Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3521, Breakthrough to Half-Saint


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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The Embodiment sank into the ground for several hours, but Yang Kai still felt no movement from it, which caused him to frown in worry.


The Embodiment was clearly showing signs of having a breakthrough earlier, so why hadn’t he received any news from him yet? The haziness in his perception made it impossible for Yang Kai to accurately ascertain the Embodiment’s current condition, which made him anxious.


Suddenly, the ground shook, and a vague rumble burst out and spread in all directions.


Surprised, Yang Kai looked around. He could keenly sense a subtle change in the ambient World Energy. If the world could be described as standing still earlier, then something had begun slowly flowing, as if there was an invisible hand that was gently stirring the air.




A dull and heavy noise erupted from the depths of the earth, just like a strong heartbeat, as if someone had struck a great war drum tens of thousands of metres below.


Following that noise, the energy flow accelerated abruptly, and the air began to change.


The whistling of the strong gale filled Yang Kai’s ears as tides of energy converged from all directions, gathering towards a certain place in the ground.


*Dong dong dong…*


The dull noise sounded over and over again, sounding more and more like a heartbeat. It gave one the illusion that the entire world was coming to life. Even the mountains in the distance resembling the coiled body of a dragon were undulating, just like the earth was breathing.


More and more World Energy was converging and becoming denser and denser before disappearing into the ground. It was as if a black hole existed underneath the surface that could devour everything, swallowing it all no matter how great the amount.


In the violent wind, Zhui Feng neighed in unrest, but Yang Kai was still as a mountain. He stared through the void, penetrating through the earth.


Within the depths of the earth, a powerful aura was gradually getting stronger, just like a Dragon awakening from its slumber.


Such a shocking phenomenon naturally alerted the Demons nearby, who all came over to investigate the situation; however, they weren’t able to approach within a thousand kilometres due to being obstructed by an invisible force. The Embodiment was the Master of the Cloud Shadow Continent, so it wasn’t hard for him to achieve this.


The Embodiment’s aura was growing stronger and stronger. Even without specifically sensing it, Yang Kai could feel it clearly. At a certain point, the strengthening suddenly stopped as if it had reached a limit. Rather than increasing, it was now decreasing.


Yang Kai’s face, who had been monitoring the Embodiment’s movements, sank at this revelation.


He knew that the Embodiment must have encountered a problem. Naturally, breaking through to the Half-Saint realm was not simple. Even with the Myriad Demon Pills in the Demon Realm, there still weren’t many Half-Saint level Masters in existence. Not because of any problems in accumulating power, but rather the shackles of their own perception. Without breaking through this layer, they’d never be able to reach a higher level.


But fortunately, the weakening force grew stronger again after a while and climbed to its highest peak. Only, this time the situation was almost exactly the same as before. Once it reached a peak, it could no longer go further and quickly dropped again.


Yang Kai’s face grew even darker.


As the saying went, the beating of the first drum rouses the spirit, the second weakens it, while the third exhausts it. Many grains of sand would eventually build a tower, but the longer a breakthrough stalled for, the less hope there was for success.


What’s more… the Embodiment’s breakthrough this time was slightly strange. Yang Kai did not see the familiar World Energy Baptism, and he had no idea whether it was because they were currently in the Demon Realm, and the World Principles here were different from the Star Boundary, or if it were due to other reasons.


But he could be sure that the Embodiment was in fact in the process of a breakthrough.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel worried again. He had already been in the Second-Order Emperor Realm for a long time, so he might break through to the Third-Order at any moment. When that time came, what if he encountered a problem due to the differences in World Principles between the two Great Worlds? What if he did not encounter a World Energy Baptism then?


But it was too early to worry about this right now. Perhaps the Embodiment’s advancement might offer him some insight.


Over the next few days, the Embodiment remained in the same state as before. His aura from underground was stuck in a loop of strengthening and weakening. Yang Kai really couldn’t understand this strange situation. Logically, the Embodiment should have failed if he had not been able to make a breakthrough even after such a long time, and the price of failure was that his cultivation would fall, or he would die. There were no other possibilities than these.


But according to Yang Kai’s perception, not only was the Embodiment not in any danger, but he even had the feeling that it had merged with Cloud Shadow Continent and was in a kind of deep sleep. And, the strengthening and weakening of his aura was just like him breathing.


Naturally, such a long-lasting abnormality alerted many of Cloud Shadow’s Demon Kings.


He Yin, Lao Ke, Ke Sen, and the others all came to investigate, but were all stopped a thousand kilometres away. Fortunately, Yang Kai noticed their arrival and took the initiative to contact them. Only then could they feel a little more at ease.


After all, they were extremely worried when they saw such an abnormal situation arise on Cloud Shadow, and they had no idea what was happening. Now that they had confirmed that it was related to Yang Kai, they immediately relaxed.


Compared to this, Yang Kai’s sudden and safe return surprised them even more. Previously, the Divine Spirits of Hundred Spirits Continent had appeared to abduct him. No one knew what was going to happen to Yang Kai after that and they had no news whatsoever for the past few months. They could only confirm through Tu Qia Luo and the others’ statuses that Yang Kai was still alive. The three Demon Kings from Blue Plains Continent had Yang Kai’s Soul Imprint in their Knowledge Seas, so if anything happened to Yang Kai, they would surely accompany him to the next life. There was no way they could be spared.


Since he had nothing to do here either, Yang Kai decided to move a thousand kilometres away to meet up with them. Asking about the situation, he learned that nothing special had happened in Cloud Shadow Continent recently. On the other hand, many people were worried about him when he had been abducted, especially Li Shi Qing, who was constantly trying to persuade He Yin and the others to gather Cloud Shadow’s strength to save him from the Hundred Spirits Continent.


Of course, it was impossible for He Yin and the others to agree to such a thing. As members of the Demon Race, they knew the terrifying heritage of the Hundred Spirits Continent. It was not something that a mere Cloud Shadow Continent could challenge by themselves. A single Half-Saint from Hundred Spirits Continent would be enough to destroy the entire Cloud Shadow Continent. This wasn’t about loyalty, it was about ability.


Since she was unable to persuade He Yin, Li Shi Qing had tried to make her way towards Enchantment Continent to ask for Yu Ru Meng’s assistance. Fortunately, Bo Ya stopped her.


This surprised Yang Kai; after all, he had never treated her well, and even slapped her when they first met.


But remembering that they were the only two Humans here in the Demon Realm, Yang Kai reasoned that Li Shi Qing more or less must have felt a connection with him, so it wasn’t that difficult to understand why she would have made such a decision. If something happened to him, then she would truly become isolated in the Demon Realm. No matter how bad his attitude was towards her, they were still of the same race…


While He Yin and the others talked, Zhui Feng was flying up and down at the side, drawing the attention of many Demons. Only, these Demons did not recognize Zhui Feng and simply thought that this mount was quite good.


Their Great King actually took a mount from the Hundred Spirits Continent? This surprised He Yin and the others. It seemed now that their Great King did not suffer any harsh treatment.


Ttwo months went by in the blink of an eye.


Even though he had never seen other Half-Saints make a breakthrough before, Yang Kai was sure that absolutely no one would take such a long time in order to achieve this process. Yang Kai estimated that the Embodiment was probably a first.


Every day remained unchanged, repeating the same situation over and over again, giving one the illusion that time was repeating itself.


On a certain day two whole months later, when the Embodiment’s aura reached its peak, it no longer dropped like before; instead, it seemed like it was going to continue climbing.


Yang Kai didn’t notice the difference at first; after all, he had been following this situation for two months without noticing any changes. Who could have guessed that a change would suddenly happen at such a time? It wasn’t until the Embodiment’s aura broke through its previous limit and reached new heights that Yang Kai woke with a start and showed a look of surprise.


He Yin and the others had clearly sensed the change as well, and they all looked at him questioningly.


The Embodiment’s growing aura didn’t seem like it was going to fall back on itself; instead, it continued to rise, climbing higher, higher, and higher again.


Finally, at a certain moment, a loud noise sounded, as if something had been shattered. Then, the rising aura reached a peak. At once, World Energy converged like a tsunami towards the ground before being swallowed up.


“Half-Saint!” Lao Ke muttered under his breath with excitement on his face.


After two months of waiting and observing, even without Yang Kai’s explanation, they could tell that someone was making a breakthrough to the next Great Realm, and the one who was breaking through must have a close relationship with Yang Kai. Right now, this aura undoubtedly meant that the person who was breaking through had succeeded.


In other words, Cloud Shadow Continent had their own Half-Saint from now on! No longer did they have to play to the tune of others anymore.


If Cloud Shadow had a Half-Saint back then, they would not have been bullied by Yue Sang.


But… Who was this person, and when did they refine Cloud Shadow’s Source?


Faced with the curious glances from the side, Yang Kai had no intention of explaining. Currently, Yu Ru Meng was the only one in the Demon Realm who knew about the Embodiment’s existence. Now that he had broken through to the Half-Saint realm and was suitable to be used as a secret weapon, it would naturally be best for Yang Kai to keep his existence a secret for as long as he could.


Yang Kai still remembered that Yue Sang was eyeing him. Even though he had been sent to the Two Worlds battlefield, who knew whether Yue Sang would come back in the future?


Only, now that he had the Embodiment, Yang Kai was no longer worried about that guy.


The aura of the newly advanced Half-Saint gradually disappeared, to the disappointment of Lao Ke and the others. They were hoping to be able to meet the new Half-Saint, but from this, they could tell that the other party had no intention of showing themselves, so they had no choice but to give up. Fortunately, they could be sure that this newly advanced Half-Saint had a good relationship with their Great King, so there may be a chance to meet them in the future.


After telling Lao Ke and the others to wait in place, Yang Kai flew a thousand kilometres away to look for the Embodiment that was burrowing out of the ground.


Four eyes met and Yang Kai revealed a look of surprise. That was because the Embodiment seemed to have grown smaller. Even though the Embodiment could freely alter his size, he usually maintained his most comfortable state. Due to him refining Shi Huo’s Source, his body had shrunk to about ten metres in height during normal times, but now he seemed to be only the size of an average person.




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  1. yo wasn’t the next great realm after emperor realm, the great emperor realm? what is this about pseudo great emperor being a great realm???

    1. From my understanding, pseudo great emperors/half saints, for being qualified to become the real deal whenever a spot opens up, it’s akin to being the great realm in itself. I think of it as PGE = the realm and GE=The peak of said realm if that makes sense. I could be totally wrong tho

      1. I understand where you coming from, but if my memories was correct the author have stated before that the next great realm after emperor realm was Great Emperor realm… I think that was some time before he mentioned anything about PGE… and the way PGE is discribed to me it seems like PGE is just a power level that is greater then third Emperor but not yet GE. So far every great realm has 3 power levels… There is no mentioning of PGE having such power level distinctions. so GPE shouldn’t be a great realm. IMO

      2. I think of it as PGE being the great realm and GE getting world specific root account/CEO position/marshal title – recognition of the world itself that this particular individual in this particular great realm can guard the karma of the world and call on the World Force when they want.

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