Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3528, Territory War


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“Holy Venerable Ru Meng is not the only one who was injured, most of the other Holy Venerables suffered injuries too.” Without waiting for Yang Kai to digest the previous piece of news, Bai Zhuo threw out an even more shocking one.


Yang Kai stared at Bai Zhuo dumbly with an incredulous expression. He instinctively felt that it was impossible. If Bai Zhuo had claimed that Bright Moon had injured one Demon Saint under the current circumstances, then it might have made some sense, but, injuring two or three… That was simply unrealistic! It wasn’t that Yang Kai was underestimating Bright Moon, it was just that the Demon Saints were not weak either. How could they be so vulnerable?


Even so, Bai Zhuo had spoken with such great confidence that Yang Kai had to believe those words and hurriedly asked, “What happened?


Bai Zhuo slowly shook his head, “I don’t know the specifics. Holy Venerable didn’t say clearly. She only asked me to form a siege around the battlefield and assist the Holy Venerables Xue Li and Huo Bo, to prevent the Great Emperor from taking desperate actions!”


[Xue Li and Huo Bo…] Yang Kai secretly made a mental note on these two names. If he was not mistaken, then these two were the ones currently fighting Bright Moon. It was also consistent with the information he had perceived before, but, just what happened in the half month before he arrived? How did Bright Moon manage to severely injure so many Demon Saints in one fell swoop? Possessing such power despite being imprisoned for so long, it could only be said that he truly deserved the title of Great Emperor!


“Brother Bai Zhuo, do you know how the battle is going on over there?” Restraining the shock in his heart, Yang Kai asked.


Bai Zhuo smiled bitterly, “I don’t know either. In any case, that Great Emperor will certainly suffer greatly with Holy Venerable Xue Li and Huo Bo cooperating against him.”


That was what puzzled Yang Kai the most. [Bright Moon managed to injure so many Demon Saints, so why is he being held up by two people? Could it be that he used some sort of powerful Secret Technique that caused him to be seriously injured as a result? That would explain why he had no power to do anything else, but that didn’t make any sense either…]


All of a sudden, another question came to him, “Is Holy Venerable Ru Meng still not here yet?”


Bai Zhuo shook his head, expressing that this was indeed the case.


[Ru Meng had been wounded before arriving in this place. If that’s the case, then there can only be one reason…] A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai. [It looks like it might have something to do with a Soul Manifestation Technique! Maybe Bright Moon destroyed those Demon Saints’ Soul Wisps, which was how so many of them had been injured.]


Unable to get more information out of Bai Zhuo, Yang Kai flew back. His thoughts were a mess. It stood to reason that this was the best time for him to rescue Bright Moon. Most of the Demon Saints were still recuperating from their injuries, leaving only Xue Li and Huo Bo capable of contending with Bright Moon across the entire Eternal Sky Continent. Unfortunately, he was too weak. Even if he ran over to help, he would only cause more problems for Bright Moon. Be that as it may, they would lose what chance they had if he continued to wait and the Demon Saints arrived.


Returning to where the army was stationed in a muddled manner, Yang Kai saw a commotion ahead. It seemed as though something had happened. There was another group of people gathered in this place in addition to the two million army he had brought with him. The number of people that came were no less than his own army, and he did not know where they came from.


At this moment, both sides were confronting each other. Lao Ke, He Yin, and the other Demon Kings, who had remained in this place, looked extremely nervous. Lao Ke was even smiling and bowing to the other party.


However, the group of Demon Kings on the other side apparently didn’t appreciate it. One of the Demon Kings shouted loudly, “I’ll give you a stick of incense! Hurry up and scram out of this place; otherwise, don’t blame me for getting rough with you.”


[What’s going on? Are these people here to snatch our territory? What’s so great about this spot that they want to snatch it?] Yang Kai’s eyes widened. Although he didn’t know what was going on, he was already on edge and wanted nothing more than to go on a rampage. All the anxiety and depression instantly turned into rage. Tightening his knees around Zhui Feng, he rushed toward the crowd with a shout, “Move aside! Move aside!”


The army blocking his way ahead was a dense sea of people, but Zhui Feng was extremely fierce. He ran amok with no questions asked, opening up a passage through the crowd like a hot knife cutting through butter. Some of the Demon Race tried to fight back, but they were all knocked aside with ease. Those struck immediately suffered broken bones and their cries rang out unceasingly.


The change came so suddenly that the other party didn’t even have the time to react. When Yang Kai arrived at the front of the army, he found the group of Demon Kings standing on the opposite side glaring at him.


He swept his gaze over them coldly, staring at the many Demon Kings in front of him like they were ants. His eyes then landed on a female member of the Demon Race with an enchanting body and a charming face. It just so happened that this female Demon was also looking at him. When their eyes met, he raised his brow at her while the other party lifted the corners of her mouth and revealed a meaningful grin.


[A Half-Saint!] When Yang Kai saw that so many people had come to this place, he had guessed that there was a Half-Saint leading them. It would seem that his guess had been confirmed. Furthermore, the Half-Saint was probably from the same Clan as Yu Ru Meng, the Charm Demon Clan. Even though this woman had not said a word, nor were there any traces of her performing some sort of Secret Technique, she exuded an alluring charm at all times. It caused many of the male Demons under her command to show bewitched and lustful looks.


Yang Kai knew that it was no fault of these men. The charm of a Charm Demon Half-Saint was not easy to resist, but all Yang Kai felt right now was irritation; as such, he beckoned at somebody with a wave of his hand, and Lao Ke walked over immediately.


“What’s going on?” Yang Kai asked, keeping his gaze on the female Charm Demon without even blinking his eyes when he asked the question, a deep coldness flashing across their depths.


Lao Ke looked troubled, “Great King, this Madam claims that they are responsible for guarding this area. They want us to move.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but sneer after hearing that, “Is that so?”


A Demon King on the opposite side immediately shouted, “By Senior Di Li’s order, we are to seal off the surrounding thousand-kilometre area as one of the lines of defence! All unrelated people are to leave at once!”


[Are we unrelated people now?] Yang Kai felt a little speechless at those words. Narrowing his eyes at the female Charm Demon, he asked flatly, “How should I address you?”


“Impudence!” The Demon King who had spoken before immediately let out a yell. At the same time, he stepped forward and glared at Yang Kai, “Get down from your mangy beast when speaking in front of our Mistress!”


While saying that, he raised his hand to grab at Yang Kai, looking as though he was seriously trying to pull Yang Kai down.


Zhui Feng neighed and was on the verge of counterattacking; however, Yang Kai was faster, lifting his palm and pressing down. Time Principles fluctuated and the world seemed to come to a stop at that moment.


Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!


The Demon King who had made a move didn’t even have the time to realize what had happened, and by the time he came to his senses, he felt an enormous force imprinted on his chest. He groaned and was thrown backwards into the air while all his vitality rapidly drained away!




An arrow pierced through the air at that moment and nailed the hand that the man had used to try and grab at Yang Kai just now with unparalleled precision, causing it to explode into a blood mist. By the time the Demon King landed on the ground, his hair had turned white and he clutched at his injured arm and looked up in horror. 


Not far away, Yang Kai slowly withdrew his palm as a female Feather Demon stood next to him, the bowstring of her weapon slightly quivering, her beautiful eyes flashing coldly.


A strange sound rang out suddenly, and Demon Qi roared to the sky like flames. Affected by the changes just now, the armies on both sides immediately became hostile toward each other and had drawn their swords aggressively.


Yang Kai raised his hand slightly, calming the agitation of the people below him. At the same time, he grinned at the female Charm Demon and sneered, “Control your dogs better. He won’t be so lucky next time.”


The female Charm Demon turned to look at the injured Demon King and a cold light flashed across her eyes as she snapped, “Waste!”


While speaking, she flicked her wrist and a gloomy light hit the Demon King in the head. That Demon King immediately widened his eyes in shock and collapsed to the ground stiffly. His vitality vanished rapidly. A High-Rank Demon King had been killed by her just like that, without even the slightest bit of hesitation.


After doing that, she turned to look at Yang Kai. A smile lifted the corners of her eyes again, making her look very enchanting again, “Are you that Human the Holy Venerable highly values?”


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “You are quite well informed…”


She covered her mouth and laughed charmingly, “Everybody talks about you. It’s only natural that I heard some stuff about you. I had some interest in you at first, but you are nothing special now that I see you.”


He chuckled, “That’s only because you don’t know this King well. Once you get to know me better, I’m sure you’ll become more interested in this King.”


Li Shi Qing, who was standing next to him, turned her head and glanced at Yang Kai. Her face was blushing slightly. It was clear that she felt those words were a little inappropriate.


On the other hand, the female Charm Demon burst into uncontrolled laughter, “En, I’m getting a little interested in you now.”


Yang Kai’s expression turned cold, “It’s a pity that I don’t have any interest in you. Enough nonsense. What the Hell do you want? Spit it out.”


The smile on the Charm Demon’s face gradually diminished as her interest faded slightly, “As long as you’re not deaf, I’m sure you’ve already heard earlier. This Queen is responsible for guarding this place. I don’t know why you are here, but it is obviously not in compliance with the rules. So, please move.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Rules? Who made these rules?”


“Naturally, these are the rules decided by Di Li.” She looked at him, “He is responsible for organizing and managing the various armies under Holy Venerable. You should be in your own position and it’s not here.”


[Di Li again!] Yang Kai’s eyes turned chilly, [Is he trying to cause trouble for me?]


Understanding this, Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Di Li is it? This King knows no such fool. All I know is that there was no one here when I first arrived in this place, so this place is now mine! You brought your people here to intimidate us, and now, you want to chase this King away!? Did you think this King would just nod and agree to it!?”


She frowned at those words and shot back, “But, this is certainly the place Di Li assigned me to guard. You should go and ask Di Li where you are to be assigned instead.”


“This King has already told you, I know no such dog. I am under the direct command of the Holy Venerable, I only obey her commands.” He then waved her off impatiently, “Take your mutts and scram; otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.”


The Charm Demon was so furious that her expression darkened and she screamed, “A trivial Human dares to speak to this Queen like this!?”


Yang Kai was about to counter with an insulting remark when to his surprise, the other party didn’t give him a chance to speak. She gave a soft flick of her wrist, and a soft whip came snapping at him out of nowhere with the force of the wind and thunder.


He ducked down in the nick of time to avoid the blow while the soft whip smashed into the army from Cloud Shadow Continent. Blood-curdling screams sounded as many casualties were suffered in that instant. Turning back to glance at the army for a moment, Yang Kai roared, “How dare you attack me!? You court death!”


By the time the words rolled off his tongue, he and Zhui Feng had already charged forward as one. Zhui Feng’s hooves were ablaze with golden flames, transforming into a bolt of lightning as he carried Yang Kai on his back and charged into the army on the opposite side. Like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, the enemy Demons were swept aside and felled.




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