Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3512, Chang Tian


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It had been quite a while since he arrived in the Demon Realm, but even after passing through so many Territory Gates, Yang Kai had never seen anyone guarding any of them unless they were sealing off a continent. But the Territory Gate towards Hundred Spirits Continent was actually manned by a Half-Saint, so it was obvious that there was a problem here.


As soon as they saw each other, the Half-Saint watching the Territory Gate gently nodded. Sweeping a glance at Yang Kai, he let them pass easily.


After passing through the Territory Gate, the four of them arrived at Hundred Spirits Continent without incident.


Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with this continent, and he had no idea what special characteristics in the Demon Realm it had; however, he had seen its existence on his map and knew that its area was very vast.


Cloud Shadow Continent was already quite large, and was considered in the upper-middle ranks in the entire the Demon Realm; however, the area of Hundred Spirits Continent spanned almost five times that of Cloud Shadow, so it was safe to say it was one of the largest continents in the Demon Realm.


But this wasn’t so surprising since it was occupied by the Demon Realm’s Divine Spirits, after all. It wouldn’t be proper if the size was too small.


The group did not stop and continued flying forward.


Bored, Yang Kai looked around at his surroundings, and a novel sight caught his eyes very soon.


He found many Demon Beasts running around and howling in the spiritual mountains and rivers below. Even in the air, there were odd-looking Demon Beasts that he couldn’t name shuttling back and forth across the sky.


Their numbers were countless.


It wasn’t that he had never seen a Demon Beast before in other parts of the Demon Realm. Many Demon Kings liked to find powerful and imposing Demon Beasts to act as their mounts, but never in any continent had Yang Kai ever come across such a dense population of Demon Beasts.


As they flew forward, Yang Kai found traces of Demon Beasts residing in almost every part of the continent.


This Hundred Spirits Continent might be more aptly-named if it changed its name to Hundred Beasts Continent. And even more surprisingly, many of these Demon Beasts were exuding a powerful aura that was no lesser than the Demon Kings he’d met.


“There’s a lot of them, right?” The Elder Sister on the right suddenly asked.


Yang Kai didn’t process what she was referring to for a moment, but he quickly understood and nodded, “Yes, there’s a lot of them.”


The Little Sister on the left sneered, “There were even more in the past.”


Yang Kai frowned. He had no idea what she meant by that, but the Elder Sister explained just as he was wondering, “Our Hundred Spirits Continent is not under the control of any Demon Saint, and it seems like a free and easy place on the surface, but in reality, we’re just trying to eke out a living in the cracks. This continent is very suitable for the survival of Demon Beasts, and with so many of the Demon Beasts here having Divine Spirit bloodlines, it’s also very attractive to those guys outside. If they could get their hands on one of these Demon Beasts and train them into a mount, then it would also help to improve their strength. On the battlefield, their ability to charge and break through enemy lines is also just like painting wings on a tiger. So, our Hundred Spirits Continent is forced to send out a large batch of Demon Beasts to the outside once every hundred years.”


Listening quietly, Yang Kai gained some understanding as to how Hundred Spirits Continent managed to survive thus far. Without a doubt, the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent was strong, enough to put fear into the Demon Saints hearts and make them think twice before making a move, but using this place as a breeding ground for Demon Beasts was the biggest reason why the Demon Saints tolerated the existence of Hundred Spirits Continent.


They pressured them for countless years, extorting them, leading to those living in Hundred Spirits Continent becoming hostile towards the outside. This was also the reason why the single-horned Divine Spirit showed no respect towards Yu Ru Meng while facing her, and even daring to confront her head-on.


The Elder Sister gritted her teeth, “There are some shameless guys who sneak into our Hundred Spirits Continent as well, slaughtering and trapping the Demon Beasts here like they own them! But of course, once discovered, those men wouldn’t be let off easy either.”


In the past, when the Territory Gates were unguarded, such events happened quite often. Some Demon Kings would form groups and sneak into Hundred Spirits Continent, leaving immediately after they got what they wanted.


And it was for that very reason that Half-Saints were posted at the Territory Gates to Hundred Spirits Continent, not allowing a single outsider into their domain.


Yang Kai frowned, “Why are you telling me about this?” Strictly speaking, he was just a prisoner now. Hundred Spirits Continent didn’t need to explain anything to him, right?


The Elder Sister smiled, “I just thought that you should know how pitiful the beings of our Hundred Spirits Continent are. And that you have the power to change all of that.”


“What power do I have?” Yang Kai was speechless. His biggest role in the eyes of the Demon Race was the ability to repair and maintain Territory Gates. This was also the root of why so many Demon Saints favoured him, “Speaking of which, didn’t you capture me here so I could repair the Territory Gates?”


The Elder Sister showed a profound smile, “You’ll know when the time comes.”


Yang Kai suddenly had a bad feeling about this. This trip definitely wasn’t as simple as he thought!


They spent a wordless journey through the mountains and rivers. Then, as a huge castle appeared ahead, the twin sisters and the single-horned Divine Spirit revealed enthusiastic expressions.


The castle covered a vast area and was located in a wide mountain range. Between the lofty mountain ridges, there were exotic beasts running about, and also strangely-shaped Demon Beasts climbing on the walls outside of the castle, each one of them exuding a powerful aura.


The castle was built in an extremely rugged fashion, like a giant beast from the ancient past that was crawling over the earth. Even the aura of the castle was quite ancient.


Even though it was Yang Kai’s first time here, he could guess that this must be where the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent lived. So, he couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive. Yang Kai wouldn’t be nervous when meeting with the other Demon Saints because he knew he was useful to them, so he wouldn’t be harmed in any way, but as for this Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent, things were different.


Ghosts know what sort of plans this man had in mind, but if Yang Kai displeased him and the latter decided to get rid of him, then who should he complain to?


In front of the castle, Yang Kai was greeted by a fierce aura before he even entered the building. In the dark shadows, something huge gradually revealed its figure, their each and every step causing the ground beneath them to tremble.


A few moments later, Yang Kai finally had a clear look at what was approaching him.


It was a huge Demon Beast like a lion, about 50 meters tall with a golden mane growing out of its chest that was as soft and lustrous as silk. Hot air was blowing out from its huge nostrils. Its appearance was simply majestic.


The huge lion looked down at Yang Kai and the others, golden pupils glowing with scrutiny.


The single-horned Divine Spirit and the twin sisters cupped their fists, “Sir Xiong Shi!”


Yang Kai blinked his eyes. He was caught by the two sisters on each side, but his cultivation was not sealed, so he could clearly feel the power of this gigantic lion. It was most definitely that of a Half-Saint level Master.


But though they were similarly Half-Saints, the single-horned Divine Spirit and the twin sisters still had to refer to this lion as Sir, so it could be seen that Xiong Shi’s strength must be beyond the three of them. Otherwise, it was his status that ranked higher among the Divine Spirits.


But whatever it was, this Xiong Shi guy must be beyond his ability to resist.


Xiong Shi nodded lightly and spoke their language, “You’ve returned?”


The Elder Sister who was holding Yang Kai said, “Fortunately, we did not fail our mission.”


Xiong Shi then turned to the single-horned Divine Spirit, asking in a cold voice, “Who did it?”


The single-horned Divine Spirit let out a bitter laugh, “Yu Ru Meng used Soul Descent!”


“We’ll teach her a lesson sooner or later!” As Xiong Shi coldly snorted before he shot a vicious glare at Yang Kai like he wanted him to be the one settling this account, which made Yang Kai a bit speechless.


But from this, it seemed that Hundred Spirits Continent showed a lot of resentment towards the Demon Race, especially towards the Demon Saints. At any other place, the Demon Race wouldn’t dare to even call the Holy Venerables by name, let alone talk about “teaching them a lesson”.


“Sir is inside. You can go in,” Xiong Shi said, stepping aside.


The two sisters nodded. Grabbing Yang Kai on each side, they led him inside. On the other hand, the single-horned Divine Spirit did not follow them in, and instead turned around and left, most likely to find a place to heal his injuries.


After passing through a long passage, they entered a cold and dark hall. The two sisters stopped at the edge of the hall and waited quietly.


At this point, they finally let go of Yang Kai. They probably figured that even with his mastery of the Dao of Space, it would be difficult for Yang Kai to escape from here.


Looking over, Yang Kai could vaguely see a strong figure sitting cross-legged at the centre of the hall, unmoving. However, the entire hall was filled with dark Demon Qi, covering the ground densely like a layer of mist. Following the exhalation of the figure, the Demon Qi in the hall also tumbled.


Yang Kai frowned. He stared blankly at the Black Demon Qi tumbling beneath his feet. Unable to hold his curiosity back for a moment, he lifted a foot and poked at it.


In the next moment, the tumbling Demon Qi suddenly converged towards the centre and was all sucked into the strong figure’s body.


Yang Kai’s face turned dark. Only then did he realize that the Demon Qi came as an effect of the figure circulating his Secret Art.


“What are you doing?!” A shocked cry came from the little sister behind him. Even the beautiful face of the Elder Sister paled. She never would have thought that Yang Kai would actually be so reckless as to dare disturb their Sir while he was cultivating.


From the centre of the cold, dark hall, two bolts of light like lightning suddenly crossed in an arc, arriving in front of Yang Kai in an instant.


It was only then that Yang Kai saw clearly that they were actually the divine glow of a pair of eyes. This gaze seemed able to take away a person’s Soul, and he couldn’t help but shudder at it.


Feeling stunned for a short while, Yang Kai immediately lowered his head, causing his bangs to fall and hiding his expression under its shade.


“Greetings, Sir!” The twin sisters quickly saluted.


“He’s the one?” A thick voice rang out, echoing through the hall.


The Elder Sister answered, “Replying to Sir, he’s the one.”


“Very good. Raise your head!” Naturally, his latter sentence was addressed to Yang Kai.


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, but he had no choice but to lift his head. Without even looking into the man’s eyes, he lightly cupped his hands, “Greetings, Sir!”


“This King is called Chang Tian!”


Only then did Yang Kai find out what this Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent was called.


“I heard you’re proficient in the Dao of Space and have the ability to repair and maintain Territory Gates?” Chang Tian asked.


“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded honestly. There was no point in him denying it.


Chang Tian smiled, “They say the Dao of Space is mysterious and esoteric, and I’ve never had the chance to witness its use with my own eyes. Why don’t you show it to this King?”


Yang Kai frowned. He raised his head and looked directly into the man’s eyes, speaking with slight displeasure, “Sir must be joking. Space Abilities are no sideshow. If Sir truly wishes to learn about them, then you can watch me later when I repair the Territory Gates.”


It was only now that Yang Kai was able to get a good look at the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent. Even though Yang Kai assumed Chang Tian would be a big and muscular man; unexpectedly, this man’s features were quite delicate. He was just a little tall, and the black hair resting scattered and unrestrained on his shoulders was just like his heart that longed for freedom.




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