Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3520, Return to Cloud Shadow


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With the experience of sealing the first one, the rest went much easier. In less than ten days, three of the four Territory Gates were sealed by Yang Kai, leaving only a single passage to go to and from the Hundred Spirits Continent.


In this way, as long as that exit was secured, then no one would be able to sneak into the Hundred Spirits Continent to commit violence.


Yang Kai had no idea whether it was possible for a Demon Saint level Master to break his seal, but at the very least, it was impossible for a Half-Saint. The Lotus Sisters had already confirmed this by taking turns to attempt it themselves. Yang Kai estimated that even if his seal could not defend against a strong Demon Saint attack, it should still be able to last some time.


If he could shorten the time it took to seal a gate, then this trick might come in handy for him…


So, for a long time following that, Yang Kai stayed in front of one of Hundred Spirits Continent’s Territory Gates, constantly sealing and unsealing it, sealing and unsealing it, and so on…


The Lotus Sisters were watching quietly from the side, oblivious as to what he was doing. The task that Senior Chang Tian had given him was already completed, so they could’ve returned back long ago. Yet, this brat just had to find work out of nothing, forcing them to have to accompany him as well to protect him. Naturally, they were a little unhappy with the state of affairs.


Hei Lian asked Yang Kai about what he was doing, and the answer she got was that he was trying to cultivate the Dao of Space through this method.


She had no idea how one cultivated the Dao of Space, so she just went along with whatever he said.


But Yang Kai was indeed improving at a visible rate. In the beginning, he needed three whole days to seal a single Territory Gate, but the time it took him to accomplish it became shorter and shorter. A few months later, he needed only ten breaths of time to seal a Territory Gate, and with just a wave of his hand, he could make the Territory Gate reappear.


The Lotus Sisters found this quite incredible. How the Territory Gates were formed was a mystery that perhaps only the Demon Saints knew a thing or two about. After so many years, no one has ever been able to play around with the Territory Gates like a toy in the palm of their hands.


On this day, while Yang Kai was trying to master his techniques of sealing the Territory Gates, his brow suddenly twitched and his hands stopped before he swiftly immersed his consciousness into the Small Sealed World.


Immediately, the Embodiment’s voice emerged in his ears, “I’m making a breakthrough!”


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before becoming overjoyed.


The Embodiment’s cultivation had been stagnant for a long time since devouring Shi Huo’s Source. After awakening, he had gained a cultivation on par with a peak Emperor Realm. After cultivating endlessly with the help of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law for such a long time, his strength naturally increased by a good amount, and now after devouring so many Myriad Demon Pills recently, he had obtained enough power for a breakthrough. It could be said that Yang Kai had constantly been waiting for him to grow to the level of a Half-Saint.


The number of Myriad Demon Pills they found in the lost continents was not small. Right now, after consuming around seventy to eighty percent of them, the Embodiment was primed for a breakthrough.


Only, Yang Kai never expected this breakthrough to come so late. In his predictions, Embodiment should have broken through a long time ago.


“Want me to bring you out?” Yang Kai asked. Even though the World Principles in the Small Sealed World were now considered complete, and breaking through to the Emperor Realm shouldn’t be a problem inside, the Embodiment probably was unable to break through the final layer inside the Small Sealed World if he had contacted him like this.


Yang Kai thought that he needed to break through in the outside world.


“No, it’s useless. I think I have to head back to Cloud Shadow Continent!”


Yang Kai was a little puzzled by this answer, but thinking back to the fact that the Embodiment was now the Master of Cloud Shadow Continent, he understood. This must concern something he had no knowledge of, and if the Embodiment was to break through these shackles, then he would likely have to rely on some factors from Cloud Shadow Continent.


With this in mind, Yang Kai immediately said, “Wait for a moment!”


With that, he restored the sealed Territory Gate, turned around, and got on Zhui Feng’s back before saying to the Lotus Sisters, “I have some business that I must see Senior Chang Tian about, so I’ll be going first.” Squeezing the horse’s sides with his legs, Zhui Feng neighed and turned into a bolt of light. The two Lotus Sisters behind them looked at each other, not knowing what on earth he was doing, but they had no choice but to rush over to follow him.


Since Chang Tian had entrusted Yang Kai’s safety to them, they had to stick close to him.


Moving as quick as lightning, it didn’t take long before they returned to the castle. Jumping off the horse’s back, Yang Kai hurriedly went inside.


The giant lion named Xiong Shi suddenly appeared to stop him. Looking down at Yang Kai from above, its rumbling voice asked, “What do you need, boy?”


Perhaps because of Chang Tian, Xiong Shi displayed a rather friendly attitude towards Yang Kai, no longer scorning him like when they had just met.


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “I want to see Senior.”


Cocking his head to the side, Xiong Shi listened attentively for a while and gently nodded, “Go in. Sir is inside.” After saying that, he moved aside.


In the same dark, cold, and empty hall, Chang Tian sat cross-legged in the centre. Dark Demon Qi filled the interior like flowing clouds of mist. When Yang Kai entered, the Demon Qi was sucked back into Chang Tian’s body like a whale inhaling water, leaving not a single drop behind.


The darkness was lit up by two bright rays of light, just like two small suns.


Without dallying, Yang Kai cupped his fist and said, “Senior, I have to take a trip back to Cloud Shadow Continent, so I’ve come to bid farewell to you.”


Chang Tian nodded at his words, “Go ahead. Take care.”


[Isn’t he even going to ask what I’m going to do there?] Yang Kai was taken aback by how easily he agreed, but this was also the result he hoped for. He had no idea what he was going to do if Chang Tian refused to let him go.


“Many thanks, Senior,” Yang kai turned around and left.


Since he was here in Hundred Spirits Continent, Yang Kai had to tell Chang Tian if he wanted to return to Cloud Shadow; otherwise, he wouldn’t have wasted time coming here.


“Let Zhui Feng accompany you,” Chang Tian’s voice came from behind him, “It’s not too convenient for the Lotus Sisters to show their faces outside, but Zhui Feng is different. With him accompanying you, I’m sure no one would dare to try anything with you.”


Yang Kai halted his steps. Turning around, he nodded slightly at Chang Tian before speeding up and leaving the hall.


When he left, he met Xiong Shi again, who looked at him with a look of surprise, “Done talking already?” It seemed as if he had gone in for just a few breaths of time.


Yang Kai smiled, “Sir is quite easy to talk to.”


[He’s only easy to talk to for you!] Xiong Shi looked thoughtfully at his back.


When the Lotus Sisters rushed over, they were just in time to see Yang Kai climb onto Zhui Feng’s back. Then, in the blink of an eye, he disappeared again, leaving both of them speechless, but soon, Chang Tian’s Divine Sense transmitted a message to their ears. Once they understood the reason, both sisters breathed sighs of relief.


They had nothing to do while accompanying Yang Kai for the past few months, which really felt stifling for them.


In the sky, Zhui Feng was in high spirits. Especially after passing Hundred Spirits Continent’s Territory Gate into another continent, the change was especially obvious. It felt like it had entered a sea large enough for fish to leap and a sky high enough for birds to fly through.


Though Hundred Spirits Continent was big, it was still a cage for Zhui Feng. Only the entirety of the Demon Realm combined was a suitable place for it to run free.


As the ground retreated beneath their feet, the violent incoming winds forced Yang Kai to protect himself with his Emperor Qi, but for Zhui Feng, this feeling almost tasted as sweet as candy, and he only ran faster and faster.


Under Yang Kai’s guidance, the pair passed through Territory Gate after Territory Gate, traversing continent after continent. In less than half a day, man and mount had already made it back to Cloud Shadow Continent from Hundred Spirits Continent, a terrifyingly small amount of time.


As soon as they arrived at Cloud Shadow Continent, Yang Kai got off and patted Zhui Feng’s neck. Then, tapping on the void, he opened a gap to the Sealed World Bead.


In the next moment, the Embodiment’s huge figure emerged from the gap, which gave Zhui Feng a terrible fright. It quickly jumped away and eyed the Embodiment warily.


Yang Kai didn’t bother to calm him down either, because the fluctuating aura around the Embodiment’s body proved that he was indeed at the edge of a breakthrough. Only, he was unable to resonate with Cloud Shadow Continent while he was inside the Small Sealed World, and couldn’t cross through that final barrier.


After he emerged from the Small Sealed World, the undulating aura around the Embodiment became more and more obvious.


The Embodiment fell rapidly from high in the sky and turned into a small black dot in the blink of an eye.


But the moment he hit the ground, he simply and silently sunk into it and disappeared.


With a look of amazement, Zhui Feng went after him, digging at the place where the Embodiment disappeared with all four hooves. As dirt was kicked into the air, a hole quickly formed in the ground…


Yang Kai stood solemnly in mid-air, gazing at a certain point in the earth. Even though he could not see the Embodiment presently, he could sense where he was.


For all living beings, whether they be Human or Spirit, or perhaps even Demon, every breakthrough to a new Great Realm was a test of life or death. Yang Kai had no idea whether the breakthrough of a Half-Saint was considered a Great Realm’s breakthrough, nor did he know what sort of dangers the Embodiment would face during this experience, but there was nothing he could do to help. The Embodiment could only rely on himself.


Fortunately, though the Embodiment cultivated an evil art such as the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, he was able to avoid its drawbacks to a great extent due to his body being that of a Stone Spirit; otherwise, swallowing up so much raw energy would surely make one suffer unimaginably during a breakthrough.


From this point of view alone, Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, who was able to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to such a peak, was indeed a genius among geniuses. Yang Kai still had no idea how Wu Kuang was able to resolve the issues caused by cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


Yang Kai thought that an anomaly was sure to appear during the Embodiment’s breakthrough this time, possibly even resulting in extensive damage; after all, he and Cloud Shadow Continent had already formed a close link.


But to his surprise, the Embodiment went silent after sinking into the earth. Not to mention a Heavenly Manifestation, not even a single sound was heard. It was as if the Embodiment had fallen into a deep sleep after sinking into the ground.


Yang Kai couldn’t even get much information through his senses. The inseparable connection that he shared with the Embodiment all this while had also become blurry, as if he had entered a different world.


Hearing a neigh Yang Kai was woken up from his worries. Looking over, he saw Zhui Feng covered in mud from head to toe, baring his teeth next to him and neighing constantly. This guy seemed to have searched for half a day, but was still unable to find the Embodiment. On the other hand, it did excavate a large hole in the ground. From the looks of it, he had come to Yang Kai to complain.


But how could Yang Kai have the time to pay him any attention? He just pushed his head aside.




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