Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3522, Changes in Eternal Sky


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Although Embodiment had gotten smaller, that did not mean his strength had gotten weaker. On the contrary, it was a symbol of his strength becoming more condensed than before. The characteristics of a Shi Huo that used to be obvious had also undergone some drastic changes. The stone spikes protruding from the surface of his body were gone, lumps of rock piled up high against each other to form well-defined muscles that were filled with explosive strength, an Evil Fire could vaguely be seen between the cracks of his stone body, and the Demon Qi wrapped around him was extremely dense.


Perhaps it was because Embodiment had just advanced into the next Realm, but he could not wield his power as he pleased yet.


Yang Kai could clearly feel the Half-Saint aura coming from Embodiment. It was a strength that far surpassed a Demon King or an Emperor Realm Master. Unfortunately, he had nothing to compare it with. He couldn’t discern whether there were any gaps in strength between Embodiment and those older Master Half-Saints.


With a surge of his Divine Sense, Yang Kai placed Embodiment back into the Small Sealed World to allow him to stabilize his cultivation. Then, he returned to meet with He Yin and the others.


He was in no hurry. Riding Zhui Feng, he led a group of Demon Race members and advanced toward Cloud Shadow City with great vigour. The end of the one-year period agreement between him and Bright Moon was fast approaching. Besides, the dust had settled regarding Embodiment’s affairs. It was time for him to visit Enchantment Continent and look for Yu Ru Meng.


Yu Ru Meng would be the first to know if anything had happened to Bright Moon. If he stayed beside her, he could receive news about the situation on Eternal Sky Continent in advance and come up with a plan sooner.


While Yang Kai was mulling over those thoughts, he saw a member of the Demon Race racing toward him from a distance. When the Demon came closer, he revealed himself and seemed faintly startled to see Yang Kai in the lead. Still, he cupped his fists politely, “Greetings, Great King. Greetings, Sirs.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly and looked down at him arrogantly, “What’s the matter?”


That member of the Demon Race was just a Demon Great General. From the looks of things, he had flown over from Cloud Shadow City. He bowed and replied, “Great King, according to the reports from our spies, all continents in the Demon Realm are urgently dispatching troops. The Half-Saints are also being deployed, one after the other. There seems to be something going on, but we don’t know the reason behind it.”


In order to locate Bright Moon’s whereabouts, Yang Kai had assembled a lot of manpower from Cloud Shadow Continent and Blue Plains Continent and scattered them across all the continents of the Demon Realm to gather information. Despite already knowing Bright Moon’s location, he never ordered his spies to withdraw; instead, they continued to send various reports from other parts of the Demon Realm back to Cloud Shadow City.


When they recently discovered the anomalies occurring across the other continents as though something major was about to happen, it was only natural for them to report the findings immediately.


Lao Ke frowned upon hearing this and asked, “Did something happen on the two worlds’ battlefield?”


All the continents were dispatching their troops and many Half-Saints were being sent out, one after another. It was obvious that something big was happening. Aside from changes in the war, there shouldn’t be anything else that could cause such a huge commotion in the Demon Realm.


The Demon Great General shook his head, “I don’t know, but…”


“But what?”


“But, the Half-Saints seem to be heading toward the Eternal Sky Continent and not the two worlds’ battlefield.”


“Eternal Sky Continent!?” Yang Kai’s expression changed. Lowering his body slightly, he stared at the Demon Great General in front of him, “Are you sure they are heading to the Eternal Sky Continent?”


The Demon Great General faltered slightly under that unrelenting stare. Swallowing nervously, he answered, “That is what the spies reported. I heard that millions of troops from several continents have already amassed outside the Territory Gates of the Eternal Sky Continent.”


That undoubtedly meant that something had occurred in the Eternal Sky Continent. The first thing that Yang Kai thought of was Bright Moon. [It really is… Argh… Whatever I worry about will always come true…. I was just planning to head to the Enchantment Continent to visit Yu Ru Meng too…]


Bright Moon had been heavily wounded and was trapped on Eternal Sky Continent as a result. Not only was there a magnificent Spirit Array arranged there, but there was also a Demon Saint personally guarding that location. The Demon Race did not hesitate to sacrifice all the living creatures across the entire Eternal Sky Continent in an effort to increase the power of the Spirit Array to keep Bright Moon in the Demon Realm forever; however, nobody could have imagined that Yang Kai would secretly sneak in and leave Bright Moon with three leaves from the Immortal Tree. Hence, Bright Moon had recovered completely within a year with the help of those leaves.


Even if Bright Moon was still on his own, he was no longer the same weak lamb waiting to be slaughtered. A Great Emperor at his peak and a severely wounded Great Emperor were two different existences altogether. On this point, the Demon Saints had miscalculated, and they were going to pay a heavy price for this miscalculation.


The deployment of troops from all the continents and the dispatching of so many Half-Saints were the best indication! Those signs clearly indicated that a battle had broken out on Eternal Sky Continent, and the Demon Saints had clearly discovered that the situation was vastly different from what they had expected. Why else would they need to mobilize so many people as reinforcement?


Based on Bright Moon’s previous condition, he would only have gotten weaker and weaker with time. The power of Xue Li and the Spirit Array alone would have been enough to doom Bright Moon for all eternity.


“Pay attention to the news in this place one year from now. Don’t forget to rush over if any changes occur here as I still have something to tell you.” Bright Moon’s words echoed in Yang Kai’s ears. A moment later, Yang Kai nudged Zhui Feng with his knees, turned around, and galloped toward the nearest Territory Gate.


“Great King, where are you going?” Lao Ke exclaimed.


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to those words. Riding Zhui Feng, he had already disappeared out of sight. He Yin and Lao Ke, who were left behind, looked at each other. They didn’t know what was wrong with Yang Kai. 


Before they could figure out the situation though, Yang Kai, who had just disappeared into the distance, returned with a dreadfully solemn expression on his face. His arrival was accompanied by a command, “Quickly summon all the combat power in Cloud Shadow Continent and Blue Plains Continent and follow me to battle at Eternal Sky Continent!”


Arriving at Eternal Sky Continent alone was a bit too conspicuous; on the other hand, bringing some people along with him would give him an excuse to explain himself if anybody questioned him. In any case, everybody was converging at Eternal Sky Continent, so Cloud Shadow Continent was simply following their lead.


“Are we going to the Eternal Sky Continent too?” Lao Ke looked surprised.


He Yin looked up at Yang Kai and asked, “Great King, what is happening at Eternal Sky Continent?” 


[Why did he become so impatient when he heard this odd piece of news?]


Yang Kai waved his hand impatiently, “Why are you asking so many questions!? Hurry up and gather the forces!”


Ke Sen hesitated, “But, Great King, we didn’t receive any orders to…”


“Are you refusing to obey this King’s orders?” Yang Kai looked at Ke Sen coldly. In response, Ke Sen immediately swallowed the rest of his sentence.


A short while later, many of the Demon Race split up and headed in all directions to spread word of Yang Kai’s orders. Meanwhile, Yang Kai was feeling extremely impatient. He couldn’t wait to fly over to Eternal Sky Continent to see how Bright Moon was doing; unfortunately, all he could do was wait patiently.


In any case, the battle between a Great Emperor and a Demon Saint would not be decided in such a short time, so it was pointless for Yang Kai to rush there. There was no way for him to interfere in a battle of that level with his current strength. If Bright Moon wanted to get himself out of trouble, then he could only rely on himself.


More importantly, Yang Kai had no idea how Bright Moon was going to get in touch with him. There were so many eyes around and under the watch of so many Demon Saints, not even the slightest disturbance would escape their gaze.


It was not long before both Cloud Shadow Continent and Blue Plains Continent were in an uproar. Many Demon Race Masters were being mobilized, heading towards a certain Territory Gate that was set as the marshalling point.


Three days later, a million troops from Cloud Shadow Continent had gathered. The dismal turnout was due to the need for expediency. If they had enough time, they could have gathered a few times more than this; after all, the population of an entire continent was quite large.


The million troops passed through the Territory Gate in great procession, the long line of soldiers stretching out into the distance with no end in sight. By the time they stepped across the boundary of Blue Plains Continent and marched toward the location of the next Territory Gate, Tu Qia Luo, Ba Zha and the others had already arrived with another million troops and were waiting there quietly.


When both parties converged, the army under Yang Kai’s command numbered over two million in total. Yang Kai had less than 50,000 people at his back when he defended Tiger Roar City initially. There was a multiple times difference in numbers between then and now. The army looked rather messy with so many people. Fortunately, with many Demon Kings assisting, none of the weaker soldiers dared step out of line, so it was not a hassle to manage the situation.


The army marched forward, but needless to say, it was not as fast as travelling alone. Yang Kai estimated that it would take at least half a month before he arrived at Eternal Sky Continent with these two million people in tow.


[I hope Bright Moon will be fine!]


Passing through one Territory Gate after another, the army continuously marched towards Eternal Sky Continent. At the same time, Yang Kai calmed down as the days went by and his initial impatience and anxiety were no longer present.


He had made up his mind. When the time came for him to reveal his true intentions, he decided to use Zhui Feng’s speed to escape with Bright Moon. As for whether they could actually get away, that would be up to the Heavens to decide. Besides, he wasn’t sure if Zhui Feng would cooperate with him. Although they now shared a close relationship, this guy was sentient and might not be willing to leave the Demon Realm with him.



The Blood Sea churned in Eternal Sky Continent. Twelve blood-coloured pillars that looked like spikes the Heavens had nailed to the ground turned the vast area into an unbreakable cage.


Outside the Blood Sea cage, the Demon Qi of many Blood Demons surged, increasing the power of the red ocean. In addition, countless members of the Demon Race were stationed outside the cage to prevent any unexpected mishaps. Among them, there were more than ten Half-Saints alone.


However, the current situation was a little different from what Yang Kai had seen when he was last here. The biggest difference was that the Demons who had continuously thrown themselves into the Blood Sea were gone. All the living creatures across the entire Eternal Sky Continent had been sacrificed. Consequently, the power of the Blood Sea had been elevated to the extreme, causing it to look like it was boiling. It churned endlessly and continuously emitted huge bubbles. Inside the Blood Sea, countless Souls wandered around while letting out bursts of cries and howls. 


It was extremely disquieting.


The roaring and rushing power of the Blood Sea suddenly came pouring out, followed by an invisible jarring force that dispersed in all directions.


At the same time that a muffled noise sounded, the Blood Demons gathered around the Blood Sea exploded into a blood mist without a word. There was not even a bone left of their body. When the members of the Demon Race creating a blockade in the surroundings saw this, their expressions revealed fear and panic.


The vacant spots were quickly filled by other Blood Demons as they continued to maintain the power of Blood Sea; unfortunately, this method could not be kept up for long. The Blood Demons that could participate in this task had to be at least Demon Great Generals. The Blood Demon Clan might be a huge clan with a large population spread across the entire Demon Realm, but even they could not withstand such depletion of manpower. If things continued in this manner, the middle- to upper-level Blood Demons would all fall. In the worst case, it would cause the entire Clan to weaken as a result.


Ten breaths later, another tumultuous burst of power came surging out of the depths of the Blood Sea. It was just that it was not an invisible jarring force that came this time, but rather a burst of dazzling white light instead.


Several tunnels of nothingness formed in the Blood Sea everywhere the white light passed. Everything along its path was erased and the blood waters all vaporized. The members of the Demon Race that were touched by the white lights died on the spot without even a sound.


Xue Li had a cold expression as he stood on top of one of the blood-coloured pillars. His long, blood-coloured hair flapped behind him and his scarlet eyes were filled with a fury that threatened to burst out in flames. Gritting his teeth, he bellowed, “Bright Moon, you court death!”




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