Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3551, Success


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Yang Kai fell heavily to the ground in a miserable heap, and before he could even get up, Bei Li Mo had already landed lightly in front of him. She placed one foot on his chest, her delicate foot seeming as heavy as a mountain, pressing down on him to the point that he could not breathe.


Her seductive body leaned forward slightly, revealing a deep valley between her proud peaks. Her expression was as cold as ice and her beautiful eyes glared at him, “What did you call me just now?”


Yang Kai struggled slightly but could not move whatsoever, so opening his mouth, he spat an arrow of Golden Blood directly at her.


She moved her head to dodge this vile act of defiance and in her rage, she lifted her foot and stomped down on him.




His entire body sank into the ground and several bones in his chest broke as blood violently spurted out of his mouth.


“This is what you get for having such a foul mouth!” Her expression was frosty.


“Go ahead and kill me if you can!” Yang Kai glared at her fixedly with an unyielding expression.


In response, Bei Li Mo just laughed coldly, “Kill you? How could I bear to kill you? I’m taking you back with me!”


Yang Kai contained a part of the Star Boundary’s Will in his body. As such, whomever killed him would obtain that opportunity. She could not kill him here regardless of how furious she was. She could only bring him back so that one of the Half-Saints under her command could do the actual killing. Any of the other Demon Saints would have done the same.


After saying that though, she noticed something and spoke with a frown, “Did you undergo demonification?”


When he had launched his attack just now, a majestic and pure Demon Qi had clearly erupted from his body. It was only for a moment, but it could not escape her observation, so she couldn’t help feeling slightly doubtful. [This brat doesn’t look like he has undergone demonification, so why would he have Demon Qi in his body?]


“None of your damn business!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and glared at her with fire practically spitting out of his eyes, “You better kill me now or I will be the one to kill you instead!”


Bei Li Mo giggled lightly, “So weak, yet so bold. I certainly would like to see how you are going to kill me! But first, I do have something I want to ask you.”


“If you have something to say, say it!” His expression was so cold that it was practically frosting over, but while appearing enraged and unyielding on the outside, he was desperately going over several ideas of how to get out of this predicament, his heart filled with rage and sorrow. [I finally broke through to the Third-Order Emperor Realm and solved the hidden dangers of my dantian. I haven’t even had the time to properly enjoy the growth of my strength after achieving my breakthrough! I can’t believe I just got caught by Bei Li Mo! This truly is a disastrous and unlucky year!]


Bei Li Mo seemed to be slowly getting used to his terrible attitude and didn’t think much of it anymore, so she simply said, “Senior Brother Huang said this before. Nobody can protect you unless you truly become a part of the Demon Race. So, tell me honestly. Have you undergone demonification?”


“And if I have?” He raised his brow at her.


Bei Li Mo studied him seriously, furrowing her delicate brow before she exerted some strength into her foot, pressing down hard, “Show me your power again.”


Yang Kai fell silent for a while, but in the end, he obediently drew upon his Demon Qi again. Pitch-black Demon Qi instantly surged to the surface of his body and wrapped around his entire figure. Even so, he did not take the chance to launch an attack at her because he would only embarrass himself by doing so …


“You really did undergo demonfication…” Her little mouth fell slightly open as a look of surprise appeared on her face. She could not fathom how he changed so much in such a short time. It had only been ten or twenty days since she last saw him.


As of now, Yang Kai could marginally be regarded as a member of the Demon Race. Even though he was born in the Star Boundary, he was undoubtedly one of them now that he had already undergone demonification, which perfectly complied with what Huang Wu Ji had declared.


“I’m seriously getting a little reluctant to kill you now,” Bei Li Mo frowned, as if she had encountered a serious problem. Huang Wu Ji had already issued his statement previously, so if she brought Yang Kai back and had one of her Half-Saint’s kill him now, it would be equivalent to slapping Huang Wu Ji’s face. Nothing good would come of falling out with Huang Wu Ji. Even if she disregarded that reason and only focused on Yang Kai’s potential, he was the only one of his kind in the entire Demon Realm, so it would really be a shame to kill him. Unfortunately, she couldn’t use him even if she didn’t kill him. He had been branded with Yu Ru Meng’s Heart Seal, so the young man in front of her would always be loyal to Yu Ru Meng alone. It was honestly very frustrating.


Yang Kai felt as though he had seen a glimmer of hope in the darkness upon hearing what Bei Li Mo said. Wracking his brain, he asked, “Then, why don’t we take a seat and have a calm discussion?”


Bei Li Mo just laughed mockingly, “Boy, what are you scheming now? This Saint is not like Yu Ru Meng. I won’t be deceived by your flowery words. I advise you to put away those devious thoughts of yours. Or else, you will be the one to suffer for it.”


Yang Kai grinned, “How could I dare to scheme anything in front of you, Holy Venerable?”


She snorted, “Oh? Are you calling me ‘Holy Venerable’ now? Then, why didn’t you speak politely earlier?”


“That was then, this is now. Besides, you and I have worked together once before. We are not strangers to each other. I do know a little bit about what kind of noble character you are, Holy Venerable.”


“Are you trying to say that you know me quite well?” She sneered.


“I wouldn’t dare. It’s just that you are easier to communicate with compared to the other Demon Saints. I am willing to work under you if you are interested, Holy Venerable.”


“What about Yu Ru Meng?” The corners of her mouth lifted.


He sighed, “I will explain it to Ru Meng later.”


She snorted. It was obvious that she did not believe what he said. [So what if this rotten brat lies to me? If he really does fall into my hands, I can just slowly discipline him later. With my ability, I can make him obey me in a very short period of time. I was slightly reluctant to offend Yu Ru Meng in the past just for him, but right now, he certainly has that value.]


Consequently, her thoughts began to churn.


At this moment, a figure leapt out from underground. A pure black War Hammer came smashing down on her. It was the Embodiment, who had secretly snuck over from underground to launch a sneak attack. Bei Li Mo had ignored him after sending him flying just now, but he could obviously not abandon Yang Kai and run away on his own; thus, he had quietly approached this place and waited for his chance. It was only natural that he went all out when he finally found an opening, so when the War Hammer came crashing down, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was already in full motion.


“Scram!” Bei Li Mo didn’t even turn to look at him. It seemed she had been expecting this. Her silver hair fluttered even though there was no wind. Then, it suddenly transformed into a silver light that shot directly at him.


There was a dazzling silver light wherever her silver hair passed and the Heaven Devouring Domain shattered to pieces. As for the Embodiment, he received a heavy blow, his body freezing mid-air for a moment. After that, he was sent flying at such a high speed that he was a tiny black dot flying away like a shooting star a moment later. The Demon Qi gushing out of the surface of his body practically dispersed into nothing in an instant.


The Embodiment, who had the strength of a Half-Saint, couldn’t even handle a single attack from Bei Li Mo. It was similar to the time when the heavily-wounded Bright Moon had killed numerous Demon Race Half-Saints with a single sword strike. If Bei Li Mo had really wanted to, the Embodiment would have been turned into nothing more than a pile of dust by now.


The next moment though, Bei Li Mo suddenly felt a great sense of crisis enveloping her. She looked up only to see a small cold light blooming in Yang Kai’s hand that came shooting directly at her. 


With practically no hesitation in her movements, Bei Li Mo immediately backed away, staring fixedly at that small cold light with her beautiful eyes. Her beautiful face paled and she screamed, “Profound Darkness Needle!? Why do you have that!?”


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to her words as he rushed at her. Activating his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, he unleashed the full might of his Dragon Pressure as his hands turned into sharp Dragon Claws. He grabbed at her ample chest without the slightest hint of compassion even though she was a woman. He did not know why she was so afraid of the Profound Darkness Needle; nevertheless, it was the only thing he could think of that could threaten her. This was the only card he had left.


In the past, Yang Kai had gone to Soaring Snow Ice Palace to repair the Territory Gates under Bei Li Mo’s invitation, but she had him imprisoned in the Ice Prison after he insulted her. He later met a young woman on the 18th floor of the Ice Prison. That young woman’s memories seemed to be a little jumbled up and she couldn’t even remember her own name; thus, he had casually referred to her as ‘Young Lady Bing’.


Young Lady Bing vaguely remembered that she had a Master-Disciple relation with Bei Li Mo. Bei Li Mo had imprisoned her in the Ice Prison because she had made a grave mistake. In the end, she handed this Profound Darkness Needle to Yang Kai, telling him there was a Forbidden Technique that she created sealed inside of it.


Not much time had passed since then; thus, he naturally recalled what Young Lady Bing had told him at the time. She mentioned that the Forbidden Technique inside the Profound Darkness Needle could not kill Bei Li Mo, but it could delay her for at least three and possibly up to ten breaths


This was the only thing Yang Kai had in his possession that could possibly be used to fight Bei Li Mo. The rest of his Divine Abilities were not worth mentioning in front of a Holy Venerable. To his surprise, the effect it had on Bei Li Mo was beyond his expectations. He had seen her reaction as soon as he took out the Profound Darkness Needle and her eyes clearly held a teeth-grinding fear and hatred in them.


At this moment, Yang Kai had the vague feeling that things were not as simple as he had thought. Perhaps, there was a hidden story to Young Lady Bing that she had not told him. Be that as it may, he had reached a point of no return and could not spare any thought on this matter at the moment. He could only pin his hopes on the power of the Forbidden Technique sealed inside the Profound Darkness Needle, praying fervently that what Young Lady Bing said before was true. If it could do what she told him it could, then he and the Embodiment might stand a chance at escaping this predicament.


Bei Li Mo moved swiftly as her figure flitted about erratically, twisting and turning about. There was an indescribable beauty to her movements. Nevertheless, the Profound Darkness Needle clung to her like maggots on rotting bones. Despite being a Demon Saint, she couldn’t get rid of it.


Three breaths. Three breaths was all the Profound Darkness Needle took before it zeroed in on her.


A hint of panic flashed across her face. Her Demon Qi instantly flared out and a thick layer of protection appeared on the surface of her body. Even so, it was meaningless. The Profound Darkness Needle effortlessly broke through the Demon Saint’s defences and penetrated her body. Her entire body shuddered in response and immediately after that, she became stiff and froze in place as though somebody had hit her with a Binding Secret Technique. There was an incredulous look on her charming face.


In the next moment, Yang Kai’s Dragon Claw also tore through her defences. His hand pierced her chest and grabbed hold of her beating heart!


[I did it!] His eyes widened in shock. It felt like he was in a dream. He had not expected to succeed so easily. She was a Demon Saint after all, one of the twelve peak Masters of the Demon Realm. He couldn’t believe that the Profound Darkness Needle could restrain her so firmly. [Didn’t Young Lady Bing say that this thing can only delay Bei Li Mo for a few breaths? Why does it have such great power? What else is there that I don’t understand here?]




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  1. Ignoring the spoilers, I thought the needle was something that would allow Young Lady Bing to take over a new body, since it’s a popular thing in the cultivation world.

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