Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3537, He Who Strikes First Has the Advantage


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It was just that… even though the Half-Saint had been killed, he had also worsened Bright Moon’s injuries. This was something that was basically impossible under normal circumstances. A Great Emperor was that powerful after all. He could kill a Half-Saint on the spot with a mere wave of his hand; and yet, Bright Moon was currently coughing up blood non-stop. In other words, the Half-Saints present here were more than qualified to threaten the life of this Great Emperor of the Star Boundary!


That was enough! One or two Half-Saints might not be a match for him, but what about ten? Or twenty? There were more Half-Saints than that here. He would die even if all they used were their numbers to kill him by piling themselves on top of him. Before coming here, all the Half-Saints had mentally prepared themselves to put their lives on the line, so how could they shrink back at this time just because one of them had fallen?


Nevertheless, the fall of that leading Half-Saint was not without effect. At the very least, the remaining Half-Saints were afraid to act rashly. Everybody could see that Bright Moon was no longer at his peak, but he was still more than capable of killing off a few Half-Saints with ease. Nobody wanted to sacrifice themselves for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just to help somebody else.


For that reason, everybody else simply surrounded Bright Moon tightly after the fall of that Half-Saint. They followed his movements and constantly kept their distance, but nobody dared to take action.


Meanwhile, messages were sent out. All the Demon Race armies stationed at various locations in Eternal Sky Continent suited up, marched in unison, and rushed towards the place where Bright Moon was located.


The Half-Saints did not want to die in vain; hence, they could only pin their hopes on the Demon Race armies under their command, hoping to exhaust Bright Moon’s strength further. There would definitely come a time when the Great Emperor of the Star Boundary would be completely spent. That would be when the Half-Saints would fight for the opportunity.


A short while later, one of the Half-Saints did not hesitate to give the Demon Kings in his army the order to attack the moment the first group arrived at the battlefield. The Demon Kings were full of reluctance, but they did not dare to disobey the order; thus, they could only grit their teeth and charge. Their roars resounded across the sky as armies of millions floated into the air and swept out like a dense swarm of locusts.


Bright Moon sighed. The Moonlight Sword in his hand shone dazzlingly. Several sword waves sped through the air and smashed millions to pieces…


The second army arrived, followed by the third… Countless Demon Race armies were arriving in a steady stream. The world was dyed crimson with blood. The Moonlight Sword flashed a few more times, and thousands of the Demons fell from the sky at every moment. It looked like the battlefield was raining from a distance. Even though the Demon Race suffered countless deaths and injuries, what caught everyone’s attention was the tragic yet majestic fate of the Great Emperor.


“A Great Emperor from the Star Boundary sure is amazing.” Bei Li Mo suddenly came to Yu Ru Meng’s side and sighed lightly.


Yu Ru Meng wrinkled her eyebrows, secretly feeling wary of Bei Li Mo. The two of them had always been at odds with each other. She didn’t know what kind of intentions Bei Li Mo held in her heart for her to run over here so suddenly, so how could she not be vigilant? Thus, she snorted softly and said, “I don’t think you will be any worse than him if you were driven to such a desperate situation.”


Bei Li Mo glanced at Yu Ru Meng and chuckled, “Little Sister, are you trying to jinx me? How could I fall into such a piteous situation?”


Yu Ru Meng said coldly, “That’s hard to say. Who knows what might happen to you one day?”


Bei Li Mo’s expression darkened as she angrily snapped, “It’s true that nothing good comes out of the mouth of a dog. I thought I’d give you a warning, but… it looks like I shouldn’t have bothered.”


Yu Ru Meng frowned, “Warn me about what?”


Bei Li Mo sneered and didn’t bother to reply to that.


Yu Ru Meng stared at Bei Li Mo suspiciously for a long while, but seeing she had no intention of responding, she impatiently snapped, “Speak if you have something to say! Stop trying to act mysterious!”


Bei Li Mo pondered in silence for a moment before sighing, “Haah… Forget it. Why do I always have to be so kind-hearted?”


Those words nearly made Yu Ru Meng burst out into laughter. If Bei Li Mo was considered kind-hearted, then there could be no treacherous people in this world anymore!


Nevertheless, she could sense that Bei Li Mo truly had something to say to her; it was not a good time to be at each other’s throats.


“Where is that little boy toy of yours? Is he safe?” Bei Li Mo winked at Yu Ru Meng.


Yu Ru Meng’s expression changed drastically as she quickly turned her head to look in Yang Kai’s direction. In the next moment, a powerful Divine Sense spread out. Ten breaths later, she gritted her teeth and shouted, “Yue Sang, you court death!”


While speaking, her tender body moved to rush in that direction, but to her surprise, a figure suddenly stood in front of her and blocked her way. That person had a slender body, a head of crimson hair flying in the wind, and blood-red eyes that exuded a wicked light. Although his complexion was pale, there was a smile hanging from the corners of his lips.


She narrowed her eyes slightly, “What is the meaning of this, Xue Li!?”


Xue Li smiled faintly and answered her question with another question, “Where are you going?”


“What do my whereabouts have to do with you? Get out of the way!” She screamed.


He slowly shook his head, “The matter with Bright Moon isn’t over yet. You can’t leave, not until he is dead.


Yu Ru Meng roared furiously, “Bright Moon is already an arrow at the end of its flight! Why do you need to be so cautious!? Besides, it’s not like I’m leaving Eternal Sky Continent. I’ll be back soon.”


He shook his head, “These are Big Brother Huang’s orders. If you want to leave, you can go and ask Big Brother Huang for his permission.”


Yu Ru Meng couldn’t help turning and glancing at Huang Wu Ji, who was standing some distance away. When she saw his indifferent expression, she suddenly felt uneasiness blooming in her heart.


Huang Wu Ji was the First Demon Saint. He must have seen and heard what was going on here; however, he was not saying anything about the situation. It was clear that he tacitly agreed with Xue Li’s actions. [What is the significance of all this? Does making things hard for me benefit them somehow?]


Yu Ru Meng’s pretty face instantaneously became gloomy before she sternly asked, “Has Yue Sang defected to you?”


Otherwise, how could Yue Sang return from the Two Worlds’ Battlefield without saying a single word to her? How could he dare to attack Yang Kai earlier? What’s more, he was currently lying in ambush on the path Yang Kai was taking here… Yue Sang must have found someone to back him, which was why he was acting so fearlessly.


Xue Li grinned, “Don’t make it sound so heinous. It’s not defecting per se. Yue Sang is just returning to his roots. Don’t forget; Yue Sang is a member of the Blood Demon Clan!”


“What are your real intentions here?” Her expression was so dismal that it was practically dripping with gloom.


Bei Li Mo laughed softly by the side as she said, “It’s not like we’re trying to do anything. It’s just that brat can repair and maintain the Territory Gates, which is very useful to the Demon Realm. It’s such a pity that he seemed to be getting a little too close to Hundred Spirits Continent recently. We need to teach him his place. He might be from the Star Boundary, but he still needs to know who is in charge in the Demon Realm.”


Upon hearing those words, Yu Ru Meng’s heart sank. It would seem that Zhui Feng’s appearance had made the Twelve Demon Saints extremely concerned. When they had Bright Moon as an enemy before, they had no time to care about anything else; however, Bright Moon was already an arrow at the end of its flight. Now that they were about to make their move, they were quick to turn on a friend and showed no mercy in doing so. Biting her red lips, she coldly said, “If anything happens to him, you will definitely pay the price!”


“Oh, my…” Bei Li Mo patted her full bosom exaggeratedly, smiling brightly as she cheerfully said, “Little Sister, your angry expression is so frightening.”


Xue Li smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, he won’t die. I have talked to Yue Sang. He can only maim but not kill; after all, there are still many Territory Gates in the Demon Realm that need his attention. It will be a huge loss for us if he dies.”


With Xue Li and Bei Li Mo blocking the way, Yu Ru Meng knew that it was impossible for her to leave this place. Yang Kai would not be in mortal danger even if he fell into Yue Sang’s hands. Nevertheless, he would ultimately suffer severe torture. Yue Sang hated him deeply after all. It could even be said that he would most likely be placed under house arrest in the future. She herself would also be forced into a disadvantageous position.


She secretly cursed him in her heart. [Smelly man! How dare he cause trouble for me!? I told him to stay there and not make any reckless moves! Why is he even rushing over here!? Is the opportunity from a Great Emperor that easy to obtain!? Isn’t it great now? He won’t even get to see the shadow of the opportunity before falling into somebody else’s trap!]




In the boundless Blood Sea, Yang Kai’s complexion became extremely gloomy. He glanced around his surroundings as the entire world was filled with a blood-red colour. The blood waters below churned like the foaming sea. The blood clouds gathered in the sky, obscuring his vision from extending further.


He was anxious to rush over to the Moon Great Emperor’s side, but to his surprise, he had plunged into this Blood Sea halfway there and could no longer distinguish north, south, east, or west.


With such an obvious method, Yang Kai instantly understood who he was dealing with. He swept a cold gaze over his surroundings and shouted, “Get out here, Yue Sang!”


Since Yue Sang had been chased away by Bai Zhuo’s arrival previously, Yang Kai was surprised to see he had not given up. What’s more, he attacked him while the other Half-Saints were fighting over the grand opportunity. Compared to the resentment and hatred between them, Yang Kai felt that the opportunity to become a Demon Saint was far more attractive; thus, he simply could not understand what Yue Sang was thinking.


There were blood clouds in the sky and the Blood Sea below them while the air in between was filled with Blood Qi. The Blood Qi was thick with evil intent. When Yang Kai plunged into this place, he accidentally breathed in some of it and instantly felt dizzy as a result, nearly tumbling into the Blood Sea. Fortunately, he promptly sealed all the pores on his body and held his breath. Only then did he feel slightly better.


He had already tried using his Instantaneous Movement Technique, but unfortunately, this strange place seemed to be an isolated world of its own, making it impossible to leave easily unless he broke the barrier first.


There was no movement in the surroundings. It was so quiet that it felt as though he was the only person in the blood-coloured world. Be that as it may, he knew that Yue Sang was definitely observing him from somewhere in secret.


Seeing this, Yang Kai sneered, “Does a Half-Saint like you need to play hide-and-seek like this? Aren’t you afraid you’ll become a laughing stock if people learnt how cowardly you’re acting?”


As soon as those words came out, Yue Sang finally reacted. An erratic voice rang out from all directions, “I couldn’t do anything to you before because you had help from external forces, but let’s see what you can do to stop me now that you are all alone!”


Yang Kai snorted lightly, “In that case, why don’t you show yourself? Why are you wasting so much time?”


Bubbles emerged in the Blood Sea as Yue Sang’s figure gradually emerged from within. He had a smirk at the corners of his lips and was just about to speak when Yang Kai’s figure flickered and disappeared out of sight.


When Yang Kai reappeared again, he was already right in front of Yue Sang. 


Even though Yue Sang’s strength far surpassed Yang Kai’s, he still couldn’t help being shocked for a moment. He jerked his head up and when their gazes met, a golden light shone out of Yang Kai’s left eye, one that was both extremely domineering and mesmerizing.




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