Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3550, The Demon Saint’s Pursuit


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Noticing the abnormality, the Embodiment hurriedly took action to cover up the Heavenly Manifestation and the disturbance of the Demon Qi. It was done in order to prevent somebody with malicious intentions from catching wind of the phenomenon here.


A hundred kilometres underground, Yang Kai’s muffled roar sounded amidst the violently swirling Demon Qi. It sounded like a wounded beast’s howls. The Embodiment couldn’t help feeling rather frightened and uneasy when he heard the roar, but there was nothing he could do for Yang Kai anymore now that things had progressed to this point.


It was obvious from Yang Kai’s current condition that he had fallen into a state of cultivation dissonance. The only way for him to overcome this calamity was to rely on himself. If he failed to get through this, then everything would have been for naught.


For that reason, the Embodiment was feeling extremely anxious.


The roars rang out intermittently as Yang Kai lost track of how much time had passed. His voice was also gradually becoming more and more hoarse, almost as if his vocal cords had been torn apart from all his screaming. During this period, he did not know how much of the Demon Qi in the world had been sucked into his body. The overpowering Ancient Demon Qi that was sealed in his dantian had been released in its entirety and had integrated with the meridians in his body to the point where they could no longer be disentangled.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai abruptly opened his eyes. The entire world subsequently went dark. There was no light whatsoever in the cave a hundred kilometres underground, so it should have been pitch-black in the first place; however, the Embodiment still had the feeling of being completely shrouded in darkness at that moment. Not only did it feel as though his vision was being disrupted, but even his Divine Sense was also unable to detect anything.


In the darkness, a ray of golden radiance stood out conspicuously. He looked up and saw that the golden light was a column. As a Soul Clone of Yang Kai, it was only natural that he knew what that column of golden light was. It was the Demon Eye of Annihilation!


Ever since Yang Kai obtained this Divine Ability in Tong Xuan Realm, he had repeatedly relied on the Demon Eye of Annihilation to defeat powerful enemies and turn the tables around when the situation was dire.


That was not the point though, the point was that although the Embodiment could not see anything, he could instinctually sense that Yang Kai’s other eye was also open. It was just that that eye was completely pitch-black in contrast. It was the Ancient Demon Black Eye!


His eyes widened to the size of saucers as he felt as though he had been hit in the head by a sledgehammer, and his thoughts became unbelievably chaotic. The Ancient Demon Black Eye had always been a Divine Ability that could only be used when Yang Kai released the seal on his dantian. Once the Infinite Darkness was activated, all light would vanish from the world. But why did it appear now? Did Yang Kai’s true body completely undergo demonification?


At this moment, Yang Kai’s roar had completely transformed into a howl of pain. What the Embodiment sensed was not wrong as both of Yang Kai’s eyes were not in their normal state at the moment. Both the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Ancient Demon Black Eye had appeared at the same time. There was nothing wrong with the Demon Eye of Annihilation in his left eye, but on the contrary, the Ancient Demon Black Eye in his right eye was aching like it was on fire. Not only was the pain excruciating, but his right eye was also throbbing non-stop, as though it was about to pop out of its socket. That kind of pain and suffering was simply unbearable.


In the midst of that throbbing, Yang Kai felt as though his very Soul was going to be shaken apart. It was a feeling that was worse than death, but gritting his teeth, he desperately held on. The Soul Warming Lotus guarded the last piece of pure land in his Knowledge Sea, preventing him from drowning completely or thoroughly undergoing demonification. His originally unstable aura gradually began to calm down in this tenacious confrontation with his own destiny. As time passed, the throbbing in his right eye became less and less frequent. Similarly, the excruciating pain slowly became less intense.


Without warning, all the pain vanished without a trace and his throbbing right eye stabilized again. Following that, an indescribable feeling of comfort spread throughout Yang Kai’s body. He let out a long breath of relief. Accordingly, the pitch-black Demon Qi in the cave was collected in one fell swoop. It poured into his body all at once like the ebbing tides of the sea, bringing peace back to the world a hundred kilometres underground.


Yang Kai sat cross-legged, breathing long and deep breaths. His aura in the Third-Order Emperor Realm was very obvious. Meanwhile, the Embodiment stood not too far away and stared blankly in his direction. In this situation, even he could not figure out whether Yang Kai had successfully survived the catastrophe or completely undergone demonification. Regardless of the outcome, the true body was the true body. He could never become truly independent from Yang Kai. As long as there was nothing life-threatening, he could accept any changes that Yang Kai would display later.


After some time, Yang Kai opened his eyes again. In that instant, there seemed to be a radiance flooding the pitch-black cave.


The Embodiment hurriedly asked, “How are you?”


Yang Kai stood up, loosening the muscles in his limbs, then observed the condition of his body as he scratched his chin, “I’m not sure…”


“Huh?” The Embodiment stared at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai replied, “It’s hard to explain. My breakthrough can be considered a success, but I don’t know what my situation is right now.” His cultivation had reached the Third-Order Emperor Realm without any doubt; however, even he himself couldn’t tell whether he had undergone demonification or not.


It could be said that he had undergone a Demon Transformation… However, he had not lost his sense of self. His mind was as clear as could be. Nonetheless, it was a fact that the nature of his Emperor Qi had undergone earth-shaking changes, completely converting into Demon Qi.


He had absorbed so much Demon Qi from the world during his breakthrough earlier after all. Even the Ancient Demon Qi in his dantian had been completely assimilated. The Emperor Qi in his body that he had spent so many years and so much effort to cultivate had been converted too.


Yang Kai told the Embodiment about everything that happened before and his current condition; after that, he simply grinned, “In any case, I feel freer than I have ever been before.”


The Embodiment felt a little speechless. If even the main body couldn’t figure it out, what could he possibly figure out? He considered it for a moment before saying, “All of this is probably related to the black shadow that invaded your Knowledge Sea. Perhaps, that is what gave you the ability to merge with the Demon Qi.”


Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “I think so too, but what in the world was that black shadow? I will need to investigate it thoroughly.”


If it had not been for the black shadow contaminating his Knowledge Sea after it exploded, he would not have been able to absorb the Demon Qi into his body so smoothly. It would also have been impossible to assimilate the powerful Ancient Demon Qi that was sealed in his dantian.


He experienced many changes during his breakthrough this time; nevertheless, the results could still be considered quite satisfactory. Yang Kai had to admit that the fact that his Emperor Qi had been converted into Demon Qi upset him, but even so, the fact that it had completely resolved the hidden danger sealed in his dantian was something to rejoice about.


When he last used the power of the Firmament Tree to reseal his dantian, he had still felt greatly worried. If the day came that he was forced to release the seal again, then there would be no turning back anymore. Fortunately, it was not an issue anymore. The Ancient Demon Qi had completely assimilated with him, so this worry was gone forever. He even had the feeling that he could activate the Infinite Darkness Divine Ability whenever or wherever he pleased, which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.


“Haha! Turns out you really were hiding here! You really wear our iron shoes searching for your own feet!” A soft laughter suddenly sounded in Yang Kai’s ear.


Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically as he could instantly tell whose voice it was. 


Bei Li Mo!


“Damn it! The anomaly accompanying your breakthrough probably attracted her here!” The Embodiment shouted.


The sudden change Yang Kai experienced had caused a shocking phenomenon. Even though the Embodiment had immediately acted to conceal it, he had apparently not acted swiftly enough. In addition, he could not transfer Yang Kai to another location since he had also been at an important crossroads at the time. Thus, the Embodiment could only pray that the anomaly had not attracted anybody’s attention. Who could have known that it would attract Bei Li Mo of all people to this place?


Yang Kai’s breakthrough this time had taken quite a long time, lasting for half a month. In other words, Bei Li Mo must have already been lurking on Cloud Shadow Continent for quite some time; otherwise, she could not have perceived the anomaly that occurred for only an instant. The Embodiment might be the Master of Cloud Shadow Continent, but it was still impossible for him to detect a Demon Saint who was intent on concealing her presence.




A strange sound rang out in the cave as the temperature dropped abruptly. Immediately following that, the walls were covered in a layer of frost. Icicles that were as sharp as could be quickly formed, and the cave was filled with a cold that penetrated even the Soul.


“Run!” Yang Kai shouted. Even if he had advanced to the next Minor Realm and was much stronger than before, he knew it was still impossible to contend with a Demon Saint. He would have no way to escape if he was locked down by Bei Li Mo.


As soon as those words left Yang Kai’s mouth, the Embodiment had already pushed his Demon Qi, wrapped it around Yang Kai, and swiftly began burrowing into the earth.


“You want to escape? This Saint has already come all this way, do you think you can still flee?” Bei Li Mo’s sneering voice rang out. Immediately afterwards, a layer of ice covered the ground in front of the Embodiment. It made the ground extremely hard. Failing to notice that, he bumped into it head-on. Thus, he had no choice but to change directions and continue to flee.


After twisting and turning about underground for a short while, bright light suddenly filled Yang Kai’s eyes. The pressure around his body disappeared abruptly, and by the time he recovered from the shock, he discovered that the Embodiment had brought him back to the surface.


A breeze caressed his face, feeling extremely pleasant, but just a dozen metres away, Bei Li Mo stood staring at him with a small, mocking smile. She had an enchanting figure and bright red lips, and her snow-white hair fluttered lightly in the wind.


He turned to look at the Embodiment, whose expression was extremely sullen. He probably did not know how he had fallen into the enemy’s trap as he had made so many rapid twists and turns only to appear right in front of the other party anyway.


“Cheap slut, die!” Yang Kai yelled without warning and a huge Moon Blade slashed toward Bei Li Mo’s head. At the same time, he manipulated the Space Principles and wrapped the Embodiment in them to escape together.


On the other hand, Bei Li Mo simply waved her hand. The Moon Blade slashing at her shattered to pieces before she lifted her hand again and grabbed at the void where Yang Kai was. Instantly, the surrounding world seemed to freeze in place.


Yang Kai and the Embodiment had only just become a blur when they began to solidify again. Yang Kai could not perform Instantaneous Movement again. 


Exchanging a glance with each other, Yang Kai and the Embodiment pushed their Demon Qi at the same time. Spinning around, they both blasted Bei Li Mo with their respective Divine Abilities, desperately going all out. They were not hoping to injure her, just buy enough time to escape.


Unfortunately, a Demon Saint was a Demon Saint. A look of contempt flashed through her eyes in the face of Yang Kai and the Embodiment’s joint attack and the mocking smile on her lips curled upwards further. She stood in place, not taking a single step, simply raising her arm and lightly pressing her palm into the void.


Yang Kai and the Embodiment’s figures that were leaping forward seemed to have hit an invisible wall at that moment and ground to a halt. Following that, an overwhelming and terrifying force washed over them from the front and both of them were sent flying backwards as a result.


The Embodiment frantically tried to stabilize his body in mid-air but failed miserably in his attempts. On the other hand, Yang Kai coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood as his face turned pale.




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