Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3527, Di Li


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The corners of Bai Ya’s mouth twitched at those words before he looked back in the direction of the battlefield and asked leisurely, “Brother Yang, did you receive an order from the Holy Venerables to come and try your luck too?”


[Try my luck? Try my luck at what? What luck is there here?] Yang Kai was utterly confused. When it came down to it, he had not received any orders whatsoever. He had barged into this place on his own. Not in the position to ask questions though, he simply went with the flow, “That’s right. Isn’t that the case for you too, Brother Bai Ya?”


Bai Ya smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Of course, but I’d rather not have come. Unfortunately, it is an order from the Holy Venerables. I can’t disobey.”


Yang Kai nodded, “This place is extremely dangerous after all. It’s definitely not a place anybody will want to come to. But why hang your head and sigh when you are already here? The tides might turn in your favour. Who knows? It might be your lucky break now, Brother Bai Ya.”


Bai Ya laughed, “Although I really want to believe in your auspicious words, I know my own capabilities. If a fight breaks out, I won’t stand much of a chance…”


While speaking, he suddenly turned to look at Yang Kai, his eyes brightening as he said, “On the other hand, Brother Yang, you… might have a better chance than everybody else.”


[Better chance at what!? What the Hell is this guy talking about!?] Yang Kai was tempted to just ask to get to the bottom of things, but he had already pretended to understand the situation just now so he couldn’t expose his lies by asking. Thus, he could only pretend to be puzzled, “Brother Bai Ya, I don’t quite understand what you mean by that. If even you don’t stand much of a chance, why would you say I’d be able to do it?”


“Because you are from the Star Boundary! You originated from the same place!” Bai Ya replied in a matter-of-fact manner.


[What does this have to do with my coming from Star Boundary? What does he mean by originating from the same place?] Yang Kai was dying to know so badly that it felt as though a cat was scratching his heart with his claws. He was tempted to pry Bai Ya’s mouth open and get all the answers he wanted. Even so, on the surface, he pretended as though the realization had dawned on him, “So that’s how it is. Haha. I will believe in your auspicious words then, Brother Bai Ya.”


Bai Ya said with a solemn expression, “That might be the case, but if it really comes down to a fight, I will not hold back. If I accidentally harm you in any way, I hope you won’t blame me for it, Brother Yang!”


Yang Kai faked a laugh again, “Our lives are determined by fate, but we determine our future. Seeing as I am already here, that would mean that I have long mentally prepared myself for that possibility.”


Bai Ya gently nodded, “You sure are carefree, Brother Yang. Please go ahead with your duties. I might still have to wait here for some time.”


“I will take my leave then.” Yang Kai turned Zhui Feng around. He took a few steps, then turned around and asked, “Can I ask you something? Where should I go?”


Bai Ya stretched out his hand and pointed out, “The Half-Saints under Holy Venerable Ru Meng are in charge of guarding that position. You can go there and meet up with the rest of them.”


[So that’s how it is.] Yang Kai took another look at the flag that was waving in the wind on top of the mountain. A glimmer of realization flashed through his eyes. It would seem that all the Half-Saints who rushed over from the Demon Realm had divided the battlefield according to their respective Demon Saints and formed an encirclement. Each group of Half-Saints under their respective Demon Saint was responsible for an area.


After saying goodbye to Bai Ya, Yang Kai turned around to gather up his army of two million and headed in the direction indicated.


Half a day later, Yang Kai saw another big flag on the top of another mountain. The pattern on this flag was exactly the same as the pattern on a token that Yu Ru Meng had given him before. Needless to say, this was probably the gathering place for all those under Yu Ru Meng.


Yang Kai rode Zhui Feng and flew low. Scanning the crowd, he did not see any familiar faces among them. Speaking of which, he did not know much about the Half-Saints under Yu Ru Meng. The ones he was most familiar with were Bai Zhuo and Yue Sang. He was close with the former and held a grudge against the latter. Although he had met several other Half-Saints, he did not interact with them much. They only exchanged a few words while repairing the Territory Gate, so he was not close with them.


Meanwhile, the Half-Saint sitting at the top of this mountain looked very unfamiliar. This man had wide shoulders, a firm torso, and was unusually burly. Most of those in the Demon Race with such body shapes were either Strength Demons or Stone Demons.


Yang Kai could not determine which Clan this man was from without fighting him. Even so, something surprised him slightly. The Half-Saint had shot a cold and quiet glance at him when he first flew over, which was immediately followed by a look of disgust and hatred. It was as though the other party had found him rather unpleasant.


Yang Kai was at a loss. He didn’t understand how he had offended this person either. Whatever the case, this Half-Saint was in charge of affairs here, so Yang Kai had no choice but to step forward and inquire. When he got closer, he bowed with his hand on his chest, “I am Yang Kai of Cloud Shadow Continent. May I know how I should address you?”


That burly Half-Saint had a cold stare as the corners of his mouth curved into a mocking smile. It would seem that he had no intention of speaking to Yang Kai at all. On the contrary, his gaze was fixed on Zhui Feng for the most part.


Yang Kai repeated himself, but the other party continued to ignore him. Seeing that, he could be certain now. This guy really didn’t like him.


The situation utterly baffled Yang Kai as he was certain this was the first time they were meeting each other so there should be no conflict between them. Besides, Yang Kai had a close relationship with Yu Ru Meng, so even if most of the Half-Saints under Yu Ru Meng were not deferential towards him, they had to maintain a level of civility on the surface at the very least. 


[I wonder what this guy is trying to do by putting on such a disrespectful attitude.]


There was no reason to repeat himself further though, so having failed to receive any response even after asking twice, Yang Kai didn’t bother saying anything else. He glanced around for a bit, nodded lightly, and turned around. Beckoning to the army behind him, he crossed the mountain and continued forward.


When Yang Kai left, that burly Half-Saint summoned a Demon King over and whispered into the latter’s ear, “Spread the news that the Human has appeared. If anybody wants to make a move, they should do it before Holy Venerable arrives.”


The Demon King took the order and left, disappearing out of sight in an instant.



“Great King, that was Senior Di Li just now.” After walking a certain distance, He Yin spoke up. She had seen Yang Kai being embarrassed back there, so she wanted to explain the reason to him.


Yang Kai secretly made a mental note on the name before he frowned and asked, “Did we ever upset that guy before?”


He Yin shook her head, “No. It’s just…” She glanced at him, hesitating to speak.


He said, “If you have something to say, just say it straight.”


She replied, “Senior Di Li and Sir Yue Sang have a good relationship with each other.”


Tu Qia Luo, who was nearby, also nodded at that, “That’s right. Senior Di Li often came over to drink and chat when Sir Yue Sang was still on Blue Plains Continent.”


“Drinking buddies…” Realization suddenly dawned on Yang Kai. He looked back and sneered softly, “So it’s because of that damned Yue Sang!”


Yue Sang was sent to the Two World’s Battlefield because of Yang Kai. Up until today, his fate remained unknown. That was a well-known fact. Yu Ru Meng had wanted to use that gesture to show all the Half-Saints under her command just how highly she valued Yang Kai. She could never have expected that her actions would inadvertently bring hatred to him instead.


If Di Li and Yue Sang had a good relationship with each other, then it was no surprise that the former held such dislike for Yang Kai. It would be stranger if he was polite and accommodating instead. Therefore, Yang Kai wasn’t bothered by it. The main reason was that he wasn’t in the mood to entertain such trivialities. Now that he had arrived at Eternal Sky Continent, it was only natural that his focus became fixed on the situation around Bright Moon.


Yang Kai didn’t go very far. He simply found a mountain valley located some fifty kilometres from the flag and stationed his army there. After that, he rode on Zhui Feng and stood high up in the sky, looking into the distance while trying to conceal his worry.


Ever since arriving on Eternal Sky Continent, Yang Kai could clearly perceive the fierce battle in the distance that never stopped, not even for a moment. He could infer from the auras fluctuating in the distance that Bright Moon was facing more than one enemy. [Bright Moon is outnumbered. I don’t know how long he can last, but he should have at least a chance if he only focuses on escaping.]


At a time like this, Yang Kai was powerless to interfere as he might be torn to shreds by the fallout of the clash before he could even approach the battlefield; hence, he could only wait here and monitor to see if the situation took an unexpected turn. Be that as it may, what seemed a little strange to him was that the Twelve Demon Saints had yet to arrive on the scene. There should be no more than three people fighting Bright Moon over in the distance, which begs the question, where were the rest of the Demon Saints? A huge battle had broken out in this place, so those Demon Saints should have arrived a long time ago.


[Where is Yu Ru Meng? I didn’t see Bei Li Mo anywhere near Bai Ya either.] This discovery puzzled Yang Kai a little. After mulling over it, he summoned Lao Ke and ordered him to investigate the situation. The Half-Saints under Yu Ru Meng were in charge of this area, so it should not be hard to find one or two familiar faces to ask about the situation.


More than a dozen Demons set off a moment later, splitting in various directions. Despite waiting for half a day, Yang Kai didn’t hear anything back from those groups though; thus, he immediately selected a team to come with him and headed in a certain direction.


An hour later, Yang Kai met Bai Zhuo on top of a mountain peak and exchanged a few words of greeting. Yang Kai then asked curiously, “Weren’t you sent to the Two World’s Battlefield? When did you return?”


If he remembered correctly, Bai Zhuo had mentioned returning to the battlefield some time ago; hence, he did not expect to meet him here.


Bai Zhuo smiled bitterly, “With such a huge commotion going on here, it’s only natural that we return. Almost all the Half-Saints were summoned back while only a few remained behind to maintain a defensive line.”


“Almost all returned?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he couldn’t help looking around with a vigilant expression on his face.


Upon seeing this, Bai Zhuo laughed, “Don’t worry. Yue Sang did not receive a transfer order. He is still on the battlefield.”


Yang Kai touched his nose and laughed in embarrassment, “I wasn’t looking for him…”


The truth was that he indeed had been looking out for Yue Sang. He could not defend against an ambush from a Half-Saint, not even with Zhui Feng’s protection. Nevertheless, even Bai Zhuo had been transferred back while Yue Sang was left behind. Yu Ru Meng’s stance in this matter was very clear. Changing the subject, Yang Kai asked, “Where is Holy Venerable?”


Bai Zhuo looked at Yang Kai strangely and countered, “Did you not receive the message from Holy Venerable?”


“Yes, I did.” Yang Kai lied with a straight face, “But, Holy Venerable only informed me to rush over. She didn’t say anything else.”


Bai Zhuo was sceptical, but thinking about how important Yang Kai was to Yu Ru Meng, he decided he had no reason to doubt otherwise. As such, he stopped talking and secretly sent a Divine Sense transmission to Yang Kai, “Holy Venerable has been injured. She is stabilizing her condition right now.”


Yang Kai’s expression turned solemn, “How did she get injured? Are her injuries severe?”


Bai Zhuo shook his head, “It probably isn’t too serious as Holy Venerable said she will definitely rush over. As for how she was hurt…”


He raised his gaze and looked into the distance. Then, he whispered, “It’s probably related to what is happening over there.”


Yang Kai was excited when he heard this news. [I was worried that Bright Moon was currently outnumbered, but who could have thought that he had already injured Yu Ru Meng! Was he really that powerful?]




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  1. The Holy Venerable was injured as all the other Demon Saints when Bright Moon Great Emperor escaped the array, injuring all their souls. Yang Kai did not know that.

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