Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3539, Moonlight Fades


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Letting the Embodiment into the Blood Light Array was definitely Yue Sang’s biggest mistake. He probably never expected that the Embodiment could come directly to Yang Kai while ignoring the mysterious workings of the Spirit Array.


[That was already within the scope of the Space Techniques. Wasn’t that Human the only one proficient in the Dao of Space? Why was this weird Divine Spirit also proficient in it? How can it be so extremely versatile!?] Yue Sang was completely baffled and the shock in his heart caused the Blood Sea to churn in response.


Countless Blood Corpses were still coming out of the Blood Sea in all directions, lunging at Yang Kai as soon as they appeared; however, the strongest among these Blood Corpses was only as strong as High-Rank Demon Kings. Moreover, there were very few of them. The rest were Mid-Rank Demon Kings and Low-Rank Demon Kings. The real strength of these Blood Corpses lay in their numbers. Anybody who was trapped in the Blood Light Array would become flustered if they were besieged by so many Blood Corpses.


Be that as it may, the Embodiment was now as strong as any Half-Saint, so these Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon King Blood Corpses were nothing to him. He kicked and punched for a little while, and Blood Corpse after Blood Corpse burst into blood mist. 


The surrounding area was cleared up in the blink of an eye.


The Blood Corpses did not reappear as Yue Sang was probably aware that something wasn’t quite right with the situation and stopped making unnecessary sacrifices. He might have claimed that he had thousands of Blood Corpses in his Blood Light Array, but judging by the speed the Embodiment was killing them, there was seemingly nothing they could do even if all of them charged together.


On the contrary, there was a violent sound coming from the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Yang Kai had been careless and nearly allowed Yue Sang to escape. It frightened him so much that he hurriedly pushed the power of the Ancient Exotic Artifact to further suppress Yue Sang.


The Embodiment exchanged a glance with him and immediately understood his current predicament, giving him a slight nod. There was no need for them to communicate as both understood what the other was planning.


In the next moment, the Embodiment reached out his hand and grabbed at something in the void. The Demonic War Hammer appeared in the palm of his hand, and with a slight shift of his body, he rushed towards the Mountains and Rivers Bell.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai changed the hand seals he was using and opened a gap in the world-suppressing pressure. Yue Sang, who was trapped in the Mountains and Rivers Bell, keenly felt this change and immediately turned into a ray of blood light in an attempt to break free.


What he did not expect was that he would be greeted by the Embodiment’s head-on blow. The Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering aura that pressed down on Yue Sang startled him, and like a frightened rabbit, he quickly shrank back again.


Taking this opportunity, the Embodiment plunged into Mountains and Rivers Bell from below and Yang Kai sealed the gap once again. There soon came fierce and appalling sounds of fighting from within the Mountains and Rivers Bell. It was evident that the Embodiment and Yue Sang were battling each other inside. In support, Yang Kai pushed his strength hard to maintain the power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell, a pained expression showing on his face.


The power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell was beyond question; after all, it was an Ancient Exotic Artifact that used to belong to a Great Emperor. It was an existence that could even suppress the Phoenix True Fire for tens of thousands of years. Unfortunately, that was only provided Yang Kai could exert all of its power.


Yang Kai had obtained the Mountains and Rivers Bell many years ago, but because of his limited cultivation, he could not bring out its full power. It had been a surprise that he managed to suppress Yue Sang within it. If the Embodiment had not arrived in time, it would not have taken long before Yue Sang broke free of the restraints.


At present, the two Half-Saints were fighting each other with the Mountains and Rivers Bell as the battlefield. The aftermath of the fierce battle spread out and it was no less intense than the commotion made by Yue Sang before. Even if Yang Kai tried his best, he didn’t know how long he could maintain this situation.


The moment he failed to hold on, Yue Sang would instantly escape from the trap. That would allow Yue Sang to regain the initiative and take control of the situation with the help of this Blood Light Array. Yang Kai seriously doubted that he and the Embodiment could fight against Yue Sang inside this strange Spirit Array while also having to deal with thousands of Blood Corpses. A veteran Half-Saint could not be that easy to deal with after all.


The only hope he had was that the Embodiment could kill or severely injure Yue Sang in short order! That was the only way they would have any hope of victory. What made Yang Kai more anxious though was Bright Moon’s current situation. When he had been rushing over from the mountain valley, Bright Moon had already suffered a grievous wound and was surrounded by countless Half-Saints. Yang Kai didn’t know what situation Bright Moon was in now, which made him hate Yue Sang even more. If Yue Sang had not ambushed him along the way, he would not have been delayed.


Nevertheless, he could not ignore Yue Sang in this situation. He would not be able to escape from the Blood Light Array if he didn’t kill or severely injure Yue Sang first, much less go to Bright Moon’s rescue.


Incessant explosions could be heard coming from within the Mountains and Rivers Bell as the Emperor Qi in Yang Kai’s body flared strongly. His mind was closely connected to the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Following the emergence of those sounds, the patterns on the Mountains and Rivers Bell continued to flicker without stopping. The body of the bell would also become bigger and smaller from time to time, reflecting the fierce battle occurring inside.


In the beginning, a few Blood Corpses would occasionally jump out of the surrounding Blood Sea to obstruct Yang Kai; however, he had taken the time to kill them, and the Blood Corpses in the Blood Sea did not reappear again as time passed. It wasn’t that all the Blood Corpses weren’t there, it was just that Yue Sang could not afford to split his attention to control them!


Yue Sang might be a veteran Half-Saint with extraordinary power, but the Mountains and Rivers Bell that limited the scope of the battlefield was highly advantageous to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law that the Embodiment was using. How could Yue Sang stop the Embodiment when the latter had a Saint Artifact in hand? Just resisting the Embodiment’s horrendous attacks exhausted all of Yue Sang’s mental capacity, so where would he find the spare energy to control Blood Corpses to attack Yang Kai?


While the fight was in full swing on this side, the main battlefield was also flowing with rivers of blood. Platoon after platoon of millions of Demons flooded in from all directions under the Half-Saints’ command. They threw themselves at Bright Moon, one after the other, and the Moonlight Sword continued to bloom with light in response. Troop after troop of the army was beaten half to death and the Demon Race suffered countless casualties as a result.


The scene looked like a group of ants trying to besiege an elephant. It was truly amusing. Unfortunately, the world was full of unspeakable tragedies. It was often said that even an army of ants could kill an elephant, but of course, that was under the premise that the elephant could not move to escape.


Even if Bright Moon was heavily injured, he was not somebody an ordinary member of the Demon Race could challenge. The Half-Saints did not expect the ordinary Demons to cause any new injuries to Bright Moon and simply planned on using these subordinates to tire Bright Moon out. Every time Bright Moon launched an attack, he would weaken a little more. The moment he reached a certain limit would be the moment the Half-Saints made their move.


Among the Twelve Demon Saints, eleven pairs of eyes were staring at Bright Moon. Only Yu Ru Meng looked into the distance with a frosty expression. Her Divine Sense was very powerful, so she could perceive some of the situation over there. Unfortunately, she had no way of knowing what the situation was within the Blood Sea. All she knew was that Yang Kai had plunged into the Blood Sea and fallen into Yue Sang’s trap.


It wasn’t until the Embodiment and Zhui Feng entered the Blood Sea together that her worries slightly lessened. Others might not know much about Yang Kai, but she was different. How could she not understand him after all the years she had spent beside him in Star Boundary?


[Yue Sang is in trouble!] Yu Ru Meng coldly snorted in her heart. [They will suffer for thinking themselves clever.]


Her subordinate’s betrayal was undoubtedly a blow to her reputation; however, her shaky reputation would stabilize again as long as Yang Kai could finish the matter for her.



“It’s over,” Nobody knew how much time had passed when Bei Li Mo’s voice suddenly rang in Yu Ru Meng’s ears. Her voice could not be said to sound excited; in fact, it sounded rather desolate instead, “The fall of a Great Emperor is truly spectacular.”


Yu Ru Meng was startled and when she turned to look in that direction, she saw that Bright Moon was standing alone in the sky. His figure looked bleak and the sky all around him was clear while the ground below him was covered in mountains of corpses and rivers of blood. Countless Demons had died there.


The Moonlight Sword he held in his hand all this while was dim and lacklustre. It was as though it could be extinguished at any moment. His aura as a Great Emperor had long vanished and instead, he was as weak as an old man who was on his deathbed. Even his originally black hair had turned grey at this moment. The appearance of a handsome youth that he used to have no longer existed.


It was indeed over. The Demon Realm had paid a price of hundreds of millions of lives in this place to forcefully exhaust a Great Emperor to such an extent. It was time for the Half-Saints to take their places on the stage. It was time for them to compete between each other.


“I wonder who will come out on top!” Xue Li laughed.


The Half-Saints scattered in the surroundings, who had been watching Bright Moon’s condition nervously, gathered around again. Each of them was so incredibly excited that they surrounded the spot where Bright Moon stood tightly.


Many pairs of eyes turned to look at Huang Wu Ji, to which the tall First Demon Saint gave a slight nod with a solemn expression.


In the next instant, hundreds of Half-Saints moved like a pack of hungry wolves to rush at Bright Moon. In the centre of the storm, Bright Moon’s expression was indifferent. He remained calm in the face of death. There was only an indescribable exhaustion on his face, and his eyes closed slightly. The Moonlight Sword in his hands trembled slightly, before its light was extinguished.



Inside the Blood Light Array, Yang Kai was trembling. His complexion was as pale as a sheet, and Golden Blood steadily flowed from his seven orifices. He had overexerted himself when using the power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell. These actions had affected the injuries that he suffered previously, although they could not be considered serious. Nevertheless, it had worsened his current state.


There was no way around this. Two Half-Saints, the Embodiment and Yue Sang, were having a deathmatch inside the Mountains and Rivers Bell. The fallout of the attacks shook the Mountains and Rivers Bell endlessly, to the point that even he, as the Master of the Mountains and Rivers Bell, was affected by the impact. Thus, Yang Kai could only grit his teeth and hold on with determination. All his previous efforts would be in vain if Yue Sang were to break free from the trap.


The feedback Yang Kai received from the Embodiment allowed him to understand the situation inside the Mountains and Rivers Bell in an instant. Fortunately, Yue Sang was also facing unspeakable misery that was comparable to Yang Kai’s overwhelming burden. The narrow space forced him to face the Embodiment’s fierce attacks while the manifestation of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law caused his aura to decrease steadily. On the other hand, the Embodiment only became stronger as the battle went on. He had the posture as though he was going to hammer Yue Sang to death on the spot.


Hence, Yue Sang was panicking. He could never have expected the situation to come to this in the end. Rather than the suppression of the Mountains and Rivers Bell, what scared him the most was the Embodiment. He did not know what kind of evil Secret Art this strange Divine Spirit had cultivated that had the effect of plundering and devouring his own aura, but it was clear the Embodiment was literally the Blood Demon Clan’s nemesis.




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  1. What do you think of this quality?

    As a half-saint of the Blood Demon clan, Yue Sang is most proficient in the secret arts of the Blood Clan, but he no longer dares to use them easily because no matter what kind of secret arts he uses, the Dharma Body can dissolve them with the Heaven Devouring Battle Method, which makes his situation more and more unpleasant.

      Damn it, it was a foolproof ambush, how could it have turned into such a situation.

      He didn’t want to get out of his trap at any time, but the bell-shaped secret treasure that trapped him had unimaginable suppressive power, and with his Dharma body at his side, he was unable to do what he wanted.

  2. Author really went full retard with the bell nerf. The bell was able to hold a divine pheonix source for over 10,000 years with no owner. And Yang Kai was able to Shi Hou indefinitely who is Yue Sang’s equal if not stronger since Shi Hou is a divine spirit.

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