Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3507, May Not


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With that explanation, Yang Kai finally understood what Bright Moon meant by ‘eating’.


Killing him was just a means to an end, the ultimate goal of the Demon Saints was to digest the Star Boundary’s blessing from his body into this world.


“Then what should we do?” Yang Kai frowned. This matter concerned the Great Emperors and Demon Saints, as well as the future of the two Great Worlds. For a moment, Yang Kai couldn’t figure out any ideas and could only count on Bright Moon to lead the way.


But unexpectedly, Bright Moon slowly shook his head, “This King has no idea. Not only is this King now injured, but even if this King were completely unharmed, escaping from the Demon Realm would still likely be extremely difficult.”


Hearing him say so, Yang Kai’s heart sank, “Senior, is it truly impossible to leave here even if you were at full strength?”


Bright Moon pointed out and smiled, “The Demon Saint standing guard here is called Xue Li from the Blood Demon Clan and his strength is profound. Before you arrived here, I already tried many times to break free, but with him watching over this place, this King had no opportunities to take advantage of.”


Xue Li was a Blood Demon, so now with the blood sacrifice of countless Demons piled into this boundless Blood Sea, he was just like a fish in water here. Bright Moon’s repeated attempts to escape from this prison had all ended in failure, so he could only huddle back into a corner to recuperate his strength. If he hadn’t sensed Yang Kai’s aura this time, Bright Moon definitely wouldn’t have wasted his energy fighting.


Yang Kai hesitated before suggesting, “Senior, if I were to take you out…” But before his words could finish, he shook his head again, “No…”


Even though he was proficient in the Dao of Space and could use Instantaneous Movement, hoping to bring Bright Moon Great Emperor out of here under a Demon Saint’s watch was still just a fantasy. As soon as he tried to leave here, Xue Li would immediately give chase. Using the Sealed World Bead would also be impossible. Of course, Yang Kai could put Bright Moon into the Sealed World Bead, but once that happened, Yang Kai alone couldn’t even dream of being a match against Xue Li. When that time came, they would only die quicker.


Bright Moon smiled, “This King appreciates your kindness, but now that this King is at a dead end, you need not waste your efforts either. Being able to meet you one last time is also considered fate between you and I. If one day you are able to return to the Star Boundary, please tell Xun’er this for me. This King is unable to take care of her any longer. Tell her to take care.”


“It’s not the end yet, so why be discouraged, Senior?” Yang Kai looked solemn. Even though he was consoling him, he knew that Bright Moon clearly had some foresight into his future to have said such words. Though, unlike Tian Shu, he had no insight into the movements of the Heavens, having reached such a level of strength would dramatically increase one’s perception, even allowing them to comprehend some of the mysteries of fate. 


“Before I came here, Junior Sister Lan Xun and I saw each other once. Junior Sister told me that I must bring you back no matter what. If you were to give up now, then how am I to explain to Junior Sister later?”


Bright Moon laughed, “This King is not giving up yet. Only… Sometimes, my strength is just not enough. If this King was in peak condition, then there might have been a thread of opportunity to escape, but now…” He looked down at the wound at his abdomen before slowly shaking his head.


His injuries were inflicted by a Demon Saint and were so severe that even if he could meditate and recuperate in peace, he might have a chance to recover after many years, but now that he was trapped here and forced to fight against the Blood Sea and the might of the Spirit Array surrounding him, how could Bright Moon have any attention to spare to heal his injuries? Staying here all this while, he could only build up strength and prepare for a final fight to the death.


However, though the speaker didn’t intend so, the listener may have their own thoughts. Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and said excitedly, “If Senior recovers from his injuries, then how big of a chance is there of escaping here and returning to the Star Boundary?”


“Less than 10%.”


Yang Kai was stunned. Was it really so small? 10% was almost equivalent to nothing. But on thinking about it again, it made sense. There was a Blood Sea formed outside, and with the blessing of the Spirit Array, even if Bright Moon managed to fully recover, even fighting one-on-one, he would not be able to defeat Xue Li. As long as Xue Li could delay him for a short time, then the other Demon Saints would surely arrive. Then, with the power of Twelve Demon Saints fighting against Bright Moon alone, how could he possibly escape?


But it was better than having no chance at all, so after a moment of hesitation, Yang Kai gritted his teeth and declared, “I might be able to help Senior recover.”


Bright Moon was stunned at his words and frowned, “It’s not that this King is unwilling to trust you, but do you know how severe this King’s injuries are?” His wound wasn’t something that could be solved through ordinary means. No pill in this world could solve an injury of this degree. If he wanted to recover, then he could only rely on himself. And yet Yang Kai suddenly told him that he had a way to help him recover. How could Bright Moon dare to believe it? He subconsciously thought that Yang Kai was a little too young and frivolous.


But all young people had such faults, and such blemishes cannot obscure a jade’s true lustre.


Yang Kai shook his head, “This Junior has no idea how severe Senior’s injuries are, but as long as Senior still has a single breath left in him, this Junior has a method to help you recover.”


Though his words were a little pompous, Bright Moon still began to believe him a little bit more; after all, someone who could successfully infiltrate the Demon Realm without being suspected by the Demon Saints definitely wasn’t a madman or braggart. For Yang Kai to dare say such a thing, he must have some certainty in himself.


“Then, this King would like to see how you are able to help him recover.”


“Please wait a moment, Senior!”


After Yang Kai’s words, he disappeared in a flash, and a bead suddenly fell on the ground.


Bright Moon raised a brow and reached out to pick up the Sealed World Bead into his hand. After scanning it, his face revealed a look of surprise. Even though he was not proficient in the Dao of Space, he could see some clues about this bead and couldn’t help but feel a little moved.


He was certain that this bead was one of Yang Kai’s most guarded treasures, but now it was so easily exposed before his eyes without even the slightest intention to conceal it. It was clear how much trust he was showing.


In the medicine garden inside the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai stood in front of a half-human-high, crystal-like, little tree that was emitting a jade-green light. Gazing at the only three remaining leaves on the small tree, Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help but show a sense of sadness.


It had been a number of years since he obtained the Immortal Tree and it didn’t have many leaves to begin with. With him picking a piece from time to time to save himself and others, he was now left with only these three leaves.


The reason why Yang Kai dared to make such a promise in front of Bright Moon Great Emperor was that he had the Immortal Tree.


Mu Zhu and Mu Na, the two Wood Spirits were floating on either side of the Immortal Tree like little two fairies. Only, they were currently looking at Yang Kai with nervous and cautious expressions on their faces. Yang Kai suddenly appeared in the medicine garden and came directly to the Immortal Tree, so they already guessed what his intention was.


For the two Wood Spirits, the Immortal Tree was a true sacred object of the world. Nothing else could compare with it. After entering Yang Kai’s service, they had been taking great care of the medicine garden and the Immortal Tree, so how could they not be wary when Yang Kai was looking over with such a dangerous look in his eyes?


A moment later, Yang Kai sighed. Looking at Mu Na, he smiled bitterly, “I need to save someone.”


[Just as expected!] Mu Na and Mu Zhu both had troubled looks on their faces. For the first time, they had the idea of throwing Yang Kai out. Only, how could two little Wood Spirits achieve that? What’s more, the Immortal Tree belonged to Yang Kai to begin with, so it wasn’t up to them to decide what Yang Kai did with it.


“Do you have to use it?” Mu Na bit her lip and asked pitifully, as if Yang Kai were threatening her with some heinous act of violence.


Yang Kai nodded his head, “It has to be this!”


Mu Na’s face turned ashen in an instant even if she knew that the situation Yang Kai was facing must be severe for him to need to use the Immortal Tree.


Exchanging glances with Mu Zhu, Mu Na raised a finger, “Will one leaf do?”


Naturally, she knew that what Yang Kai wanted was the leaves of the Immortal Tree, and it was impossible for him to actually bring out the Immortal Tree; however, there were only three leaves left, if he took one away, then only two would be left.


Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai shook his head, “I need all three of them!”


He wasn’t underestimating the healing power of the Immortal Tree. According to Yang Kai’s estimate, one leaf would basically be enough to help Bright Moon recover to his peak, while two would be an absolute guarantee! But even if Bright Moon were to restore himself to his peak condition, he would still have to face a vicious battle, and it would be inevitable for him to get hurt again. Giving Bright Moon an extra leaf from the Immortal Tree to keep might just be able to save his life at a critical moment, increasing the odds of him being able to escape from the Demon Realm and return to the Star Boundary.


So, this was no time to be saving on resources.


Mu Zhu couldn’t help but look at Yang Kai with some curiosity, “What woman is worth you doing this much?”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “What sort of man am I in your eyes? How did a woman get dragged into this?” 


This was a rather big misunderstanding.


Mu Zhu snorted, “If it’s not a woman, then how could you be so willing?”


Yang Kai sighed, “It’s Bright Moon Great Emperor. Right now, I’ve arrived in the Demon Realm. The Great Emperor has been trapped and is wounded, so only the Immortal Tree’s leaves are capable of saving him. It has nothing to do with any woman.”


“Bright Moon Great Emperor!” Mu Zhu and Mu Na both straightened their expressions.


“The details are quite complicated, and I don’t have time to explain too much to you right now. When you’re free, you can ask Embodiment.”


Mu Zhu nodded, “In that case, take them.”


While speaking, she moved aside with Mu Na.


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How was this hiring two assistants to cultivate his Spirit Medicines? It was more like he had gained two little Ancestors! Even though he wanted to use his own things, he still had to get permission from them!


Reaching out and picking the three leaves, Yang Kai took out a jade box and placed them inside before nodding to the two Wood Spirits. Only then did Yang Kai leave the Small Sealed World with a flash.


When he arrived back at Bright Moon’s side, the latter returned the Sealed World Bead to him and smiled, “I was still wondering how I was going to send you out of here safely, but since you have this, everything will be much simpler.”


Yang Kai was stunned but quickly understood the meaning behind Bright Moon’s words. But now wasn’t the time to be discussing such things. Yang Kai accepted the Sealed World Bead and handed the jade box he was holding over, “Senior, this should allow you to recover within a short amount of time.”


Bright Moon looked at him with interest. Even a man as knowledgeable as him could not understand how Yang Kai could be so confident. He accepted the box and was just about to open it when Yang Kai suddenly said, “Senior, I think it would be best if you erected another barrier to isolate this place lest the aura leaks; after all, there’s still a Demon Saint standing guard outside.”




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  1. The two Wood Spirit fairies can help the Immortal Tree grow new leaves later. The Great Emperor saw the bead and has the idea how to get Yang Kai out, probably tossing the bead out with Yang Kai inside .

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