Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3526, Rampant


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Bright Moon’s eyes narrowed sharply. Maintaining a constant pace of retreat, he continued to lay defences in front of him…


A moment later, the red light disappeared and the world calmed down. He stood in the sky, looking awful. His complexion was as pale as a sheet and blood was trickling out of his ears, nose, and mouth…


The destructive power of a Red Demon Saint’s Self-Destruction Technique was smaller than he had expected. At the very least, it had not destroyed an entire continent. Nevertheless, it had increased the severity of his injuries. The powerful vitality from the leaf of the Immortal Tree flowed throughout his body, quickly repairing the wounds in his body, but unfortunately, this was not something that could be done in such a short time. The injuries he received from Xue Li in the beginning had taken him two leaves and nearly a year to completely heal.


“Hahahaha!” Xue Li’s laughter sounded from afar as he drew nearer by the moment. He was obviously rushing toward this place, “Huo Bo, this is the first time I’ve ever found you so pleasing to the eye!”


Protecting Huo Bo’s Soul Manifestation had brought about an unexpected result. The other Demon Saints were not weak. In fact, most of them were stronger than Huo Bo. Be that as it may, if it had been somebody else other than Huo Bo who came here instead, they might have failed to halt Bright Moon here; after all, Bight Moon had been one step away from the Territory Gate. Huo Bo’s Self-Destruction Technique was the only thing that could prevent Bright Moon from passing through at that moment!


Small spots of red light condensed together, reforming into a short and bloated figure in the blink of an eye. The Demon Saint’s self-destruction had not cost him his life. That was probably an Innate Divine Ability that separated him from the rest of the Red Demon Clan. Nevertheless, his current condition was not the best either. The colour of his originally crimson body had dimmed noticeably and his aura was weaker too. It was clear that the Self-Destruction Technique had taken quite a toll on him. A Divine Ability like that could not be used continuously in a short period of time; otherwise, it would be fatal for him.


Huo Bo turned his head and looked in Xue Li’s direction, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly as he muttered something under his breath. Although nobody could tell what he was saying, it seemed as though he was cursing at somebody.


On the other hand, Bright Moon’s expression was as calm as water. He sighed. He was not sighing due to his failure. This scenario was still within his expectations. Needless to say, it would have been best if he could break out and escape; however, the Demon Realm had Twelve Demon Saints. If they truly let him escape, then they shouldn’t call themselves Demon Saints anymore. The situation before was well within his expectations, so there was nothing to regret. [My path is filled with thorns and there is only one way forward. I can only kill my way out!]




Yang Kai was feeling extremely anxious. After rushing all the way, he finally arrived at the Territory Gate leading to Eternal Sky Continent half a month later. From a distance, he could see many members of the Demon Race gathered in front of the Territory Gate. He did not know how many people were gathered there.


With so many Demons around, the place became fairly chaotic as a result. The Demon Race army scrambled towards the Territory Gate under the lead of the Half-Saints, as though something good was waiting for them on the other side. 


[Judging by the current situation, it won’t be my turn even after waiting in line for more than ten days!] Yang Kai turned around upon seeing this situation and yelled to the back, “Keep up!”


Tightening his knees around Zhui Feng, Yang Kai rushed towards the Territory Gate aggressively. Since he wouldn’t get a turn if he waited in line, then he simply wouldn’t wait in line!


Yang Kai charged forward violently. Relying on Zhui Feng’s power, he forcefully forged a path through the dense crowd of the Demons as his army of two million followed closely behind.


It went without saying that his actions attracted the attention of many of the Demon Race. They turned their heads in this direction and glared furiously. Even so, the entire Demon Realm was a place where the strong ruled. Although Yang Kai clearly wasn’t a Half-Saint, the aura Zhui Feng exuded was not inferior to a Half-Saint in any way. Therefore, the average member of the Demon Race did not dare to raise any objections.


After approaching to within five thousand metres of the Territory Gate, a figure suddenly floated over and stopped in front of Yang Kai. That figure lifted his hand slightly and shouted, “Stop!”


“Move aside! All who block my way will die!” Yang Kai did not have the time to waste on this person. The battle on Eternal Sky Continent had already begun and Bright Moon’s fate remained unknown; hence, Yang Kai was very anxious to check on the situation himself. Even if a Demon Saint was standing in front of him right now, he would have continued acting rampant, much less a mere Half-Saint.


In fact, Yang Kai was glad that somebody had blocked his way. He could make an example out of this person! The Embodiment had become a Half-Saint and Zhui Feng was one as well. The cards in Yang Kai’s hands were only getting better and better.


Yang Kai did not know which Clan this Half-Saint was from, only that his complexion was very sallow. The Demon Race army passing through the Territory Gate at this moment happened to be under his command and it was precisely because of that reason that he stepped forward to stop Yang Kai. Otherwise, who would bother to take care of somebody else’s affairs?


When that Half-Saint saw Yang Kai riding a Demon Beast with such a powerful aura, he was certain that the latter possessed an influential background. For that reason, he first tried reasoning with Yang Kai. Who could have known that Yang Kai would reject his kind offer so arrogantly? It immediately made him mad.


[This guy’s aura isn’t that strong. Even if he comes from an influential background, it has its limits. Besides, I am a Half-Saint. Why should I be afraid of others?] 


In his rage, he lifted his hand and struck Yang Kai. An overwhelming wave of Demon Qi came rushing out and the air resounded with a deafening voice, “You court death!”


The power of a Half-Saint was nothing to laugh about and Yang Kai immediately sensed something tightening around his entire body as the aura of death washed over him. Just as he was considering letting the Embodiment out though, Zhui Feng neighed. His four hooves ignited with golden flames, leaving gold marks behind each step. He immediately appeared in front of that Half-Saint, reared up on his hindlegs, and stomped on him with his front hoofs.


It was an unremarkable attack, but even so, it made the Half-Saint’s expression change drastically. He raised his hands above his head with his palms facing outward like he was trying to hold up the sky, the Demon Qi in his body surging violently.


The moment the palms and hooves came into contact with each other, a terrifying force blasted out. The Half-Saint only managed to hold his ground for a moment before he fell out of the sky like an arrow that had left its string, his figure vanishing out of sight in an instant.


Zhui Feng looked like he was going to chase after his opponent, but Yang Kai grabbed his mane to restrain him. Turning around, Yang Kai glared at his surroundings with a cold gaze, “Who else wants to stop me?”


All the members of the Demon Race in the surroundings quickly retreated. Meanwhile, the other Half-Saints nearby stared at Zhui Feng with frowns on their faces. Then, a look of surprise flashed in their eyes as they apparently recognized the beast’s origins.


Yang Kai had been running around non-stop to help the Demon Saints repair their Territory Gates. For that reason, he had gotten to know many Half-Saints. Be that as it may, none of them could rival Zhui Feng when it came to reputation.


The mount that the Master of Hundred Spirits Continent once used to ride was incredibly famous, it was just that this legendary mount had gradually disappeared from the world’s notice following Chang Tian’s withdrawal from public life. Nobody could have expected Zhui Feng to reappear again here; moreover, he was being ridden by somebody who was no more than a Mid-Rank Demon King. Just who was this man!?


Although the relationship between Hundred Spirits Continent and the Demon Realm was tenuous, Zhui Feng’s identity was extremely unusual. If anybody dared to harm a single hair on Zhui Feng’s head, ‘that’ person from Hundred Spirits Continent would definitely come rushing out in a rage and turn the world upside down!


Therefore, all the Half-Saints held their silence when those words came out of Yang Kai’s mouth. It wasn’t because they were afraid of Yang Kai, but rather that they were worried that they might accidentally injure Zhui Feng during a fight. That would be very bad. What’s more; going by the strength Zhui Feng displayed just now, he was undoubtedly an extremely strong existence even among Half-Saints. It was a pity he was limited by his low sentience which prevented him from taking on a Human Form.


The sallow-faced Half-Saint who was sent crashing down by Zhui Feng flew back up again, his expression cold and terrifying. It was extremely embarrassing to be caught off guard in that moment of carelessness. Even so, it was obvious that he had some misgivings since he didn’t attack again.


Yang Kai glanced at the Half-Saint and did not provoke the other party any further. He had enough on his plate as it was and it would be better if he entered Eternal Sky Continent as soon as possible. Thus, Yang Kai simply shouted to the army under his command, “Let’s go!”


After saying that, he took the lead and headed towards the Territory Gate.


Lao Ke and the others followed behind him, drenched in cold sweat as they felt incredibly guilty. Yang Kai had the protection of Zhui Feng, so even if a fight broke out, nothing would happen to him. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about them. How many would be left of the army of two million if a melee broke out here? Fortunately, the surrounding Half-Saints had restrained themselves…


Afterwards, the army of two million shuffled through the Territory Gate, finishing their transit within half a day as the Territory Gate was big enough to accommodate many people at once.


Despite appearing in different locations, they were all within a thousand kilometres of each other. Yang Kai spent some time regrouping and reorganizing the army before setting off with great vigour.


From time to time, they would feel waves of subtle vibrations coming from somewhere up ahead. The sounds of battle mixed with the fallout of clashes came from the distance. A light loomed on the horizon, indicating that the battle was getting more and more intense.


Yang Kai lifted his gaze to look in that direction but couldn’t see anything. The actual battlefield was simply too far away.


On his way there, he encountered many other Demon Race armies rushing in that direction and his heart sank deeper and deeper. The way things stood; it was evident that the Demon Realm had pulled out all the stops. All the Half-Saints who remained in the Demon Realm along with seemingly every member who could fight had been dragged to Eternal Sky Continent. All this just to kill Bright Moon!


A strange idea came to Yang Kai’s head suddenly. [If I could destroy the entire Eternal Sky Continent, then the Demon Race would suffer a devastating loss that would certainly leave them debilitated for some time. That would also resolve the crisis of the Demon Realm’s invasion into the Star Boundary in one fell swoop!] However, that thought only flitted through his mind for a moment before he gave up on the idea. He did not have the power to pull such a feat off.


Passing by a certain mountain range, Yang Kai saw a crowd of people below. An extremely enormous flag was planted on the top of the mountain, one covered in complex patterns that fluttered in the wind. Yang Kai frowned at the sight, and after observing for a moment, he made the army behind him wait and flew down on Zhui Feng alone.


Someone over there cast a gaze in his direction before he flew up. When their gazes met, that person smiled at Yang Kai slightly and bowed with his hand on his chest, “We meet again, Brother Yang.”


“So it is Brother Bai Ya. No wonder you seemed so familiar.” Yang Kai flew over and looked down on that person from above.


Stationed on this mountain was the Half-Saint under Bei Li Mo, Bai Ya. Yang Kai had met Bai Ya on multiple occasions when he was repairing the Territory Gates in Bei Li Mo’s territory so they could be considered acquaintances.


When Bai Ya glanced at Zhui Feng, a flash of surprise appeared in his eyes and he smilingly asked, “Brother Yang, that is an extraordinary mount. Where did you get him?”


Yang Kai gave a fake laugh and replied, “I picked him up by the side of the road.”


The other party had clearly recognized Zhui Feng; thus, asking that question was simply to obtain confirmation. It didn’t matter whether he answered the question or not.




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