Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3533, Slim Chance of Survival


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Among these Half-Saints, Di Li had objected the most. Yu Ru Meng had forcibly suppressed their dissension at the time, so Yang Kai was unaware of this fact; even so, she never expected Di Li to be involved in this incident. That would mean that three Half-Saints under her command were involved in this debacle. She couldn’t help feeling extremely troubled. If it had only been Yue Sang alone, it would have been easy enough to handle. She could just kill him and be done with it; however, it was simply too much if three Half-Saints were involved. It might cause dissatisfaction among the rest of the Half-Saints if she punished all three of them severely.


Although a Demon Saint was a supreme existence in the Demon Realm, the number of Half-Saints under their command was the basis of their strength. It would be meaningless if all a Demon Saint had was their cultivation but not a single person under them to carry out their commands.


While they were speaking, Bai Zhuo walked back to them with a gloomy expression, “Holy Venerable, there is no response from Yue Sang!”


“Is there no response from him or is he refusing to answer?” Yu Ru Meng turned to look at Bai Zhuo.


He replied, “He is probably refusing to answer…”


“This is rebellion!” She raged. The incident today was wholly spearheaded by Yue Sang. Di Li and that female Charm Demon were probably just lending him a hand, but now, they couldn’t get in touch with Yue Sang, “Continue to contact him and tell him this, ‘never show up before me again if he doesn’t appear in front of me within an hour’.”


Bai Zhuo was startled to hear those words. He did not expect her to hand out such a harsh punishment. Nevertheless, he soon bowed and left to give Yue Sang the ultimatum.


Yu Ru Meng fumed in anger for a while before she reassured Yang Kai, “Don’t worry. I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer to this matter.”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “No need for that. I’ll deal with it myself.”


She frowned a moment and glanced at the Embodiment, who was standing by the side. Nodding gently, she said, “Suit yourself, but you have to wait until we settle things here. This matter is too important.”


She felt relieved in her heart. Although she was willing to handle things on his behalf, if she had to come forward personally, forget Yue Sang, even Di Li and the female Charm Demon would not be spared. If word of this incident were to spread, it was quite possible that her subordinates would lean towards other Demon Saints instead.


On the contrary, if Yang Kai were to deal with it himself, the situation would not be as serious. She could tell that the Embodiment was a Half-Saint now. Even so, Di Li and the female Charm Demon were not easy targets either; hence, Yang Kai might not necessarily have the strength to do anything to them if he dealt with this matter on his own.


It wasn’t as though the Half-Saints under her did not have conflicts between themselves; for example, it was a well-known fact that Yue Sang and Bai Zhuo had always held grievances against each other. It was just that she did not intervene in such matters without reason as long as these disputes did not hinder her overall interests. Having kept out of these matters in the past, it was best if she continued not to intervene now; otherwise, it would be hard for her to deal with things justly in the future.


“I heard you were hurt,” Yang Kai turned to look at Yu Ru Meng.


Yu Ru Meng was not willing to speak much on this matter so she replied nonchalantly, “It’s just a small injury, nothing to worry about. What about you? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in Hundred Spirits Continent?”


“I heard that something big had happened here, so I came to join in the fun.” He grinned, “Even so, I never expected to find the Bright Moon Great Emperor here.”


“He has always been here.”


“If you managed to trap him here, then why haven’t you killed him?”


She slowly shook her head, “Things aren’t as simple as you think. If we only wanted to kill him, he would have died long ago. Naturally, we had our reasons to keep him alive. But…”


“But, what?”


She sighed, “Nobody could have imagined that he would recover to his prime even under such conditions. So, the situation has changed.”


Yang Kai frowned at those words and asked, “Just now, Brother Bai Zhuo mentioned that this matter is both a life-or-death gamble and a great opportunity for all Half-Saints. What is going on?”


Yu Ru Meng turned and glanced at Bai Zhuo upon hearing that, seeming to blame him for being too talkative.


Yang Kai shrugged, “You don’t need to tell me if it’s inconvenient for you. I only came here to join in on the fun anyway. It’s not bad to be able to witness the fall of a Great Emperor. By the way, does Bright Moon still have any chance of survival?”


She chuckled softly, “Is your resentment toward Star Boundary still so deep?”


He coldly snorted, “Would I have fallen into such a state if not for how unjust they had been?”


She glanced sideways at him, “What’s so bad about the Demon Realm? You seem to me like you’ve been living quite well recently.”


“There’s nothing wrong with it, but in the end I’m still Human. I will always be a little out of place here.” He chuckled and changed the topic, “You haven’t answered me. Does Bright Moon have any chance of survival?”


She looked at him with a smile, “The Twelve Demon Saints have all taken action together. Do you think he still has a chance of survival?”


He couldn’t help letting out a short whistle at those words, “Looks like his death is certain.”


At this moment, Li Shi Qing suddenly rushed over from not far away, clutched at his arm with a pale face and begged him urgently, “Please save Senior Bright Moon!”


She had been resting not far away to recover and it was clear that she had heard the conversation between Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng. That was why she was acting this way.


Yu Ru Meng glanced at Li Shi Qing, then glanced back at Yang Kai. A sly smile curling along the corners of her mouth, “How do you feel staring at this face all day long?”


Back when they had been in the Star Boundary, she had taken on Li Shi Qing’s appearance to remain beside Yang Kai. Many things had occurred between Yang Kai and her during that time. Only after returning to the Demon Realm had she finally removed her disguise and returned to her original appearance.


“What am I supposed to feel about it?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “You are you, and she is she. How can I lump the two of you together?”


While speaking, he swung his hand vigorously and shook Li Shi Qing off, coldly snapping, “Go away.”


Li Shi Qing didn’t comply with his demands this time though and rushed up to grab at his arm again, her beautiful eyes were filled with a beseeching look, “Senior Bright Moon is a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary! Nothing must happen to him! Please find a way to save him! Please! Aren’t you a Master of the Dao of Space!? You can bring Senior Bright Moon away from this place!”


“I said scram!” His expression was frosty. He was already upset because of what Yu Ru Meng had said just now, and now Li Shi Qing was bothering him. He was in no mood to play nice with her. If his mastery over the Dao of Space was powerful enough, he wouldn’t be stuck here watching helplessly either.


Space Techniques could still produce some rather unexpected effects when used against Half-Saints, but how much use would they be against the Twelve Demon Saints of the Demon Realm? Everything else aside, if he so much as made a strange move, the Demon Saints only needed to  seal off Eternal Sky Continent. Afterwards, he would be a fish on the chopping block. Yang Kai wanted nothing more than to rescue Bright Moon right now, but he was helpless to do so.


Seeing that Li Shi Qing was still harping on, Yang Kai stretched out his hand, whacked her over the head, and knocked her unconscious. Then, he shot a look at He Yin. 


He Yin immediately stepped forward to help carry Li Shi Qing away.


“You actually hit her?” Yu Ru Meng gave Yang Kai a sideways stare, “Are you doing that on purpose for me to see?”


He laughed softly, “What do you mean by ‘on purpose’?”


As he said that, he stretched out his hand and reached out to her chin.


Her expression changed. Gritting her teeth, she snarled, “There are so many people here! Don’t embarrass me here!”


He grinned meaningfully and smoothly stroked her hair.


Feeling helpless, she swept her gaze over her surroundings where she saw Bai Zhuo looking up at the sky. Thus, she couldn’t help feeling both furious and amused as she changed the topic, “What’s the situation with Yue Sang?”


Bai Zhuo quickly bowed in response, “Still no response.”


“Hmph! Looks like he really has betrayed me!” She smirked in anger, “I can’t wait to see just how he plans to die!”


He replied, “Holy Venerable, do you need me to go and capture him?”


Bai Zhuo couldn’t let such a good opportunity to rub salt into Yue Sang’s wounds slip him by.


But instead, she waved her hand dismissively, “No need. Let’s deal with the matters at hand first. We can deal with him after we finish things up here.”




“You can head back too. The situation might change at any moment. Relay my orders so that all can be ready at a moment’s notice.”


Bai Zhuo received the order and left, quickly disappearing out of sight.


After Bai Zhuo left, Yang Kai finally asked suspiciously, “What preparations? Do I need to make preparations too?”


Yu Ru Meng looked up at Yang Kai, hesitation flashing in her eyes. A long time passed before she sighed, “You shouldn’t have come. The reason I didn’t ask you to come here previously is that this place is simply too dangerous.”


He shrugged, “But I’m already here.”


She smiled bitterly, “It’s probably impossible to ask you to leave now, right?”


He grinned, “There’s nothing I can do if you knock me out and order somebody to take me away.”


He was quite worried that she might actually do this in fact. Although he didn’t know why she wanted him to leave, it was best if he spoke first and cut off the idea.


“Can’t you go back for me? I didn’t bring you back from the Star Boundary for you to die here.”


Yang Kai thought about it quietly for a moment before shaking his head, “I’ll be careful!”


“I knew it would turn out this way.” She pushed her hair behind her ear and looked at the battlefield in the distance. After a moment, she began to explain, “Bai Zhuo is right. This matter is both a life-or-death gamble and a great opportunity for all Half-Saints. That’s because… They will be the ones to deliver the final blow!”


Yang Kai felt extremely shocked, so much so that his complexion paled. She had only used the words ‘will be’. It wasn’t something that had already happened. Nevertheless, it was very likely to come true since a Demon Saint had said so.


Forcibly suppressing the shock in his heart, Yang Kai tried his best to speak in a calm voice, “It’s not difficult to understand the part about a life-or-death gamble. Half-Saints aiming to kill a Great Emperor certainly requires them to put their life on the line, but what do you mean by a great opportunity? Could it be that they would gain some sort of benefit from killing Bright Moon?”


This was what puzzled him the most. What benefit would they gain from killing a Great Emperor? Perhaps it was because his current cultivation was not enough, which was why he couldn’t figure it out.


Yu Ru Meng gently continued, “We didn’t kill Bright Moon at the beginning and instead arranged a grand Spirit Array and used a profound Blood Sacrifice Technique to trap him here. At first, we planned to let him weaken gradually until he died in this place. He is a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, so his very existence represents a part of the Great World’s Will belonging to the Star Boundary. If he dies here, under the right circumstances, that part of the Star Boundary’s Will would be absorbed and assimilated into the Demon Realm, bringing it unimaginable benefits!”




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