Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3514, Caught Off Guard


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


On Dragon Island, Yang Kai had faced the might of two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan once, but during that time, it was in the Dragon Palace, and he had received the blessing of many Ancestral Dragon Souls, so it couldn’t be confused with the current situation he was facing.


Chang Tian’s strength was estimated to be at the level of the top two Elders of the Dragon Clan. Without the blessings from the Dragon Palace, even if he used all his strength, it was impossible for Yang Kai to be Chang Tian’s opponent; after all, the other party was equivalent to a Demon Saint. Without relying on his Bloodline Power, just his cultivation alone was enough to suppress Yang Kai.


The reason he used his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique was also just so he could withstand the Dragon Pressure! And, this seemed to be the goal that Chang Tian was pushing for step by step.


Dragon Horns extended from both sides of Yang Kai’s forehead. His body was covered in Dragon Scales and shone a golden light, and both his hands transformed into Dragon Claws. The tips of his Dragon Claws shone with a cold glint. Even the sturdiest defensive artifacts in the world could not stand against these Dragon Claws. A Dragon Tail swung behind his body, and his more than 300-meter-tall body extended into the sky. Fortunately, the construction of this room was high enough. Otherwise, it simply won’t be able to accommodate Yang Kai’s current size.


Hot air spouted from his nostrils, sweeping up a breeze in the hall. Looking down, he suddenly met Chang Tian’s gaze and could see that the latter’s eyes were filled with amusement as he gently nodded, “As I expected!”


Yang Kai let out a soft grunt before opening his mouth and letting out a dragon roar that shook the sky, causing the entire hall to shake.


Outside the castle, many exotic beasts that were resting all raised their heads in an instant as they looked towards the castle in shock. They were all taken aback by the loud and magnificent roar, and they had no idea what was going on inside the castle.


Inside the hall, Dragon Aura filled the air. Chang Tian, the first to bear the brunt of it, remained unmoved. For him, this roar was just like wind passing through his ears. On the other hand, the twin sisters looked up in a daze. The Elder Sister’s red lips moved. She did not make a sound, but from the shape of her lips, she seemed to be saying ‘Divine Spirit’.


She never would have expected that the Human that they kidnapped would actually turn out to be a Divine Spirit! At the very least, he had the bloodline of a Divine Spirit, the same bloodline as Senior Chang Tian!


The younger sister, who had always been cold as ice towards Yang Kai, and threatening to cut out his tongue and gouge out his eyes for the littlest things, also could not help but change her countenance.


The echo of the dragon roar gradually subsided as Yang Kai stared alertly at Chang Tian who was standing in front of him, “Is that enough yet?”


Chang Tian did not answer his question and only smiled, “Your Source is very strong! It’s even stronger than this King’s.”


[What? A Human actually possesses a stronger Source than Senior Chang Tian?] Both sisters were stunned. If they heard these words from anyone else, they would definitely think that they were just spouting nonsense. There were many Divine Spirits living on Hundred Spirits Continent, and the two sisters were among them; however, there were still rankings among the Divine Spirits. Throughout Hundred Spirits Continent, and even across the entire Demon Realm, it was impossible to find anyone with a stronger Source than Senior Chang Tian. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent.


But now, such words actually came from Chang Tian’s own mouth.


[Doesn’t that mean that one day, this Human will be able to grow to Senior Chang Tian’s level? Possibly even… surpass him!]


This future could be a thousand years, or ten thousand years from now, but the opportunity would always be there. Compared to the other Divine Spirits who would never reach Chang Tian’s level for the rest of their lives, this was undoubtedly a great expectation and compliment.


[But wasn’t he just a Human who is proficient in the Dao of Space and able to repair the Territory Gates? How did he suddenly rise to the level of being qualified to stand evenly with Senior Chang Tian?]


“So, it turns out that the Dragon Clan exists even in the Demon Realm? What a surprise.” Since the other party was keeping a good attitude, Yang Kai couldn’t just show him a sour face either; after all, his opponent had the larger fist here. Yang Kai was just unsatisfied with how he had been kidnapped here without consent by this man and even pressured in such a way, but now it seemed as if this man had no ill will towards him… Of course, that was only after Chang Tian realized that he possessed the Dragon Clan’s bloodline.


Chang Tian chuckled, “Every Great World has its own beings born in conformity with its Source. The Demon Realm is also a Great World and also possesses a Source, so why can’t the Dragon Clan exist here? Since you come from the Star Boundary, then obviously the Star Boundary should have members of the Dragon Clan too, correct?”


“Indeed. There is a place in the Star Boundary called Dragon Island!” Yang Kai responded casually.


“Dragon Island?” Chang Tian’s eyes glowed with interest, “Where the Dragon Clan lives?”


“Exactly so!” Yang Kai nodded. He noticed that the man seemed to be quite interested in Dragon Island.


Sure enough, Chang Tian quickly asked, “How many members of the Dragon Clan live on Dragon Island?”


Yang Kai answered, “Those who live on Dragon Island probably number around 20 or so.”


“Are they all pure-blooded Dragon Clan members?”


“Of course!”


“So many…” Chang Tian seemed lost in thought, but then he said with an eager expression, “What attributes are they of? And what of their cultivation?”


“…” Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a little speechless. If it was anyone else asking him this, then he could understand; after all, Dragon Island was a very mysterious existence in the Star Boundary. If not for his connection with Zhu Qing, then even to this day, it would be impossible for Yang Kai to have had any contact with Dragon Island. However, Chang Tian was the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent, and his cultivation was also on par with that of a Demon Saint. How could his curiosity be so intense?


Thinking so, Yang Kai frowned and asked, “Aren’t there many Dragon Clan members in this Hundred Spirits Continent?”


Chang Tian answered, “If we count only the pure-blood Dragon Clan members, then this King is the sole one. However, the number of those who possess thin Dragon Clan bloodline is not small in number.”


[Only a single pure-blood Dragon!] It was no wonder why Chang Tian seemed so surprised to hear that there were up to 20 pure-blood Dragon Clan members on Dragon Island. Clearly, pure-blood Dragon Clan members were a very rare existence to him. This had nothing to do with his powerful cultivation, it was just the environment here in the Demon Realm that gave him such thoughts.


After a pause, Chang Tian waved a hand at Yang Kai, “Could you return to your Human form? This King does not like to speak with others looking up.”


Yang Kai was speechless, thinking to himself, [You were the one who forced me to transform. How long has it been and you already want me to transform back? Is toying with people so fun?]


The twin sisters at the side were also speechless. They had never seen Senior Chang Tian so friendly with an outsider before, which really opened their eyes.


Though Yang Kai complained in his heart, he still released his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique and returned to his original appearance. He also felt a little embarrassed to have a Demon Saint-level Master constantly speaking up at him.


“Sit down and talk,” Chang Tian gestured with his hand. After saying so, he sat down directly on the cold hard floor. Even though this hall was very spacious, its inside was actually very empty without any furnishings. Not to mention tables, there wasn’t even a single chair inside.


Since Chang Tian was sitting on the floor, how could Yang Kai be picky? He could only sit opposite him.


Then, the twin sisters witnessed an amazing sight. The Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent, the existence that gave all the Demon Saints such a headache, was actually sitting opposite a Human while they spoke freely with each other. But what amazed them even more was the fact that Yang Kai could actually remain unmoved in front of an existence such as Chang Tian. He could talk with him without any hint of nervousness or trouble.


Chang Tian was very interested in the situation at Dragon Island, so all his questions were about the Dragon Clan and Dragon Island. On the other hand, Yang Kai didn’t want to speak too much about Dragon Island. According to the Great Emperors’ plans, the Dragon Clan would be the secret force that they could use against the Demon Race. If they came forward at the critical moment, then it was very likely for them to be able to change the situation of the entire war, possibly even capture a Demon Saint or two.


But in front of Chang Tian, Yang Kai didn’t dare to lie or conceal anything. It was true that the other party meant no harm to him, but who knows if he would change his attitude if he provoked him?


Most importantly, Chang Tian was clearly not close with the Demon Saints, so even if Yang Kai did tell him a bit about Dragon Island, he estimated that the news would not pass to the ears of those Demon Saints.


So, that was why Yang Kai hid nothing from Chang Tian and detailed his experience on Dragon Island to him, which Chang Tian listened to with fascination, “I really wish I could visit Dragon Island to take a look, and also meet others of my clan!”


Yang Kai glanced at him from the corner of his eye, thinking to himself, [If you ran over there with your Demon Qi flaring like that, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun would definitely join hands and kill you immediately to clean up their house. Even though the Dragon Clan of the Demon Realm is still part of the Dragon Clan, they were also considered Demon Dragons. How could Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun allow such clansmen to exist…]


However, Yang Kai could hear a faint sense of loneliness and desolation in Chang Tian’s words.


Just as the pure-blood Dragon Clan members on Dragon island did not treat the Dragonborn as their own kind, with Chang Tian standing at the very peak, it was unlikely for him to take the Half-Dragons here in the Demon Realm as his own kind as well, and that was why he became so amiable with Yang Kai after discovering the purity of his bloodline.


[So he’s treating me as a fellow clansman!]


“Yang Kai, even though you’re a Human, since you’ve obtained such a pure Dragon Source, then you and I can be considered family. This King will not beat around the bush, then. Are you willing to join my Hundred Spirits Continent?”


Yang Kai was surprised, “Me? Even I can join the Hundred Spirits Continent?”


Chang Tian smiled, “Why not? Have you not gotten used to your Divine Spirit body yet?”


[How am I a Divine Spirit?] Yang Kai disagreed with his opinion, but he was still caught off guard by this offer that Chang Tian extended to him. For a moment, he had no idea how to answer. If he were to refuse him head-on, then he wondered whether Chang Tian would overthink the reason. But if he were to agree, then his insincerity would surely be noticed by the other, so he might as well just not agree.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai said, “It is this Junior’s honour to receive Sir’s regard, but Sir should also know that I am one of Holy Venerable Ru Meng’s people, and without Holy Venerable Ru Meng’s agreement…”


Chang Tian raised his hand to stop him, “This King will discuss the matter with Yu Ru Meng’s side personally. This King trusts that as long as he is willing to lower himself, then she wouldn’t be unwilling to let you go. Now, it depends on your own willingness. If you are willing, then this King will accept you as his adopted son, and rule of Hundred Spirits Continent will be passed to you in the future.”


At those words, Yang Kai was utterly stunned.


The twin sisters on the side were equally shocked.


The three of them were wondering whether they heard him wrong.


If Chang Tian was merely promising Yang Kai some other benefits in order to win him over to his side, then that could be accepted; after all, Yang Kai could barely be considered as a half clansman, and he also had good potential. As long as he was given enough time to grow, then there was no saying that a second Chang Tian would not appear in Hundred Spirits Continent. When that time came, they would also gain another source of strength when dealing with the Demon Saints.


But to accept him as an adopted son was completely unbelievable. If he truly did this, then Yang Kai and Chang Tian will be tied together in both honour and disgrace, and Chang Tian would have to nurture and care for Yang Kai with great dedication as the inheritor of Hundred Spirits Continent. As long as Yang Kai agreed, then he would become an existence under one man, but above ten thousand in Hundred Spirits Continent. He would have wealth and glory at his fingertips, and all Divine Spirits would have to obey him!




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  1. I how YK actually builds friendship with them and takes them all out from this realm. Like the way he did with the ancient demons back in the day.

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  3. A Demon Dragon is the peak of power without being a Great Emperor or a Demon Saint. But his human body limits his reach. When he becomes a Great Emperor, then he will be the powerful person in both realms. I believe that Momo wants t end this novel at that point.

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