Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3516, Pinnacle of Speed


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Bai Lian was fuming at his words, and the pupils of her beautiful eyes constricted. Just as she was about to say something to him, Hei Lian suddenly pulled her back, instantly causing Bai Lian to swallow her anger back down, gritting her teeth and keeping quiet instead as she turned her head to the side.


Chang Tian’s words worked! Yang Kai felt secretly pleased. Just as he said, Bai Lian’s attitude towards him had been bad since they met. She would threaten him with this and that at the slightest provocation, which forced him to bottle up a lot of anger.


Now that he could give her a taste of defeat, of course, he would use Chang Tian’s tiger skin as a banner, which also counted as a type of victory for him.


But Yang Kai obviously had no intention of letting her off so easily. Faced with her defiant look, he demanded, “Apologize!”


Bai Lian suddenly turned her head around to look at him, narrowing her eyes as a dangerous cold glint flashed across them. Pursing her lips, she asked gloomily, “What did you say?”


Yang Kai tilted his head up slightly and pointed his chin at her, “I told you to apologize!”


“Do you want to die?” The cold glint in Bai Lian’s eyes turned even brighter.


“Fine. You’re the one who said it,” Yang Kai nodded. With his hands behind his back, he stepped out.


Hei Lian quickly shifted over and stopped him, frowning, “What are you going to do?”


Yang Kai glanced at her, “Nothing. I’m just going to look for Senior Chang Tian. You’re not going to stop me, are you?”


Hei Lian was speechless, “What are you looking for Sir for?”


Yang Kai grunted, “This King can’t guarantee his safety in Hundred Spirits Continent since someone is constantly threatening to kill me. I can’t stay here any longer, so of course, I have to say my farewells to Senior so I can hurry back to my Cloud Shadow Continent.”


Naturally, Hei Lian could tell what he meant with his words and sighed, “Little Sister spoke out of turn just now. Don’t be angry with her.”


A smile curved up Yang Kai’s lips, “Me? Angry with her? Where did you see that?”


[I can see that even with my eyes closed, alright?!] But she couldn’t just ignore it after the matter had been turned into such a mess, and could only say meekly, “Little Sister’s temper has been like this since birth. She often offends people, and if you want an apology, I’ll apologize to you on her behalf, alright? Just be magnanimous and leave the matter be.”


Yang Kai sneered, “It’s not like you’re the one who wants me dead, so what are you apologizing for? The one who offends should be the one to apologize.” While saying that, he squinted at Bai Lian. It wasn’t as if he had to make things difficult for her; indeed, he had the heart to teach her a lesson, but this was also to verify how far Chang Tian’s words would go. If Bai Lian really apologized to him, then things would become interesting.


“Hey, don’t push things too far!” Hei Lian was also a little angry. Yang Kai appeared very stingy with his unwillingness to forgive her sister, which drew some of her scorn. Even if Bai Lian was in the wrong, strength was what spoke in this world. If he was not as strong as others, then what right did he have to make them lower themselves?


Yang Kai glared at her, “Move away. I can’t stay here any longer.” With these words, he walked straight into Hei Lian.


Even though she was much stronger than Yang Kai, Hei Lian still subconsciously turned her body to her side. If she were to bump into Yang Kai, then she would also just be taken advantage of by him, which she was naturally unwilling.




A sound as quiet as a mosquito suddenly sounded behind him.


Yang Kai stopped in place and turned his head back, only to see Bai Lian glaring at him with a furious look on her face. Blood was even oozing from the lip that she had bitten through. Her fists were clenched and her tender body was shaking slightly.


[She really apologized!] Yang Kai was amazed.


But before he could regain his senses, Bai Lian had already turned into a white light and rushed into the mountains, disappearing from his sight. Obviously, she would not have the face to remain here after being forced to apologize to Yang Kai as a Half-Saint.


Hei Lian reached out her arm, seemingly in an attempt to catch her, but she didn’t manage to do so. She just heaved a sigh and glared at Yang Kai, “Are you satisfied now?” They were still sisters, after all, so she wasn’t too happy about her sister being forced away.


“Hm, not bad!” Yang Kai laughed. But with this, he gained more confidence in what Chang Tian told him previously. With his hands behind his back, he turned a circle before looking at her, “Then, take me out to look around.”


Hei Lian said with a cold expression, “What about Zhui Feng?”


“What would I need him for!” Yang Kai never thought of riding this guy from the start. This black horse didn’t seem to be anything good. He hadn’t even asked it to repay him for his torn clothes yet.


As soon as those words came out, Yang Kai felt a pull on his clothes again. Turning his head around, sure enough, it was Zhui Feng’s mischievous antics. While biting on his clothes, he was dragging him closer, as if asking him to ride him.


This guy was so strong that Yang Kai’s clothes were ripped to pieces in mere moments.


“Enough, you!” Yang Kai bellowed, “Do you think I won’t beat you up?!”


Seeing him angry, Zhui Feng was also taken aback and quickly let go of his torn clothes, lowered his head, and moved a few steps back. He seemed a little gloomy, and his eyes looked as if it had suffered a grievance.


Seeing his appearance, Yang Kai couldn’t bear to get angry at it; after all, this guy was just a beast. Even if it had sentience, it was clear his intelligence was far from perfect.


Next to him, Hei Lian suddenly giggled, “You may be fine in Hundred Spirits continent if you beat up us sisters, but if you dare hit Zhui Feng, then I guarantee you won’t live to see the sun the next day.”


That was an unexpected amount of information she revealed, so Yang Kai couldn’t help but turn to look at her and ask, “What do you mean by that? Is this guy’s status so high in Hundred Spirits Continent?” After a pause, he suddenly had a realization, “He couldn’t be Senior Chang Tian’s…”


But that didn’t seem right. He did not perceive any of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline in Zhui Feng. If this guy was truly related to Chang Tian, then surely he would have traces of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline.


Hei Lian came forward and stroked Zhui Feng’s mane, a look of reminiscence appearing on her face, “It’s not what you think. Zhui Feng was Sir’s mount and it has been together with him for a very long time. The two conquered north and south for thousands of years, sharing life or death countless times. In his early years, when Sir had yet to achieve his current strength, he had been saved many times by Zhui Feng. So, it can be said that without Zhui Feng, Sir would not exist today. During that time, my little sister and I were still mere Demon Great Generals.” Turning her head around to look at Yang Kai, she smiled, “So tell me, how high do you think Zhui Feng’s status is in Hundred Spirits Continent?”


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai looked at Zhui Feng with astonishment.


This guy actually turned out to be Chang Tian’s former mount? He really couldn’t tell at all, but after observing it closely, Yang Kai discovered the big and small scars over Zhui Feng’s body, quite obviously the marks of honour left behind from going through countless life or death battles. But with that, it meant that Zhui Feng’s status was indeed very high in Hundred Spirits Continent. It had conquered north and south with Chang Tian and also saved the latter’s life many times. Even though he was now idle, as long as he was still alive, then no one in Hundred Spirits Continent would dare provoke him. Otherwise, they would surely suffer Chang Tian’s thunderous wrath.


While Hei Lian was talking about these things, Zhui Feng, who had lowered his head in grievance from Yang Kai’s disdainful attitude, couldn’t help but raise his head suddenly and neigh. Its gold-rimmed hooves were pawing the ground restlessly as his eyes lit up, an awe-inspiring aura spreading out from his strong body. Hei Lian’s retellings seemed to have brought him back to the days when he accompanied Chang Tian on his glorious campaigns, to the days when they lived a precarious but hot-blooded life.


This gave Yang Kai the illusion that if he were to ride Zhui Feng, then he would be able to charge through even a million-man army.


“In all these years, I’ve never seen Zhui Feng this close with anyone other than Sir.” Hei Lian looked at Yang Kai with some disbelief, “You’re the first.”


Yang Kai muttered thoughtfully, “Is it because of my bloodline?”


“It could be.”


Chang Tian was a Demon Dragon, while Yang Kai possessed the Golden Divine Dragon Source. Both of them had Dragon Clan bloodlines, so it would make sense if Zhui Feng felt closer to Yang Kai. If not, it would make no sense for him to pester Yang Kai like this.


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai asked, “What kind of Divine Spirit is Zhui Feng?”


Hei Lian shook her head, “I’m not too sure about that. Long ago, I heard Sir say that Zhui Feng’s bloodline was very mixed and does not come from just a single type of Divine Spirit. It is for that reason that though Zhui Feng is strong, he has no hope of taking human form in his life. But that doesn’t matter. To Sir, Zhui Feng was just like his child, and also his only friend…”


And it was because he could not take human shape that he could become Chang Tian’s friend…


Yang Kai nodded. Flipping over onto the horse’s back, he patted Zhui Feng’s neck, “Since you’ve chosen me, then let me trouble you to take me on a ride!”


Suddenly feeling the weight on his body, Zhui Feng raised his head at once, looking incomparably excited as it whinnied at the sky.


Hei Lian watched this scene with immersion. The figure atop the tall horse seemed to overlap vaguely with the invincible figure that galloped through every direction back then, obtaining victory after victory. Memories came flooding back to her, and the sound of war seemed to echo in her ears…


With a whoosh, Zhui Feng darted out like a bolt of lightning, four hooves burning with golden flame, leaving behind a trail of bright golden light in the air as he cut through the sky.


Yang Kai, who was sitting on the back of the horse, was almost thrown off and had to quickly use a technique to protect himself from the oncoming winds. His eyes were wide in surprise as his expression turned to one of disbelief.


[Fast, very fast, extremely fast!]


Zhui Feng’s speed was beyond his imagination, faster than anything he had ever experienced to this day. No Demon King or Emperor Realm Masters could compare at all. Even a Half-Saint going all out would not be able to catch up with Zhui Feng.


Looking back and focusing his eyesight, Yang Kai could only see a small black dot in the distance chasing after them. It was obviously Hei Lian, but she was getting further and further away. He guessed that he would probably lose sight of her in a short while.


Yang Kai finally understood how Zhui Feng was able to save Chang Tian’s life several times in the past. With such a terrifying speed, even Half-Saint level Masters wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. It practically guaranteed a perfect escape.


Yang Kai’s Space Techniques were also excellent life-preserving methods, but if someone were to disturb the space around him, then he would not be able to use Instantaneous Movement, unlike Zhui Feng whose speed was just that, speed. In certain ways, Zhui Feng had advantages over Yang Kai’s Instantaneous Movement, though there were naturally disadvantages too.


However, this wasn’t Zhui Feng’s fastest speed yet. When it rushed out with Yang Kai, it was already performing with utmost enthusiasm, but as time went on, he kept on speeding up. Even though Yang Kai’s cultivation was in the Emperor Realm, it was still almost impossible for him to look at the surrounding scenery, he could only see the world constantly passing him by from the corner of his eye.




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