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Martial Peak – Chapter 3534, A Talk on Opportunity

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That point was consistent with what Bright Moon had said before. He also mentioned that one of the reasons why the Demon Saints didn’t kill him was that they were afraid he might fight back like a cornered beast and cause serious problems for one or more of them before dying. However, the more important reason was that they wanted to let the Demon Realm ‘eat’ him. The capacity of the world would increase in turn, allowing for the rise of another Demon Saint. Meanwhile, the Star Boundary would permanently lose a Great Emperor. This trade-off would have an enormous impact on the two Great Worlds.


The number of top Masters in the Star Boundary was already considerably lower than the Demon Realm. Be it Great Emperors or Pseudo-Great Emperors, their numbers were incomparable with the numbers of Demon Saints and Half-Saints in the Demon Realm. The only advantage the Star Boundary currently held was the ‘home court’ advantage.


Yu Ru Meng continued, “We don’t know how Bright Moon managed to heal himself. He even broke through the Blood Sacrifice Technique and the Twelve Pinnacles Grand Demon Array, but it’s impossible to try and trap him here again, so we made some adjustments to the original plan. The twelve of us will work together to bring him to the brink of death, then the Half-Saints will land the final blow. The person who kills Bright Moon will have an opportunity to snatch the part of the Great World’s Will in him!”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes when he heard those words, “Something like that is possible?”


She replied indifferently, “You are currently not strong enough, so it’s normal that you don’t understand these things, but it’s precisely because of this point that the person who lands the last blow must be a Half-Saint. In that way, the person who accepts the part of the Great World’s Will into themselves will have a great chance of growing into a new Demon Saint.”


Although it was easier for the Demon Saints to kill Bright Moon themselves, accepting the Great World’s Will would be of little use to them, far less so than compared to the birth of a thirteenth Demon Saint.


[So, this is the situation behind the so-called great opportunity.] Yang Kai was slightly stunned. [Based on what she told me, the odds are stacked against Bright Moon. Damn it! What can I do to help him!?]


“If anything, it would be best if you killed Bright Moon with your own hands.” Yu Ru Meng suddenly looked at him with a complicated expression.


“What do you mean?” He forced himself to compose his emotions, lest she saw through him.


She smiled, “Every Great World is distinct and unique in its properties. It is extremely difficult for a member of the Demon Race to accept the Star Boundary’s Will. For all we know, even if a Half-Saint manages to kill Bright Moon and snatch the Great World’s Will that belongs to him, they might explode and die from the backlash. But you are different. You are originally from the Star Boundary. Compared to the Demon Race, it would undoubtedly be easier for you to accept that Great World’s Will. It is also easier for you to obtain the Great World’s Will’s recognition.”


His eyes lit up upon hearing that, “I can try!” [If I can openly approach Bright Moon with a valid reason, I might get an opportunity to leave with him.]


“No!” Yu Ru Meng’s expression changed as she shouted, “You must not get such thoughts in your head!”


“Why?” He frowned.


“It’s too dangerous.”


“I’ll be careful.”


She looked at him firmly, “Don’t force me to knock you unconscious! I will never allow you to take such a risk!”


Yang Kai felt exasperated but could only nod in response, “Good. Since you’ve said so, then I will only watch the fun from the side.”


After a pause, he gave a bitter laugh, “Having said that, there’s nothing fun to see here anyway.”


The battlefield was too far away. Although he could feel the world-shattering commotion coming from that direction, he couldn’t get a glimpse of anything with his current eyesight. It left him feeling extremely frustrated.


Yu Ru Meng pondered for a while and gently said, “It’s not like you can’t watch… But you have to obediently watch from here. Don’t think about doing anything else.”


“I know, I know.” He looked at her somewhat excitedly. Although he didn’t know what methods she was going to use, since she said as such, it could only mean that she had a way to let him see what was going on clearly.


Yu Ru Meng shook her head helplessly, and with a flip of her hand, she took out a mirror-like Demon Artifact. Her Demon Qi surged and the mirror suddenly rose up with the wind, becoming as big as a table in an instant, lying horizontally in front of him. When the pitch-black Demon Qi churned, the surface of the mirror rippled like a stone had been thrown into a calm lake. As the ripples spread, a scenery gradually appeared on the surface of the mirror. It was not clear but not blurry either. It was tolerable in terms of clarity.


Yang Kai looked at it probingly, then turned his head to look at his surroundings and wondered, “Does this mirror reflect everything you see?”


The scenery shown in the mirror at this moment was clearly reflecting the mountain valley where they were located currently. It wasn’t a static image either. Rather, it moved as her vision moved; thus, the scenery in the mirror was constantly changing.


Yu Ru Meng gently nodded, “That’s right.”


“Amazing.” He couldn’t help praising. The function of the Demon Mirror might not seem very useful, but it was exactly what he needed at this moment. It was impossible for Yu Ru Meng to stay with him constantly. When the time came, she would have to join the battle personally. At that time, the situation on the battlefield would become clear at a glance.


“Remember what you promised me.”


She did not go into battle right away; instead, she found a place to meditate cross-legged. She did not seem to be injured on the surface, but Yang Kai had the feeling that she was still wounded; otherwise, she would not be so quick to try to recuperate. It was not easy for a Demon Saint to heal once they were injured.


Since Yu Ru Meng didn’t join the fight, Yang Kai couldn’t see what was happening on the battlefield. He could only wait patiently regardless of how anxious he was. During this period, he brooded hard over something. He was trying to see if there was a way he could get Bright Moon out of trouble, but he couldn’t think of anything no matter how hard he racked his brain, not unless he could persuade Yu Ru Meng to help. Unfortunately, the chances were not great even if she did agree to help.


As time passed, the battle up ahead became more and more intense. It seemed as though other Demon Saints had rushed over. Bright Moon had already been outnumbered in the first place. Now that the number of enemies had increased, his situation became even less hopeful. Concurrently, the entire Eternal Sky Continent’s World Principles were becoming increasingly fragmented. Wave after wave of aftershocks coming from the attacks swept over, making all the Demons present extremely nervous. They were worried that the continent might be destroyed, and they would all be swallowed up into the Void as a result.


All of a sudden, Yu Ru Meng abruptly opened her eyes. She looked into the distance with a deep gaze. Then, she stood up.


Yang Kai turned to look at her before she swayed slightly and disappeared from that spot, leaving only a light fragrance blowing in his face. Upon seeing that, he hurried over to the front of the Demon Mirror, grasping the edges of it with both hands as he anxiously lowered his head to look. The scenery in the Demon Mirror was changing rapidly, making it obvious that Yu Ru Meng was moving swiftly.


Approximately thirty breaths later, dazzling bursts of light shone out from the Demon Mirror and were immediately followed by loud explosions booming out from within. Yang Kai was stunned. He never imagined that not only could the Demon Mirror transmit pictures but also sounds. It was a good thing for him. This would make it easier for him to understand the situation on the other side.


The image froze as Yu Ru Meng stopped in her tracks. When the dazzling bursts of light faded, seven or eight figures stood proudly in the sky. One person stood in the centre and the rest were scattered around him.


The person in the middle was covered in blood. His originally white clothes were dyed blood-red. Nobody knew whether the blood belonged to him or the enemy. He looked rather tired but was still as calm as the wind.


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed at the sight.


Bright Moon’s situation as of this moment was extremely dire. Even though he had recovered with the help of the leaves of the Immortal Tree that Yang Kai had given him, it was clear that he was badly injured again after going through such an intense battle. He was no longer bound by the Blood Sea and the Spirit Array, but the Twelve Demon Saints were still gathered in Eternal Sky Continent. It was now as difficult as ascending to the Heavens for him to escape from this place.


The Demon Saints surrounding him were greatly varied, including both men and women. They represented the Demon Realm’s strongest combat forces. Whether stern and gloomy, smiling, or cold and distant, they all had different expressions.


Yang Kai did not know many of them. He had some small dealings with Bei Li Mo before, so they were not strangers, and he had seen Xue Li once from a distance. Xue Li originated from the Blood Demon Clan and was the one who presided over the Blood Sacrifice Technique. The abundant Blood Qi in his body was not something that other people could match up to; however, his current condition was not much better than Bright Moon’s. He was also covered in wounds. It would seem that he had suffered quite terribly at Bright Moon’s hands.


In addition to Xue Li, there was also a bloated, short, crimson Demon Saint that concerned Yang Kai greatly. [If I’m not mistaken, this guy… is probably a Red Demon. What!? Even a Red Demon can become a Demon Saint? Aren’t they the lowest caste of Demons in the Demon Realm? What other means do they have aside from their own self-destruction?]


Moreover, this Red Demon Saint was in the same state as Xue Li. He was heavily injured. In particular, there was a gentle glow coming from his chest area that continued to radiate soft white light. It was causing him a certain degree of interference and injury with every passing moment. This was clearly Bright Moon’s doing.


Bo Ya’s weak voice suddenly came from beside him, “That person is probably Senior Huo Bo of the Red Demon Clan.”


He turned to look behind him and saw that He Yin, Lao Ke, and the others had gathered around too. It was clear that they were very concerned about the situation on the battlefield. Be that as it may, they did not dare to get too close without his permission. Bo Ya was the only one who did not act like an outsider, standing next to him and watching along with him.


[So, that’s Huo Bo!] When Yang Kai went over to Bai Zhuo’s station previously, he had heard from him that Bright Moon was fighting against Xue Li and Huo Bo. He had made a mental note of their names at the time. From what he could see, all three who had fought since the beginning were not doing so well. On the other hand, the other Demon Saints who came later seemed to be unharmed. At the very least, that was how they looked on the surface. The rest of the Demon Saints had their Soul Wisps destroyed, so they were surely suffering from a certain degree of damage.


“Didn’t I tell you to go and get some rest?” Yang Kai frowned and glanced at the injury on Bo Ya’s shoulder.


Bo Ya shook her head, “It’s nothing serious. Not to mention, this is such a rare battle that only occurs once every few thousand years. I really don’t want to miss it.”


Nobody wanted to miss spectating this battle. Judging from the looks on the faces of Lao Ke, Ke Sen, and the others, it was obvious that they thought the same way. Thus, Yang Kai left them alone.


“I can’t believe even a Red Demon can become a Demon Saint. He is a Red Demon, right?” Yang Kai frowned, voicing his suspicions as a question.


Bo Ya chuckled, “The entire Demon Realm considers it a miracle. You aren’t the only one to find it hard to believe. Nobody in the Demon Realm can believe it either. Even now, no other Master has been born to the Red Demon Clan. Senior Huo Bo is certainly one of the Twelve Demon Saints. Nobody knows what opportunities he came across in his early years.”



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