Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3543, He Belongs to Whoever Catches Him First


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Although Yang Kai had not faced Yue Sang directly when he used the Mountains and Rivers Bell to trap him, he had still been struck by the heavy backlash. After all, he was only a Second-Order Emperor while Yue Sang was a Half-Saint. Even with the Mountains and Rivers Bell, he still had to pay a price just to trap Yue Sang.


Due to the shock he experienced from Bright Moon’s death, Yang Kai had not noticed his body condition previously; however, he immediately realized that he was in a terrible condition the moment he used Space Principles to flee. His Emperor Qi was severely depleted and his entire body ached. It felt like even his bones had innumerable fractures. In this physical condition, forget fighting, he would definitely die if those Half-Saints caught up with him.


Fortunately, Zhui Feng had come to his rescue in the nick of time.


He only managed to put some distance between them and the Demon Saints with that one Instantaneous Movement earlier, but the other party had already closed that distance in the blink of an eye and began approaching at an even faster speed.


Yang Kai looked back, feeling so depressed that he was about to spit blood. It was his first time being chased by such powerful foes. The feeling that his life was hanging by a thread made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He hurriedly stuffed a handful of Spirit Pills into his mouth, crunched them, and swallowed. Pressing his body close to Zhui Feng’s back, he grabbed his mane firmly with both hands.


It was clear that even Zhui Feng had noticed the severity of the situation. The muscles all over his body tensed up as his hooves galloped wildly. He spared no effort in fleeing while carrying Yang Kai on his back. His back gradually emitted a layer of crimson blood mist, scorching white steam blew out from his nostrils, and his speed suddenly increased.


Even so, Xue Li and Fu Yu, who were the first to catch up, closed to just a thousand kilometres away within ten breaths.


A vicious murderous intent had locked onto Yang Kai from behind and his expression changed greatly as a result. When he turned back to look, he saw that Fu Yu was drawing her bow to shoot arrows at him while still in pursuit. Yang Kai pushed his Space Principles without any hesitation whatsoever to perform another Instantaneous Movement with Zhui Feng.




A stream of light shot through the air and struck the afterimages of Yang Kai and Zhui Feng, causing them to shatter and dissipate.


A thousand kilometres away, Yang Kai turned Zhui Feng around and fled in a different direction. There was no hope of fleeing in a straight line. Zhui Feng’s speed was certainly fast, but he could not outrun a Demon Saint. If they continued running in the same manner, they would be overtaken before they could even charge through the Territory Gate. He had to think of some other way if he wanted to escape from Eternal Sky Continent. Fortunately, one door would always open when another closed, and the Embodiment had already set off ahead of schedule.


Both Xue Li and Fu Yu, who were chasing after him, were surprised when Yang Kai turned around and changed directions. Nevertheless, the two Demon Saints did not bother thinking about it. They simply assumed that Yang Kai was so panicked that he was fleeing in any direction. That was exactly what they hoped to see from him. This Human brat was as slippery as an eel. He sprinted around in circles with the Space Principles he was so proficient in, which made him very hard to catch. In addition, things would become more troublesome if he were to pass through a Territory Gate. Hence, watching him flee in the opposite direction of the Territory Gate pleased them very much.


Xue Li’s insidious laughter resounded suddenly, “Boy, be good and stop running and this Saint will give you a quick death! Refuse, and this Saint will let you have a taste of Hell!”


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to those words and whispered encouragingly in Zhui Feng’s ears, “Go faster! Go faster!”


The blood mist coming from Zhui Feng’s body continued to dissipate, however, and it was clear he was struggling desperately. Nevertheless, this kind of running did not tire Zhui Feng out. On the contrary, he was riding an emotional high. He let out an excited whinny now and then, appearing extremely thrilled. All those years of living peacefully had nearly made him forget the time when he used to carry Chang Tian into battle, but Yang Kai’s appearance had allowed him to experience this exhilarating feeling once more.


An hour passed by as this cat-and-mouse hunt confused Xue Li, who was gradually becoming more and more frustrated. The thought that he, a Demon Saint, had spent so much time and effort yet remained unsuccessful at chasing down a mere Mid-Rank Demon King was extremely humiliating.


But then again, half the credit of why Yang Kai was so good at running could be attributed to the beast, Zhui Feng. One could run as swiftly as lightning while the other could teleport across long distances. These two factors made it very hard to catch the pair. The Half-Saints had long since been thrown off the trail and left in the dust. Only the Demon Saints remained doggedly on Yang Kai’s tail.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai’s situation was worsening with the passage of time. Even though the Eternal Sky Continent was not small, there were more than ten Demon Saints chasing him. They only needed to coordinate their movements with each other to form an encirclement around him. He was clearly aware of this but there was nothing he could do about it.


An hour later, Zhui Feng finally came to a stop. Blood mist was steaming from his body and he blew hot air through its nose repeatedly. His skin had turned crimson red, looking like a scorching hot soldering iron. Meanwhile, Yang Kai, who was riding on his back, was very pale. He was panting breathlessly, and blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth with every breath he took.


It wasn’t that Zhui Feng was too exhausted to continue running, it was just that the Demon Saints had completed their encirclement and were blocking his path in all directions. Numerous figures appeared in the surrounding area, each of them regarding him with interest or with indifference.


Xue Li gritted his teeth and glared at Yang Kai, “Run. Go on, run. Why aren’t you running anymore?”


Yang Kai turned to the side and spat out a mouthful of blood with a mutinous expression. His cold gaze swept over his surroundings as he studied each of the Demon Saints’ faces carefully as if to imprint their appearance into his Soul.


Xue Li stretched out a finger and pointed at Yang Kai, “Boy, I’m going to make you beg for death!”


Yang Kai coldly snorted. Turning his head, he stared at Xue Li, “That would depend on whether you have the ability.”


Xue Li was so furious that he laughed, “Bold words for someone on the verge of death. Let’s see how you bawl your eyes out later!”


Huo Bo gave a strange chuckle by the side, “Why are you quarrelling with a child, Xue Li? Are you an idiot? Even if you don’t find it embarrassing, I do, so would you just shut up?”


Xue Li abruptly swivelled his head around and glared at Huo Bo furiously while Huo Bo glared back without backing down. At that moment, Yang Kai spoke up without warning, “This Young Master will certainly repay you all a hundred times over for the gift you have given me today!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, many Demon Saints looked at him suspiciously, but in the next moment, their expressions changed drastically. They reached out to grab at Yang Kai in unison. Fu Yu even used her Divine Sense to lock onto him while with a flick of her bare hands, a stream of light shot out.


The weather changed abruptly, and the world hummed in response.


Yang Kai’s figure, however, faded into nothingness at that moment, making all the Demon Saints grab nothing but air. Fu Yu was the only one who managed to lock her Divine Sense onto Yang Kai with an arrow, which disappeared along with the shattering of the Void.


The Demon Saints were completely dumbfounded. They never expected that Yang Kai could escape their clutches from right under their noses even in this situation. Thus, their expressions were absolutely horrendous. The feeling of being made a fool of was extremely unbearable, especially since the one who accomplished this was nothing more than a Mid-Rank Demon King who was also seriously injured.


Their Divine Senses poured out like a tide, spreading out without limit, but to their surprise, they couldn’t find any traces of Yang Kai anywhere. It baffled them greatly; after all, he had used his Space Technique to teleport many times during the previous chase. Each time he performed the Instantaneous Movement, he had only teleported by several thousand kilometres at most, so why had he vanished now?


More than ten breaths later, Flame Demon Saint Chi Yan, exclaimed with a great change of expression, “He’s at the Territory Gate!”


At the same time, Yu Ru Meng finally rushed over. She looked around and did not see Yang Kai anywhere; thus, she couldn’t help turning pale. Gritting her teeth, she shouted, “What did you do to him!?”


Bei Li Mo chuckled, “Don’t worry. That little man of yours escaped.”


“Escaped?” Yu Ru Meng was stunned. Then, her expression quickly turned grim, “Bullshit! So many of you were chasing him, how could he have escaped!? Hurry up and hand him over to me!”


Bei Li Mo scoffed softly, “Can’t you sense for yourself whether he has escaped or not? He is right by the Territory Gate.”


Seeing that Bei Li Mo didn’t seem to be lying, Yu Ru Meng pushed her Divine Sense and probed into the distance. Among the Demon Saints, her Divine Sense was actually the strongest; therefore, it only took her six breaths to discover Yang Kai’s aura. At that moment, her small mouth fell open slightly. She was utterly astonished and could not understand how he managed to escape in that direction with so many Demon Saints in pursuit. That location was very far from this place; however, she soon discovered the Embodiment’s aura nearby and immediately understood what was going on.


Bei Li Mo observed Yu Ru Meng’s reaction and chuckled again, “Little Sister, your little man sure is incredible. He played all of us for fools. I’m afraid he won’t be dying an easy death.”


How could the Demon Saints forgive such a great humiliation? They would surely torture Yang Kai severely the moment they got their hands on him.


Yu Ru Meng looked at them coldly and said, “I will kill whoever dares to harm him!”


“Aren’t you going to give chase? Why are you just standing around here doing nothing?” Huang Wu Ji’s figure swept through the air, appearing from a distance, and arriving in the blink of an eye. He turned his head and looked toward a certain location, “He is probably heading toward the Two Worlds’ Passage. We cannot let him escape back to the Star Boundary.”


In the next instant, a vague aura seemed to flash through the void.


Yu Ru Meng’s expression became extremely sombre. She knew that the Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, Can Ye, had made his move. As long as he blocked the Two Worlds’ Passage, Yang Kai would be a turtle hiding in its shell. No matter what kind of amazing abilities he had, he would be captured, sooner or later.


Bei Li Mo laughed softly, “Little Sister, Senior Brother Huang is clearly against him. Shouldn’t you kill Senior Brother Huang first?”


Yu Ru Meng gnashed her teeth so hard that it made an audible sound. She glared at Bei Li Mo furiously and snarled in her heart. [Bitch! Just you wait; I’ll get back at you for this one day!]


Mo Kan said, “Senior Brother Huang, the situation has changed. He is going to escape from Eternal Sky Continent. If we want to capture him, we will need to do it ourselves.”


Huang Wu Ji replied, “Find him as soon as possible.”


A sudden idea struck Xue Li and he chuckled slightly and said, “But, this is not in line with our previous agreement. Can I take it that the brat will belong to whoever catches him first?”


The Demon Saints were not interested in Yang Kai himself. What they were interested in was the Star Boundary’s Will that was inside his body. As long as they could capture him, they could transfer that Will to one of the Half-Saints under their command. By doing that, they would most likely gain another Demon Saint who would become their ally in the future. That was the most attractive point to many of the Demon Saints.


“Good!” Huang Wu Ji nodded.


Xue Li gave a weird laugh. Then, he transformed into a ray of bloody light and sped away, his voice echoing from afar, “He’s mine!”


Immediately after that, the rest of the Demon Saints followed his example and used various Secret Techniques to depart.


Before Bei Li Mo left, she gave Yu Ru Meng a provocative look, “Rest assured, Little Sister, if I find him, I’ll be sure to give him a quick death, so you should pray that I get my hands on him.”


After saying that, she covered her mouth with her hands and tittered as she left.




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  1. The World Will that Yang Kai received from the Bright Moon Great Emperor will be important and useful in the far future. We all know that he will be the next Great Emperor some day.

  2. Is it possible for Yang Kai to find the passage to the revolving world or whatever it was called? The one that connected both the star boundary and the demon realm where he fetched the sacred tree and the shamans from

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