Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3530, Battling Yue Sang


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Even if those two were Half-Saints, they would probably follow in Yue Sang’s footsteps. They would be sent to the Two Worlds’ Battlefield to fight against Pseudo-Great Emperors. If they were lucky, they would make amends for their crimes through their devoted service. If they were unlucky, they might end up dead there; after all, more than one or two Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors had already died as the war increased in intensity.


Yue Sang replied indifferently, “Nobody is helping me. I was just in the right place, at the right time.”


Yang Kai’s eyes widened with anger, almost like they were about to burst. Despite knowing that Yue Sang was lying through his teeth to dissociate the other two from his actions, there was nothing wrong with that reasoning.


Yang Kai had only met Di Li once, and no conflict had occurred between the two of them. Even the female Charm Demon had a just cause to pick a fight with him; therefore, the other two could simply get away by saying that it was just a misunderstanding even if he filed a complaint with Yu Ru Meng after everything was over. Naturally, that would depend on which side Yu Ru Meng was standing on. If she was on his side, then no number of excuses would save them from trouble.


“Let’s see if the Holy Venerable believes those words of yours.” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


Yue Sang raised his hand and lightly replied, “Between a dead person and I… Who do you think Holy Venerable will believe?”


When the last word left his mouth, he struck toward Yang Kai. There was the sound of an explosion in the air. Following that palm strike, it felt as though an invisible mountain was pressing down on Yang Kai. Yang Kai only hesitated for a moment. Even so, he heard all the bones in his body cracking and he fell out of the sky like a meteorite. He crashed into the ground below and formed a huge crater in the ground.


Yu Sang didn’t stop. He drifted over in an eerie manner, approaching Yang Kai swiftly.


The sound of something slicing through the air rang out suddenly as a sharp arrow radiating with an incandescent light came flying from somewhere in the distance, arriving in an instant, it shot straight towards Yue Sang’s chest.


Yue Sang didn’t even bother looking at this though and just casually flicked his wrist at it, causing the radiant light to return along its original path at an even faster speed.


A scream sounded as the arrow Bo Ya had shot as a sneak attack from the shadows was returned to her, sending her flying as the powerful force struck her, causing her to tumble mid-air several times before she collapsed to the ground. It was unknown whether she survived that blow as the ground around her was stained red with her blood.


At the same time, Yang Kai got up with great difficulty. Blood was flowing out of his mouth and nose, his hair was a dishevelled mess, and he looked absolutely wretched. He was just in the process of standing up when Yu Sang slowly floated down, landed in front of him, and lifted a finger to point in his direction.


The scent of flowers burst out, and colourful petals appeared out of nowhere. Those petals floated over, gathering around Yang Kai in an instant and surrounded him. They converged together to form a solid wall of defence, circling around his body without pause. The strong fragrance they released seemed to have the effect of confusing a person’s mind.


Not far away from where Bo Ya was, Li Shi Qing bit her red lips as she executed her Secret Technique. Her body was glowing with a colourful light as her Emperor Qi surged. Although terror and fear were reflected in her beautiful eyes, her expression was as resolute as could be.


Yue Sang abruptly turned to look at her with a pair of frosty eyes and a cold snort escaped from his mouth. A gush of Spiritual Energy burst out, and a ray of light flashed across her chest. Li Shi Qing’s tender body trembled slightly as her Emperor Qi faded away. She collapsed to the ground limply the next moment, falling unconscious, the defensive wall of flower petals surrounding Yang Kai scattering to the wind.


Finally, Yue Sang leisurely turned to look at Yang Kai after getting rid of the two sluts interfering with him. The corners of his mouth lifted into a sardonic smile as though he was deriving great pleasure from something. His finger pointed at Yang Kai’s forehead at a speed that was neither fast nor slow. The light at the tip of his fingertips fluctuated vigorously as he mocked, “Have you ever regretted offending me? Did you think this King wouldn’t be able to do anything to you just because you are proficient in the Dao of Space? You are so close at hand, and this King’s Divine Sense is locking your movements. Don’t even dream about escaping!”


“Regret?” When Yang Kai muttered through gritted teeth, the Space Principles around his body fluctuated and a figure suddenly appeared in front of him as a cold voice sounded from behind that figure, “Dream on, you waste!”


Yue Sang’s expression was stunned as he stared blankly at the stone man who had suddenly appeared in front of him. He could not figure out where this person had popped out from no matter how hard he thought about it. There was no trace of this person just moments ago, so how did he appear in front of him out of nowhere!? However, he didn’t have more time to think because the stone man threw a punch at him at a speed that was neither fast nor slow as soon as he appeared, and judging by the power of the punch, this stone man who appeared so abruptly was a Half-Saint!


Yue Sang surged his Demon Qi and the light shining at the tip of his finger that was pointing at Yang Kai became even more powerful. Knowing that his opponent was a Half-Saint, he did not dare to take the stone man lightly.


[Damn it! Why is there another Half-Saint protecting this Human!? I thought the plan was foolproof when I arranged for Zhui Feng to be lured away! I can’t believe something so unexpected occurred!] Yue Sang’s heart sank with a vague sense that something had gone terribly wrong. With a Half-Saint diverting him, it was all but impossible for him to kill Yang Kai.


While his thoughts were still muddled, the attacks from both sides collided.


Yue Sang’s pupils eyes contracted suddenly, revealing a look of horror. He instinctively moved and retreated backwards, opening a distance of several thousand metres between them in the blink of an eye. When he lowered his head to look, his horrified expression darkened. One of his fingers was distorted beyond belief. All the bones in his finger were practically crushed into powder, and a throbbing pain came from his finger to agitate every single nerve in his body.


It was only a single blow, but his finger had been smashed, and if he had not moved so quickly and withdrawn, he would probably have lost his arm to the stone man. 


[What power!]


The other party had not used the slightest bit of Demon Qi in the previous attack, meaning a simple physical blow had broken through his defences and injured him. Only a Strength Demon Half-Saint could have such terrifying power. No, even a Half-Saint from the Strength Demon Clan would have paled in comparison to this thing. Which race did this stone man from? The Stone Demon Clan? The Strength Demon Clan? But he didn’t look like either…




The Embodiment opened his mouth and let out a mighty roar. His voice was mixed with uncontrolled excitement. He was technically Yang Kai’s Soul Clone; thus, he originated from the same source as Yang Kai. It wasn’t that he loved fighting and killing, but rather that he couldn’t suppress his excitement after experiencing his new full strength.


While he roared, his Demon Qi soared to the sky. A pitch-black flame ignited across his body, and his entire person transformed into a black hole that began devouring everything. Sharp bone spines broke through his rock skin as he reached out into the air and grabbed at something. A moment later, a War Hammer appeared in the palm of his hand. His Demon Qi flowed freely and the War Hammer trembled slightly, fluctuating with a dangerous aura.


Yue Sang had yet to recover from the shock of being injured by the Embodiment’s blow when he felt this burst of aura and he couldn’t help but stare at the Demonic War Hammer and exclaim, “Saint Artifact!”


Only the Demon Artifacts that the Demon Saints in the Demon Realm spent enormous effort to refine could be called Saint Artifacts. The total number of Saint Artifacts throughout the Demon Realm did not exceed twenty, so each one was extremely rare and precious. Likewise, every Saint Artifact had extraordinary power. Most of these Saint Artifacts were controlled by the Twelve Demon Saints while a few pieces were lost to the world, their whereabouts completely unknown.


The Demonic War Hammer in the Embodiment’s hands was something Yang Kai had acquired outside of Maplewood City. It was the weapon belonging to the ancient One-Eyed Great Demon. Since Yang Kai and the Embodiment could not control Demon Qi previously, neither of them was able to activate its true power over the years. Even during the times when the Embodiment occasionally used the Demonic War Hammer, he had only used it like it was the most common blunt weapon for smashing things.


But things were different now. The Embodiment had devoured the Source of Cloud Shadow Continent, transformed the strength in his body into Demon Qi, and become a Half-Saint of the Demon Realm. He now had the power to wield this Demonic War Hammer.


With the War Hammer in hand, his already overwhelming power was suddenly boosted to another level and he clearly noticed this. The Demon Qi in his body rushed into the War Hammer almost uncontrollably, and the War Hammer that had remained lifeless for so long seemed to be reborn at this moment. A sort of exultation was coming from the War Hammer, seemingly longing for even more Demon Qi.


The Embodiment looked down and grinned savagely. Activating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, he immediately cut off the devouring act of the War Hammer. No matter what kind of artifact it was, it would inevitably be affected by its wielder. The War Hammer’s wild devouring nature was probably a reflection of its rebellious attitude, but how could the Embodiment tolerate such behaviour? He had always been the one to devour others. If the War Hammer wanted to devour his Demon Qi, it would need his permission first!


Lifting the hammer in his hand, he jumped up and crossed several thousand metres to smash Yue Sang with the hammer. A huge shadow of the hammer immediately appeared in the sky, seemingly covering it. When the hammer’s shadow came crashing down, it felt as if the sky itself was collapsing.


Yue Sang’s expression changed drastically as his entire body shuddered. With himself as the centre, large swathes of blood mist flooded hundreds of metres around him. The Embodiment looked up in time to see a vast space had been covered in blood mist while Yue Sang was gone from sight.


The hammer’s shadow slammed against the blood mist, smashing a huge crater into it; however, the surrounding blood mist immediately refilled the hole. Rays of blood beams shot out from within the blood mist, blasting towards the Embodiment like arrows. The Embodiment nimbly avoided several of the attacks but was still hit by a few. The sounds of something piercing through the surface of his body rang out as the blood and burning pitch-black flames fought back vigorously.


After a moment of hesitation, the Embodiment plunged into the blood mist. Instantly, roars and crackling sounds came from within and it was clear that he was ferociously fighting against Yue Sang.


At the same time, Yang Kai appeared next to Bo Ya and Li Shi Qing. Only these two women had come forward when he was in mortal danger. They didn’t make any difference to the situation, but they, at least, had tried to help him. The two of them currently lay unconscious on the ground, and if the millions of Demons on the battlefield turned a blind eye to them, they might not even know how they died in the end.


A quick inspection later, Yang Kai discovered that Bo Ya’s injuries were more serious between the two of them. Yue Sang had sent the arrow she shot right back at her. Not only did she fail to injure the enemy, but she also ended up hurting herself. Almost half of her shoulder was shattered, and the blood wouldn’t stop flowing. On the contrary, Li Shi Qing’s condition was rather surprising.


He originally thought that Li Shi Qing’s condition would be more severe; after all, she had been injured by Yue Sang’s Soul Attack. Ordinarily, she would have been severely injured even if she survived, but to his surprise, a careful inspection revealed that she was safe and sound. She probably fainted from the shock of being struck by Yue Sang’s Divine Sense, but other than that, there were no obvious problems with her.




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  1. Hmm wonder why he went easy on li shi?
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  2. So, back in the day, Yang Kai joined forces with Stone Kai and managed to put up quite the fight against the star court dude. By that logic, he could straight up kill Yue Sang if he did that again now that Stone Kai is stronger, no? I’ll call bullshit if he survives for any reason other than a Demon Saint sheltering him at the critical moment

  3. From what I recall, Stone Race use the blood stone for heart, which eats this sort of blood mist for breakfast even all by itself, without any devouring techniques which need significant cover (like blood mist) to use in secrecy… Something tells me in a year this day we’ll be celebrating anniversary of Yue Sang’s death.

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