Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3542, Reneging on One’s Word


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In a mountain valley of Eternal Sky Continent, Li Shi Qing woke up from her unconscious state. She glanced around and did not see Yang Kai anywhere. On the other hand, many members of the Demon Race were gathered around the Demon Mirror that Yu Ru Meng had left behind. They were looking into it with anxious expressions.


Rubbing her neck, she thought back to what had happened just before she fell unconscious. [I vaguely recall being knocked out by Yang Kai… That’s right! The Great Emperor is in danger!]


As soon as that thought crossed her mind, she woke up completely.


At that moment, the members of the Demon Race gathered around the Demon Mirror suddenly let out a cry of exclamation as if they had witnessed an extremely incredible scene. Feeling suspicious, she walked forward, approached the Demon Mirror, and looked into it. Just from that single glance, her beautiful eyes widened to the size of saucers and her tender body began trembling.


There were two figures standing upright in the mirror. Moreover, these two figures were being watched from very far away. Even though they were very far away, she could recognize who these two figures were. One was Yang Kai and the other was Bright Moon Great Emperor!


At this moment, one of Yang Kai’s fists was stuck in Bright Moon Great Emperor’s chest. He had blasted a huge hole in the Great Emperor’s chest. Blood was spilling out of the corners of the Great Emperor’s mouth, and the originally white clothes were completely dyed red with blood.


[What happened during the period I was unconscious!? Why did things end up like this!? I can’t believe Yang Kai killed Bright Moon Great Emperor!] This terrifying thought and the shocking image in front of her turned into an endless buzzing in her head. Unable to bear with it, her vision went dark and she fainted once more.



Yang Kai flipped himself onto Zhui Feng’s back, who then carried him towards the nearest Territory Gate with a loud neigh. His hooves were blazing with golden flames, leaving a burning trail behind him.


Countless Divine Senses were locked onto the pair, and murderous intent extended out toward them. Even though Yang Kai knew that Yu Ru Meng was here on Eternal Sky Continent, he didn’t feel the slightest sense of security from that knowledge.


Yu Ru Meng probably could not help him under these circumstances. If he wanted to survive, he had to escape quickly. The further he fled, the better. The best would be if he could pass through the Two Worlds’ Passage and escape back to the Star Boundary!


The Twelve Demon Saints of the Demon Realm and even Night Shadow Great Emperor, Can Ye, were currently gathered here on Eternal Sky Continent. Now was the time when the defence at the passage was weakest. It was also the best chance for him to escape.


He faintly regretted not putting Li Shi Qing into the Small Sealed World ahead of time. She would definitely suffer the consequences of his escape. Unfortunately, he couldn’t spare the time to worry about her right now. Comparatively speaking, the Great World’s Will was the top priority. The Will that Bright Moon Great Emperor had passed to him could not be lost.


Before the hundreds of Half-Saints surrounding him could recover from their shock, Zhui Feng had already rushed out of the encirclement with Yang Kai on his back. This instantly enraged those Half-Saints, and they began pursuing Zhui Feng and Yang Kai using various means. However, Zhui Feng’s specialty lay in his speed, so how could mere Half-Saints catch up with him? The distance between both parties had only been rapidly increasing from the beginning


Many of the Demon Saints were looking extremely gloomy. Only Yu Ru Meng showed a mixture of pleasant surprise and worry on her face. Although she had always known that Yang Kai was more receptive to the Star Boundary’s Will than the Half-Saints of the Demon Realm, she never thought of letting him participate in this struggle for it since he was not strong enough. What she had not expected was that Yang Kai would actually become the final winner. Furthermore, it seemed as though Bright Moon Great Emperor had voluntarily given that opportunity to him.


Yue Sang, who had been killed by Bright Moon, was nothing in comparison. In any case, Yue Sang had defected over to Xue Li so he was no longer her subordinate. So what if he died? It didn’t matter to Yu Ru Meng anymore. On the other hand, the fact that Yang Kai received this opportunity was tantamount to taking a giant step toward the Grand Dao in advance. How could she not be elated by that? Meanwhile, her worry stemmed from the fact that this opportunity might not be easy to keep.


Sure enough, just as that thought went through her mind, Xue Li’s furious outburst entered her ears, “Bastard!”


After saying that, he turned into a ray of blood light and sped off in the direction Yang Kai was escaping. It looked like he was going to stop Yang Kai personally. It wasn’t just him though as the other Demon Saints were also moving to give pursuit.


The Half-Saints might not be able to catch up with Yang Kai, but that did not mean the Demon Saints could not. Once these Demon Saints blocked his path, he would definitely be besieged by those hundreds of Half-Saints. The final result of that outcome was obvious.


“Don’t you dare!” Yu Ru Meng was furious, but before she could even move, a burly figure appeared in front of her and raised a hand to block her way. She glared at him with a calm expression and quickly said, “Senior Brother Huang, what do you mean by this!?”


The person blocking her way was none other than the First Demon Saint, Huang Wu Ji. He raised his hand slightly and held his arm out horizontally in front of her. His actions were casual, but it felt like there was an iron wall standing in her way. Even though they were both Demon Saints, it would not be easy for her to pass through this obstruction.


Huang Wu Ji looked in the direction where the figures were leaving and spoke in an indifferent tone, “Don’t interfere in this matter.”


Yu Ru Meng gritted her teeth and snarled, “Yang Kai is mine. How can I not intervene in this matter!? Besides, we agreed in advance not to interfere in this fight over the opportunity! They will compete between themselves, and no matter what the outcome is, no one is allowed to complain! So, why are the others pursuing him right now!? Do they think that I, Yu Ru Meng, am a pushover!?”


Huang Wu Ji just replied lightly, “It’s true that we had an agreement before, but the target of the agreement only applies to the Half-Saints under us. He is a Human.”


While speaking, he turned to look at her, “He is not one of us. How can such an opportunity be handed over to him?”


She snapped, “So what if he is a Human!? He has already betrayed the Star Boundary! He has already been demonified. He also made a lot of contributions to the Demon Realm. Why can’t he be allowed to receive such an opportunity!?”


Huang Wu Ji shook his head in response, “You know what we are worried about. Besides, he is not strong enough. What can he do even if he obtained this opportunity? How long will it take for him to fully grow up?”


“The Demon Realm has Twelve Demon Saints plus an additional Great Emperor of the Star Boundary. In comparison, the Star Boundary only has eight Great Emperors right now. Moreover, one of them, Bustling World Great Emperor, is missing. Yang Kai doesn’t make a difference in this equation, whether he exists or not. What you want is just an increase of the world’s capacity. So, why would you need to wait until he grows up?”


Huang Wu Ji shook his head slowly, “Unless he can truly undergo Demon Transformation and become a part of the Demon Race, he will not be allowed to keep that opportunity.”


Upon hearing those words, her face turned pale. She looked anxiously in the direction Yang Kai had escaped, clenching her hands so tightly that her fingernails cut into her palm painfully. Although Yang Kai had undergone demonification once in the Star Boundary and had been overflowing with Demon Qi at the time, he seemed to have returned to his original state at some point. It would be difficult for him to truly become a member of the Demon Race…


“Must he die?” Yu Ru Meng glanced at Huang Wu Ji with a heartbroken look, “If he dies, who will repair and maintain the Territory Gates?”


He lowered his gaze, “The opportunity is currently in his possession and can only be transferred to somebody else when he dies. Only then will others have the opportunity. As for those Territory Gates… we can only allow nature to take its course.”


Yu Ru Meng closed her eyes in pain. A long while later, she abruptly opened her eyes and the Demon Qi in her body surged. She struck out at him and shouted, “I really can’t stay here and do nothing after all! Pardon my offence, Senior Brother Huang!”


Huang Wu Ji held one hand behind his back, and his feet did not move. Even so, his body moved backwards several thousand metres and easily avoided her attack as he calmly stated, “Stop. I have no interest in hurting you.”


Yu Ru Meng was so furious that she smiled instead, “Don’t even think about touching a hair on his head while I still draw breath!”


While speaking, she had already drawn close to him. Her beautiful eyes flashed as a strange light suddenly burst out at that moment. It was as though her eyes had transformed into a black hole and were trying to suck him into them.


Huang Wu Ji lowered his gaze and did not meet her eyes. At the same time, he threw a punch, and a huge hole instantly appeared in the already turbulent space, as though a mirror had been shattered to pieces.


Yu Ru Meng let out a soft cry and was swallowed up whole by the Void.


Huang Wu Ji didn’t feel triumphant at his success though and instead he frowned and stared at his surroundings.


Vague and elusive laughter rang in his ears and the shattered world was suddenly transformed into a world as beautiful as the Heavens. It was enchanting and incomparably realistic. The sense of not wanting to leave rose up in his heart as he stood inside this world, making him extremely unwilling to destroy a single thing around him. 


Huang Wu Ji sighed softly, knowing that he had accidentally fallen into her trap.


As a Demon Saint, Yu Ru Meng was not an easy opponent. Huang Wu Ji might be known as the First Demon Saint, but that was only in terms of overall combat strength. He would definitely be the last one standing in a fight to the death; however, each of the Twelve Demon Saints had their own speciality that should never be underestimated.


By the time Huang Wu Ji finally escaped from the constraints of that bizarre world, thirty breaths had passed and Yu Ru Meng was long gone. It was clear that she had chased after the rest of the Demon Saints. Be that as it may, he had delayed her long enough. It would be too late for her to help by the time she arrived; after all, the Demon Saints only needed to catch up with Yang Kai and block his way for a moment. Then, the Half-Saints following behind would rip him to shreds in an instant.




Zhui Feng was practically a flash of lightning as he travelled as swiftly as the wind. As he dashed forward, the Half-Saints chasing behind them were getting further and further away. Unfortunately, an even stronger Divine Sense locked onto Yang Kai at that moment. 


The Demon Saints had begun to move!


Yang Kai felt extremely sad and indignant. He knew that his guess was right, Yu Ru Meng was unable to protect him. It was fortunate that he had predicted this early on and immediately rode Zhui Feng to run for his life. Otherwise, he would be nothing more than a corpse by now.


He had yet to recover from the shock of Bright Moon’s death; after all, he had killed Bright Moon with his own hand. Even if that situation was created by Bright Moon himself, the self-blame Yang Kai’s heart still left him feeling suffocated and depressed.


Zhui Feng’s neighing brought him back to the present again. He turned to look in a certain direction and saw a ray of blood light approaching him at a terrifying speed. It was going to catch up in less than ten breaths. It was Xue Li!


Behind Xue Li was probably the Feather Demon, Fu Yu. With the help of those beating white wings, her speed was only slightly slower than Xue Li’s.


At this critical moment, Yang Kai’s life was at stake. He gritted his teeth and pushed his Space Principles. Holding onto Zhui Feng’s back with one hand, Yang Kai tore space before them and the pair leapt forward a few thousand kilometres in an instant. 


The moment they reappeared though, Yang Kai coughed up blood.




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