Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3544, Territory Gate


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yu Ru Meng wanted to leave too but was stopped by Huang Wu Ji again. His attitude this time around was much more forceful than before, and his expression had become incredibly stern.


Looking at his expression, she knew that he was going to be serious now. She only managed to shake him off earlier because she had made a pre-emptive strike and caught him off-guard. Besides, he had not been aiming to delay her for long; however, she would definitely be no match for him if he became serious.


“Three days! I will let you go after three days!” He looked at her calmly, “Don’t challenge my limits before that time is up.”


Yu Ru Meng said coldly, “Do you think he can hold out for three days!?”


With so many Demon Saints chasing Yang Kai, forget three days, it would be hard enough for him to survive a single day. His current condition was not looking too good after all.


Huang Wu Ji lowered his gaze, “That’s not something I need to consider, and it’s not something you can stop. I’ve already made myself very clear. If you insist on making a move, then don’t blame me for being impolite with you.”


Just as Yu Ru Meng resolutely decided to burn her bridges and attack, her expression suddenly changed. She turned and looked in the direction of the Territory Gate as an expression of astonishment instantly appeared on her face.


Seeing the strange expression on her face, Huang Wu Ji couldn’t help frowning. He spread out his Divine Sense and probed in the direction of the Territory Gate, but before he could investigate the situation, Yu Ru Meng simply giggled and said, “Good. Senior Brother Huang, I will listen to your wishes out of respect for you. Three days it is. If you try to stop me after three days, then don’t blame me for turning against you.”


While she was speaking, Huang Wu Ji had already found out about the situation at the Territory Gate and he couldn’t help raising his brow and clicking his tongue, “If he had not gotten a hold of an opportunity he didn’t deserve, I would be very reluctant to kill him. His existence is simply too useful to the Demon Realm.”


She coldly snorted, “Is there any meaning to saying this now? Weren’t you the one who sent them after him?”


He remained silent; his expression as tranquil as an ancient well.



Nobody paid any attention to the Embodiment when Yang Kai rode on Zhui Feng and fled. Thus, the Embodiment secretly snuck underground after Yang Kai lured all the Half-Saints away and quickly headed towards the nearest Territory Gate. Although Yang Kai later managed to shake those Half-Saints off his tail, the Demon Saints’ pursuit left him with no way to escape. He was eventually surrounded by them as a result.


It was a blessing that the Demon Saints were unaware of his Space Beacons, and with them, he brought Zhui Feng to the Embodiment’s side in an instant, just a hundred thousand kilometres away from the Territory Gate.


The arrow that Fu Yu shot at the last moment had not affected Yang Kai as it had simply fallen into the Void Crack and disappeared.


Upon meeting up with the Embodiment, Yang Kai placed him back into the Small Sealed World before he directed Zhui Feng towards the Territory Gate.


The Territory Gate was being guarded by part of the Demon Race army; however, there were no Half-Saints among them. All the Half-Saints had gone to snatch the opportunity, so who would still be in the mood to remain at the Territory Gate? Therefore, Yang Kai easily broke through the blockade and passed through the Territory Gate to arrive on the continent neighbouring Eternal Sky Continent.


Yang Kai did not flee immediately though and instead turned around and returned to the Territory Gate which led to Eternal Sky Continent. Space Principles pulsed and he swiftly sealed the Territory Gate. 


Yang Kai had never imagined that the painstaking training he did in Hundred Spirits Continent would come in handy now.


This act delayed his escape by a bit, but seriously hindered the movements of the Demon Saints chasing after him in return. If not for this advantage, Yang Kai wasn’t sure if he could outrun them if they came rushing at him without any obstruction.


The only thing he had to worry about right now was how long the seal on the Territory Gate could delay those Demon Saints. It would be an awful joke if they broke the seal in an instant. Nevertheless, he didn’t have the time to mull over such worries and just fervently prayed in his heart. It would be enough if the seal could delay them for a few hours.


The reason why Yu Ru Meng had suddenly agreed to Huang Wu Ji’s request was that she had sensed the anomaly of the Territory Gate being sealed. She didn’t even need to think about it to know that Yang Kai was behind it. He was the only one with that ability in the entire Demon Realm after all.


At this moment, she couldn’t help feeling a little gloomy and frustrated. She didn’t even know when he obtained this ability. Not only could he repair and maintain the Territory Gates, but he could also seal them. Thinking back to what she had discussed with Chang Tian on Hundred Spirits Continent though, she had the faint guess that he probably developed this ability while cultivating there.


The other Demon Saints arrived at the place where the Territory Gate was located an incense stick’s worth of time after Yang Kai passed through it. Looking around, they all showed expressions of surprise.


You Qiu exclaimed in surprise, “Where is the Territory Gate? Did we go in the wrong direction?”


They had obviously come chasing after Yang Kai’s traces, so they couldn’t have gone in the wrong direction. Besides, there was a Demon Race army guarding the surrounding area. They were clearly stationed here to guard the Territory Gate.


Xue Li frowned as if thinking of something. Then, he suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed one of the Mid-Rank Demon Kings below. Lifting that person up by the collar, he asked, “Where did the Territory Gate go?”


The Mid-Rank Demon King had never seen such a terrifying line-up before. It was very difficult to even see one of the Demon Saints under normal circumstances. The most powerful existences that he had ever met were the Half-Saints on his own continent. So many Demon Saints had appeared all of a sudden; moreover, one of them was holding him up in front of them. Thus, he nearly fainted from the fright. Pale-faced, the Demon King replied in a trembling voice, “I-I-It was still here j-just now. But, it s-s-suddenly disappeared for some r-reason.”


“Damn it!” Xue Li yelled and tossed the Demon King aside.


“To think he actually had such an ability…” Bone Demon Saint Ge Meng rubbed his skeletal chin as two ghostly fires danced in his eye sockets. He seemed to be lost in thought. It was impossible for the Territory Gate to disappear for no reason, so it was clear that the Human brat had done something to conceal it from their sight. Furthermore, the method used was flawless. Even at such a close distance, they, the Demon Saints, were unable to sense the slightest trace of the Territory Gate.


“What should we do now?” Stone Demon Saint Mo Kan turned his head and looked around. This was truly humiliating. A group of Demon Saints were being toyed with by a mere Human boy. Yang Kai had managed to slip through their clutches once, and now he had successfully obstructed their path. The reputation of the Demon Saints would be utterly ruined if he really managed to escape from them.


Flame Demon Saint Chi Yan coldly snorted, “Since it’s a seal, I’m sure it can be broken. Let me try!”


While speaking, he strode forward and came directly to the place where the Territory Gate was originally located. One of his fists was covered in flames as he threw a punch at the location. The flames exploded and space trembled. A huge crack immediately appeared connected to the empty void.


Seeing this, he sneered and his other fist came slamming down with a thunderous force. After several consecutive punches, the space in front of him completely disintegrated like a shattered mirror to reveal a black hole the size of the Territory Gate. However, what made him speechless was the extremely dangerous aura coming from within the black hole. It was filled with an aura of nothingness and chaos. In addition, probing into it caused their Divine Sense to be devoured cleanly.


Chi Yan couldn’t help being a little speechless. Even though he was a Demon Saint, he did not dare to enter this black hole to investigate the situation inside as he knew he might never find the exit again if he accidentally lost his way inside.


Pondering for a moment, he reached out and grabbed a few Demon Kings from below, “Investigate the situation inside. See if you can find an exit, then come back and report to me!”


After saying that, he disregarded the reaction of the Demon Kings and tossed them into the black hole. Those Demon Kings vanished out of sight in the blink of an eye.


After standing there and waiting for around a quarter hour, Chi Yan declared with an icy expression, “It looks like the Territory Gate here has been destroyed.”


If it had not been destroyed, one of those Demon Kings would have found the exit and returned to report by now. Since none of those Demon Kings could be seen, they had probably been struck by a disaster. He did not expect the situation to turn out like this after forcibly breaking the seal Yang Kai had placed on the Territory Gate.


This was something Yang Kai himself had not been able to foresee. He had formed a conjecture that two possible scenarios would occur if the seal he placed on the Territory Gate was forcibly broken. The first was that the Territory Gate would be revealed and returned to normal. The second was that the Territory Gate would be destroyed along with the seal. Now, it would seem that the second scenario was the correct one.


Xue Li gave a strange chuckling laugh, “There were only two Territory Gates left on Eternal Sky Continent. This one is destroyed, so if he also placed a seal on the other Territory Gate, wouldn’t that mean we will all be trapped here? That would be quite a terrible joke.”


As soon as those words rang out, Fu Yu turned around without saying a word and quickly rushed towards the only remaining Territory Gate. Although what Xue Li said was a terrifying prospect, they knew that Yang Kai had no time to seal the last remaining Territory Gate. Both Territory Gates were connected to different continents after all, and having managed to escape, Yang Kai would be focused on escaping. He would not have had the time to head to the other continent to seal the second Territory Gate. Even so, the rest of the Demon Saints hurriedly followed after Fu Yu.


Half a day later, many Demon Saints rushed out of Eternal Sky Continent through the last remaining Territory Gate, each of them wearing a deeply profound expression on their faces.


They all knew that it would be very difficult for them to track down Yang Kai’s trail again after such a long delay. Fortunately, Can Ye had already gone to guard the Two Worlds’ Passage, making it impossible for Yang Kai to leave the Demon Realm. Rashly trying to pass through the Two Worlds’ Passage would be nothing more than throwing himself into a trap. As long as he didn’t leave the Demon Realm, they would be able to find him one day. Besides, there were not many places that he could hide in this situation. As long as they laid an ambush in certain areas in advance, they might still succeed in catching him.


Many Demon Saints exchanged glances for a bit, then they scattered and spread out in different directions. They were all heading to where they thought Yang Kai was most likely to go.


Halfway through the journey, Bei Li Mo suddenly stopped in her tracks. She smiled softly, her beautiful eyes twinkling slightly. Then, she turned around and headed in a certain direction.


At the same time, Yang Kai was rushing through the skies above one of the Demon Realm’s continents. He was holding a map of the Demon Realm in his hands, trying to figure out his location. At first, he had intended to find a way back to the Star Boundary as soon as he got out of danger. He wanted to fulfil the Great Emperor’s last wish and bring the Star Boundary’s Will back; however, a chill ran through his heart for no apparent reason the moment that thought crossed his mind. Realizing that trying to escape this way would be no different from throwing himself into a deadly trap, he gritted his teeth and gave up on the idea after some slight hesitation.


Silavin: Original Title – Collapse of the Territory Gate




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  1. If Yang Kai knew about what happened to the gates, he could just run around closing gates and blackmail the demons into letting him go, unless they want him to seal the entire demon world, one gate at a time.

  2. If Yang Kai had realized two things, one that Bright Moon was going to die, and two, broken seals destroyed the gates, he could’ve left the embodiment at one gate, and another helper (maybe the horse, feather demon, or flower disciple) at the other gate. Then he could’ve sealed them both which would have likely trapped all the demon saints until their death.

    I wonder what YK is gonna do now. Could run, could seal every gate he passes through, or he could isolate himself on a continent by sealing off all the gates. If it’s the last option, the embodiments’ continent would make a lot of sense (and hence be a good decoy). Imagine him sealing off a continent and then not even being in there.

    1. That might not work so well if you consider what the Demon Saints would do. If he was inside they couldn’t do anything so the only thing they could do was to hope he was pulling precisely this trick and search for him. Doing something is better than doing nothing. So whether or not they believed he was inside they would still search.

  3. He felt he would die if he tried to get back to the star boundary so obviously he’s going to have to hide out in the divine beasts continent. My only issue is he can’t cultivate in the demon realm it seems and he’s weak as hell and it’s pathetic.

  4. The obvious answer is for him to go inside the sealed world bead, have the Embodiment earth travel it down to the center of the earth and then pull him inside behind him. Live in paradise until he becomes a GE, and then use Space Principles to assassinate the Saints one by one.

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