Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3518, Chang Tian’s Plan


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“Very well. If it’s as you say, then it wouldn’t matter if I agreed,” A moment later, Yu Ru Meng seemed to have made up her mind and looked at Chang Tian, “But you’d better not try anything funny.”


Chang Tian smiled, “How could this King be careless when the future of this continent is at stake?” Cocking his head to the side, he looked at Yu Ru Meng, “So, is that a deal?”


Yu Ru Meng snorted softly, neither agreeing nor disagreeing, but Chang Tian knew that she had already agreed to his proposal; after all, she had nothing to lose and much to gain.


Walking over to Yang Kai, Yu Ru Meng took his hand and said softly, “Walk with me.”


Obeying, Yang Kai walked side by side with her, not flying out either and just strolling through the forest, listening to the sounds of birds and insects around them.


The Lotus Sisters behind them clicked their tongues in amazement at this pair. Even though they’d known that Yu Ru Meng regarded Yang Kai highly, they never expected their relationship to be this close. Leaving aside their status and cultivation, this man and woman were clearly the life partners.


[Can a Demon Saint also have eyes for a Human? Even though this Human has a Divine Spirit bloodline…]


The forest was dense with foliage and each tree was so thick it would take several people to embrace it. The ground crunched beneath them as they walked. With no outsiders around, Yu Ru Meng had also foregone her airs as a Holy Venerable, resting her head on Yang Kai’s shoulder like a little woman with a peaceful expression. She wasn’t in a hurry to speak, and Yang Kai didn’t ask her anything either, allowing them the rare enjoyment of a moment of tranquillity.


“How nice,” Fingers interlocked, a smile curved up Yu Ru Meng’s lips.


“Hm?” Yang Kai looked down at her, his lips brushing the soft strands of her hair which exuded a pleasant fragrance.


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “It’s nice this way. If only we could stay like this forever.”


Yang Kai pinched the tip of her delicate nose, “If you want, we can leave everything behind and find a place to live in seclusion.”


Yu Ru Meng laughed, “We’ve already failed once and you want to try again?”


The last time didn’t count. Yang Kai felt a little guilty and was about to say something else when Yu Ru Meng suddenly put a finger to his lips, murmuring, “If I were to do you wrong one day, would you come to hate me?”


[Is that moment coming?] Yang Kai was secretly surprised as he thought back to Bei Li Mo’s provocation and Bright Moon’s warning, but he kept a smile on his face and asked, “Such as?”


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “There’s no such as. I’m just saying, if ever that day does come…”


Yang Kai stopped in his tracks, so Yu Ru Meng also had no choice but to stop as she looked at him in confusion.


Grabbing Yu Ru Meng’s shoulders with both hands, Yang Kai looked directly into those beautiful eyes that seemed able to suck out one’s soul and enunciated each word, “No matter what you do, I won’t blame you, much less hate you.”


Yu Ru Meng’s pupils contracted abruptly, as if something had struck down heavily on her heart. Her beautiful eyes glistened, and pursing her lips, she went onto the tips of her toes and cupped Yang Kai’s cheeks, taking the initiative to approach him.


The soft touch instantly gave Yang Kai the feeling of being trapped in a mire, unable to extricate himself…


After a long time, Yu Ru Meng caught Yang Kai’s hand that was moving all the way up from her belly abruptly, pushing him on the chest and glaring at him, “You’re messing around again!”


A red glow decorated her cheeks in an appearance that was irresistibly charming. The Demon Saint, who was already a Charm Demon to begin with, revealed an indescribably sense of charm at this moment. Yang Kai’s throat felt dry, and he even worried he was going to lose his senses at any moment.


He had to bite down on his own tongue to snap himself out of this trance.


Stroking his chest, Yu Ru Meng panted heavily a few times before gradually calming down as well; however, the blush on her cheeks did not dissipate as she whispered, “Wait a little longer. I’m not ready yet.”


This was the bad thing about being inferior to her in terms of strength. He couldn’t seize the initiative at all. Even if he could throw her off her bearings with his sweet-talking, it was still a lost cause when it came down to it in the end.


Faced with Yang Kai’s dejected expression, Yu Ru Meng swiftly changed the subject, “There’s something that I need your help with.”


“If there’s anything you need, just say the word.”


Yu Ru Meng pursed her lips into a smile, “What if I ask you for something difficult?”


Yang Kai shrugged, “You know it’s impossible for me to refuse you.”


Undoubtedly, these words pleased her, so standing on her tiptoes, she gave Yang Kai a light peck on the cheek like a dragonfly kissing the surface of a pond.


[Is that it for my reward?] Yang Kai was naturally not satisfied.


“Chang Tian wants you to stay here for a time, and I’ve also agreed to it.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Aren’t you worried he’ll do something bad to me?”


Yu Ru Meng slowly shook her head, “If he really meant you any harm, he would’ve done so before I even arrived here. There’s no need for him to drag things out this long. What’s more, you said it yourself, he has no ill will towards you.”


“That’s right.” Yang Kai nodded, “When I went out with Hei Lian to investigate, I came near several Territory Gates, so if I’d wanted to leave then, she would not have been able to stop me.”


“That’s right.” Changing the conversation around, Yu Ru Meng began using her Divine Sense to communicate, “Chang Tian does not have much longer to live.”


Yang Kai was surprised at her words and asked in astonishment, “How do you know that?”


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “This is not a secret among the Demon Saints. Everyone knows his life is at an end. Actually, just based on his origins and his current cultivation, this should not have been the case, but in his early years, he engaged in many fierce battles and suffered many deep injuries, which damaged his vitality. So, we all guess he has at most two or three thousand years more to live.”


For an ordinary person, two or three thousand years was several dozen lifetimes added together. Even for an accomplished cultivator, it wasn’t a short time; however, for a Demon Saint-level Master, two or three thousand years… was truly too short.


“What does this have anything to do with me staying in Hundred Spirits Continent?” Yang Kai frowned.


Yu Ru Meng explained, “Didn’t you hear that he wanted to take you in as an adopted son? Because of Chang Tian, Hundred Spirits Continent has a poor relationship with us Demon Saints. Once he falls, Hundred Spirits Continent is sure to be divided up between the Twelve Demon Saints. The future of all the inhabitants of this continent will be in danger. Those whose cultivation is not high may still have a ray of hope, but any of those who are at the level of Demon King and above will either have their cultivation crippled, be executed, or be branded with a Soul Imprint and reduced to a slave. Divine Spirits are all incredibly proud, so how could they possibly be willing to submit to someone else? The most likely scenario here is that if Chang Tian dies, then it would surely lead to a bloodbath in Hundred Spirits Continent. When that time comes, how many Divine Spirits could survive? Chang Tian has been fighting all his life for Hundred Spirits Continent, and it was with much effort that he managed to carve out this piece of land from the territories ruled by the Demon Saints, opening a space for the Divine Spirits to live in, so how could he stand to see all his efforts go up in smoke while all the Divine Spirits that he tried so desperately to protect stain the earth with their blood?”


“So that’s why he wanted to take me as his godson and train me to become his successor?”


“Exactly so! Right now, Hundred Spirits Continent is lacking a suitable successor. You have a Dragon Clan bloodline though, so naturally, you can gain Chang Tian’s favour. Two or three thousand years might just be enough time for you to grow to a sufficient height, though it might not be as well. However, you represent hope.”


“Did he tell you all this himself?” Yang Kai frowned slightly. Chang Tian was still one of the Demon Realm’s top Masters, so how could he open up so easily to Yu Ru Meng?


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “I know what you’re thinking, but indeed, he told me this himself. Of course, there are some things that I knew myself already, so there’s no need to doubt his intentions. For him, you and I are one entity, sharing honour and shame. If he wants to try anything with you, then he needs to first consider me; however, if he can convince me not to interfere, it will also be beneficial to him. What he wants is the stability of Hundred Spirits Continent and the safety of the Divine Spirits. If you really assume control of Hundred Spirits Continent within that two to three thousand year period, then you’ll have fulfilled his wish. When that time comes, with me supporting you from behind, the other Demon Saints are sure to not give you too much trouble.”


Yang Kai nodded at her words and also understood why Yu Ru Meng had shown some enthusiasm towards the matter. This was certainly Chang Tian’s wish, but it also brought great benefits to Yu Ru Meng. If Yang Kai took over Hundred Spirits Continent, then she would naturally have a share of the continent too.


It was a great plan to gain control of Hundred Spirits Continent without bloodshed, which was something the Twelve Demon Saints have been wanting to do for years but have never been able to.


“So… What does he want me to do?” Yang Kai asked.


Yu Ru Meng told him, “First of all, when he kidnapped you, he had the intention of having you seal off all the Territory Gates.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Sealing the Territory Gates?”


“That’s right.” Yu Ru Meng brushed her hair behind her ear, “Since you’re able to repair the Territory Gates, then you should obviously be able to seal them as well.”


Yang Kai was silent for a moment before nodding, “It shouldn’t be difficult.” Even though he had never done it before, he didn’t believe it would be an issue to seal the Territory Gates.


“Once the Territory Gates of Hundred Spirits Continent are sealed, this continent will lose contact with the rest of the Demon Realm, and the continent will become a haven for all Divine Spirits. So, even if Chang Tian passes away, there would be nothing we Demon Saints can do about it.”


“That’s not necessarily true.” Yang Kai shook his head, “The Territory Gates here show no problems, and though I should be able to seal them, if they encounter too great of a force, that seal may break and the Territory Gates will be revealed once more. If Chang Tian really insists on this plan, he may end up lifting a stone only to drop it on his own foot.”


Ordinary people may not be capable of breaking the seal, but a Demon Saint’s attack was powerful enough to do so. Yang Kai had no confidence that a seal he formed would be able to withstand the attack of a Demon Saint.


“Is that so?” Yu Ru Meng cocked her head to the side and looked at him.


“It’s highly possible, but then again, I’ve not tried it yet. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the Territory Gates may be shattered alongside the seal…” While talking, Yang Kai was suddenly taken aback. If Chang Tian’s original plan had been for him to seal the Territory Gates to begin with, then after he did so, it would definitely leave him with no way out. At the very least, he wouldn’t be able to leave Hundred Spirits Continent.


Chang Tian would never allow someone who was proficient in the Dao of Space to remain outside. 


Yang Kai secretly cheered in his heart. Fortunately, he had a Dragon Clan bloodline in his body; otherwise, this trip might actually have been considerably troublesome.




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