Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3508, A Year


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Originally, this place had already been isolated by Bright Moon both inside and out; otherwise, it would be impossible for Yang Kai to be conversing with him safely, he would’ve been discovered by Xue Li long ago. But for Yang Kai to make such a proposal now meant that the object within the jade box must be no small matter. It was likely to make a great impact once the jade box was opened.


Bright Moon stared deeply at Yang Kai for a moment before nodding lightly, he made seals with one hand and an even more dazzling light was suddenly released from the waning moon behind his back, illuminating this small place as bright as day.


Only then did Bright Moon open the box gently.


A ray of green light immediately appeared before his eyes while an amazing amount of vitality poured out. Even Bright Moon Great Emperor, who had vast experiences through thousands and thousands of years, could not help but feel slightly startled. He really couldn’t imagine what this object was to actually contain such great vitality.


Looking down, he saw three verdant green leaves inside the jade box. Each leaf was less than a palm length long and appeared like a precious gemstone with clear lines on its surface. Each leaf was emitting a faint fragrance that made one feel comfortable just by breathing it in.


Bright Moon’s pupils shrank slightly and comparing the object in his hands and the various information he had, he exclaimed after a short while, “So it’s this!”


He obviously recognized what these leaves were. He was a Great Emperor after all. Even if there was anything in this world that he had not seen before, he would surely have read about it in some ancient book at least. There was no way he wouldn’t recognize what these leaves were.


Yang Kai said, “Can this help Senior recover?”


“Indeed!” Bright Moon closed the jade box and looked at Yang Kai with a burning gaze, “No wonder Tian Shu sent you to the Demon Realm. For you to have such good fortune, it is indeed true that ordinary people cannot compare to you.”


After the events at the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda, Bright Moon had investigated Yang Kai a bit and learned his background. A young man who came from a lower Star Field and was able to stir up the wind and clouds within just a few dozen years, showing his potential and proving himself a dragon among men. And now, it seemed that the fortunes of this young man before him really weren’t ordinary, even allowing him to obtain something as precious as the Immortal Tree.


The three tender leaves had clearly just been collected. If Yang Kai did not possess the Immortal Tree itself, how could he have harvested these?


When he heard Bright Moon say so, Yang Kai smiled happily and urged, “In that case, then please use them quickly, Senior. I will stand guard for you.”


Bright Moon shook his head and laughed, “There’s no need to hurry. Even with these, I won’t be able to recover so quickly. It will take at least a year.”


“A year…” Yang Kai’s face stiffened. He originally thought that Bright Moon would be able to recover back to peak condition very quickly with the Immortal Tree’s leaves, then he could get out of here with him and return to the Star Boundary, consider his task complete, and saving him the hassle of feigning friendship and cooperation with the Demons here in the Demon Realm. But now that Yang Kai heard that it would actually take a year, he knew that he was being too hasty.


Not to mention a year, he couldn’t even wait a month. If he really disappeared for that long, then Bai Ya would definitely become suspicious. Then, if he followed the trail and chased him here, he would only ruin Bright Moon’s last opportunity.


Bright Moon smiled, “I’m not in a hurry, so what are you worried about?”


Yang Kai smiled embarrassedly, not sure how to answer.


Bright Moon’s face suddenly turned serious and he raised the jade box in his hands, “This matter will not leave my lips.”


The meaning of his words was obviously to tell Yang Kai that he definitely would not spread the fact of his possessing the Immortal Tree; after all, this news was simply too explosive. If it were to get out, there was no saying what sort of troubles it would bring to Yang Kai. Rumour had it that by refining the Immortal Tree, one could achieve an immortal and indestructible body, a feat aspired to even by Great Emperors. How could Bright Moon repay Yang Kai’s kindness with enmity when he could take out the leaves of the Immortal Tree at such a time to heal him?


“If I couldn’t trust Senior, then I wouldn’t have done so in the first place. Senior’s safety is very important to the Star Boundary, so I hope Senior can recover as early as possible and escape from here, returning to the Star Boundary to help preside over the larger situation. Then this Junior can also retire in success.”


Bright Moon was still smiling, but he did not comment. After pondering for a moment, he said, “Please pay attention to the news here in one year. If any changes arise, remember to rush here as soon as possible. This King still has something to tell you.”


Yang Kai looked steadily at him and suddenly had an uneasy feeling in his heart, as if Bright Moon was going to tell him his last words, certain that he would be unable to leave the Demon Realm.


Yang Kai opened his mouth, but he had no idea what to say. It was foolish to try and console a Great Emperor, so he might as well not say anything at a time like this, only hoping that Bright Moon’s luck would prevail.


“You should go now,” Bright Moon suddenly said.


Yang Kai was silent for a moment, but he soon nodded, “Take care, Senior!”


Bright Moon smiled, “You too. You must be careful in the Demon Realm, especially with that Yu Ru Meng. Don’t trust her too much. She likely has a method to escape the restrictions of that Secret Technique!”


Bright Moon was already the second person to say this to Yang Kai. First, it was Bei Li Mo, but she could just be sowing discord and harboring evil intentions. On the other hand, Bright Moon saying the same thing with only good intentions meant there was a great likelihood that Yu Ru Meng could really do such a thing. Only, it wasn’t the right time yet.


But that didn’t mean anything to Yang Kai since he had already dealt with the matter by himself long ago. He just had to keep up the necessary precautions.


“Junior will remember,” Yang Kai nodded and looked deeply at Bright Moon Great Emperor again before slipping back into the Small Sealed World.


What Bright Moon told him earlier was enough for him to understand how Bright Moon would send him safely away from here, so there was no need to say anything more.


Bright Moon caught the Sealed World Bead before it could fall and with a flick of his sleeves, a brilliant light emerged from his eyes. The waning moon which had been hanging behind his back suddenly became full and round, spreading its soft white light in all directions.


A violent power surged out and the Blood Sea which had not been calm for long suddenly began to boil once more, forming great waves from the impact.


All around the Blood Sea, many of the Blood Demon Clan Demon Kings paled and madly circulated their Demon Qi to protect themselves, but how could the wrath of a Great Emperor be something easy to resist? As the waves of the Blood Sea slammed down on them, several dozen Demon Kings were instantly killed.


Fortunately for them, several Half-Saints nearby reacted quickly and moved to suppress the situation, which helped things from turning much worse; however, the power of these people alone was simply unable to suppress a Great Emperor, even if he was wounded.


In just a short three breaths of time, the Half-Saints all revealed troubled expressions as fear and anxiety took them.


It was at that moment that a blood-coloured figure reappeared. Xue Li, with his red hair flying in the air, raised his hand and slammed it down violently. 


As if a huge invisible mountain had descended from the Heavens, the bubbling Blood Sea calmed in an instant without so much as a ripple. Only then did the Half-Saints and Demon Kings breathe sighs of relief, as if they had narrowly escaped death.


Atop the blood-coloured pillar, Xue Li’s scarlet eyes glowed with suspicion, brows furrowing as he looked into the depths of the Blood Sea.


For this man to act twice in one day was quite unusual. Bright Moon was no fool, so putting up this kind of resistance would only be a complete waste of power. Not only would it have no effect, it would even put him in an even more difficult situation.


[What is the reason for all this? Bright Moon can’t be thinking of giving up and making one final struggle, can he?]


Just as he was thinking so, Xue Li’s eyes suddenly darkened, because hundreds of bright light beams shot out from below the surface of the Blood Sea which had just calmed down. The thick Blood Sea was unable to block the light assault, and wherever the beams passed, the bloody water was being purified, revealing long and thick channels.


What’s more, the Demons in the way of where the light beams passed all died with a single touch, unable to put up the slightest resistance. The white light shot into the distance in all directions, spreading tens of thousands of kilometres, piercing through the world before gradually disappearing out of sight.


Counting the ones from before, over a hundred Demon Kings were lost to these events, as well as countless other Demons, all of them cut down as easily as one would slice melons and chop vegetables.


Xue Li bellowed furiously, “Bright Moon, you court death!” With a wave of both arms, countless Blood Beasts were instantly formed within the Blood Sea, each one shaped oddly but incredibly lifelike. Each one of them emitted a fierce aura as they charged into the Blood Sea, lunging towards the pure land at its centre to suppress its scope.


Bright Moon swiftly executed another move as he called out in a mocking tone, “Xue Li, if you have the ability to kill this King, then come down here and do it! What’s stopping you?”


Xue Li coldly snorted. Not to mention that he didn’t really have the ability to kill Bright Moon with his power alone, even if he did, it was impossible for him to do such a thing. The goal of the Demon Saints was to have Bright Moon digested by the Demon Realm, so how could he kill him off so simply?


Only, Bright Moon’s provocations today that killed off so many Demon Kings undoubtedly angered Xue Li, so he did not hold back this time either. Though Bright Moon wasn’t an easy man to kill, it was definitely no problem to add to his injuries. As long as he was completely beaten down, such a situation like today would not happen again.


For a while, the battle of a Great Emperor and a Demon Saint across the boundless Blood Sea shook the World. Inside the Blood Sea, the pure land of light was constantly expanding and shrinking, warping repeatedly.


With Xue Li personally making a move, he was finally able to stabilize the array base and more Blood Demon Clan Demon Kings filled in the missing positions, spurring on the blood sacrifice, helping Xue Li fuel the array.


The battle did not last long, only half a day before Bright Moon finally took the initiative to back down.


Xue Li did not intend to pursue him either; after all, he wasn’t actually planning to bury Bright Moon here. Even though he had no idea what Bright Moon’s current condition was, Xue Li was sure he was in a terrible state. The most intuitive proof of that being that the pure white land in the Blood Sea had been reduced to half its size compared to half a day ago.


And, from the looks of it, the Blood Sea’s area had also been reduced by nearly a tenth of its original size.


One-tenth was an amount gained through the blood sacrifice of billions of Demons though. In other words, this short half-day fight alone caused several billions of Demons to die in vain.


Xue Li’s face sank and he coldly snorted, “You’re just seeking trouble!” In order to prevent Bright Moon from pulling any more tricks, he did not withdraw again and instead remained atop the blood-coloured pillar for several days, only leaving when he was certain that Bright Moon had truly settled down.




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