Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3529, Snake


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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Yang Kai could clearly feel Zhui Feng’s excitement. He seemed to be very familiar with actions like charging into battle. It was not surprising considering he used to be Chang Tian’s mount and would have accompanied Chang Tian into such battles countless times over the years.


His fighting instincts seemed to have been branded deep into his soul. Years of a peaceful life had left him incapable of restraining his wild and restless heart. Now that he had the opportunity to go wild, how could he not let it all out?


Zhu Feng rushed towards the places where the crowd was densest, ploughing empty paths through the opposing army. Screams sounded endlessly wherever he passed. Even the Demon Kings could not stop his lethal rampage, many dying on the spot if they so much as dodged aside too slowly.


In order to cooperate with Zhui Feng’s charging attacks, Yang Kai flipped his wrist and took out a long spear from his Space Ring. He did not know when he obtained this spoil of war and had never actually practised with the spear before, so he could only wield it in the most primitive of manners. Yang Kai was unable to draw out this weapon’s full power, but even so, the long spear managed to produce great damage when he wielded it with the additional support of his immense physical strength. His long spear swept and pierced left and right, splatting blood all over like blooming flowers as wails burst out from all around.


An ear-splitting sound rang out suddenly, transforming into an invisible force that broke through Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea defences and poured directly into his Soul. It was the female Charm Demon. Seeing Yang Kai acting so unscrupulously on his mount, she took the initiative to attack. She was a Half-Saint and a member of the Charm Demon Clan; therefore, that howl contained a potent Soul Attack in it.


Zhui Feng’s steps faltered; it was clear that he had been slightly affected by the attack. On the other hand, Yang Kai swayed and almost fell off Zhui Feng’s back. Fortunately, the Soul Warming Lotus exuded a cooling wave at that critical moment, allowing him to retain his consciousness. The sound of something slicing through the air floated into his ears as if a fierce attack was coming at him from the back. He instinctively raised the spear to block; however, a heavy force shook his hand so badly that it went numb. Immediately following that, the long spear flew out of his grip.


Turning to look in that direction, he saw that the female Charm Demon had a sardonic smile on her lips. She drew a circle in the air with the long spear that was wrapped in the soft whip in her hands and viciously brought it down on him. For an instant, the wind and thunder roared, and an aura of death enveloped him.


In response, he abruptly tightened his knees around Zhui Feng and the latter swiftly turned his body around, narrowly avoiding the blow.


A loud explosion rang out and a large crater appeared in the ground, sending the surrounding Demons, be they allies or enemies, flying as a result.


Without waiting for Yang Kai and Zhui Feng to recover from their daze, the soft whip came striking at them again. Fortunately, Zhui Feng’s instincts and reaction speed were extraordinary. He had already begun charging toward the female Charm Demon right after he spun his body around just now. He might seem clumsy, but he ingeniously avoided the second attack unleashed by the soft whip and came within ten metres of the opponent in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai, who was riding on Zhui Feng’s back, clearly saw the panic flashing in the female Charm Demon’s eyes. Although she was a Half-Saint, her Clan was not proficient in close-quarters combat, nor was her artifact useful in such close range. She could only exert her full strength if she kept a distance from her opponents; hence, it was only natural for her to panic when Zhui Feng closed the distance between them in a flash.


Regardless, she was still a Half-Saint, so she did not lose her composure so easily. Instead, a hostile look flashed across her eyes. She ignored Zhui Feng and raised her gaze to meet Yang Kai’s. At the same time, her long whip trembled and transformed into several rings that wrapped around the latter.


Yang Kai gave a flick of his wrist, summoning the Myriads Sword. Calling upon his Emperor Qi, a silk-like sword wave blasted upward. Unfortunately, the attacks of a Half-Saint were not so easily countered. The sword wave only hindered the soft whip’s movements slightly before it dissipated.


Seeing that he was about to be restrained by the opponent’s soft whip, Yang Kai had no choice but to use his Space Principles. He used Instantaneous Movement and vanished from the spot as a result. He would truly be put at a huge disadvantage if he allowed himself to be caught by this woman. At this moment, he could only pin his hopes on Zhui Feng to fight against the opponent. Who knows? He might even make her suffer a little. Besides, separating himself from Zhui Feng would allow him to exert his full strength. The exchange of blows might have been short, but Yang Kai could sense that Zhui Feng’s movements were being restrained as he endeavoured to keep him safe…


The only person among the enemy’s ranks that could actually be a threat to him was this Half-Saint. Aside from this female Charm Demon, the rest were nothing to Yang Kai. By the time his figure reappeared, he was standing in the sky and looking at something a thousand metres away. Zhui Feng was entangled with that female Charm Demon. His attacks could be said to be very simple and crude, involving nothing more than body slamming, biting, swiping with his tail, and kicking with his hooves. On the contrary, the female Charm Demon used all sorts of methods to attack, executing various Secret Techniques and striking out with a soft whip. Even so, the two sides were evenly matched.


It could be seen that Zhui Feng’s strength was nothing to sneeze at even among Half-Saints. At the very least, he was stronger than this woman; otherwise, he could not have caused this stalemate situation. His endurance and durability would definitely let him gain the upper hand over time. 


Long ago, Zhui Feng had hunted down a Half-Saint after a long pursuit. He had shaved away at that person’s strength and forced his cultivation to regress before he was satisfied. How could he have done that without stamina and persistence?


Meanwhile, the Demon Race armies numbering in the millions were battling each other too. Countless among the Demon Race died at every moment with both sides suffering heavy casualties. Yang Kai suddenly realized something. [How did things turn out like this? I didn’t bring the army of two million here to fight with the other Half-Saints. I came here to see if I could use the army under my command to do something at a critical moment.]


Needless to say, he was certainly also at fault for things to turn out this way. Nevertheless, the most important thing was that the other party was too aggressive. [She killed so many of my people without bothering to say anything. How can I let her get away with it so easily? Plus, it’s just a piece of land. The defensive line along the periphery of the battlefield is so long, is it really necessary for her to fight for this territory?]


While mulling over these thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly felt an uneasy feeling blooming in his heart. It was an inexplicable feeling of unease that came out of nowhere, as if a great danger was approaching him. He looked up at that moment and saw that Zhui Feng was nowhere to be seen. More importantly, he had no idea where the female Charm Demon had gone either. The feeling of unease grew stronger as all the hairs on his body were standing on end and a chill swept over him.


Yang Kai didn’t even think about it as his body shifted immediately, using his Nihility Technique to exile himself to the Void. At that moment, a figure appeared beside him in an eerie manner. The appearance of that figure was accompanied by a heavy punch directed at the place where he had been standing before. A violent force burst forth and the aftermath of the attack spread out, penetrating the Void. 


Even though Yang Kai had used Nihility, he still felt the vitality in his body churning at that moment as his vision turned black and he nearly passed out.


He performed another Instantaneous Movement, distancing himself from that dangerous place and appearing three thousand metres away before looking up. His pupils contracted as he gritted his teeth and roared, “Yue Sang!”


The person who had ambushed him and almost killed him on the spot was none other than Yue Sang, who should still have been on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield!


Yang Kai had not met Yue Sang since he left the Holy City on Enchantment Continent. Yu Ru Meng also mentioned that Yue Sang had been dispatched to the Two Worlds’ Battlefield and Bai Zhuo had confirmed this fact. In fact, Bai Zhuo claimed that Yue Sang had been left behind at the front lines just a short while ago. Therefore, Yang Kai had not expected to see that Yue Sang had returned to the Demon Realm and even tried to ambush him here!


Yang Kai looked down at the millions of Demons fighting among themselves, then turned to look at where Di Li was located. After that, he thought about the attitude and actions of the female Charm Demon just now. A moment later, his expression greatly darkened. [This is a trap! A trap set up by three Half-Saints!]


First, Di Li had refused to assign an area for him to guard. Then, the female Charm Demon deliberately came to pick a fight with him over territorial issues to lead Zhui Feng away. Finally, Yue Sang came in for the kill…


Yang Kai thought about the close call he experienced just now, and cold sweat oozed out of his forehead. At the same time, he was filled with rage. [Three Half-Saints went so far as to join forces to kill me. How truly flattering!]


On the other hand, Yue Sang looked surprised. It would seem that he had not expected his sneak attack to fail to kill Yang Kai. Although he seemed to have injured Yang Kai, it was rather humiliating that he allowed Yang Kai to escape despite being a Half-Saint. [The Space Technique certainly deserves its reputation! But that is all there is to it!]


Even if he had to violate Yu Ru Meng’s order, he didn’t hesitate to rush back from the battlefield. The first reason was to take Yang Kai’s life. The second reason was to fight to obtain his own opportunity in the coming fight. Out of the two reasons, the second one was the most important. Taking Yang Kai’s life was just a bonus.


Yue Sang secretly resented Yu Ru Meng in his heart for not notifying him about such a great opportunity. If not for the other contacts he had, he would never have known that there was such a great opportunity to be seized in Eternal Sky Continent. It wasn’t as if he did not know just how much Yu Ru Meng valued Yang Kai. After spending so long on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield, he had heard all about the relationship between Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng. He was well aware of what kind of consequences he would face if he killed Yang Kai; but even so, that was not enough to make him retreat.


[As long as I can seize the opportunity born from what the numerous Demons Saints are currently planning, then even Yu Ru Meng will find it difficult to kill me because the other Demon Saints won’t agree to it! So, Yang Kai must die today! I have to kill him with my own hands to get rid of some of this hatred!]


Their gazes suddenly met, and the look in Yue Sang’s eyes grew contemptuous as his voice sounded coldly, “Did you think you would be safe and sound just because you have Holy Venerable’s protection? Killing you is as easy as snapping this King’s fingers!”


Yang Kai turned to the side and spat out the blood in his mouth. Afterward, he sneered, “You didn’t get a transfer order. Let’s see how you’re going to explain yourself to Holy Venerable about returning from the Two Worlds’ Battlefield without authorization.”


Yue Sang’s eyes drooped, “Explain myself? I can return whenever I want to. Why do I need to explain myself to Holy Venerable? If you have time to worry about me, you might as well use it to worry about yourself a little more.”


Yang Kai spoke with a stern expression, “Do you really dare to kill this King?”


Yue Sang looked at Yang Kai teasingly, “What do you think?”


Yang Kai looked around for a bit. Then, he countered Yue Sang’s question with another question, “It looks like you’re determined to kill me, but I am truly curious. How did you convince Di Li and that female Charm Demon to do you this favour? Don’t they know what kind of consequences they would face if they did this?”


[There is no way Yu Ru Meng will forgive them once she eventually learns of how they aided Yu Sang to kill me.]


Silavin: Original Title – Trap




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