Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3532, The Arrival of the Holy Venerable


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Bai Zhuo had heard the reports from his men claiming that there seemed to be a disturbance in this area, so he hurried over to check out the situation. Yang Kai had headed in this direction after they went their separate ways, so he suspected that something had happened here.


From the looks of things, it was indeed so. Judging by the remaining aura in the area, it looked like a battle between Half-Saints had taken place and he couldn’t help taking a few more glances at Embodiment.


“Yue Sang is here!” Yang Kai looked at Bai Zhuo with a grim expression.


“How could that be!?” Bai Zhuo was shocked, “Could you be mistaken?”


Yang Kai gritted his teeth, “I’m not so blind that I can mistake the person who tried to kill me.”


“But, shouldn’t he be on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield…” Bai Zhuo murmured. He frowned deeply as though mulling over something. Realization suddenly dawned on him, and he nodded lightly, “If that’s the case, it’s not strange for him to return.”


Yang Kai snorted coldly while dismissing his Dragon Form and restoring himself to his original appearance.


Bai Zhuo couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed; after all, he had just told Yang Kai that Yue Sang had stayed on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield. Who could have known that Yang Kai would be attacked by Yue Sang as soon as they went their separate ways? Fortunately, nothing big had happened. If anything had happened, he would have been held partly responsible too. He couldn’t help chuckling softly, “Were you hurt?”


Yang Kai knew that Bai Zhuo wasn’t to blame for anything, but his expression remained sullen. It wasn’t because the misinformation provided by Bai Zhuo had caused him to fall into a trap, but rather because Bai Zhuo had arrived too quickly.


The reason why Yue Sang had retreated so decisively was that he had sensed Bai Zhuo’s aura. He probably knew that Bai Zhuo would not take his side as the two of them already held grudges against each other. He had secretly sneaked back to the Demon Realm and would never be spared if he were caught red-handed by Bai Zhuo. If Bai Zhuo, Yang Kai, and the Embodiment joined forces against him, he would not be able to escape anymore.


Yang Kai suppressed the resentment in his stomach and said dully, “It’s nothing too serious.”


Bai Zhuo gently nodded, “Holy Venerable will arrive in half a day. Let’s wrap things up here.”


Although Yue Sang had retreated, millions of the Demons were still fighting below. It was not something that could be resolved any time soon unless somebody intervened. It would be bad for everyone if Yu Ru Meng arrived to see this scene. This could already be considered a civil strife and it would only make Yu Ru Meng the butt of jokes among all the other Demon Saints for being inadequate in her leadership.


On the contrary, Yang Kai was dying to kill all of the female Charm Demon’s subordinates. Even so, he knew that it was no longer a realistic option the moment Bai Zhuo appeared. Besides, there were a lot of casualties on his side too. Nearly a tenth of the two million army had died in such a short time.


In any case, nobody could escape forever. Regardless of whether it was Yue Sang, Di Li, or the female Charm Demon, Yang Kai had already pinned them on his list of enemies. He would find them again one day as long as they still worked under Yu Ru Meng.


Without another word, he and the Embodiment rushed down. They killed many among the enemy army to completely break their opponent’s fighting spirit, defeating the opposing army by a huge landslide before they stopped in satisfaction.


Afterwards, Lao Ke and the others took a headcount of the battlefield. There was no need for Yang Kai to worry about anything. Meanwhile, Bai Zhuo followed Yang Kai every step of the way. He was probably afraid that Yue Sang would wheel back and kill Yang Kai. Not long after the battle ended, Zhui Feng ran back triumphantly. He even shamelessly approached Yang Kai with an attitude as though asking for praise.


Yang Kai whacked him right in the head while scolding, “Did I ask you to chase her!? Who asked you to chase her!? Why don’t you change your name to ‘Chasing People’ instead!? Don’t call yourself ‘Chasing the Wind’ anymore!”


[If this guy had not been lured away by the female Charm Demon, I might have been able to keep Yue Sang here earlier.]


Zhui Feng, who was smacked upside the head, looked extremely aggrieved and didn’t know what was going on.


Bai Zhuo was shocked by the sight. He had long heard of Zhui Feng’s great reputation. As the mount of Hundred Spirits Continent’s Master, he was not known for his peaceful temper and his true strength was extremely terrifying. Bai Zhuo watched Yang Kai scolding Zhui Feng and couldn’t help worrying that Zhui Feng might kick Yang Kai to death in a fit of rage…


What surprised him though was that Zhui Feng neither fought back nor resisted the scolding. He only neighed occasionally to indicate his grievances… After the severe scolding, he lowered his head, ran over to the side, and lay down with a wounded appearance.


Bai Zhuo was utterly amazed.


Both Bo Ya and Li Shi Qing had woken up by now. The latter was not seriously injured and even smiled at Yang Kai when she saw that he was safe and sound, which warmed his heart. Since they were both from the Star Boundary, it was only natural that he felt an inherent closeness to her. If not for the fact that they needed to pretend otherwise, he would not have treated her so poorly. Unfortunately, he had to be careful in everything he did while in the Demon Realm.


Although Bo Ya was pale, her condition had improved greatly after consuming some Spirit Pills. It seemed she would not experience any permanent damage from her injury.


He spoke some encouraging words to them and ordered Xiao Wu to take good care of them. Only then did he look into the distance with Bai Zhuo. Compared to the battle between a Great Emperor and a Demon Saint, the conflict from before could only be said to be a small fight. The thundering sounds from across the horizon never stopped. Rays of light occasionally burst out from that remote location, causing the world to dim and the space to shudder ceaselessly.


No matter who it was, they would be able to sense that the surrounding World Principles had begun to shatter as long as their strength had reached a certain height. That was the power of the Great Emperors and the Demon Saints. Their every move was capable of affecting the survival of the continent.


“If most of the Half-Saints returned to the Demon Realm, then what about the situation on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield?” Yang Kai asked suddenly.


Bai Zhuo shrugged, “Probably holing themselves up somewhere. What else can they do?”


Yang Kai turned his head to look at Bai Zhuo and chuckled softly, “Are the Holy Venerables planning to use overwhelming numbers to exhaust a Great Emperor to death?”


Now that most of the Half-Saints had been summoned back here and gathered in Eternal Sky Continent, it could only mean that these Half-Saints would eventually face Bright Moon. One or two Half-Saints might not have made much of a difference, but even ants could kill elephants if there were enough of them.


Bai Zhuo frowned and pondered in silence for a moment, “Although you can say that, this matter is not quite as simple as you think. The Holy Venerables have a much deeper plan. Besides, what is happening here is not just a gamble of survival, but also a great opportunity for all the Half-Saints.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows at those words, “I wish to hear the details!”


Bai Zhuo smiled wryly and shook his head, “You should ask Holy Venerable about this matter. If she is willing to tell you about it, she will surely tell you clearly herself. If she is not willing to do so, then it is not my place to tell you anything.”


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, but he did not inquire any further into the matter. Bai Zhuo had made his stance very clear, so there was no point in asking any more questions.


Yang Kai could understand a life-and-death gamble as a Half-Saint facing off against a Great Emperor is nothing if not a life-and-death gamble! They may even be killed the moment they meet the Great Emperor, but what was this great opportunity they sought? Could it be that there is some sort of benefit to be gained by killing Bright Moon?


He couldn’t ignore the information Bai Zhuo had revealed to him, even if he wanted to.


Before they could finish cleaning up the battlefield though, a terrifying aura quickly came from afar. Zhui Feng, who had been lying on the ground all this while, immediately got up and looked in that direction warily. It was clear that he had felt the incoming pressure; however, he soon lay back down on the ground again.


Similarly, Yang Kai and Bai Zhuo looked up in unison as the latter’s expression changed, “Holy Venerable is here.”


Needless to say, Yang Kai could feel Yu Ru Meng’s aura too.


A brilliant light flashed a short while later and Yu Ru Meng’s figure appeared in front of the two of them.


“Greetings, Holy Venerable!” Bai Zhuo quickly cupped his fists. On the other hand, the army behind them fell to their knees quickly.


Yu Ru Meng nodded lightly. Glancing around, she couldn’t help furrowing her delicate brow tightly as she asked, “What happened here?”


The Blood Qi was very dense throughout the mountain valley and there were corpses lying all over the place. It was obvious that a huge battle had taken place here. Even Yang Kai looked a little pale, as though he had suffered some injuries. She couldn’t help being shocked by what she saw here and even thought that collateral from the battle with Bright Moon in the distance had spread this far.


Bai Zhuo turned and glanced at Yang Kai, but seeing that he had no intention of speaking, he quietly sighed in his heart. As such, Bai Zhuo had no choice but to step forward and relay all the information he had gotten from Yang Kai earlier to Yu Ru Meng.


Upon hearing how Yue Sang had returned from the Two Worlds’ Battlefield and even attacked Yang here, she turned red with rage, gritted her teeth and roared, “Impudence!”


She turned to look at Bai Zhuo and ordered, “Bring Yue Sang to me!”


It was one thing for Yue Sang to return from the Two Worlds’ Battlefield without receiving authorization, but he even dared to try and assassinate Yang Kai! How could Yu Ru Meng forgive him for that? Putting aside the Heart Seal Secret Technique that existed between her and Yang Kai, Yang Kai was now the key to the stability of the entire Demon Realm. Without him, who would maintain the unstable Territory Gates? Without him, who would repair those lost Territory Gates? For both public and private reasons, she had to give Yang Kai a reasonable explanation.


Receiving the order, Bai Zhuo immediately walked to the side and took out an item. He was presumably trying to find a way to contact Yue Sang.


Yu Ru Meng turned to look at Yang Kai next as her expression became gentle, “Are you alright? Is what Bai Zhuo said true?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m fine. It’s just that Brother Bai Zhuo only understands a part of it.”


She asked, “What else is there that he doesn’t know about?”


Yang Kai sneered slightly, “I have Zhui Feng protecting me, so what could Yue Sang possibly do to me alone? He clearly knew that too. That’s why somebody helped him lure Zhui Feng away.”


“Who!?” Yu Ru Meng’s pretty face darkened. A person who could lure Zhui Feng away had to be a Half-Saint. She truly had not expected these Half-Saints under her command would be so ignorant of the general situation. [How can they create even more trouble for me at such a critical moment!?]


“I don’t know who she is. Just that she is a female Charm Demon,” Yang Kai replied.


Although he did not know who it was, there were only so few people among the Half-Saints under Yu Ru Meng’s command. Combined with the fact that the perpetrator was from the Charm Demon Clan, it was probably very easy to identify who it was.


“Aside from her, Di Li probably played a role too.”


“Di Li too!?” Yu Ru Meng couldn’t help scowling deeply. Nevertheless, realization came over her when she recalled how close Di Li and Yue Sang had always been with each other. When she had previously named Yang Kai as Great King and charged him with overseeing Cloud Shadow Continent, many of the Half-Saints under her had objected to the decision. After all, only a Half-Saint was qualified to manage a continent in the Demon Realm. How could a weak young Human male stand on equal footing with them?


Silavin: Zhui Feng – the direct translation is Chasing Wind. That’s why the joke Chasing People.




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  1. First of all why isn’t she questioning the fact that yk is even there. She didn’t tell him to go, he should be with the divine spirits. Idk if yue sang knew he was going to be there or came up with that trap on the fly.

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    1. Well, sitting things out along the list of priorities, from open insubordination and conspiracy to commit homicide to questionable initiative and “weren’t you an honored guest at the safe comfy place?” makes sense to me.
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