Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3536, Fatal Blow


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai never imagined that he would witness the fall of a Great Emperor with his own eyes one day. He did not know what the Great Emperor War had been like tens of thousands of years ago, but it must have been simply astonishing with Heaven Devouring Great Emperor dominating the battlefield. Although many Great Emperors had worked together to fight him, quite a few of them had still been killed in the end. Wu Kuang, who cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, had terrifying recovery abilities and endurance, but even he had lost his life in the Shattered Star Sea, so what more need be said about Bright Moon?


Yang Kai should have expected this situation a long time ago. Even so, he found it hard to believe when he actually witnessed it. His figure swayed and he instinctively began to push his Space Principles to rush over. It no longer mattered what he could do to help, he was the only one who could save Bright Moon now. If he didn’t do anything, then there was nobody else in this world who could give Bright Moon a hand. As for the consequences… Yang Kai had no time to think about them. The main reason why he came to the Demon Realm was to save Bright Moon. Now that Bright Moon was in danger, he could not simply stand by and watch him die without doing anything.


Cries of exclamation came from many Demon Saints in the Demon Mirror. The scenery in the mirror was also retreating rapidly and it was obvious that Yu Ru Meng was fleeing from the battlefield after sensing something was wrong, so as not to be affected by Bright Moon’s self-destruction. A moment later though, her shout came through the Demon Mirror loud and clear, “Damn! We were fooled!”


Yang Kai froze in his tracks and the Space Principles around him instantly fell silent as he turned his head to look at the mirror. The incandescent light that originally filled the entire mirror had disappeared at some point. In Yu Ru Meng’s field of vision, Bright Moon had turned into a white streak. Just as the many Demon Saints pulled away and retreated, he took advantage of the opening to rush out of the encirclement and dash in a certain direction.


*Xiu xiu xiu…* 


The sound of something slicing through the air echoed as the Feather Demon Demon Saint Fu Yu stood above the clouds and rapidly drew her bow. Several rays of light flew out like falling stars chasing after the moon. Those arrows ignored the barriers of space and appeared right behind Bright Moon the moment they left the bowstring.


Yang Kai had only just begun to feel relief when anxiety filled him again. Even though he had never experienced it before, he could still imagine the horror of the Feather Demon Saint’s archery skills. Bo Ya was only a Mid-Rank Demon King, but more than one High-Rank Demon King had died at her hands. The Feather Demon Clan specialized at sniping from a distance. Bright Moon might not be able to avoid such an attack in his best condition, so what about now?


Just when Yang Kai was feeling extremely nervous, Bright Moon’s figure urgently swooped downward, as though he had grown eyes on the back of his head. He narrowly avoided the series of sharp arrows, but before Yang Kai could rejoice, those arrows that were like streaming lights simultaneously turned around and chased after Bright Moon without pause.


Fu Yu’s arrows seemed to be guided by her Divine Sense to lock onto Bright Moon. Even if he escaped to the ends of the world, he couldn’t get them off his tail. He twisted and turned several times but still couldn’t shake off the streaming arrows chasing him. Taking advantage of his preoccupation, the Demon Saints he had deceived previously regained their senses and their figures shifted as they gathered around from all directions. It wouldn’t take any longer than three breaths for Bright Moon to be surrounded again. Then, he would lose his slight opening he spent so much effort creating. As such, he was extremely decisive. Flipping mid-air, Bright Moon weaved a set of hand seals and flashes of moonlight swiftly shot out behind him.


An explosion rang out and the flashes of moonlight vanished out of sight. The streaming arrows were shot down, one after another. Blood flowed from the corners of Bright Moon’s mouth due to the shock. The price might have been high, but he would still have a good chance of escaping as long as he managed to disrupt Fu Yu’s attack. The encirclement of the Demon Saints had yet to close and the Blood Demon Saint, who was the one nearest to him, was at least fifty kilometres away. He might be able to take this chance to escape as long as he could rush to the nearest Territory Gate…


It was at that moment that a black shadow suddenly appeared behind Bright Moon like a ghost, and a gleam of light slashed past him lightly…


Yang Kai’s eyes abruptly widened to the size of saucers. All the blood in his body turned as cold as ice in that instant! Time seemed to freeze. Reflected in the surface of the Demon Mirror, Bright Moon was still facing the various Demon Saints when, behind his back, a black shadow clung to his side. Nobody knew when that black shadow had appeared there, almost to the point where it seemed it had always been there.


The glow from the flashes of moonlight had yet to fade when fresh blood spurted out from Bright Moon’s waist…


The picture began moving again. Blood splattered everywhere and Bright Moon’s entire body shuddered as if he was struck by lightning. He didn’t even think about it as he struck behind him with a backhanded blow. That ghostly figure quickly retreated, avoiding the blow and stood at a distance of several thousand metres away from Bright Moon, glancing forward with an indifferent gaze. The figure was holding a pitch-black dagger in their hand, one that was dripping with red blood, making it very eye-catching.


Many Demon Saints stopped in their tracks, no longer having any intention to give chase. All of them were gazing at Bright Moon with complicated looks. They didn’t show any excitement at their success nor hostility towards their enemy. Even Xue Li and Huo Bo, who had been fighting Bright Moon before, were silent…


Bright Moon was nearly severed in two from that blow, and the Demon Saints no longer needed to take action. That was because Bright Moon would never escape from this place even if they didn’t do anything. That blow had not only cut him deeply, it also severed all his hopes of escape.


The next stage of their plan was prepared for the Half-Saints who wanted to compete for the opportunity. The many Demon Saints had long agreed that none of them could interfere unless forced to do so. Whoever received this opportunity would be up to the means of the Half-Saints serving under them.


“Wu Hua…” Standing in front of the mirror, Yang Kai clenched his fists, ground his teeth, and muttered coldly. However, he soon discovered that the person who had attacked Bright Moon was not Wu Hua. That was because the Shadow Demon Saint, Wu Hua, was clearly standing on the other side of Yu Ru Meng’s field of vision.


If it wasn’t Wu Hua, then who was it?


The person who attacked clearly belonged to the Shadow Demon Clan; moreover, a person who would dare to attack a Great Emperor at this time would definitely be a Demon Saint. Otherwise, the attack would not have succeeded.


Recalling the scene when this strange figure appeared, Yang Kai’s mind flashed back to the time when he was attacked outside Orthodoxy Temple. That scene was extremely similar to what had happened just now. In that tense moment, a name popped out. 


Night Shadow Great Emperor, Can Ye!


[I can’t believe he’s here!] It seemed that Can Ye had been hiding in Eternal Sky Continent for a long time now, just waiting to land a fatal blow on Bright Moon at this critical moment. Yang Kai wasn’t expecting this, and it was clear that Bright Moon had not been expecting it either. It could also be said that he would have been powerless even if he had taken precautions against the attack.


Bright Moon couldn’t stop coughing up blood. The aura of a Great Emperor was fading quickly. A feeble light appeared at the location of the huge wound. It was barely able to stop the deterioration of the injury, but it was just part of his dying struggle. Can Ye’s blow had not just sliced open a wound that was visible to the naked eye. It had also sliced through the invisible foundation of the Great Emperor.


Bright Moon staggered, turned to face Can Ye, and wiped at the blood at the corners of his mouth with his hand. Although he was in a desperate situation, his expression remained unchanged in the face of death and his dry lips parted to ask, “Is the Demon Realm really that great?”


If not for Can Ye, the two worlds’ passage would not have been opened. If not for Can Ye, there would be no war between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm. It could even be said that most of the responsibility for the current situation in the Star Boundary lay with Can Ye.


Can Ye didn’t answer. His body which was wrapped in a black shadow gradually faded and slowly vanished out of sight. Just as he came without a trace, he also left without one.


Bright Moon slowly shook his head. He then turned around to face the Twelve Demon Saints. His gaze flicked across the faces of each of the Demon Saints. In the end, his gaze landed on Huang Wu Ji as he spoke softly, “Many thanks for joining hands and facing me. I will die with no regrets. Although I will be dying here today, the light of the bright moon will not be extinguished.”


Huang Wu Ji stood with one hand behind him, lifting his other hand slightly to gesture politely at Bright Moon.


Bright Moon smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to grab at something in the void, and the Moonlight Longsword appeared in his hand again. He glanced sideways as an unknown number of Half-Saints had gathered in all directions, staring at him either openly or covertly. The eyes of every one of those Half-Saints were filled with obvious greed and covetousness.


Bright Moon staggered to turn around. The sword in his hand danced gracefully as many of the Half-Saints retreated in unison. Although his aura had weakened considerably and the aura of a Great Emperor was rapidly fading, he was still not an ordinary person and could not be underestimated. Who knew how many Half-Saints he could kill before he died?


Therefore, none of the Half-Saints that came from many different continents dared to act rashly, even though they couldn’t wait to rush in to kill Bright Moon. Clearly being first here was not wise.


The expressions on the faces of the Demon Saints were quite gloomy, but none of them spoke up to criticize the Half-Saints. They knew what these Half-Saints were scared of after all.


More than ten thousand kilometres away, the Space Principles around Yang Kai’s body fluctuated as he performed consecutive Instantaneous Movements without stopping. He was rushing towards the battlefield. The regret in his heart could not be any deeper. [If I had known earlier that this would have happened, I would have taken Bright Moon away from this place one year ago. Although Xue Li and the Twelve Pinnacles Grand Demon Array were there at the time, it would still have been better than the current situation where all Twelve Demon Saints have gathered.]


Unfortunately, he also understood that Bright Moon had been severely injured back then. Bright Moon could not have faced off against Xue Li in that condition, and he didn’t have the strength to take Bright Moon away either. Now that things had reached this point, he no longer understood why Heavens Revelations Great Emperor had wanted him to enter the Demon Realm to rescue Bright Moon. Bright Moon’s situation was doomed from the beginning. What was the use of sending him here? Could it be just so that he could witness the fall of a Great Emperor?


On the battlefield, the Twelve Demon Saints watched quietly as Bright Moon swung the sword in his hands. He walked across the sky, blood spilling along the way. His aura was disappearing at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, but even so, the Half-Saints blocking his way backed away constantly with every step he took forward.


A gloomy atmosphere pressed down on the hearts of every single Half-Saint present. It felt as though they were standing in the eye of the storm with the howling winds rampaging around them. The concealed murderous intent coming from Bright Moon made chills run down their backs.


All of a sudden, a certain Half-Saint could no longer withstand this tormenting pressure. He gave a loud roar and lunged towards Bright Moon, striking out with his fist. Wherever the fist passed, space collapsed.


However, Bright Moon didn’t even bother looking up and just casually slashed out with his sword. An explosion sounded and that Half-Saint and Bright Moon locked in an impasse for a fleeting moment. Then, the Half-Saint was cleaved into two. Blood spurted out like rain and his body turned into a cloud of mist.


At the same time, Bright Moon coughed up a mouthful of blood and his body trembled slightly. Under normal circumstances, it would have been absolutely terrifying to hear that a Half-Saint had been killed in a single move. It was also enough to deter anybody from daring to act rashly, but surprisingly, it didn’t horrify the Half-Saints today and instead many of them revealed pleasantly surprised expressions.


Silavin: Original Title – The Fatal Blow




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  1. Smh just as I thought, this is going exactly how I predicted. I guess I see why heavens revelations said what he said. That bitch can ye needs to die. Why tf is a demon being acknowledged by the star boundary anyway and allowed to be a great emperor?!? Dude was doomed to die the minute he got trapped there.

    1. Wu Kuang had already lost the acceptance of the World’s Will, though, and doesn’t qualify as a Great
      Emperor anymore since he can’t use World Force. Even possessing Hong Chen Great Emperor’s body
      and the HDBL, his limit in the Star Boundary is Pseudo-Emperor.

  2. This could have all been prevented had Yang Kai left him with a space beacon and had he not wasted a half month walking with an army instead of rushing over as soon as he heard that the demons were converging on Bright Moon. And the Author seriously expects me to just ignore all the ways this could have been preventes?

    1. Yea author will conveniently forget things when it’s plot-relevant to increase drama. You should know by now, we’re 3.5k chapters in 😛

    2. What other ways could it have been prevented, especially when you’re disguising yourself as a spy? Even if he rushed over for half a day, the battle with Xue Li and Hu Buo already took place. And the aftermath of Great Emperor battles are enough to kill him.

    3. Yes. It feels bad. There are many many ways he could have been saved much easier; especially with the esoteric dao of space. LOL

      AND… what about all the downtime that Kai had waiting for embodiment… why isn’t he cultivating his dragon with the flowers, or cultivating a month at a crack in SWB? So many things missed…

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