Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3513, Sense of Familiarity


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When he heard Yang Kai’s response, the corner of Chang Tian’s lips curled up slightly as he glanced to the side.


The next moment, Yang Kai was suddenly alerted by a surge of power coming in from that side. Caught off guard, he simply couldn’t respond in time and had no choice but to activate his Nihility Secret Technique, exiling his body into the Void.


A slender palm passed through where Yang Kai was, striking the air instead. The attacker was left with her brow raised in surprise.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai took advantage of this opportunity to instantaneously move a thousand metres away, and looked back at her with a dark expression.


He didn’t try to escape using Instantaneous Movement as doing so in front of a Master comparable to a Demon Saint would only be humiliating for himself, but the fact that he was attacked without a word made him feel annoyed inside.


The attacker was the younger of the twin sisters. She seemed to have received a hint from Chang Tian to force him to reveal his Space Divine Abilities.


“Interesting.” Chang Tian stood with both hands behind his back as he turned around to look towards Yang Kai’s position. With his level of vision, he was naturally able to see through the profound principles in what Yang Kai demonstrated just now, so he smiled, “But Space Divine Abilities aren’t only used for defence, are they? Do you have any offensive techniques?”


Whether it be the Nihility Secret Technique or Instantaneous Movement, both were excellent methods, but their primary use was for self-protection, which obviously did not satisfy Chang Tian’s curiosity.


Yang Kai’s face couldn’t help but darken at his words. He, a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master, was actually secretly attacked by a Half-Saint. What else could he do but defend himself? But from how Chang Tian spoke, Yang Kai knew that he wouldn’t be given the chance to rest if he didn’t satisfy this man.


Sure enough, the little sister made a move once more after Chang Tian finished speaking. With a light raise of her fair hand, she pointed her finger at Yang Kai from far away. Even though they were clearly separated by a thousand metres, this tap still felt to Yang Kai like he was being crushed under a heavy mountain. His vitality was churning in his chest and it was difficult to even breathe, giving rise to a feeling of inferiority, like he was a mere ant.


And from the Younger Sister’s relaxed demeanour, she didn’t seem to have used her full strength.


The bones in Yang Kai’s body were creaking, so gritting his teeth, he flicked his fingers several times, shooting out several black Moon Blades that cut through the air and whistled towards the Younger Sister, arriving in a flash. These Moon Blades not only shattered her attack, but also reversed their positions and handed Yang Kai the initiative. This caused the pupils of her beautiful eyes to shrink, revealing a look of surprise.


An arm cannot be thicker than a thigh, so since Chang Tian wanted to witness Space Divine Abilities, then Yang Kai could only fulfil his wishes.


When the Elder Sister on the other side saw this, her small mouth gaped slightly, forming a circle. The black Moon Blade contained a terrifying power that could never have been demonstrated by a mere Mid-Rank Demon King. From this, it was clear that Space Abilities were not only unique in their abilities of defence and life preservation, but even their offensive power was phenomenal; otherwise, it would be impossible for Yang Kai to have cut through a Half-Saint’s attack.


In a moment of carelessness, the Younger Sister allowed the Moon Blades to cut in front of her. Her face couldn’t help but become ugly as her finger changed into a palm and thrust out fiercely.


The Moon Blades were instantly hit by an invisible wall of pressure and shattered all at once. But she wasn’t done yet. Suddenly shifting her body, she crossed the thousand metres gap in just a moment, arriving right in front of Yang Kai. Her arm was soft, as if it were boneless, as it shot out, planting a palm against his chest. This palm seemed light and without much force, but it caused Yang Kai’s face to change dramatically as he sensed a deadly threat from it.


He cursed in his heart, [This woman must be crazy! Chang Tian just wants to see some Space Techniques, and I’ve already done what he wanted, yet you actually want to kill me!?] Despite knowing that it was impossible for her to actually target his life, the power contained in her palm did not feel fake. Who knows how much force she would retract at the last moment? In any case, if there were any mistakes in her estimations, then he might be seriously injured by her.


Being bullied by a Half-Saint, Yang Kai could be described as falling into a desperate situation, and yet, he was unprecedentedly calm. Space Principles faring around him, he blasted a punch at her.


The speed of his punch was not fast, but it was powerful.


In front of the fist, a black vortex appeared out of nowhere, like an invisible beast opening its giant mouth, wanting to devour the world whole.




Since he couldn’t dodge, Yang Kai had no choice but to counterattack rather than defend. But with this, all the Space Divine Abilities that he mastered would be exposed.


The Younger Sister, who thought that victory was already in her grasp, revealed a look of surprise. Even as a Half-Saint, she could still feel the devouring power coming from within the black hole and knew that if she were swallowed into that thing, she would likely be lost in the Void Crack forever, unable to find a way out, eventually dying alone.


Without the slightest hesitation, she immediately gave up on her original attack and quickly drew back. Only, before she retreated, she blasted out a wave of Demon Qi from her palm, hitting Yang Kai right in the chest.


A moment later, the Younger Sister had already returned to her original position as if she’d never moved at all. Only, a gap the size of a bowl had appeared on the stomach region of her clothes from being caught by the black hole accidentally just now, exposing her snow-white skin. It felt a little breezy, but fortunately, she wasn’t injured; otherwise, she would have lost a lot of face today.


Even so, it was still an unbelievable situation. It had to be mentioned that her opponent was merely equivalent to the Mid-Rank Demon King. If it were any other Mid-Rank Demon King, then even without using her full strength, it would’ve been impossible for them to even touch one of her hairs, much less damage her clothes.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was thrown back by the impact. It took him a lot of effort to stabilize himself, and he struggled for a long time, but still failed to hold back from spitting out a mouthful of blood. Gritting his teeth, he looked at the Younger Sister on the other side with a resentful face.


The last-moment Demon Qi blast from her may not have actually been any threat to him, but it did injure him a little. Sure enough, the might of a Half-Saint was not to be underestimated.


“That should be enough, right?” Yang Kai wiped the corner of his mouth and turned to look at Chang Tian. For a Second-Order Emperor to do this much was already the limit. If Chang Tian still wanted to make things difficult for him, he really didn’t know what he was going to do.


It was the first time Yang Kai really missed Yu Ru Meng. That woman should be on her way to Hundred Spirits Continent right now, but he had no idea when she would be able to arrive.


But when he glanced at the man himself, Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown. That was because Chang Tian was actually staring closely at him at the moment, as if he’d seen something surprising. Both his eyes were shining and the smile on his lips was clear to see.


Four eyes intersecting, Yang Kai felt apprehensive as he thought to himself, [This Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent doesn’t have some sort of… special fetish, does he? If that’s the case, then things are going to get troublesome.]


Even the twins could sense that something was wrong. It had been a long time since they’d seen their Sir wearing such an excited look on his face. That’s right, it was excitement…


[What in this world could make him this excited? It’s not that Human’s Space Techniques, is it?]


But while everyone was wondering, they saw Chang Tian wave his hand out, and a flash of golden light shot forth from Yang Kai’s side, flying into Chang Tian’s palm.


The two sisters focused their gaze and discovered that what Chang Tian summoned over was no object, but rather the fresh blood that Yang Kai had just spat out.


The blood was golden in colour, but what concerned the two sisters was the fact that they actually felt a touch of familiarity from that blood…


But before they could figure it out, Chang Tian’s expression turned even more excited. He broke out in laughter that echoed throughout the cold and empty hall incessantly.


With a casual toss, the drop of Golden Blood flew out. Then, looking at Yang Kai with a burning gaze, Chang Tian lifted his feet and strode toward him.


As soon as the first step came down, the entire hall was filled with a rumble as the Heavens and Earth began to shake and a terrifying pressure swept out in all directions. The faces of both twin sisters changed, and they had no choice but to circulate their Demon Qi to resist it.


When the second step fell, both the twin sisters and Yang Kai could feel their hearts clenching abruptly, as if those feet were not stepping on the earth, but rather on their own hearts.


Chang Tian walked forward step by step with an aura of majesty bursting forth in all directions. His pace was not quick, but it gave one an indescribably sense of oppression. His eyes were on Yang Kai from beginning to end, revealing a look of anticipation.


After his initial shock and anxiety, Yang Kai gradually stabilized his mind and very soon, he was also looking at Chang Tian with astonishment. Gradually, he had a realization. Though this man’s aura was indeed terrifying, it gave him a familiar feeling.


[This is… Dragon Pressure!]


The Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent actually turned out to be from the Dragon Clan! Only, this was not the Dragon Clan that he knew, but rather the Dragon Clan from the Demon Realm.


But on second thought, it wasn’t so surprising. The Hundred Spirits Continent was home to many Divine Spirits, and Divine Spirits have always revered the Dragons and Phoenixes. So, if there was anyone qualified to become the leader of the Divine Spirits, then there could be no other possibility but Dragons and Phoenixes.


Yang Kai understood that this man must have noticed when he spat out Dragon Blood from the injury earlier, and that was why he would take the initiative to test him this way; otherwise, why would he, the mighty Chang Tian, have to bully the weak? Even while he was trying to observe and emulate his Space Abilities, he had instructed others to do the work for him.


While Yang Kai was lost in thought, Chang Tian had already moved several dozen metres. The Dragon Pressure that he exerted almost felt material, complemented by his shockingly powerful cultivation. Even the Half-Saint twins were finding it hard to bear as both of them revealed troubled expressions.


On the contrary, Yang Kai’s face was peaceful. Even though he could feel his opponent’s power, the impact on him was not too serious, so he can still barely support himself.


This made the two sisters who were watching this scene show looks of disbelief. They almost thought that they were dreaming. How could Yang Kai bear the pressure that even they could not withstand?


Seeing this, the smile on Chang Tian’s face deepened and his body shook as he increased his Dragon Pressure abruptly.


Both sisters let out a grunt and fell to one knee, their faces turning pale.


Yang Kai also felt that he couldn’t hold on any longer. His Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength was the real deal, but he had yet to fuse with it completely, so he could not bring out its full power yet. So naturally, he couldn’t resist Chang Tian’s majestic pressure.


His body was writhing and his bones were creaking, his face flushing red as both his eyes were open wide.


At his limit, Yang Kai roared through clenched teeth, “Dragon Transformation!”


As a crackling sound broke out, a huge being suddenly swelled in the cold and dark hall. Chang Tian who had been approaching unhurriedly finally stopped, and his line of sight was constantly rising along with his head while he let out a chuckle from his lips.


The two sisters who were kneeling on the ground were also looking up with dazed expressions on their faces.




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