Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3506, Plan of the Demon Saints


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Next to the boundless Blood Sea, above a blood-coloured pillar, a magnificent figure stood with his hands folded behind his back. The man had an evil charm and appeared both wild yet reserved. His long, fiery red hair billowed in the wind while his scarlet eyes like those of a wild beast gazed into the depths of the Blood Sea. Emitting a peculiar light, these eyes seemed able to see through the Blood Sea’s depths to check on Bright Moon’s situation.


However, despite his injuries and confinement, Bright Moon was not completely without the power to resist. Even someone as powerful as this red-haired man was unable to take a clear look at the situation within. The soft moonlight glow in the Blood Sea blocked his vision and Divine Sense and there was nothing he could do about it.


Sure enough, a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary was no pushover.


The red-haired man was able to gain an upper hand during their confrontation just now, but was unable to do anything decisive. The only thing that puzzled him was why Bright Moon would suddenly strike at him. Was this as the saying went, a cornered beast will undoubtedly fight back?


A Great Emperor would never be so irrational; but then, what was the reason for him to take such an action?


Even after thinking about it for a while, he still came to no conclusions. He couldn’t help but shake his head slowly before raising his eyes again and gazing at the boundless Blood Sea, coldly snorting. Bright Moon was currently wounded, and with the red-haired man watching over him personally and the Twelve Pinnacles Grand Demon Array fed by the blood sacrifice of all the Demons of the entire Eternal Sky Continent, it was definitely enough to keep the man in the Blood Sea confined here forever. Even if he was a Great Emperor, Bright Moon shouldn’t even think of being able to make any waves.


With this thought, the red-haired man waved his hand and the blood from the bodies of the Demons who died in the vicinity during his confrontation with Bright Moon gushed out and converged like a spiritual snake before splashing into the Blood Sea.


In the bloody flash of light, the man’s figure disappeared without a trace.



At the bottom of the Blood Sea, in the pure land enveloped by the soft moonlight, Yang Kai’s eyes were lost in thought as he stared at Bright Moon’s abdomen with a stern gaze.


Though he had long guessed that Bright Moon must be in a bad state and even wounded, Yang Kai never expected the injury to be so serious. Much of the flesh was gone from the large hole on the lower left of his abdomen. Even though no blood was flowing, the horrible Demon Qi was still constantly corroding him. It was a difficult sight to behold.


That would’ve been normal if it were any ordinary person, but Bright Moon was a Great Emperor. From the severity of the injury, one could see how intense the battle had been.


At this moment, there was still a trace of blood left by Bright Moon’s lips that had yet to dry. There was no doubt he had suffered a small loss during that confrontation with the Demon Saint earlier. In terms of strength, both he and the Demon Saint were essentially equal, but the opponent occupied favourable conditions and an advantageous position. What’s more, Bright Moon wasn’t in peak condition, so it was only natural for him to lose.


“Yang Kai?”


Just as Yang Kai was looking over Bright Moon Great Emperor, Bright Moon suddenly asked, a surprised look on his face, seemingly not expecting to actually see someone from the Star Boundary here, much less someone he knew.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Azure Sun Temple’s High-Rank Guest Elder Yang Kai greets Great Emperor!”


Bright Moon was the divine protector of the Southern Territory, so Yang Kai naturally greeted him using his identity from the Southern Territory.


Bright Moon nodded lightly and asked curiously, “How come you’re here?”


Yang Kai quickly said, “This Junior was tasked by Senior Heavens Revelations to come to the Demon Realm to find where Senior was.” After a pause, he added, “Many thanks, Senior, for rescuing this Junior just now.” 


With things having come to this point, Yang Kai naturally understood what happened just now.


It must have been because he tried to circulate his Emperor Qi after entering the Blood Sea, which alerted Bright Moon. That was why he suddenly made a move to disrupt the Demon Saint’s perception of this place. Then, he opened up a channel in the Blood Sea to lead Yang Kai here.


If not for Bright Moon’s actions, Yang Kai would probably have been discovered by that Demon Saint, and when that happened, it would be difficult to predict his fate.


Bright Moon smiled gently, “Your courage is not small.”


Yang Kai said embarrassedly, “I was just lucky.” 


If Bright Moon hadn’t found him first… Yang Kai’s scalp tingled at the thought.


Bright Moon nodded, “So that old man Tian Shu asked you to come… Even though I know he has his reasons for asking you to come, this King is still curious. How did you enter the Demon Realm safely and come all the way here?”


Yang Kai scratched his head, “This Junior defected from the Star Boundary and took refuge in the Demon Realm. Right now, this Junior is considered a criminal in the Star Boundary that is cursed at by all.”


After saying that, he looked up at Bright Moon but rather than anger, all he saw was a look of interest on the other side’s face, so he quickly explained himself in full.


A few moments later, Bright Moon clicked his tongue in awe, “So, that means that Yu Ru Meng infiltrated the Star Boundary back then and came to you, but due to the great loss of her strength, she was unable to force you and had no choice but to bring you over to the Demon Realm using softer tactics. Then, you learned of her intentions, took advantage of the situation, and had that old boor Iron Blood cooperate with you to put on an act? Afterwards, you successfully justified your defection from the Star Boundary and came to the Demon Realm?”


Yang Kai nodded a little embarrassedly, “That is the gist of it.”


Bright Moon couldn’t help but praise, “Astonishing.” 


It was indeed a remarkable achievement. It was generally impossible for a Human to come to the Demon Realm, but Yang Kai managed to. And the reason why Heavens Revelations Great Emperor would ask him to come to the Demon Realm was likely because he caught a glimpse of a divine revelation in the invisible threads of fate. Even though he knew not the process very well, he definitely predicted the final result; otherwise, why would he seek out Yang Kai rather than someone else?


“Senior is overpraising. It was just by chance that I succeeded.”


Bright Moon asked, “Are you safe here in the Demon Realm now?”


Yang Kai smiled, “Rest assured, Senior. I’m very safe. Yu Ru Meng does not suspect me in the slightest, and because of my mastery of the Dao of Space, the other Demon Saints are also keenly interested in me. They hope to be able to restore some of the Demon Realm’s Territory Gates with my power.”


“It’s been hard on you…” Bright Moon sighed and pondered for a moment, “But if that Heart Seal Secret Technique was performed by a Demon Saint, it must be extremely powerful. You must be very careful.”


“This Junior naturally understands.” Yang Kai nodded, thinking to himself that the Heart Seal Secret Technique didn’t have any hold on him in the slightest, but he couldn’t say it out loud; after all, to say that he broke the Secret Technique of a Demon Saint was bound to create a sensation.


Turning the conversation around, Yang Kai said, “How is Senior’s condition now? Your injuries… don’t seem light.”


Bright Moon smiled, “It’s not enough to kill me, but it’s the Spirit Array outside that’s going to be a problem.”


Yang Kai frowned, “I saw all the Demons of this continent gathering here on my way. There are also countless Demon King-level Blood Demons presiding over their blood sacrifice. They’ve formed a blood cage with a boundless Blood Sea, and there are also those blood-coloured pillars that connect the Heavens and Earth. Does Senior know what the Demon Realm is trying to do?”


Bright Moon chuckled, “What else could they be planning? They’re thinking of eating this King!”


“Eating?” Yang Kai frowned. He thought to himself, [you’re not food or drink, how are they supposed to digest you?]


Bright Moon looked at him, “Why do you think they haven’t killed me after so long?”


Yang Kai thought about it, “Even rabbits will bite when they’re desperate, let alone a Great Emperor like Senior. They will have to pay a certain price if they truly want to kill you.”


“That is only one of the reasons.” Bright Moon smiled lightly, “Since you have successfully infiltrated into the Demon Realm, and even more so won the regard of a number of Demon Saints, you should also know some information about the Demon Realm.”


“May I know what topic Senior is referring to?”


“The top Masters in the Demon Realm are more numerous than those in the Star Boundary. With twelve Demon Saints in total, if they were to join hands, do you think this King would be able to resist them?”


At his words, Yang Kai pondered for a moment and his expression could not help but become grave as he shook his head, “No.”


It wasn’t that he underestimated Bright Moon, but the difference in numbers was just too great. If the Twelve Demon Saints were to join hands, then Bright Moon would die without a doubt. Considering all this, Yang Kai was suddenly taken aback. If things truly were that simple, then why would the Demon Realm spend so much time and effort to confine Bright Moon here, even going so far as to sacrifice all the Demons of the entire Eternal Sky Continent? Even though Eternal Sky Continent was in ruins after the fight between the Great Emperors and the Demon Saints, even causing the disappearance of several Territory Gates, it wasn’t in a completely abandoned state. So why would they drag all the Demons in the entire continent over to be used in a blood sacrifice?


“Indeed not. Perhaps this King may be able to struggle for a moment and cause some trouble for them, but it would be overly ambitious for this King to even think of dragging one of them down with me. In other words, if they truly wanted to kill me, then this King would long have been dead already.”


Yang Kai was shocked, “The Demon Realm can’t be trying to demonize you, can they?”


Since they didn’t kill him even though they had the power to, then the Demon Realm definitely had bigger plans brewing. If they could demonize Bright Moon, then it would be equivalent to gaining a Demon Saint-level Master out of thin air. Only… was that even possible?


Bright Moon smiled, “How could this King possibly be demonized? This King said so earlier, they don’t want to kill me, they’re trying to eat me! They want to feed me to the Demon Realm.”


Yang Kai looked at him, confused.


Bright Moon explained, “Great Emperors and Demon Saints are all existences recognized by the Great World that they are from. They themselves are one of the representatives of that World. So, if this King falls, the Star Boundary will be in turmoil. Many unexpected phenomena will arise. The reason why that old man Tian Shu can be sure of my survival is because of that very point.”


Yang Kai nodded. This was something he knew.


“Since you’ve arrived at this level of strength, I’m sure you’ve heard the theory of the World as a bottle.” Seeing Yang Kai nod, Bright Moon continued, “This King and the other nine are the largest stones of the Star Boundary’s bottle while the loose stones remaining are innumerable. If this King were to be buried in the Demon Realm, then assimilated and accepted by the Demon Realm, then the Demon Realm’s bottle would expand, making it possible to give birth to a thirteenth Demon Saint!”


Hearing this, Yang Kai’s pupils shrank. If things truly were as Bright Moon said, then the Demon Realm’s target was not Bright Moon’s life. Killing a Great Emperor was sure to cause great changes in the structure of both worlds, but if the world power borne by a Great Emperor could be assimilated, then that would be the best result possible.


So, the reason why Bright Moon survived until now was first that the Demon Saints didn’t want to force the issue too far. Even though the twelve of them could kill Bright Moon without having to fear any of them being buried with him, Bright Moon will definitely have the chance to severely injure one or two in a desperate struggle. That was a price they weren’t willing to pay, and that was why they used the blood sacrifice to set up such a massive Spirit Array. Once their plot succeeded, the bottle of the Demon Realm would also expand, giving birth to a spot for another Demon Saint, while the Star Boundary would permanently lose a spot for a Great Emperor. In other words, a tenth Great Emperor would never appear again.




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  1. I wonder if they’ve done it before to other realms. Was the demon realm always stronger, with more masters and more saint level figures or did they “eat” from other realms before going after the star boundary.

      1. It was the Great Demon God who was greedy to create the Demon Realm, and demonize humans to become Demons. And his actions were the cause of the realm breakup, too. I bet Yank Kai (as the main character of this novel) will meet and fight him, maybe even beat him. Then maybe the two realms will recover and be at peace!

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