Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3531, Things Didn’t Work Out


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Under these circumstances, Yang Kai only needed to wait for Li Shi Qing to wake up on her own. He couldn’t help being amazed. Thinking back to what happened just now, he had the vague feeling that the only reason she managed to remain safe and sound was related to the light radiating from her chest.


As the Disciple of Flower Shadow Great Emperor, she would surely be carrying all sorts of protective treasures on her body. Although it was said that everything on her had been taken from her, the things she had refined into her body could not be so easily stripped away. Nevertheless, he breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t know what he was supposed to tell Flower Shadow Great Emperor if something happened to her because of him.


Lifting his head to look around, he saw Xiao Wu looking at him anxiously and he immediately beckoned to her, “Take care of them!”


She finally returned to her senses, nodded vigorously, and ran over quickly. Picking Bo Ya and Li Shi Qing up, one person in each arm, she swiftly retreated towards the back of the camp. Yang Kai took advantage of this fleeting interval to stuff a Spirit Pill into Bo Ya’s mouth. Her injuries might look serious, but they did not threaten her foundation. She only needed to recuperate for some time to recover fully.


Straightening up again, he glanced gloomily at the blood mist. Space Principles fluctuated around him and he disappeared out of sight. When he reappeared again, he stood in the sky above the blood mist that covered several thousands of metres of area.


Lifting his hand, a cyan bottle gourd appeared in his grip. It was the Wind Gourd he obtained from the Void deep in Orthodoxy Temple’s Restricted Area. Yang Kai ardently poured his Emperor Qi into it and pointed its mouth at the blood mist. In the next moment, a gust of strong wind that swept through the world transformed into a torrent of wind blades that slashed towards the depths of the blood mist.


A black light flashed as the Embodiment, who was connected to Yang Kai, had already escaped from the blood mist ahead of time. The torrent of wind blades continuously rained down on the blood mist, cutting it into pieces and shattering it apart. Among the chaos, a muffled grunt sounded. It was clear that Yue Sang had been injured.


The entire process took no more than ten breaths at most. The blood mist began to churn strenuously before, all of a sudden, it converged in the centre to reveal Yue Sang’s figure again. Yue Sang didn’t stop there though and had swiftly transformed into a blood beam that rushed towards Yang Kai. Lifting his hand, his entire arm transformed into a blood-coloured python with horns on its forehead. It opened its mouth wide and bit down towards Yang Kai, seemingly intending to swallow him whole.


The Embodiment was a Half-Saint, so Yue Sang couldn’t do anything to him in a short period of time as they were evenly matched. On the other hand, the strength Yang Kai showed was only that of a Mid-Rank Demon King, so if Yue Sang was helpless even against somebody like Yang Kai, then he might as well just commit suicide out of shame.


The blood python struck instantly. Its huge mouth bit through the barriers of space and devoured where Yang Kai was standing without giving him any time to react. By the time its huge mouth snapped shut, Yang Kai was gone.


Yue Sang sneered, “Hmph. A fool who doesn’t know his place!”


There was nothing Yue Sang could have done to Yang Kai if he had hidden himself away somewhere. Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, so it was not easy to kill him; hence, it was a surprise that he came out all on his own. It was simply an act equivalent to asking for death, but it was just what Yue Sang wanted.


The blood-coloured giant python became distorted as though it was going to turn back into its original shape. At that moment, the expression on Yue Sang’s face changed drastically. He looked at the python’s head intently. It felt like… there was an unbelievable aura awakening inside the python that aroused an involuntary sense of fear. Simultaneously, a muffled cry floated into his ears, “Dragon Transformation!”


The python’s head swelled abruptly and a behemoth subsequently appeared inside its maw, forcing the python’s mouth open again. It was accompanied by a Dragon Aura, one only those Pureblood Dragons could emit, that radiated out into the surroundings.


Yue Sang could not tell what method Yang Kai had just used; however, he was familiar with the aura that belonged exclusively to the most powerful of Divine Spirits. He had once fought against a female Dragon Clan member on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield, and while the other party’s bloodline could not be considered impure, it was enough for her to fight against him on equal terms.


[The Dragon Clan! This Human has the Dragon Clan’s bloodline!]


[What’s more, his Dragon Aura is much purer and stronger than that woman’s…]


The blood python’s mouth was stretched to its limit as two sharp Dragon Claws gleaming with cold light suddenly appeared in Yue Sang’s field of vision. One Dragon Claw gripped the top and the other gripped the bottom of the python’s jaws. A moment later, the two Dragon Claws forced the python’s mouth open from both sides. A tearing sound rang out, and the huge blood python’s head was ripped in half…


Blood splattered everywhere as the figure of an enormous Monster entered Yue Sang’s vision. The sight was also burned into the eyes of the army below. A moment of strange silence swept across the noisy battlefield as almost everybody was looking up at the huge figure with a confused expression.


Yang Kai’s body was more than three hundred metres tall and covered in gleaming Golden Dragon Scales. Dragon Horns grew out of his forehead, both hands had transformed into Dragon Claws, and a long Dragon Tail whipped about behind him, stirring up a strong wind.


A Dragon Roar sounded, reverberating throughout the sky. Yang Kai reached out his hand and grabbed the remains of the blood python’s body that he had torn into two before violently pulling on it.


An overwhelming force spread out as Yue Sang’s body was involuntarily yanked in that direction. The blood python was transformed from his arm, so it was inseparable from him. He had no way to resist such a powerful force. In terms of cultivation alone, he was far above Yang Kai. Unfortunately, he was not Yang Kai’s opponent in terms of brute force.


Hurriedly, Yue Sang had the blood python explode into a blood mist before he withdrew it and had it transform into an arm again. It was just that a long gash now extended up his forearm. The pain enraged Yue Sang as his carelessness caused him to fail such an easy task. It was a complete humiliation. Borrowing the pulling force coming from Yang Kai, he stopped resisting it and rushed forward instead, approaching Yang Kai in the blink of an eye.


The tiny figure formed a very sharp contrast with Yang Kai’s large body. Nevertheless, his gaze didn’t show the slightest bit of hesitation. Rather, he looked down at Yang Kai condescendingly as if he was the larger one instead.


Despite the heavy punch coming from Yang Kai’s side, Yue Sang had no intention of evading. Instead, he opened his mouth and spat out something. A blood ball sped towards Yang Kai and soon smashed against the incoming fist, but not only did the blood ball not break, it actually enveloped Yang Kai’s claw instead. The blood ball quickly grew larger and larger, enveloping the entirety of Yang Kai’s Half-Dragon Body.


Yue Sang glanced downward, reaching out his hand to point at Yang Kai, “Die!”


The loosely floating blood ball suddenly began contracting at that moment. The thin walls of the Blood Ball displayed an extremely astonishing force of restraint, and the sound of all the bones in Yang Kai’s body creaking immediately rang out…


At that critical moment, the Embodiment swooped down and swung his War Hammer towards Yue Sang’s head.


A trace of reluctance flashed across Yue Sang’s eyes, but he couldn’t afford to take the blow head-on. It was a Saint Artifact after all. Who knew what kind of consequences he would face? Thus, he could only retreat.


Inside the Blood Ball, Yang Kai struggled a few times but discovered that he couldn’t break through this shell due to its extreme resilience. It was not something that could be resolved with pure brute force. Nevertheless, the crushing pressure around him was getting tighter and tighter and he would soon become unable to breathe, so he could only open his jaw. Accompanied by the sound of a Dragon Roar, a raging flame spurted from his giant mouth.


Flames spread out and under their burning effects, the blood ball quickly evaporated, allowing him to quickly escape from its restraint.


On the other hand, the Embodiment was chasing after Yue Sang. Yang Kai didn’t stop after he escaped and followed closely. Working together, their battle against Yue Sang became chaotic. During the fierce battle, Yang Kai could clearly feel himself and the Embodiment growing stronger.


Back in the Eastern Territory, Yang Kai had teamed up with the Embodiment to fight against Cang Mo with all his strength. Cang Mo was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, who was probably as strong as Yue Sang.


At the time, the two of them had tried their best and even injured Cang Mo, but the latter still had plenty of leeway and was still holding back for the most part. If Cang Mo had truly gone all out at the beginning, Yang Kai and the Embodiment would only barely be able to protect themselves against him. In that battle, they were left in a miserable state. In the end, Qiong Qi showed up and forced Cang Mo back. With Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng following after, Cang Mo had no choice but to retreat. But today, Yang Kai and the Embodiment had the upper hand in the battle against Yue Sang. Needless to say, the main reason was the Embodiment’s growth as Yang Kai had barely grown any stronger since then.


Yang Kai suddenly felt a bit miserable about this in his heart. His own strength was indeed his biggest shortcoming. He was now a Second-Order Emperor, and whether it was the Demon Realm or the Star Boundary, he already stood ahead of many others. Be that as it may, he began feeling more and more powerless as his power increased as those he came into contact with became increasingly distinguished.


His current situation was the perfect example. He and the Embodiment had the upper hand in the fight against Yue Sang, but it was an unrealistic dream if they wanted to kill him, unless Yue Sang made some kind of huge mistake.


Nonetheless, it was a mistake to pin his hopes on others making mistakes. Yang Kai might as well focus on improving his own strength if that was the case. There was no need to improve too much. He only needed to reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm. That way, he would be in a much better situation if he ever faced another Half-Saint again.


High above the sky, various mighty and terrifying Dragon Clan Secret Techniques shone brightly in his hands as Yang Kai tried to buy time for the Embodiment. The Heaven Devouring Domain had been activated and quietly spread out into the surroundings without Yue Sang’s knowledge, devouring his power, bit by bit.


With enough time, their advantage would become increasingly obvious. One man’s loss was another man’s gain. When the time came, Yue Sang would not be able to avoid death even if he wanted to.


[This bastard has been after my life since we met, how can I let him get away with that? Now that I have the chance, I’m going to make him pay the price; otherwise, I won’t be able to live in comfort with a Half-Saint eyeing me all the time, trying to murder me.]


Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as Yang Kai wished. The fight was in full swing when Yue Sang suddenly withdrew and retreated. He transformed into a blood beam and hurried away without hesitation.


The Embodiment tried to stop Yue Sang, but there was nothing he could do if a Half-Saint went all out to escape. The War Hammer swung down and smashed into empty air.


There was even less Yang Kai could do. Yue Sang’s speed during his bloody escape was no slower than Yang Kai’s Instantaneous Movement. Thus, Yang Kai could only watch as Yue Sang fled and disappeared out of sight. He glared in the direction in which Yue Sang disappeared with a savage expression. There was nowhere for him to vent the rage inside him, not to mention how upset he was.


“Somebody is coming,” the Embodiment said quickly as he casually put the Demonic War Hammer away.


Yang Kai turned his head to look and saw a stream of light swiftly approaching this place from not far away. When the figure got closer, he realized that it was Bai Zhuo. Bai Zhuo looked at Yang Kai’s enormous body with an expression of wonder. He studied Yang Kai’s appearance carefully for a while before making out Yang Kai’s face; then, he frowned and looked down at the chaotic battlefield below, quickly asking grimly, “What happened here?”




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    1. Running away is actually not so easy to prevent. He put up a fight (barely) against Cang Mo because he was intent on killing him. Fighting someone and preventing them from fleeing with all their might are totally different things. However, it’s strange that he didn’t bring out Mountains and Rivers

    2. Agreed. If Yang Kai + Embodiment where slightly weaker than a Half-Saint before then now they should be much stronger. After all the power from advancing is much more than just double the strength. However the author has made up his mind to nerf the Embodiment for some reason. Like imagine Yang Kai not being able to kill someone in the same realm xD. I guess after nerfing Yang Kai so many times the author made advancements in his grand dao of nerfs and nerfed the Embodiment aswell since it’s part of Yang Kai.

    1. Sometimes I am worried about the same thing you are right now but the author actually mentioning it is clearly just a writing play in order to make the next power up even more impactful. At least I hope it is.

  1. I hope to see YK condense his Emperor’s Intent for his sister at least, maybe for his son or wives. Would be cool to see a situation where he soul descends as well.

      1. He is too selfish and dumb for shit like that. He can’t even properly put to use his space dao. Imagine the things you could do with it… I’d have made a master space beacon (one I hold onto myself), tied to myself [like an artifact] then tied to space beacon pellets. Drop a pellet at EACH gate in the realm… you wouldn’t have to travel across the territories, just from pellet to pellet once through the void. You could literally travel across the whole continent as soon as you travel through the gates… If it took the horse 1/2 a day to cross the continents, I’d say it would take you an hour or 2 using space pellets at all the corridors. You charge GE on horsey and at the same time, wrap all 3 up in qi, space port to nearest bead, through portal, into SWB, to another bead… and you are home free. That is just one sample… No creativity at play… #feelsbad.

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