Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3538, Blood Light Array


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


While using the Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai executed the Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique. A pure white lotus bud appeared in a flash and sank into Yue Sang’s mind.


Yue Sang’s vision was instantly filled with the pure white flower and his Spiritual Energy was forcibly sucked into the bud, out of his control. The petals subsequently began to unfurl, layer by layer. Immediately following behind the flowers, a sword light slashed out with horrifying killing intent!


Demon Eye of Annihilation, Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique, Heaven Severing Slash, and Instantaneous Movement. Yang Kai brought out four of his best methods in that instant, all to take his opponent by surprise. He had no other choice. The other party was a Half-Saint so he basically had no other card to play except taking a pre-emptive strike. Unfortunately, he had the feeling that using all these moves together was still not enough to do anything to his opponent.


With a cry of surprise, Yue Sang lifted his hand and struck out, his palm landing squarely on Yang Kai’s chest. A fleeting look of pain appeared on Yang Kai’s face as the sound of bones breaking rang out. Then, his entire person flew backwards like an arrow released from its string. While flying in mid-air, he forced himself to take a deep breath and summoned the Mountains and Rivers Bell to cover Yue Sang.


With a great splash, Yang Kai fell into the Blood Sea. The clothes on his body were quickly melted away, and even his intrepid physique could not resist the terrifying corrosive force. By the time he came back out of the Blood Sea, his entire body was covered in wounds. There was not a single spot on Yang Kai’s body that was not injured. Fortunately, the healing ability of someone with the blood of the Dragon Clan was so powerful that this level of injury could not be considered serious.


On the other hand, Yue Sang had been caught off guard and lost the initiative. He was currently trapped in the Mountains and Rivers Bell as an overwhelming suppressive aura permeated the air. Violent banging sounds came from inside the bell and it was clear that he was trying to break free of these restraints. At the same time, his voice roared out from within, “Yang Kai, I will rip your corpse into ten thousand pieces!”


His voice not only sounded absolutely livid, but also loud and energetic.


Yang Kai was secretly speechless. Even a High-Rank Demon King would be severely injured after receiving his four move combination, but they only had such minor effects on a Half-Saint. The gap in their strength truly was not something that could be compensated with mere tricks.


“That’s only if you can get out of there.” Yang Kai snorted coldly. Enduring the feeling as though his head was going to split apart, Yang Kai formed a set of hand seals, causing the engravings on the Mountains and Rivers Bell to flicker, increasing the world-suppressing aura to new heights.


Maintaining the activation of the Mountains and Rivers Bell was very exhausting, but Yue Sang would escape very quickly if Yang Kai did not do so. Yang Kai would be no match for Yue Sang the moment he freed himself from his predicament.


Neither Zhui Feng nor the Embodiment were nearby. Yang Kai was all alone in this place. However, he was certain that both Zhui Feng and the Embodiment were catching up. They had hurriedly rushed after him when he sped off just now, but their speed was not as fast as his. Perhaps they had already discovered this Blood Sea and were trying to find a way to destroy it. They were both Half-Saints, so their strength was comparable to Yue Sang’s. The Blood Sea would not be able to stop them though, so Yang Kai only needed to hold on for a short while before the opportunity to join up with them would come.


Even so, Yang Kai could not pin all his hopes on them. Who knew what strange tricks were hidden in this Blood Sea? It might have some sort of power to delay them that he didn’t know about. Therefore, he spread out his Divine Sense and explored the Blood Sea in his surroundings for a weak spot while maintaining the power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell at the same time.


Regardless of how he searched though, Yang Kai could not find any useful clues. The Blood Sea seemed to be a gigantic Spirit Array and he had no way of destroying it unless he could locate its Array Core.


On the contrary, his Divine Sense seemed to have activated some sort of restriction. The Blood Sea in his surroundings churned tumultuously, constantly forming huge bubbles that burst and made the surrounding Blood Qi even denser.


“Did you think I wouldn’t be able to do anything to you just because you trapped me inside here!?” Yue Sang’s shouts came from within the Mountains and Rivers Bell, his voice a mixture of endless ridicule and mockery. Yang Kai did not know when he stopped banging against the Mountains and Rivers Bell, but he probably realized that this Ancient Exotic Artifact was very difficult to deal with so instead he simply called out, “Let me show you the power of my Blood Light Array!”


His words were accompanied by a loud splashing sound. A figure covered in blood suddenly sprang out of the Blood Sea. The figure lunged at Yang Kai at an extremely fast speed as soon as he appeared, closing the distance between them in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai looked in that direction and couldn’t help feeling shocked. That figure was completely devoid of vitality. Yang Kai did not know how long this person had been dead for, but their figure was tall, broad, and had crimson red eyes. When that person’s fist came slamming down, the sound of something slicing through the air rang out. The attack caught Yang Kai off guard and he could only meet it directly.




When both their fists collided with each other, Yang Kai’s eyes widened. He could feel the tremendous power rushing towards him as his body was inadvertently pushed back by a dozen metres. On the other hand, the figure was also blown away by his punch. The other party might be powerful, but it seemed Yang Kai’s strength was still greater.




A series of splashing sounds came out as dozens of figures suddenly emerged from the surrounding Blood Sea. Similar to the figure from earlier, they were devoid of vitality and had crimson red eyes. It was just that they came in different shapes and sizes. When these figures appeared, they attacked Yang Kai without saying a word. Several of them circled to the sides while each of them had powerful blood light coming from their forms. One of them was entirely covered in blood-red flames, similar to a Flame Demon’s Innate Divine Ability.


Several other figures pulled away, each stretching out their hands to hold a strong bow. When they drew the bow and nocked the arrow, countless rays of blood light burst through the air to attack Yang Kai’s vitals like blood serpents.


Yang Kai was taken aback. He never expected that there would be an ambush lying in wait for him in this Blood Sea. Moreover, these people had clearly been dead for a long time now. He couldn’t believe how they still managed to display the abilities they had during their life.


Not daring to underestimate them, Yang Kai lifted his hand, summoned the Wind Gourd, and opened its mouth. His Emperor Qi surged violently, and the Wind Gourd slashed out waves of shocking gales. A fan-shaped area in front of him centred on the place where he stood instantly became a land of death.


*Xiu xiu xiu…* 


A muffled sound rang out as sharp blades of wind slashed everywhere, slicing up the numerous bloody figures into pieces. Even the blood arrows shot toward Yang Kai were completely blocked by the gale.


Before Yang Kai could rejoice, a chill suddenly came from behind him. At that critical moment, he activated Nihility and exiled himself into the void. He sprinted forward simultaneously, speeding thousands of metres away. When he looked behind again, he saw that a ghostly figure had suddenly appeared where he had originally been standing. That person was holding a dagger in his hand and slashing at the spot he used to be. 


Shadow Demon!


Thinking back on the figures that were similar to Flame Demons and Feather Demons, Yang Kai suddenly understood. These people had been refined by Yue Sang. That was why even if they had died, they could still use the abilities they had when they were still alive.


Yue Sang’s voice came from the Mountains and Rivers Bell, “I have eight thousand Blood Corpses in this Blood Light Array. How many can you kill? Surrender obediently, and I’ll let you live!”


Yang Kai sneered, “If your Blood Corpses are only this strong, they won’t be able to do anything to me no matter how many there are!”


These so-called Blood Corpses might be extremely powerful, but they were only comparable to Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings. As long as Yang Kai had enough Emperor Qi, he was not afraid of them with the Wind Gourd in his possession. The only thing he had to guard against were the sneak attacks from the Shadow Demon Blood Corpses. He didn’t know if it was because of Night Shadow Great Emperor, but there was nothing he hated more than the Shadow Demon Clan in the entire Demon Realm at this moment.


“How impenetrably thick-headed! Are you expecting someone to save you!?” Yue Sang sneered, “That beast and that strange Divine Spirit have indeed arrived and are right outside. But, what can they do even if I let them in?”


While Yue Sang was speaking, the Embodiment and Zhui Feng were blasting at the Blood Sea with various methods. Unfortunately, all they managed to do was cause the blood water to swirl violently and evaporate uncontrollably.


When Yang Kai had set off in such a hurry, they had rushed to keep up with him. Nevertheless, how could they possibly keep up with his Instantaneous Movement? Thus, they could only watch as he plunged straight into the Blood Sea. They might not know what secrets were contained within this Blood Sea, but they did know they had been blocked by the swirling sea when they tried to enter.


At this moment, the Blood Sea parted to the sides on its own after the duo let out another barrage of attacks, revealing a spacious passage that led straight into an unknown world. Zhui Feng and the Embodiment looked at each other and nodded. Both of them were extremely courageous, so they plunged into the Blood Sea without hesitation.


The sea that split apart on both sides closed again, swallowing them up in the blink of an eye. Unexpectedly, they lost each other the moment they stepped into the Blood Sea. Zhui Feng searched around but did not see Yang Kai and Embodiment. Thus, he couldn’t help neighing non-stop and sprinting away into the distance. Unfortunately, the Blood Sea seemed limitless and he could not see where it ended no matter where he sprinted, much less find Yang Kai and the Embodiment.


The Embodiment’s current situation was similar to that of Zhui Feng. Unlike Zhui Feng though, he quickly realized that the Blood Sea Spirit Array had some effect of creating an endless loop. There was no other way to swiftly break free of this place; hence, he quickly stopped in his tracks and did not bother with such useless efforts. With a flip of his wrist, the Embodiment took out a bead. Drawing on his power, the bead flashed with light and he disappeared from the spot.


In the centre of the Blood Sea, Yue Sang, who was still being trapped by the Mountains and Rivers Bell, was still mocking loudly, “I have let your two helpers into the Spirit Array. Nevertheless, they are simply walking straight into a trap. Unless they have my permission, they will never be able to find…”


At this point, he stopped abruptly. Immediately after that, he called out in alarm, “How is that possible?!”


There was an obvious incredulity in his voice and Yang Kai could almost imagine the shocked expression on Yue Sang’s face. That was because the Embodiment had appeared next to Yang Kai without warning, stretched out his hand to grab at a lunging Blood Corpse, squeezed it hard, and caused the Blood Corpse to explode.


Yang Kai shouted at that moment, “Time to die, Yue Sang!”


The Blood Light Array was truly amazing. Leaving aside the so-called eight thousand Blood Corpses lying in ambush that were prepared to jump out to attack at any time, it actually had the ability to seal off space, which greatly restricted the use of his Space Techniques. Yang Kai had no way to get out of this place via Instantaneous Movement without first destroying the Spirit Array, but all his Space Techniques worked just fine inside the Spirit Array. The same went for the Space Beacon.


The Embodiment was one of Yang Kai’s most powerful helpers, so how could he not possess a Space Beacon refined by Yang Kai?




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  1. so earlier it was said that zhui feng was faster than a half-saint going at full speed. there was earlier cases where half-saints and pseudo GE were faster than YK teleporting so can someone explain to me how YK was able to move faster than zhui feng by teleporting?

  2. I thought this dude was supposed to be smart?! So he rushes off into a nest of demon saints and half saints without his two most powerful helpers to help a dying great emperor when he can’t even beat a single half saint on his own. Sigh.

    Not only that, apparently his instant teleportation is fast again but other times it’s useless. At some instances zhui feng is the fastest thing moving but now he can’t catch up with yang Kai, come on son.

    1. Momo doesn’t seem to be the most consistent of writers. He also insults the intelligence of both Yang Kai and the readers time after time

      1. YK is superhumanly intelligent actually. Unfortunately he doesn’t have someone superhumanly intelligent to describe his supreme cleverness. Or at least a bit of common sense.

  3. Shadow demon clan must be really fortunate to have a demon Saint AND a great emperor. Their future would have been so bright if they didn’t act against the MC

  4. “ Therefore, he spread out his Divine Sense and explored the Blood Sea in his surroundings for a weak spot”
    What use is the demon eye of annihilation nowadays? That was one of its abilities. It got nerfed over and over again.

  5. He also says “Maintaining the activation of the Mountains and Rivers Bell was very exhausting”.

    Funny how that was never mentioned before. He always used it leisurely. He even kept Sho Huo trapped below the bell for quite a while, without any worries.

  6. If I remembered correctly the Mountains and rivers bell can sever your connection to the outside world. Why can Yue Sang control the array from the inside?

  7. “The Embodiment was one of Yang Kai’s most powerful helpers, so how could he not possess a Space Beacon refined by Yang Kai?”

    Bright Moon sure as hell didn’t have one of these life saving space beacons, and he’s your entire reason for coming here. Why not give him a bead and teleport him to you while closing the gate behind you???

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