Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3509, Long Road Ahead


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At the bottom of the boundless Blood Sea, in the small pure white land, Bright Moon’s face was pale. Bleeding from his seven orifices, he looked to be in a terrible state.


The half-day fight with Xue Li overwhelmed his already injured body even more. If not for what Yang Kai gave him before, then he would never have done such a thing; after all, he had been purposely saving up his power for so long just so he could make a final stand. Using up his strength in advance would just be a waste of his efforts.


Fortunately, Yang Kai brought him new hope. Opening the jade box, he took one of the Immortal Tree’s leaves, lightly twisting it several times before placing it into his mouth. Holding the leaf under his tongue, he circulated his Healing Art silently.


A short while later, a bright green glow was released from the countless pores on Bright Moon’s skin while surging vitality flowed through his body and meridians, repairing the body’s inner wounds. The flesh around the gaping hole at his abdomen also began to writhe as dark Demon Qi was gradually pushed out, allowing it to slowly close up.


When he felt the powerful restoration abilities of the Immortal Tree’s leaf, even Bright Moon could not help but reveal a look of pleasant surprise.


While he had been locked in an intense battle with Xue Li, somewhere several thousand kilometres away, Yang Kai suddenly appeared with a grave expression.


He had been hiding inside of the Sealed World Bead, which had been shot out with the help of Bright Moon’s power. They more or less took some risks with this attempt. If Xue Li had detected the Sealed World Bead’s existence, then Yang Kai was sure to have been exposed.


But at a time like that, it was impossible even for Xue Li to keep track of everything in his surroundings. And, having caught Xue Li off guard, Bright Moon was able to find a suitable opportunity to send out the Sealed World Bead.


It was simply impossible to avoid the perception of a Demon Saint’s Divine Sense with only a distance of several thousand kilometres, so after emerging from the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai looked around him, only to see the wind and clouds being stirred in that direction while rumbling sounds poured out incessantly. He knew that Bright Moon was diverting Xue Li’s attention, so he didn’t hesitate to turn around and speed off in the direction whence he came.


Having made no twists or turns along the way, Yang Kai had returned to Bei Li Mo’s territory in just two days and rejoined Tu Qia Luo and the others.


The rest of the day went smoothly.


Yang Kai’s goal of infiltrating Eternal Sky Continent in order to seek out Bright Moon had been accomplished, and now that he knew what his condition was, all Yang Kai needed to do was wait a year before keeping his ears open for news about Eternal Sky Continent, then find the right opportunity to make his move. So, he couldn’t be bothered to trouble himself over anything else anymore. Naturally, Yang Kai was quite cooperative with the matter of dealing with the Territory Gates in Bei Li Mo’s territory. He restored the gates that needed restoring and maintained the ones that needed maintaining. Of course, if the opportunity arose for him to seek out the lost continents and allow the Sealed World Bead to devour them, Yang Kai wouldn’t waste the opportunity either.


This state of affairs continued for two months before all the continents on Bei Li Mo’s territory had been settled. Then, the group finally travelled back to Soaring Snow Continent.


Yang Kai didn’t really want to meet with Bei Li Mo, but he couldn’t refuse Bai Ya’s forceful invitation. What’s more, he was in someone else’s territory, so he should indeed say goodbye to the owner before leaving.


After hurrying back to Soaring Snow Continent, Yang Kai was once again brought into Soaring Snow Ice Palace under Bai Ya’s lead. After waiting for a long while inside, Bai Ya came back with an awkward expression.


Yang Kai looked at him, a little confused.


Bai Ya said, “Brother Yang, Holy Venerable has some important matters to deal with, so I’m afraid she won’t have the time to see you today.”


Yang Kai snickered in his heart. What important matter could so occupy Bei Li Mo’s time that she wouldn’t even have the time to see him? She clearly just didn’t want to see him, which was fine since he couldn’t be bothered to see her either; everyone was in agreement. At once, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “In that case, this King will excuse himself first. Farewell, Brother Bai Ya!”


In any case, since he had already offered his courtesy, there was no excuse that Bei Li Mo could use to blame him in the future.


“Please wait, Brother Yang!” Bai Ya quickly stopped him.


“Is anything else the matter?” Yang Kai asked.


Bai Ya said seriously, “I’m afraid Brother Yang won’t be able to return.”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean?” Bei Li Mo wouldn’t be thinking of keeping him here forever, right? That would be too naive of her. If she really were to do so, then Yu Ru Meng definitely wouldn’t agree.


When Bai Ya saw his expression, he knew that he’d misunderstood, but there was no helping it; after all, Bei Li Mo had a previous offence on record. She even tossed Yang Kai into the Frozen Nether Ice Prison and kept him confined there for a good many days.


Bai Ya quickly explained, “It’s like this. Since Brother Yang has the ability to restore the Territory Gates, the other Holy Venerables also require your assistance. So, Brother Yang has to take a trip to Holy Venerable Chi Yan’s territory.”


Yang Kai’s mouth twitched at his words. Even though he had long known that he would not have peace for a long time to come, he didn’t expect these Demon Saints of the Demon Realm to not even offer him the time to rest. How much of a hurry were these people in? And he had no idea what they were rushing for either. Those Territory Gates weren’t going to just disappear tomorrow.


After pondering for a moment, he answered, “Then I must still return to Holy Venerable Ru Meng’s side to inform her of the situation here.”


Bai Ya smiled, “This is also the thoughts of Holy Venerable Ru Meng. That is to say, Holy Venerable Ru Meng does not need Brother Yang to return. You can do so after taking care of the Territory Gates in each Demon Saint’s territory first.”


Yang Kai was a little speechless at his words and tried to confirm, “Did Ru Meng really say such a thing?”


Bai Ya nodded, “Holy Venerable Ru Meng and Holy Venerable Li Mo have already contacted each other regarding this.”


He estimated that Bei Li Mo wouldn’t lie to him about such a thing. Since she already said so, then it must be true. Yang Kai felt annoyed to have been sold out by Yu Ru Meng unknowingly. It seemed like his weight in her heart was not as heavy as he thought. Perhaps she really did have a method to break free from the Heart Seal Secret Technique’s restrictions. In that case, he really would have to be careful of her in the future.


With a gloomy face, he nodded, “Since it is an order from the Holy Venerable, this King shall obey.”


Bai Ya extended a hand, “Let me send you, Brother Yang.” Seemingly afraid of being rejected by Yang Kai, he added, “Brother Yang’s safety cannot be compromised. Someone from Holy Venerable Chi Yan’s side will come for the handover with me, so I have to at least show my face.”


Since he had already said so, Yang Kai could only agree, thinking to himself how they’d made him look just like a prisoner under confinement, even performing a handover…


After leaving Soaring Snow Continent, they made their way towards Chi Yan’s territory.


Chi Yan was from the Flame Demon Clan and his territory bordered that of Bei Li Mo’s. His relationship with Bei Li Mo was just like that of Bei Li Mo and Yu Ru Meng. They were both neighbours, so it didn’t take him much time to arrive.


A Half-Saint was mobilized from the other side, who also seemed to be a Flame Demon. Even his skin was dark red.


However, this unknown Half-Saint was different from Bai Ya. He seemed like a reserved and serious character, so after the handover and confirmation of Yang Kai’s identity, he simply threw him a Space Ring before turning around and leaving.


Yang Kai was bewildered, having no idea what this guy meant by this. Wasn’t he invited here to restore the Territory Gates? Why did it seem as if they were treating him as a beggar? Yang Kai wanted to make things clear, but the man had already disappeared from sight. As expected of the Flame Demon Clan, their temperaments were hot and decisive, choosing to act rather than speak.


Helpless, Yang Kai could only check the Space Ring and found several jade slips inside. Taking them out and looking at them, the lost and unstable Territory Gates, as well as the lost continents in Chi Yan’s domain were recorded inside.


Yang Kai guessed that they had made preparations here after they caught wind of information that leaked from Bei Li Mo’s side, which also saved Yang Kai a lot of effort.


Other than the jade slips with the recorded information, there was a token that was neither jade nor stone inside the ring. There were no words on it, only a burning flame, but Yang Kai had no idea what it symbolized.


Yang Kai guessed that this was most likely that Half-Saint’s token, which made sense. He was given the token in order to facilitate his travel in the continents so that he would not be interrogated or harassed.


[Interesting,] Yang Kai looked pleased. He was originally dissatisfied with the Flame Demon’s arrogant attitude, but now it seemed it was just what he wished for. Instead, it was Bai Ya’s type who was smiling all day yet constantly guarded against him that he found most annoying.


This was good. No one would interfere with him in Chi Yan’s territory, so he could do whatever he wanted and free his hands and legs completely.


After ordering his ten thousand subordinates to stop and rest, Yang Kai took out the jade slips and began studying them one by one. The number of Territory Gates that needed restoring and maintaining was not the main point, but rather the number of lost continents in Chi Yan’s territory.


In Yu Ru Meng’s territory, the Sealed World Bead devoured three continents, while there were three more that Yang Kai couldn’t find. On the other hand, the Sealed World Bead devoured four continents in Bei Li Mo’s continent.


There were a total of six continents that disappeared from Chi Yan’s territory, and if no one was there to interfere, then Yang Kai could seek out all six of these continents and devour them.


After studying for more than an hour and planning his route, Yang Kai ordered his troops to set off.


His days in Chi Yan’s domain were smooth sailing as expected. Even if some of the Demons on the various continents found his behaviour strange and came forward to interrogate him, he just had to show the token to make them leave.


In less than two months, Yang Kai had completely settled everything here.


Up to this point, Yang Kai still did not see any sign of that Flame Demon Half-Saint who had shown up on the first day.


Since his token was still in his possession, Yang Kai couldn’t just leave with it though. Helpless, he went to the continent where the Holy City was located, firstly to return the token, and secondly to ask where he should go next.


He had a feeling that Chi Yan’s place wasn’t his final destination, and that he would have to go on to the next Demon Saint’s territory immediately after.


And fact proved itself so. After finding that Half-Saint he met previously at the Holy City and returning the token to him, Yang Kai was asked to follow the man without any other words and was led all the way to a nearby Territory Gate.


After passing through several continents, they arrived at another Demon Saint’s territory. There was already a Half-Saint waiting for them there. After the handover, the Flame Demon Half-Saint turned around and left. 


This new Half-Saint that Yang Kai just met had a rather good attitude and chatted a few words with him, seemingly wanting them to get to know each other a little.


He also passed Yang Kai a lot of information.


Since he didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving, Yang Kai grumbled in his heart, thinking that he couldn’t possibly have bumped into another Bai Ya, could he?


But since the man was insistent on following him, then he had no way around it either; after all, this was his territory.


After studying the information, Yang Kai planned his route and set off.


The Half-Saint did follow Yang Kai around for a few days, so Yang Kai had originally intended to deal with him the same way he dealt with Bai Ya. Unexpectedly though, this Half-Saint actually took the initiative to excuse himself and leave a few days later, even leaving his token for Yang Kai before departing, telling him to visit the Holy City once he was done to return the token to him. It turned out he had originally followed him around just for the sake of novelty, and once the novelty wore off, he simply left.




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