Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3510, Demon Realm Divine Spirit


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Day after day, Yang Kai led his ten thousand men around each continent like an on-call repairman, restoring the Territory Gates on the Demon Realm. The Demon Saints were all very enthusiastic about this matter, so practically everywhere he went, there were Half-Saints there to arrange everything for him. All he had to do was draw up his plan according to routine, and then head over to each continent to repair the Territory Gates.


After going through the territories of several Demon Saints, the Small Sealed World had already swallowed up nearly twenty lost continents, and the realm had now been expanded to an unimaginable degree. Even the Myriad Demon Pills that Yang Kai harvested had now reached several thousand in total. They were definitely enough for the Embodiment to advance to the Half-Saint realm. The only thing he needed now was some time.


On a certain day, while Yang Kai and his ten thousand subordinates were on the move, he suddenly stopped and looked ahead.


The people behind him also quickly stopped and looked over curiously.


Tu Qia Luo looked around but found nothing unusual in their surroundings, so he couldn’t help but ask in perplexity, “Great King, what happened?”


Yang Kai did not answer him. He just frowned at a certain spot in the air, deeply gazing as if trying to see through the void.


“Oh? You’re actually able to sense me?” As a voice sounded and a figure appeared out of thin air some three kilometres away. The stranger was a man, but he was a little different from all the other Demons that Yang Kai met before. There was actually a horn growing on the man’s forehead that was the length of a finger, and two fingers thick. It curved upwards, just like the horn of a rhinoceros. The man was also unusually strong and burly looking.


His appearance did surprise Yang Kai a little. Though there were so many clans in the Demon Realm, each one of them having different appearances and characteristics, it was his first time seeing a guy with a horn growing out of his forehead.


Where did this guy come from?


But no matter the identity of the other man, his strength was not to be underestimated. Yang Kai had only noticed some discordance ahead and did not actually sense any trace of this man. If he had not taken the initiative to reveal himself, then Yang Kai may have had to come closer before he could see through this concealment.


[He’s definitely a Half-Saint!]


Yang Kai was bewildered, but Tu Qia Luo, He Yin, and the others all began circulating their Demon Qi as if they were facing a great enemy, looking vigilantly at him. Bo Ya also began to draw her bow, Divine Sense surging while a meter-long arrow was locked onto the Half-Saint ahead.


Yang Kai glanced around and thought it even more strange. What was wrong with everyone today? They had come across so many half-Saints these past days, yet they’d never been this nervous before. Could this man before them have some sort of special background?


Just as he was thinking so, Bo Ya silently transmitted her voice over, “Be careful, that guy’s from Hundred Spirits Continent.”


[Hundred Spirits Continent?] Yang Kai frowned at her words, but after thinking for a moment, he quickly recalled that he had indeed seen the existence of this continent on his map before and nodded lightly, “Which Demon Saint’s territory does Hundred Spirits Continent belong to?”


Hundred Spirits Continent was still some distance away from here, and they would have to pass through at least five Territory Gates in order to reach it. For a Half-Saint from Hundred Spirits Continent to intercept him here all of a sudden, Yang Kai’s thoughts couldn’t help but turn in a different direction. He thought to himself, [Isn’t that Demon Saint from Hundred Spirits Continent too eager? I have to go there sooner or later to repair the Territory Gates, so there’s no need for this, right?]


Bo Ya glanced speechlessly at Yang Kai and replied, “Hundred Spirits Continent is not part of any Demon Saint’s territory.”


Yang Kai was surprised to hear that answer and turned to look curiously at her, “What do you mean?”


Bo Ya answered with a serious expression, “Your Star Boundary has Divine Spirits, and so does the Demon Realm. These Divine Spirits have long inheritances, and some have existed since the birth of the Demon Realm itself. All of them have powerful abilities that do not fall behind any others. Even though the Holy Venerables have divided 99% of the entire Demon Realm, there is one remaining continent that is occupied by these Divine Spirits and is not under the jurisdiction of any Holy Venerable, and that is Hundred Spirits Continent. As for the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent, he is an existence no weaker than the Twelve Holy Venerables!”


Yang Kai was amazed to hear this. It turned out there was actually another Master comparable to the Twelve Demon Saints in the Demon Realm? But on second thought, it wasn’t so strange at all. There was still Dragon Island in the Star Boundary where Great Elder and Second Elder were both comparable to Great Emperors. The growth of a Divine Spirit was not bound by the bottle of the World because they had their own bloodline inheritance, and did not require the approval of the world’s power to continue growing stronger.


“This guy should be a Divine Spirit, and he’s probably here for you. The Territory Gates of Hundred Spirits Continent have also begun showing problems.”


Hearing this, Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Then, I’m guessing the relationship between this Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent and the Holy Venerables is not very good.” If they were on good terms, then there would be no need to send someone here to intercept him. They just had to talk to the other Demon Saints, and Yang Kai would naturally head over by himself.


Bo Ya couldn’t help but roll her eyes, “You’re still in the mood for such bad jokes?”


“Would you rather I cry and weep instead?” Yang Kai snickered.


It was just a Half-Saint. Even though this man was undoubtedly strong, it wasn’t enough to make Yang Kai fear him. Right now, there was still a short way to go before the Embodiment could ascend to the Half-Saint realm, but if they worked together, then even if they couldn’t beat their opponent with all their strength, they wouldn’t be completely defenceless.


Yang Kai’s fight with Cang Mo back in the Star Boundary was the best example. That Cang Mo was also a Half-Saint level Master, though in the Star Boundary, he was known as a Pseudo-Great Emperor.


Bo Ya continued, “The special situation of Hundred Spirits Continent is hard to explain in just a few words, but you’re right. The Lord of that continent is not in a good relationship with the Holy Venerables, but it’s not bad to the point where there’s an open confrontation. You are Holy Venerable Ru Meng’s man, so he may not dare to do anything to you.”


Yang Kai shot her a faint glance before cursing in his heart at his unfortunate position. To think he would actually be reduced to a little white face that had to depend on a woman here in the Demon Realm, having to borrow Yu Ru Meng’s prestige everywhere he went.


While he communicated with Bo Ya, the single-horned Divine Spirit on the opposite side did not interrupt them either. It wasn’t until their Divine Sense fluctuations subsided that he asked in a cheerful manner, “So, you’re the Human?”


Yang Kai chuckled, “If there are no other Humans in the Demon Realm, then I am him.”


“Very good. Come with me,” The single-horned Divine Spirit nodded, speaking in a tone that accepted no refusals.


Yang Kai’s face turned disgruntled in an instant. If this man could have spoken to him properly, then it wouldn’t have been impossible for him to go. In any case, he had been running through so many continents during this period already, what would it matter to add one more Hundred Spirits Continent? But to be shown such an attitude by this man repulsed Yang Kai a little.


[Helping you restore the Territory Gates is a favour, not an obligation. Why must I follow you? Really, without common ground, even half a sentence would be a waste of breath.] So, Yang Kai shook his head, “This King is subordinate to Holy Saint Ru Meng. If Your Excellency wishes to invite this King, then you will need to inform Holy Venerable Ru Meng beforehand. Only with the Holy Venerable’s word can this King move. Otherwise, this King is powerless.” He couldn’t be bothered to say more to this man, so Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “If there is nothing else, please give way. This King still has matters to attend to and cannot be delayed for too long.”


Naturally, the single-horned Divine Spirit didn’t move and just grinned at him, “I advise you to come with me obediently. Less resistance means less pain, don’t you think so?”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “Does Your Excellency mean to start a fight with this King? I just wonder whether Your Excellency can withstand the wrath of Holy Venerable Ru Meng?”


The single-horned Divine Spirit scoffed, “The mighty name of a Holy Venerable may frighten others, but not those of our Hundred Spirits Continent!”


[Oh? He wants to go against them? No wonder the relationship between the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent and the Demon Saints is not good. For such a disobedient group as them, there’s probably no Demon Saint who would be fond of them.]


[So why don’t the Demon Saints join hands to destroy the continent? They even managed to drive Bright Moon Great Emperor into a corner. If the Demon Saints really joined forces, then they must have been able to destroy Hundred Spirits Continent ages ago.]


But on second thought, Yang Kai understood how Hundred Spirits Continent could survive between the cracks.


Not to mention the fact that the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent himself was an existence not inferior to the Demon Saints, the Twelve Demon Saints would really have to join forces completely to deal with such a big piece of meat. Hundred Spirits Continent would undoubtedly fight back if pushed to a corner, so just one or two Demon Saints wouldn’t be sufficient. What’s more, loose alliances and shifting allies would only serve to complicate matters.


But of course, there were way too many factors involved here. For a moment, this was the only reason that Yang Kai could think of, but regardless of the truth, if Hundred Spirits Continent could survive in the Demon Realm, there must be a good reason!


The single-horned Divine Spirit didn’t seem to have much patience and shouted soon after, “I’ll give you ten breaths of time. Think about your answer carefully and don’t disappoint me!”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes to the sky and faced him with his nostrils.


This action caused the mouth of the single-horned Divine Spirit to twitch…


But he kept his word. Ten breaths meant ten breaths. Once time was up, dense Demon Qi poured out of his body and he scoffed, “Since you won’t cooperate, then I’ll have to use force!”


As he spoke, he stretched a hand toward Yang Kai. Following his movements, World Energy surged and a black hand coalesced from Black Demon Qi grabbed at Yang Kai.


The faces of Bo Ya and the others changed dramatically, and all of them made a move. Even Li Shi Qing gritted her teeth and sent out a rain of flower petals, each petal containing terrifying cutting force.


However, despite their numbers and their strength, they were still no match for a Half-Saint. So, as their attacks fell on top of the large hand of Demon Qi, it only caused a ripple before disappearing without a trace.


Yang Kai had no intention of defending though and instead just kept a cold smile on his lips as he stepped forward, as if preparing himself for death.


The single-horned Divine Spirit was stunned by this and had no idea what Yang Kai was up to. Even though he did not intend to take Yang Kai’s life with this attack, it still contained a considerable amount of power. If it really landed on Yang Kai’s body, then with a cultivation equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King, he wouldn’t be able to survive it.


His goal in this trip was to bring Yang Kai back to Hundred Spirits Continent, not to kill him. If he really did kill Yang Kai, then it was sure to anger most of the Demon Saints, which was not a responsibility he could bear.


Thoughts flashing, he hastily withdrew some of his power.


But Yang Kai still showed no intention of resisting. Instead, he opened his arms as if to welcome the arrival of death.


[Is this guy sick in the head!?] The single-horned Divine Spirit was dumbfounded, but right now, it was too late to stop the attack. Seeing that the Human in front of him was about to be hit, a shocking aura suddenly spread out. Then, a slender figure instantly stood in front of Yang Kai, raising her fair palm and gently thrusting it forward.


In an instant, the large palm made of black Demon Qi dissipated.


Seeing Xiao Wu standing in front of him, Yang Kai smiled.




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