Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3519, Sealed Territory Gate


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Yu Ru Meng did not stay long in Hundred Spirits Continent. After confirming that Yang Kai was not harmed or in danger, she left in a hurry as if she had important business to attend to.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but think of Bright Moon Great Emperor. If anything can keep a Demon Saint’s mind occupied, then it was highly likely to have something to do with a Great Emperor. Yang Kai even had the idea that the reason why she sent him to Cloud Shadow Continent was one, as she said, to help repair the Territory Gates, but secondly, to separate him from her. Even though in Yu Ru Meng’s eyes, he was already a defector from the Star Boundary, that was his birthplace after all. She might have worried that he would not be able to leave all his attachments to his homeland behind.


It wasn’t that Yang Kai had never thought of sending news of the situation here back to the Star Boundary so that the Great Emperors could think of a way to save Bright Moon, but the two worlds’ passage was being guarded by numerous powerful Demons. It was simply impossible for him to return to the Star Boundary unnoticed.


Thinking about his one-year agreement with Bright Moon, Yang Kai felt heavy in his heart. The only one who would be able to help the Great Emperor then would be him, but would Yang Kai be able to bring Bright Moon out of the Demon Realm under the watchful eyes of the Twelve Demon Saints? Yang Kai wasn’t even sure whether he could actually help at all.


A fight between Great Emperors and Demon Saints was at too high a level. With his current Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivation, Yang Kai was simply powerless to intervene.


The next day after Yu Ru Meng left, Chang Tian called Yang Kai over and had a frank and open talk with him.


Just as Yu Ru Meng said, his original intention had been to borrow Yang Kai’s abilities to seal off all the Territory Gates in Hundred Spirits Continent, creating the illusion that the entire continent had separated from the Demon Realm. But of course, this separation was different from the continents that disappeared before.


If the entire Demon Realm was a giant plant, then the continents that Yang Kai encountered before were just like the withered parts. The disappearance of the Territory Gates gradually caused the collapse of those continents, while Territory Gates sealed by Yang Kai’s Space Principles would only conceal Hundred Spirits Continent. Hundred Spirits Continent would not be at risk of collapse, and the beings of this place would no longer be affected by the rest of the Demon Realm’s continents.


But once he discovered Yang Kai’s Dragon Clan bloodline, Chang Tian changed his plans.


The reason Chang Tian wanted to seal off Hundred Spirits Continent was that he couldn’t see any hope. Though there were many Half-Saint level existences in Hundred Spirits Continent, none of them would be able to overturn the current situation. At least, it was impossible for someone to advance far enough in two to three thousand years to hold back the Demon Saints. Once Chang Tian passed away, there would be no one left to carry the burden of protecting Hundred Spirits Continent.


But things were different now. A little light in the darkness gave Chang Tian newfound hope. He couldn’t even care less about the close-knit relationship between Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng. If he could entrust everything in Hundred Spirits Continent to Yang Kai, then that would be his greatest hope. It could even be said that the close relationship between Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng gave Chang Tian even more confidence to entrust matters to him.


When the time came, even if Yang Kai’s abilities had not grown to his satisfaction, with Yu Ru Meng there to help, the other Demon Saints obviously wouldn’t draw her ire without pause.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai’s words also strengthened Chang Tian’s resolve in this regard. The Territory Gates could be sealed, but there was no guarantee that that would make Hundred Spirits Continent disappear completely, which completely dispelled his initial plans.


But even so, some Territory Gates had to be sealed.


There were a total of four Territory Gates in Hundred Spirits Continent. Chang Tian needed Yang Kai to seal three of them, leaving only a single one open.


With that, only one Half-Saint needed to guard the Territory Gate, unlike now when four were required at all times.


Naturally, Yang Kai had no reason to refuse. Instead, he was even looking forward to it.


If not for Chang Tian’s prompt, Yang Kai would not have even thought of this idea. He was already familiar with restoring and maintaining Territory Gates; however, he had never sealed one before. The darkest place is always right under a candlestick, especially in terms of one’s own thoughts. Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to be reckless in another Demon Saint’s territory either, and if he was seen sealing a Territory Gate, it would definitely lead to trouble.


However, since the Hundred Spirits Continent had such a need, this might give him new insight into the Dao of Space.


At that thought, Yang Kai left the dark and empty hall eagerly to the nearest Territory Gate under the guidance of the Lotus Sisters. Zhui Feng had also found his own way over to him and was running around randomly at the side. It was only after Yang Kai reprimanded him severely that he settled down finally.


The Lotus Sisters looked on at this sight in terror. Though Zhui Feng had shown an affectionate attitude towards Yang Kai, and was even willing to let him ride him, everyone in Hundred Spirits Continent knew that Zhui Feng’s arrogance was no less than any Half-Saint’s. Long ago, during Hundred Spirits Continent’s unification, a newly advanced Half-Saint had such an inflated ego that he ended up provoking Zhui Feng. As a result of that, this guy hunted him for three whole years and knocked his cultivation down from the Half-Saint level. Even to this day, that guy was unable to restore himself.


The incident back then had been just a trivial matter, so small that the Lotus Sisters couldn’t remember exactly what the cause was; however, such a small matter led to the downfall of a Half-Saint, and yet now, someone actually dared to reprimand Zhui Feng, and even took advantage of him!


But Zhui Feng actually didn’t show too much of a reaction if at all…


[Truly unbelievable. So someone with a similar bloodline to Sir can receive treatment like this?]


Without Zhui Feng’s interference, Yang Kai was finally able to concentrate on his research.


Even though he didn’t think it was too difficult to seal a Territory Gate before, the actual implementation was very different from the usual restoration and maintenance. It couldn’t be done as simply as reversing the process, and rather involved many things he had never even thought of before.


Sealing the Territory Gates really brought Yang Kai great inspiration regarding the Dao of Space.


It took almost a whole month before Yang Kai finally found some clues.


One day, Space Principles suddenly fluctuated. The Lotus Sisters who could no longer stand the boredom and were cultivating on a mountain not far away opened their eyes at once and looked towards the sky. In the next moment, both sisters showed looks of amazement.


There, in front of the Territory Gate, they saw Yang Kai extend his hand out with an open palm towards the large Territory Gate. From that palm, an invisible Principle Strength was released. Like a stone falling into a calm lake, a layer of ripples that was visible to the naked eye spread outward, gradually covering the entire Territory Gate.


Where the ripples passed, the Territory Gate suddenly grew indistinct, as if it was covered with a veil that made it hard to see.


Even though the Lotus Sisters were unfamiliar with the Dao of Space, they could tell that Yang Kai had a breakthrough regarding sealing the Territory Gates just from this scene alone. Perhaps they could even witness the miraculous scene with their own eyes.


As expected, the ripples were constantly undulating. The Territory Gate became more and more hazy, just like a painting on a piece of paper that had grown blurry in the weather.


After a full three days, the space where the Territory Gate resided in the past was now empty. Whether it be in visual observation or Divine Sense perception, they could no longer find any traces of the Territory Gate.


Yang Kai still maintained the same posture while his Space Principles surged incessantly.


Just because the Lotus Sisters couldn’t see the traces didn’t mean he couldn’t see them. The state of the Territory Gate in front of him was similar to it being hidden. Without a similar level of insight, no one should even think of passing through this Territory Gate; however, if it were to be attacked with a strong enough force, it was possible to make the Territory Gate reappear.


Since he was doing this, Yang Kai naturally wanted to be as thorough as possible.


Another half a day later, Yang Kai finally breathed out a long sigh and slowly lowered his hand. The rippling Space Principles dissipated at the same time.


Wiping the sweat off his brow, Yang Kai flew straight downward and found a place to sit cross-legged. Throwing a few Spirit Pills into his mouth, he meditated and adjusted his breathing.


During the past few days, he had been constantly using Space Principles. For him, this was quite a burden, and this time that he was using to recover was just right for him to consolidate what he learned.


Seeing this, the Lotus Sisters quickly flew close and stood guard to his left and right. Though it was unlikely for some guy with no eyes to come here and cause trouble, precautions still had to be taken.


An hour later, Yang Kai opened his eyes and the thoughtful look on his face faded away before he nodded to the Lotus Sisters.


Hei Lian asked, “Is it done?”


Yang Kai gestured with his hand, “You can give it a try.”


Hei Lian glanced at him, and sure enough, she did try. And as a result, she was surprised to find that there were no traces left of the Territory Gate that had always existed here at all. After going back and forth, she also proved that the Territory Gate was in fact sealed.


This news would surely please Sir once it gets back.


Bai Lian asked, “Did you get rid of the Territory Gate completely or can it still be restored?”


Yang Kai shot her a somewhat surprised look. He didn’t expect that this woman who always gazed at him as if he owed her a huge sum of money actually had a mind sharp enough to think of this point. At the very least, the Elder Sister, Hei Lian, didn’t have such an idea.


“Since it’s a seal, it’s theoretically possible to restore it, but whether it’s truly possible or not, I will still need to try to know.”


In fact, even without her asking, Yang Kai had a mind to restore the Territory Gate now. Not to show off, but to confirm his hypothesis. If it wasn’t possible to restore it, then he would have to ask Chang Tian whether he should seal the other Territory Gates or not. It would be bad if got rid of the Territory Gates and couldn’t get them back again, upsetting Chang Tian in the process. After all, this Territory Gate was different from the other lost Territory Gates. It disappeared by his own initiative.


Without delay, Yang Kai flew back to the previous location and reached his hand out towards the front like before. Space Principles surged and ripples spread out again just like before.


The outlines of the lost Territory Gate were gradually revealed.


In less than a quarter of an hour of work, the Territory Gate reappeared again in the eyes of the three. Staring wide-eyed from the side, Zhui Feng seemed surprised and would fly around and around the Territory Gate, as if he was hoping to see a flower pop out from somewhere.


Sealing the Territory Gate for the first time took several days of time, yet restoring it took only a quarter of an hour. It wasn’t about practice, but rather that restoring it was just much easier than sealing it. It was even easier than restoring the lost Territory Gates.


“I’ll go and report the news to Sir.” After saying that, Bai Lian turned into a stream of light and sped towards the castle.




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