Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3517, Yu Ru Meng Came


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Like rolling thunder and surging lightning bolts, the scenery passed them by along the way. The mountains and rivers beneath them quickly receded and the oncoming wind blew strongly in their faces. This was a speed that was simply unheard of and never before seen for Yang Kai.


At a certain moment, when Zhui Feng’s speed had reached an extreme, it suddenly raised its head and whinnied grandly towards the Heavens, excitement clear in his voice.


Hundred Spirits Continent was very large, at least, it seemed so on the map; however, in the face of Zhui Feng’s immense speed, the continent didn’t seem so big anymore.


After circling the area for half a day, Zhui Feng’s speed gradually decreased before they settled at a certain mountain valley. Half a day of running did not make him the least bit tired though; rather, it seemed like Zhui Feng had only just warmed up and was still in high spirits.


The mountain valley was lush and green with exotic flowers and grasses competing in beauty and fragrance. A layer of hazy light enveloped the lands, making the mountain valley appear just like a beautiful immortal realm.


Hei Lian was already waiting here, as if knowing that Zhui Feng would come to this place. Four eyes suddenly met, and she revealed a look of helplessness. Since she couldn’t catch up, she could only wait for them here.


Yang Kai jumped off the horse’s back and patted Zhui Feng, who cocked his head to the side and nuzzled him a little.


“How was it?” Hei Lian came over and asked with a grin.


Yang Kai gently nodded, “He certainly lives up to his reputation!” He thought to himself, if only he could just abduct this guy, Zhui Feng. It seems like it really would be very good to have this guy as a mount, and he was so fast that whether in travel or battle, he would still be a considerable help.


But this was only an idea Yang Kai kept in his mind. Even though Zhui Feng was friendly with him due to his Dragon Clan bloodline, Yang Kai estimated that it would be impossible for him to abduct him. At the very least, he wouldn’t be able to pass Chang Tian’s hurdle.


Looking around his surroundings, Yang Kai asked, “Where is this place?”


In fact, he wondered how Hei Lian knew to come here in advance to wait.


Hei Lian answered, “This is Zhui Feng’s territory.”


[So that’s how it is.]


While she was speaking, Zhui Feng suddenly whinnied. In the next moment, a herd of Demon Flame Horses ran over from all directions. Each one of them had delicate features and soft, shiny manes; however, they were all generally smaller in size than Zhui Feng. After approaching, they gathered around Zhui Feng, nuzzling him with intimacy.


Taking a closer look, Yang Kai discovered that all of the Demon Flame Horses turned out to be Zhui Feng’s mates, so he couldn’t help but laugh a little. It seemed like this guy was living a rather blessed life.


After teasing Zhui Feng a little, Yang Kai and Hei Lian flew out again under the horse’s watch, but there was no helping it. He wasn’t able to see anything earlier on Zhui Feng’s back, so Yang Kai could only have Hei Lian lead him around for another tour.


There were four Territory Gates on Hundred Spirits Continent. Yang Kai thought that Chang Tian had brought him here so that he could make use of his Space Techniques to repair these Territory Gates; however, after some investigation, Yang Kai realized that all four Territory Gates were perfectly fine, and could even be said to be extremely stable. This confused him a little. Since the Territory Gates were fine, why would Chang Tian send out three Half-Saints to kidnap and bring him here?


But through probing, he figured out that Hei Lian had no intention of stopping him from leaving Hundred Spirits Continent. When they approached a Territory Gate, it became completely possible for him to take the opportunity to escape. Once he left through the Territory Gate, he would be randomly transported to a spot in the neighbouring continent, so even if Hei Lian chased right after him, she couldn’t even dream of catching him again.


This showed that it was indeed true that Hundred Spirits Continent bore no ill will towards him. Perhaps they did at first, but with the exposure to Yang Kai’s Dragon Source, it was clear Chang Tian had changed his mind.


“What does Senior Chang Tian actually want me to do?” Yang Kai asked on the way back.


Hei Lian smiled, “Since Sir has not told you, there’s not much we can say, either. If you really do want to know, why don’t you ask him directly? If Sir is willing, he will naturally tell you the reason.” 


Yang Kai couldn’t help but roll his eyes.


Once they went back to the mountain peak where the Lotus Sisters lived, Bai Lian was waiting in front of the palace. Upon seeing her Elder Sister and Yang Kai appear, she announced, “Yu Ru Meng is here!”


Hei Lian turned to look at Yang Kai and smirked, “Looks like she values you quite a lot.”


It had only been a few days since they abducted Yang Kai, but Yu Ru Meng had already rushed all the way over. This proved that Yu Ru Meng had already left Enchantment Continent when they were on their way back; otherwise, it would be impossible for her to rush to Hundred Spirits Continent so quickly. The importance that Yang Kai held in that Demon Saint’s eyes was evident from this in itself.


“Where is she?” Yang Kai asked Bai Lian.


“She’s talking to Sir, but Sir said to inform him as soon as you returned.”


Yang Kai nodded, indicating that he had no comment. So, Bai Lian activated a technique to contact him at once.


Soon after, a dazzling light could be seen approaching from afar. When it came close enough to reveal the figure within, who else could it be if not Yu Ru Meng?


She had a nervous look on her face at the moment. Landing directly next to Yang Kai, she swept her eyes over him before asking, “Are you alright?”


“I’m fine,” Yang Kai smiled. He couldn’t help but feel a complicated feeling well up inside him. The words of Bei Li Mo and the Bright Moon Great Emperor still echoed in his ears. He might be able to ignore Bei Li Mo’s words, but he couldn’t help but pay attention to those of Bright Moon Great Emperor.


Yu Ru Meng’s anxiety and concern were not fake since the restraints of the Heart Seal Secret Technique linked them together. For her, he was the most important person in her life, and anyone who tried to hurt him was her enemy. 


Could a woman like her really be hiding something from him? Could she really be capable of undoing the bindings of the Heart Seal Secret Technique at the critical moment? Yang Kai had no idea. Perhaps the truth would only reveal itself when that moment came.


Right now, he couldn’t help but feel grateful for the Soul Warming Lotus’s might. If it weren’t for this Supreme Treasure, he would never have been able to escape the Heart Seal Secret Technique’s influence, and he may have made an irreparable mistake long ago.


“It’s good that you’re fine,” Yu Ru Meng let out a soft sigh before she turned her cold eyes over to the two Lotus Sisters, causing their hearts to jump in surprise.


If Yu Ru Meng were really to attack them here, then they would never be able to resist; after all, they were also involved with Yang Kai’s kidnapping back then, so it made sense if Yu Ru Meng wanted to make them pay for their actions now.


Fortunately, Yu Ru Meng didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking them, possibly because she was concerned about agitating Chang Tian.


Right at that moment, Chang Tian’s figure also appeared, landing nearby.


The Lotus Sisters finally breathed a sigh of relief. With Chang Tian here, even if Yu Ru Meng were upset, it was impossible for her to make a move, which meant they were able to avoid disaster this time.


“I told you I didn’t do anything to him, but you just wouldn’t believe me.” Chang Tian stood with his hands behind his back, smiling faintly at her.


Yu Ru Meng turned to him and quickly said, “What are you up to? If you wanted your Territory Gates restored, all you had to do was talk to me. Would I have disallowed that?” This was also the part that she couldn’t understand. Word of Yang Kai’s abilities had spread throughout the Demon Realm, and all the Demon Saints wanted to borrow his power. Yu Ru Meng didn’t really stop any of them either, and Yang Kai had already run over to the territories of several Demon Saints, but who would have thought that Hundred Spirits Continent’s people would suddenly kidnap him?


Even though the relationship between Hundred Spirits Continent and the rest of the Demon Realm was not good, some superficial level of respect was still maintained. What’s more, if anything truly did happen to the Territory Gates of Hundred Spirits Continent, then even if Chang Tian himself didn’t request for them to be repaired, the other Demon Saints would still have Yang Kai do it; after all, with Hundred Spirits Continent gone, where would the Demon Realm find so many powerful mounts with good bloodlines in the future?


Chang Tian, however, just smiled and replied, “The Territory Gates are only a trivial matter. I’m more interested in this boy himself.”


“Let me warn you now. Don’t get any funny ideas about him, or don’t blame me for being impolite,” Yu Ru Meng shot a warning glare at Chang Tian.


Laughing, Chang Tian shook his head, “Don’t misunderstand. I’m not planning to do anything to him. I only brought him here because I heard about his Dragon Clan bloodline, and I wanted to take him in as my godson. You can ask him yourself if I have restricted his freedom at all during these past few days.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed when he heard this. Even though there was no big problem with what Chang Tian said, the order of cause and effect were clearly reversed. Chang Tian clearly found out about his Dragon Clan bloodline after his arrival, rather than beforehand. In that case, he must have had another purpose in the first place, but for the moment, Yang Kai couldn’t figure out what his original goal was.


“Godson?” On the other hand, Yu Ru Meng’s face had turned completely black.


She was a Demon Saint, and even though Chang Tian was not counted among the Twelve Demon Saints, he was still equal in position to Yu Ru Meng whether it be status or cultivation. In other words, they were two who stood on a single stage, and Yang Kai was her man. If Chang Tian truly took Yang Kai in as his adopted son, then Yu Ru Meng would suddenly become his Junior for no reason. 


Livid, she shrieked, “In your dreams!”


She then turned to look at Yang Kai and asked, “You didn’t agree, did you?”


Yang Kai shook his head and responded in a soft voice, “How could I possibly agree without asking you beforehand?” 


He was feeling secretly pleased inside. He had been thinking about how he was going to refuse Chang Tian’s offer, but now he found the best excuse to do so. Yu Ru Meng wouldn’t agree to it! This was simply an impeccable reason. He estimated that whether it be a godson or whatever, Chang Tian wouldn’t bring this matter up again in the future.


After a pause though, Yang Kai added, “But it is true that Senior bore no ill will towards me, nor did he restrict my freedom during the past few days.”


Hearing him say so, Yu Ru Meng’s expression cleared up a little and she gently nodded, “That’s for the best.”


Turning back to Chang Tian, she said, “If you want your Territory Gates restored, then don’t waste time. Just get it over with now. After it’s done, I will take him away from here.”


She couldn’t rest easy as long as Yang Kai was here, and since she had made the trip personally, naturally, it was better to take Yang Kai along with her.


“That matter is not important for now.” Chang Tian smiled, “But I do have another matter to discuss with you.”


Yu Ru Meng frowned, “What is it?”


Chang Tian looked straight at her and did not say anything directly, instead, his Divine Sense surged silently.


Yu Ru Meng looked cautious at first, then stunned, before revealing a shocked expression. She quickly began communicating with Chang Tian using her Divine Sense.


After a while, the two finally stopped their discussion and Yu Ru Meng stood there, unmoving, deep in thought.


Yang Kai and the Lotus Sisters were confused at this sight. They had no idea what these two had been talking about; however, Yang Kai had a vague guess that he was related somehow.




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    1. This guy is treating yang Kai like family because Yang Kai is also a dragon, but that in no way indicates he is willing to go against the 12 demon saints and a potential demon god, for the sake of a great emperor from the star boundary. Even if their relationship with the demon saints isn’t good, it doesn’t mean they are willing to side with outsiders that the demon realm is in war with. Besides Yang Kai is currently pretending to have fallen out with the star boundary, its only because he put on such a convincing performance that he has so much freedom in the demon realm. Otherwise even if he had utility in terms of being able to fix the territory gates, he wouldn’t be allowed to go around unchecked. If he were to ask these divine spirits to help him save bright moon great emperor, he would reveal that he hasn’t really betrayed star boundary and that he is a spy. It could end up very badly for him. Even if it turns out he can trust these guys, he doesn’t know that yet, he has to make sure of their position on the war and whether they are willing to abandon the demon realm first. You know, cause if they don’t leave the demon realm after helping the bright moon great emperor escape, they will be killed.

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