying fluctuation of power suddenly emerged above him.


Yang Kai raised his brow, revealing a look of pleasant surprise.


The power fluctuation coming from above was definitely from the Demon Saint on guard here, so the identity of the one who acted from below was self-evident!


He couldn’t see anything around him in the Blood Sea, and he didn’t dare use his Divine Sense to investigate either, so Yang Kai had no idea what was going on outside. He only heard a rumbling sound, as if the world was going to collapse. The violent aftermath of the power fluctuation spread out rapidly, causing the Blood Sea he was in to bubble intensely. A burst of muffled sounds came from all directions, and following that, an untold number of life auras were annihilated.


The aftermath of the fight between a Great Emperor and a Demon Saint was too much for even Demon Kings to bear. Countless people were instantly killed or injured in that momentary clash!


Just as Yang Kai was trying his best to readjust his body, he suddenly felt a lightness around him, and the stickiness that was enveloping him the whole time seemed to disappear.


Surprised, Yang Kai opened his eyes and saw that the blood water around his body was being repelled by an invisible force, and a passage just wide enough for one person to cross appeared in front of him, connecting him to the depths of the Blood Sea.


He was slightly stunned, but Yang Kai quickly revealed a look of pleasant surprise. Taking advantage of the unknown Demon Saint’s attention being diverted, he quickly dove in.


As Yang Kai ran, the channel behind him collapsed and was filled up with blood again.


The aftermath of the fight between Masters slowly dissipated, and by the time the Blood Sea regained its calm, Yang Kai had already passed through the channel into an unknown depth.


In the middle of the boundless Blood Sea was a world filled with a soft white light that was less than a radius of 3 metres. And, at the very centre of this world was a man with a ruddy complexion and a countenance that was as warm as jade sat cross-legged. This man looked a little too young, only around 17 or 18, as if he were just a nimble youth.


Behind the young man’s head was a waning moon, and it was the waning moon that emitted the bright light that was resisting the intrusion of the Blood Sea, supporting this pure land in this chaotic world.


[Bright Moon Great Emperor!]


Yang Kai had met him once back when he was granted access to the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda. When he left Star Soul Palace that time, Bright Moon Great Emperor had specifically come out to speak with him. Despite the fact that the Bright Moon Great Emperor did not reveal his identity back then, Yang Kai knew well who he was.


Seeing him again now, Bright Moon Great Emperor did not seem to have changed in the slightest. Only, he was not in the same state as he was in before. His hair was greyed, each strand resembling silk and snow, and there was a huge wound on the lower-left section of his abdomen that was so deep that Yang Kai could even see his organs writhing underneath. At the wound was dark, churning Demon Qi that was eroding his vitality at all times. His white clothes had long been covered in dried blood, appearing as dark mottled red stains.




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  1. I hope Yang Kai will try to save him or heal his wounds so he can come out with his own strength. A Great Emperor at his maximum power can destroy a planet or a star, so healing him is what Yang Kai can attempt.

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