Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3511, Kidnapping


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If he joined forces with the Embodiment, Yang Kai was sure to be able to put up a fight against this single-horned Divine Spirit, but he definitely wouldn’t be able to take any advantages either. So, Yang Kai figured he may as well take care of him by having Yu Ru Meng appear by Soul Descend. It saved time and effort.


When they saw Xiao Wu teleporting in front of Yang Kai to block the blow, Bo Ya and the others all let out a long sigh of relief. With the Holy Venerable making another appearance through Soul Descend, even if they were facing a Half-Saint, the other party would still have to back down.


But who knew that not only would the single-horned Divine Spirit not retreat, he even looked as if he had expected this result and gritted his teeth, “I knew it…”


At those words, a fist pounded forward, bringing forth an Earth-shattering power.


“Courting death!” Yu Ru Meng’s eyes were cold as she thrust her palm three consecutive times, sending a terrifyingly vast and irresistible force forward that completely neutralized the single-horned Divine Spirit’s attack. Not only that, but the aftershocks of it even left a sizable dent on his chest.


Fresh blood sprayed out from the single-horned Divine Spirit’s mouth.


Even if it were just a wisp of her Soul, the power of a Demon Saint was still not something that this man could withstand.


A look of astonishment flashed past the single-horned Divine Spirit’s eyes before he quickly retreated.


Yu Ru Meng would not allow him to act recklessly in front of her. If it was the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent in person, then she might have some reservations, but this man was a mere Half-Saint. She could just kill him directly. It wasn’t as if the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent could try to seek her out to settle the account; after all, they were the ones being rude to begin with.


So, body shifting, Yu Ru Meng directly gave chase and let out a scream that shook the Divine Spirit’s mind as he madly tried to withdraw, almost causing him to fall from the sky. This was obviously a Soul attack, and its might was no trifling matter.


The single-horned Divine Spirit was instantly bleeding from his seven orifices and looked miserable, but he still grinned and broke out in laughter, “You’ve fallen for my trick!”


Yu Ru Meng’s expression changed and seemingly realizing something, she quickly turned her head around to look, only to see two figures emerging from left and right, pincering Yang Kai who was just watching the show. Without even giving him the opportunity to resist, they grabbed an arm each and ran off, disappearing hundreds of kilometres away in the blink of an eye.


Yu Ru Meng was furious as she turned around and chased after them, but the single-horned Divine Spirit quickly pressed a hand to the void. At the same time, the glow of a Spirit Array lit up underneath Yu Ru Meng’s feet, caging her inside and obscuring her figure.


A violent power fluctuation emerged from the Spirit Array. In just three breaths, Yu Ru Meng had already escaped from the entrapment. Cold and beautiful eyes glanced left and right, but how could she still see those Hundred Spirits Continent Half-Saints? In the short amount of time that she was trapped in the Spirit Array, they had already disappeared without a trace.


Bo Ya, Tu Qia Luo, and the others had only reacted to the situation at this time, and were all looking fearfully at Yu Ru Meng, knowing that the Holy Venerable must be furious at this moment. To think that despite her personally appearing via Soul Descent, someone would still snatch Yang Kai away right under her nose. No one dared to speak up at this moment lest they draw her ire towards themselves.


Yu Ru Meng was indeed furious, and her murderous intent was erupting, but since things had already come to this point, there was nothing more she could do. Through Soul Descend, there was no way for her to use all of her power, so it was simply impossible for her to stall three Half-Saints at once.


Fortunately, she also knew that they wouldn’t do anything to Yang Kai. They were definitely doing this for the restoration of the Territory Gates, but with this, she would have to personally make a trip to Hundred Spirits Continent.


Secretly gritting her teeth, Yu Ru Meng turned around and looked at Tu Qia Luo and the others before ordering, “Return to Cloud Shadow Continent!”


Tu Qia Luo and the others did not dare to defy her. They couldn’t interfere in this matter regardless, and without Yang Kai, there was no meaning in them staying here any longer either. They could only first go back to Cloud Shadow and wait for further news.


Xiao Wu’s body then went limp and collapsed as soon as Yu Ru Meng finished speaking.


Xiao Wu wasn’t too strong after all, so each time she had to endure Yu Ru Meng’s Soul Descend, she had to sleep for many days to recover.




As Yang Kai was dragged along, he was struck speechless. Looking left and right, he saw the same face. He would never have thought that Hundred Spirits Continent would actually mobilize three Half-Saints just to bring him over.


He originally felt emboldened, thinking that he could join hands with the Embodiment and with Yu Ru Meng appearing via Soul Descent, a trivial single-horned Divine Spirit wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. But now, he was held left and right and unable to move. Even if he let out his Embodiment now, they wouldn’t be able to beat these two Half-Saints. Since there was no helping it, Yang Kai decided to just settle down. It wasn’t as if his life was in any danger anyway.


But to Yang Kai’s surprise, the ones who kidnapped him were actually a pair of twins. He had no idea what Divine Spirits they were, but Yang Kai couldn’t see any difference between the two of them at all. They were very beautiful and their appearance was even a little exotic, with a tall and shapely nose, bright eyes, long eyelashes, full lips, and white skin even fairer than snow…


But then again, all those who had reached such a level of power were naturally quite beautiful. He couldn’t see their full figures for now, but their chests seemed quite grand.


“If you dare look again, I’ll dig your eyes out!” The woman on the right suddenly glared coldly at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai immediately moved his eyes to the front.


Instead, the woman on the left giggled, “Don’t be afraid, we don’t mean you any harm. We’re just inviting you for a walk.”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You call this an invitation? Thankfully, my courage isn’t small. If it were any smaller, then I would’ve been scared to death by you people.”


The girl on the left laughed, “Your courage is indeed not small. You can still keep a normal expression under such a situation.”


Yang Kai thought to himself, [I was like this when I was facing Bei Li Mo too, so what fart are two Half-Saints even worth?] But of course, he only dared to think that way in his heart. If he really said it out loud, then there would surely be no good results. Instead, Yang Kai said self-deprecatingly, “I’m afraid, actually. But there’s nothing I can do but act calm.”


After a pause, he added, “Um, may I ask how I can address the two of you?”


No one answered.


Met with awkward silence, Yang Kai could only ask again, “You two are twins, right? Which one is the Elder Sister, and which one is the Younger Sister?”


The girl on the right frowned, “You talk too much. Do you believe I won’t pull your tongue out?”


Yang Kai was speechless. [Is she some violent maniac? We’ve only just met and she’s already threatened to dig out my eyes and pull my tongue out. Did I offend you? You’re the one who insisted on kidnapping me. It’s not like I was the one who wanted to follow you.]


With a disgruntled look on his face, he didn’t speak anymore. This woman was possibly only speaking casually, but she may also be serious. How could Yang Kai dare to act rashly while he wasn’t certain?


But who knew that the woman on the left would suddenly jab him with her arm once he stopped talking.


Yang Kai turned to look at her, an inquiring look on his face.


The other party asked with interest, “I heard that you’re Yu Ru Meng’s man?”


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. Truly, good things never make it out the door, but bad things always spread over a thousand kilometres. Even the people from Hundred Spirits Continent had now found out about this. There was probably not a single person in the Demon Realm who did not know that he was a little white face who lived by relying on a woman.


But this woman was also quite the gossip, to actually ask so many of these types of questions. Yang Kai actually wished she’d be as aloof as the one on the left.


He was unwilling to explain more on such topics, but who knew that the girl would not relent and instead pestered him endlessly.


Helpless, Yang Kai could only point to his own lips, then at the girl on his left, meaning to say, [She already told me to shut my mouth, I don’t dare to speak…]


The girl on the right smiled and said, “I’m the Elder Sister, so she listens to me. Don’t worry.”


Finally, Yang Kai’s previous question received an answer. Yang Kai turned to look at the Younger Sister, only to see her looking steadily forward with an indifferent look on her face. It seemed she really did listen to her Elder Sister’s words, but Yang Kai still gave a tentative cough.


The Younger Sister immediately rolled her eyes at him, a look of disgust and contempt on her face.


“So tell me, the rumours that a Human managed to snag Yu Ru Meng, are they true or false?” It wasn’t that she really liked to gossip, but rather that the news was simply too shocking. Yu Ru Meng, one of the Twelve Demon Saints, actually hooked up with a Human man. It was really unbelievable.


“I guess so,” Yang Kai shrugged.


“What do you mean you guess so?” The Elder Sister was clearly dissatisfied with this answer.


Yang Kai replied, “I can’t explain it. Anyway, it’s exactly as you heard.”


“Hey, aren’t you being too perfunctory?”


“What do you expect me to tell you?” Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


The Elder Sister spat disdainfully before suddenly asking, “Then, have you two…” While saying so, she also showed a meaningful smile, wiggling her slender brows in a “you-know-what” sign.


Yang Kai nearly spat out a curse. [Aren’t you embarrassed asking a question like that? Do you know no shame?] Immediately, he said with a dark expression, “Am I that close with you?”


Even though it was obviously the first time they met, and he was even kidnapped by them, why was this woman acting so familiar with him?


But as soon as he said that, the Elder Sister hadn’t yet responded when the face of the Younger Sister to his right dimmed, “Watch your mouth or I’ll sew it shut!”


[You just have a problem with my face, don’t you? If it’s not my eyes, then it’s my tongue, or my mouth…Might as well take my ears and my nose too!] Yang Kai’s lungs were on the brink of exploding from anger.


Right at that moment, a stream of light approached from the right.


Yang Kai was overjoyed to see this, thinking that it was Yu Ru Meng who had come to save him, but how when he sensed the aura of the newcomer, it actually turned out to be that single-horned Divine Spirit from before.


When the other party arrived, Yang Kai confirmed that it really was him, but quite clearly, this guy wasn’t in good shape. His face was pale, and there was still blood leaking from his seven orifices that had yet to dry. Very clearly, he had eaten a great loss at Yu Ru Meng’s hand.


Yang Kai was disappointed, but since things had reached this point, he no longer had any wiggle room. He would have to make this trip to Hundred Spirits Continent whether he wanted to or not.


Once both sides converged, they passed through several Territory Gates, during which time Yang Kai proposed to have the two sisters put him down and promised them that he would follow without resistance, but unexpectedly, they just ignored him.


Yang Kai estimated that it was because they knew about his proficiency in the Dao of Space. If they really did let him go, then they might lose him in just one Instantaneous Movement.


A few days later, the four of them arrived before a certain Territory Gate.


There was actually a Half-Saint standing guard in front of the Territory Gate, and from his appearance, he seemed to be a Divine Spirit of the Hundred Spirits Continent as well. He was probably standing guard here as a precaution, but from this, it could be seen that the relationship between Hundred Spirits Continent and the Demon Saints was indeed not good; otherwise, would there be any need for a Half-Saint to guard a Territory Gate year-round?




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  1. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. Yu Ru Meng seems to have been giving YK the cold shoulder
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    actually intends to get rid of him after he’s no longer useful or not the author definitely wants us to
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  2. These divine spirits lack manners. Only good thing about them is that they’re enemies of the other demons. Lessons need to be taught

  3. So, YK needs some manpower for the breakout in a year and I wonder where we could get it?
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