Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3515, Zhui Feng


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Chang Tian’s words were so shocking that Yang Kai truly had no idea how he should respond at that moment.


Personally, he was unwilling to agree. He had his own mission here in the Demon Realm, and he must one day return to the Star Boundary. No matter how sour the relationship between Chang Tian and the other Demon Saints was, he was still from the Demon Realm. The two of them would stand on opposing sides one day and become enemies, so how could he agree to such a proposal?


So, his first thought was whether or not Chang Tian had gone crazy, or if he had ulterior motives. Otherwise, how could he say such a thing? But on second thought, there was no need for Chang Tian to do so. With his current cultivation and status, Chang Tian had no need for such tactics.


So, the only possibility was that Chang Tian was serious, and Yang Kai could also feel the sincerity in his words.


Just because he was half a clansman to him, did it really warrant such high regard? Wasn’t this being a little too hasty? They were just meeting each other for the first time, and neither side truly knew much about each other, so was it really a good idea for Chang Tian to open up to him in this way?


Clearly, the twin sisters at the side were also making the same considerations. Only, due to Chang Tian’s long-standing authority, neither of them dared to speak up carelessly.


Just as these thoughts were churning in Yang Kai’s head, Chang Tian suddenly said, “You don’t have to be in such a hurry to answer. You can think about it for a bit longer before you give me your response. You can walk around and get to know this place yourself. Hundred Spirits Continent is the home of all Divine Spirits, and in the end, you are still a member of them. So, regardless of whether you agree or not, Hundred Spirits Continent will not become your enemy. However, if your identity as a Divine Spirit were to be exposed, then I’m not sure what the other Demon Saints will think of that.”


Yang Kai was taken aback by his words. Only then did Yang Kai realize what a special group these Divine Spirits were in the Demon Realm, unlike in the Star Boundary. It was because of the existence of Hundred Spirits Continent and Chang Tian that the average Demon and the Divine Spirits had a sour relationship.


But if his Dragon Clan bloodline were really exposed, then it would surely lead to bad things.


What’s more… Yu Ru Meng was aware of his Dragon Clan bloodline; after all, he had used the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique in front of her before.


“Many thanks, Senior…” No matter what, Chang Tian had no intention of forcing an answer out of him now, allowing Yang Kai to breathe a sigh of relief.


Chang Tian let out a chuckle and beckoned lightly.


The twin sisters who had been standing at the side rushed over in a flash and bowed in unison, “Sir, what are your orders?”


Chang Tian looked at Yang Kai, “These Lotus Sisters will accompany you. Just tell them if you need anything.”


When the two sisters heard this, both of them had strange expressions on their faces, seemingly not expecting Chang Tian to assign the two of them to take care of Yang Kai. That proved that he really did value him quite a lot; otherwise, how could he possibly do such a thing? To have assigned two Half-Saint level Masters to such a task, it could be seen that their Sir truly did want to take this Human as his future successor. So, not daring to delay, they both agreed in unison.


“Go on, then.” Chang Tian waved his hand after speaking and closed his eyes.


Yang Kai was filled with doubts inside, but he couldn’t ask too many questions here. He could only settle the confusion inside him and got up, bowing to Chang Tian before exiting the cold, dark hall.


Outside the passage, he saw the huge lion again. It looked down at Yang Kai with its imposing eyes and as they passed each other, its majestic voice emerged, “Do not disappoint Sir, boy.”


It seemed like this lion had already found out what happened inside; otherwise, he wouldn’t have said such words.


Yang Kai’s footsteps paused for a moment before he turned around and cupped his fists. Without making any further statements, he then flew out with the Lotus Sisters.


Outside the castle were undulating mountains, jagged rocks, and cascading waterfalls.


Atop a certain mountain peak a hundred kilometres away was a palace, which was where the Lotus Sisters lived. Chang Tian assigned the two sisters to take care of Yang Kai without making any specific arrangements, so naturally, the sisters had to bring Yang Kai home with them.


It was only on the way there that Yang Kai learned what the names of the two sisters were. The Elder Sister was called Hei Lian, and the Younger Sister was called Bai Lian, which were simple names to remember. Their names were sure to be related to their identities as Divine Spirits. Only, Yang Kai could not figure out what sort of Divine Spirits they matched with.


Though he had his questions, he did not voice them. After settling him down, the Lotus Sisters disappeared soon after, with Yang Kai having no idea what they had gone to do.


After walking around his courtyard for a while, Yang Kai was still a bit confused at what he encountered today. Though the residence of the Lotus Sisters was not small, there seemed to be no servants around. On the other hand, there was a large array of beasts and flying animals that were either playing or lounging nearby.


Yang Kai quietly opened the window and looked out, but saw no one. However, there was a horse-like beast in the courtyard. It had a single horn growing out of its head, and it was a black colour throughout. 


This was an extraordinary steed.


Yang Kai had no idea where it came from, but at the very least, he did not see it when he arrived.


Seemingly having heard Yang Kai open the window, this guy actually looked up at once and stood up, nickering.


Yang Kai quickly put a finger to his lips and shushed it, fearing that it would make too much noise and draw the Lotus Sisters over, but he had to admit that this guy looked even more majestic after he stood up. This horse was ten metres tall and its four hooves were ringed with golden light, appearing as if it were stepping on a golden flame. There was a white crescent right below the horn on its forehead. After getting up, a fierce aura spread out from it.


Yang Kai was astonished. Only then did he realize that this black horse-like beast actually possessed terrifying strength. With this level of cultivation, even if it could not take human form, it should still have a high level of sentience. When it saw Yang Kai make that gesture, it really did stop making noise and only looked at him with its head tilted.


Yang Kai looked around, and seeing that no one was around, he flipped out of the window deftly before walking out in light steps.


Even though Chang Tian may have made everything sound pleasant, and though the Lotus Sisters did not have any intention to monitor him either after bringing him back, whether that was truly the case or not was yet to be proven, so he wanted to test it.


When he arrived at the courtyard, Yang Kai walked forward step by step under the watchful eyes of the black horse; however, the way he snuck around like a thief filled the black horse’s eyes with suspicion.


Since the Lotus Sisters didn’t suddenly appear, Yang Kai quickened his pace considerably.


But very soon, there was a pulling force from behind that caused him to stagger, with even his clothes being ripped.


Yang Kai’s face darkened. Turning around, he saw that the black horse had actually bit down on his collar and was innocently staring at him with its pair of big eyes. Yang Kai looked up at it, then looked down at his torn clothes, and couldn’t help but feel the impulse to curse.


Clearly, the black horse knew that it had done something wrong and quickly let go of his clothes. It turned its head to the side and neighed constantly as if it was not at fault.


“Shh!” Alarmed, Yang Kai quickly shushed it while waving his hands down on both sides to calm it down.


Unexpectedly, not only did this bastard ignore him, it made even more noise instead. Who knew whether it was just playing the fool or not!


[Damn it, you’re going to get me in trouble!]


Sure enough, after all the noise they made, Yang Kai heard a *xiu* before sensing two familiar auras behind him. Needless to say, it was definitely the Lotus Sisters.


“Huh? Why are you here, Zhui Feng?” The Elder Sister Hei Lian’s voice emerged.


“What did you do to Zhui Feng?” The Younger Sister Bai Lian immediately questioned Yang Kai.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but roll his eyes, not bothering to pay her any attention. But from her tone, this bastard seemed to be quite important; otherwise, there was no need for Bai Lian to be so nervous.


When it saw the Lotus Sisters appear, the black horse called Zhui Feng stopped neighing and quickly moved in front of them, lowering its head to nuzzle the two of them. Hei Lian reached out to stroke its soft mane before smiling, “I know, it’s not your fault.”


He had no idea what she knew, but Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.


In the next moment, Hei Lian turned her head around and looked at Yang Kai with a smile, “Do you want to go out?”


Yang Kai lightly coughed, “Senior told me to look around earlier, so I was planning to enjoy the scenery of Hundred Spirits Continent.” It was Chang Tian who said it first, so he might as well just push the blame on him.


“That’s a good idea.” Hei Lian smiled meaningfully, as if she could see through Yang Kai’s heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, which annoyed him, “I can’t guarantee anything else, but the scenery of Hundred Spirits Continent is definitely unmatched. I’m sure once you’ve lived here for some time, you’ll definitely fall in love with it.”


[As if anyone would fall in love with this place!] Yang Kai coldly snorted in his heart, but he said, “Would you two like to join me?”


“If you don’t mind,” Hei Lian smiled sweetly.


[I mind, I mind it very much!]


Zhui Feng suddenly whinnied again, causing the Lotus Sisters to both look at him with a stunned expression. Hei Lian even asked strangely, “Are you sure you want to do that?”


Zhui Feng turned and trotted towards Yang Kai, arriving by his side in just a few steps before nudging him with its head.


It had to be said that this guy was really quite strong. With just a small nudge, Yang Kai felt as if he had been hit by a boulder and almost had internal injuries. He quickly avoided it and looked at Hei Lian, “What does that mean?”


All this felt a little inexplicable. Logically, with Zhui Feng’s strength, it would have been able to take human form long ago, but from its appearance, it seemed to have been born with some congenital defects. Even though it could understand human language, it was unable to speak it.


This kind of situation wasn’t uncommon though as whether it be in the Star Boundary or in the Demon Realm, many beasts were the same way, only able to maintain a beast form throughout their entire life.


Hei Lian’s expression seemed a little odd as she responded, “Zhui Feng wants you to ride him. He can bring you around Hundred Spirits to enjoy the sights.”


Yang Kai turned to look at Zhui Feng, then back at Hei Lian, wanting to ask whether this was a joke or not. But from Hei Lian’s serious expression, he instantly knew that this was no joke.


Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Yang Kai asked, “There’s no need for that, is there?”


He was still a Second-Order Emperor after all, so flying was no problem for him. Why would he need to ride a mount… though it would look very impressive riding this guy.


“Little brat, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” Bai Lian suddenly shouted coldly at him.


Yang Kai subconsciously shrank his neck back; however, remembering Chang Tian’s previous order, he suddenly found his courage again and glared at Bai Lian, “What are you shouting at me for? Do I owe you money or something? You’ve been snapping at me since we met. Oh? You even dare to glare at me? I’m talking to you! Glare at me again and see if I won’t dare to gouge your eyes out!”




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  1. In the manhua, the horse is named Wind Chaser. The two Lian sisters’ names are related to a color. Hei Lian is Black Lotus, and Bai Lian is White Lotus.

  2. Hmm, so Divinie Spirits also have Half-Saints in the Demon Realm? Kinda doesn’t make much sense with how Divine Spirits are supposed to cultivate based only on their bloodline. They are not bound by the world bottle.

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