Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3535, The Twelve Demon Saints


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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The world was vast and full of surprises. There was always something unthinkable that nobody could ever have imagined.


Yang Kai’s eyes shifted. He pointed at another Demon Saint and asked, “What about him?”


He was only observing the situation on the other side through the mirror-like Demon Artifact. Even so, this Demon Saint stood out as the most conspicuous existence. It wasn’t his appearance, but rather the feeling he gave off that made him impossible to ignore. Yang Kai could tell at a glance that this person was not to be trifled with.


Likewise, Bo Ya’s expression was extremely solemn as she identified that person carefully and replied, “If I’m not wrong, that would be the First Demon Saint, Senior Huang Wu Ji.”


“The First Demon Saint?” Yang Kai was surprised, “There are rankings among the Twelve Demon Saints?”


It had been a long time since he came to Demon Realm, but he had never heard about that before. [I wonder how Yu Ru Meng ranks. And, what about Bei Li Mo?]


Bo Ya, however, laughed and shook her head at his question, “The other Demon Saints do not have ranks. Senior Huang Wu Ji is the only person publicly recognized as the First Demon Saint!”


“Is he the strongest?” Yang Kai asked in a grim voice.


“Not only that. He is also the oldest Demon Saint,” She nodded lightly.


He studied the image seriously and memorized that person’s appearance before asking, “Which Demon Clan does he come from?”


“The Strength Demon Clan!”


Yang Kai nodded slightly. The Strength Demon Clan from the Demon Race was naturally known for their incredible strength. Additionally, this person was the strongest and oldest Demon Saint. His strength had probably reached a realm that was difficult to even imagine. Was there anybody who could even fight against him in the Star Boundary?


Afterwards, Yang Kai got to know each of the Demon Saints through Bo Ya’s explanations. In truth, she had never met any of these Demon Saints either, but their racial characteristics were very distinct. Moreover, many of them were exceedingly well-known throughout the Demon Realm, so she only needed to match their appearances to their names.


Flame Demon Chi Yan, Feather Demon Fu Yu, Stone Demon Mo Kan, Shadow Demon Wu Hua, Corpse Demon Zu Liao, Bone Demon Ge Meng, Sand Demon, You Qiu… Adding Charm Demon Yu Ru Meng, Snow Demon Bei Li Mo, Red Demon Huo Bo, Blood Demon Xue Li, and Strength Demon Huang Wu Ji, these were the Twelve Demon Saints who stood at the pinnacle of the Demon Realm. All of them were gathered in this place. Furthermore, each of the twelve Clans represented by the Demon Saints, aside from the Red Demon Clan, were among the most powerful Clans in the Demon Realm.


Staring at the scene in the mirror, Yang Kai held his breath, feeling as if he was experiencing the calm before the storm.


Bright Moon stood alone on a battlefield located an unknown distance away, explicitly, or implicitly confronting the Twelve Demon Saints. His expression was calm and unruffled. On the other hand, many of the Demon Saints did not seem to have the intention to make the first move either. They had an absolute advantage in numbers and were confident that they could keep him in this place forever. Even so, one or two among them might end up severely injured if Bright Moon fought back desperately. A moment of carelessness, and he could drag any one of them down with him. Therefore, none of them were making the first move even though they held the upper hand on the battlefield. What’s more, their plan was not to kill Bright Moon, but rather to exhaust his strength as much as possible to create a greater chance for the Half-Saints behind them to kill him.


Silence blanketed the entire world. Even the sounds of breathing were practically undetectable. This stand-off lasted for several days and nights. The figures of the Great Emperor and the Demon Saints were so motionless that they looked like they were part of an eternal painting of the world, leaving Yang Kai feeling extremely anxious.


He might not be on the battlefield, but he knew that the longer they dragged things out, the slimmer Bright Moon’s chance of escaping became. Although the confrontation had lasted for several days, Bright Moon had not been able to rest at all during these few days. The Twelve Demon Saints’ auras were firmly locked on him, and if he so much as showed the slightest weakness, they would immediately rain down a storm of attacks on him. Thus, he needed to always maintain peak vigilance to overcome this calamity. Under these circumstances, his mental strength was being consumed at a rapid rate. How could he possibly even get a moment of respite?


Even as a bystander, Yang Kai understood such an apparent truth, so how could Bright Moon, who was stuck in the centre of the vortex, be unaware of it? In order to break the stalemate, he would need to take great risks to have a chance of surviving. If this stand-off were to continue, his situation would only get worse and worse.


All of a sudden, without warning, Bright Moon moved. He slowly raised a hand, straightening his palm in front of his chest to use a Secret Technique. His surface was instantly covered in a layer of gentle light. Many of the Demon Saints changed their expressions in unison the moment he made a move. The Demon Qi coming from each individual roared into the sky.


The reflection in the mirror-like Demon Artifact showed Xue Li’s figure flickering. He turned into a blood ray and rushed at Bright Moon, seemingly going for the kill. The blood ray instantly arrived in front of Bright Moon and abruptly transformed into a blood web that could corrode anything and engulfed Bright Moon from above.


Bright Moon’s other hand grabbed at something in the void. A longsword that seemed to be formed from condensed moonlight appeared in his hand. Without even bothering to look, he slashed out with the sword.


The blood web split into two, skimming past his body. Then, it gathered together again to form Xue Li’s figure. He opened his mouth and spat out a cloud of blood mist at Bright Moon. Bright Moon had no time to bother about anything else as a round moon suddenly appeared behind him, hanging above his head. The moonlight illuminated the place, and the blood mist quickly evaporated. At the same time, his sword slashed out like a Dragon. The Moonlight Longsword transformed into a rain of swords and created a shield in front of him.


Meanwhile, clusters of crimson balls had already flown to his front during that time. It was Huo Bo who had launched a sneak attack while Xue Li was keeping Bright Moon busy. Yang Kai could clearly see that the clusters of crimson balls had been shot out by Huo Bo from a distance at an unimaginably high speed.


The sword net collided with the crimson balls and loud explosions immediately rang out. The small balls burst open as though many Red Demons had self-destructed on the spot, wrapping Bright Moon’s figure in a dazzling light.


*Xiu xiu xiu…* 


Three rays of light appeared at that moment, shot from a far distance. It was the supreme archery performed by Feather Demon Fu Yu. There was also an incomparably tall skeleton of withered bones that approached from below, his jaws opening and closing as he approached, letting out a chattering sound that was extremely disturbing.


A sandstorm blew violently while the Shadow Demon Saint had already concealed his figure. The Stone Demon’s body glowed with a rocky lustre as he rushed to the forefront, acting as a physical shield to block Bright Moon’s continuous attacks with his strong defensive ability.


A chilly wind howled as snowflakes danced. Each snowflake was like a sharp blade and formed together into a deadly whirlwind. On the other side, there was a blazing fire that illuminated the world as Flame Demon Saint Chi Yan incinerated his surroundings as though he wanted the entire world to burn to ashes.


A dreamy murmuring sounded as the scene on the Demon Artifact mirror changed so rapidly that it was shocking. The smallest flinch had set off a chain reaction. With a single move from Bright Moon, the Twelve Demon Saints attacked all at once and the silent battlefield instantly broke out into a ferocious melee.


The scenery on the mirror-like Demon Artifact was shaking fiercely as all kinds of light flooded the scene and bursts of deafening explosions blasted out one after another. Yang Kai no longer had a clear view of the situation there anymore and clasped the edges of the Demon Mirror tightly with both hands, his expression so solemn that it was dreadful.


Bo Ya turned to look at him curiously and ruminated over something for a moment before she spoke up comfortingly, “All Twelve Demon Saints are there. Nothing will happen to Holy Venerable. You don’t need to worry so much.”


Yang Kai naturally remained silent. He was not worried about Yu Ru Meng, he was worried about Bright Moon! 


The Demon Saints had successfully injured Bright Moon heavily and trapped him in Eternal Sky Continent back then, so it was possible for them to do it again today. Compared to back then though, the Demon Saints had an even stronger line-up today. Bright Moon’s current situation was truly worrying.


The battle showed no signs of stopping once it began. Be it Bright Moon or the many Demon Saints, they were going to fight to the death here. When the scenery in the Demon Mirror occasionally paused for a moment, Yang Kai could see a blur of the situation there.


Without any surprise, Bright Moon was being besieged by attacks. He was being hard-pressed, and his situation became increasingly severe with each passing moment. Facing so many enemies alone, it was already astonishing for a single person to be able to hold out so well, but what were his odds of survival even if he fought back desperately?


Yang Kai didn’t know what Bright Moon had planned, but it was clear his chances of escaping were very slim now that things had progressed to this point. Yang Kai assessed his own strength over and over again, wondering what he could do to help if he rushed over, but what discouraged him was that he concluded he would not be able to get close to the battlefield even if he brought out all his trump cards.


His fingernails cut into his flesh, causing Golden Blood to dye the edges of the Demon Mirror. His expression was so savage that it looked like he was about to kill somebody.


Bo Ya and the others could sense his foul mood and feeling that silence was golden, none of them dared to disturb him.


Time passed slowly, and with the help of Yu Ru Meng’s occasional pause between attacks, Yang Kai could see a little bit of the situation on the battlefield through the Demon Mirror. Bright Moon was covered in blood and terribly injured, his complexion was as pale as a sheet, and even if Yang Kai wasn’t on the scene himself and could not experience the power of the Secret Techniques and the Divine Abilities Bright Moon displayed, he could tell that they were not as powerful as before.


On the contrary, the Demon Saints became more relaxed. The Innate Divine Abilities of the Twelve Demon Saints were different, and they mutually reinforced each other’s strengths while covering for their weaknesses. Two or three of the Demon Saints were gathered around Bright Moon at every moment to tie him down while the Demon Saints who were proficient in long-range attacks took distance to severely wound him. Blood repeatedly splashed across the sky.


The Shadow Demon Saint, Wu Hua, was also lurking around elusively. He would appear whenever Bright Moon showed an opening, leaving another wound on his target’s body.


The full moon hanging behind Bright Moon’s head had become cloudy and sallow. It could no longer shine with the brilliant light it had before.


The world shattered as enormous cracks in space split open. Nobody could tell how much time had passed, but suddenly, Bright Moon let out a soft chuckle on the chaotic battlefield and his voice spread over his surroundings, “Bright Moon is honoured that all Holy Venerables think so highly of me that you have all turned out in full force. I will have no regrets even if I die in this place, but… my life is not something you can take just because you want to!”


After saying so, a light suddenly flooded the world. It was so bright that even the surface of the Demon Mirror turned blazing white. Immediately after that, a sensational aura spread out from the distance.


Yang Kai raised his head abruptly and looked in that direction, his complexion deathly pale as he felt like he was going to faint. 


[Has Bright Moon been forced to self-destruct out of desperation!?]


It would be impossible for a Great Emperor to choose such a decisive way to end his life unless he had no other choice. At this moment, Yang Kai only felt as though somebody was squeezing his heart. It was so suffocating that he could barely breathe.


Silavin: Damn. Edge of my seat kind of chapter.




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