Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3554, You’re Not Dead


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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There was another violent collision, and the entire Soul Battlefield shook from the impact. Only this time, the two women, Bei Li Mo and Xuan Bing, did not separate again. Instead, they were stuck together tightly with their palms pressing against each other. Their Spiritual Energy raged wildly in their bodies, turning into an overwhelming force that oppressed their enemy.


“It’s been tens of thousands of years! The day I’ve been waiting for is finally here! You will die here today, you Unfilial Disciple! Don’t even think about having it easy!” Xuan Bing’s pretty face was twisted into a ferocious expression as she shouted hysterically.


Bei Li Mo’s expression on the other hand remained solemn as she controlled her Spiritual Energy to fend off Xuan Bing and quickly commented, “Honoured Master, the past is in the past. Why don’t we sit down and talk about this like civilized women?”


“Talk!?” Xuan Bing laughed sarcastically, “Talk about what!? What is there to talk about between you and I, you bitch!? I even abandoned my body just to deal with you! There’s no going back anymore!”


Bei Li Mo said, “But, you are not my opponent, Honoured Master. If this continues, you will die! Your body might be gone, but I can find a new body for you. You might still have a chance of making a comeback in the future!”


“As if you were that kind-hearted,” Xuan Bing sneered. “Don’t forget, I raised you, how can I not know what kind of temperament you have? The moment I stop pressuring you, you will immediately try to extinguish my Soul!”


Bei Li Mo sighed softly, “What can I do for you to believe me, Honoured Master?”


“Don’t even dream about it! I will never believe you!”


Bei Li Mo sighed lightly, “Even if I swear on the name of Great Demon God? Will you still not trust me, Honoured Master?”


Xuan Bing’s pupils dilated suddenly, “You are willing to swear in the name of the Great Demon God!?”


Bei Li Mo gently nodded, “As long as you are willing to step down, Honoured Master!”


Xuan Bing never expected Bei Li Mo to be so sincere and her expression became a little dazed, but it was just for a moment before she immediately gave up on that thought in her heart and her expression became hideous again. Slowly shaking her head, she declared, “It’s too late. It’s all too late. When I killed him back then, you and I were destined to kill each other one day!”


Bei Li Mo gritted her teeth, “Do you have to be so hostile? I’ve made so many concessions for you on account that you are my Honoured Master. I am willing to spare your life even now. It seems you don’t know what’s good for you!”


Xuan Bing coldly snorted, “Don’t bother with all those pretty words. I might not be your opponent, but what does it matter if I keep this up and die here? You will pay dearly regardless!” 


She was determined to inflict a severe injury on Bei Li Mo even if it was the last thing she ever did!


Bei Li Mo closed her eyes when her words could not get through to the other party, and when she opened them again, the fluctuation coming from her Soul magnified several times, pressing down on Xuan Bing so hard that she audibly groaned.


The two women were stuck in a deadlock above the void as the fluctuations of their respective Spiritual Energies decreased at an extremely obvious rate. Comparing the two though, the speed of Xuan Bing’s decline was much greater. It wouldn’t take longer than an hour before she died.


She might have borrowed Yang Kai’s hands to forcibly drag Bei Li Mo’s Soul into the Soul Battlefield and Bei Li Mo also happened to be injured at this exact moment, but all her plans were for naught when her strength was inferior to her opponent’s. Even so, Xuan Bing’s gaze was practically spitting with fire when she glared at Bei Li Mo, unwillingness and rage filling her eyes.


A quarter-hour later, the state of Xuan Bing’s Soul Avatar had turned slightly translucent. That was a sign of overusing her Spiritual Energy. Even if she stopped now, she would not last long in this state before disappearing without a trace.


On the other hand, Bei Li Mo, who had been confronting Xuan Bing for all this time, was pale-faced and shaky.


Neither woman dared to back down easily at this point, for they would be the first to be injured otherwise. This battle of Spiritual Energy would only end when one of them died, and judging from the current situation, the person who was bound to die was undoubtedly Xuan Bing.


At that moment, another aura rapidly recovered some five kilometres away. It felt like a sleeping Dragon had just awoken and the two women turned to look in that direction in unison, both of them wearing stunned expressions on their faces.


Yang Kai, who had frozen earlier, suddenly jerked his eyes open. His Spiritual Energy surged and the Soul Splitting Saber appeared out of thin air and transformed into a curtain of light to cover himself. Afterwards, he broke free of his icy restraints with a loud crackling sound. Grabbing the Soul Splitting Saber in his hand, the corners of his mouth curled upwards into a slight smirk. The situation in this place was as he had expected, everything in his Knowledge Sea could be summoned.


[I can summon the Soul Splitting Saber. That means I can probably summon that other thing too…] His thoughts flashed, and a seven-coloured light flashed beneath his feet. A seven-coloured lotus appeared out of nowhere, lifting him up. He stepped onto the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus with the Soul Splitting Saber resting on his shoulders. Looking like a Great Mountain King preparing to go down and commit banditry, he gallantly strode into the centre of the battlefield.


The cold winds raged, and the Ice Principles ran rampant; however, a brilliant light circulated around the surroundings of the Soul Warming Lotus and blocked out all external harm, leaving Yang Kai completely unaffected.


Both Xuan Bing and Bei Li Mo were stunned and stared blankly in his direction, but it wasn’t until Yang Kai came closer that Xuan Bing exclaimed, “You’re still alive!”


She had stopped paying attention to Yang Kai’s situation after she started exchanging blows with Bei Li Mo, for in her opinion, there was no need to pay too much attention to such a weak boy who could not survive for long in her Soul Battlefield. Contrary to expectations though, he not only survived but was also overflowing with energy. A vicious and hostile aura came bearing down on the two women as he came closer, causing her thoughts to freeze for a moment.


“Disappointed?” Yang Kai grinned at her before turning to glance at Bei Li Mo, his lips curling up into an evil grin.


Bei Li Mo’s expression changed as she opened her mouth without any hesitation and spat something out. Her Spiritual Energy turned into an ice spike, shooting straight toward him.


With a loud stabbing sound, the ice spike instantly penetrated his chest and left behind a gaping hole. Dazzling light flowed out of the wound, but there was no blood. It was his Soul Avatar after all, so it was only natural that there was no blood. Yang Kai lowered his head and glanced down in surprise, but after looking at his wound for some time, he looked up and stared at her again, his expression incredibly hostile, “That hurt, you bitch!”


Saying so, he stepped on the Soul Warming Lotus, rushed towards her, and slapped her with his palm.




She was struck so hard that her head tilted to the side. If it had been her physical body, a five-fingered palm print would have appeared on her face by now.


Bei Li Mo wasn’t the only one who was stunned by the blow. It also left Xuan Bing utterly dumbfounded. She stared at the wound on Yang Kai’s body in a daze, unable to understand how he remained safe and sound.


His Soul Avatar had suffered such a grievous wound. Even if he didn’t die from it, he should have lost all ability to fight back, but instead he remained alive and kicking… This wasn’t normal!


While both women remained frozen in shock, a seven-coloured light flowed out of the wound on his chest and the gaping hole created by the ice spike began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye. At the same time, the Soul Warming Lotus under his foot flashed with a radiance that was extremely dazzling.


“Soul Warming Lotus! A Supreme Treasure!” Xuan Bing screamed, staring at the seven-colour lotus with a scorching gaze.


Although he had been standing on the Soul Warming Lotus, she had not thought much of it, she was simply amazed by the tenacity of his vitality which allowed him to persist until now. It wasn’t until this moment that she saw the miraculous effects of the Soul Warming Lotus with her own eyes and realization dawned on her.


The Soul Warming Lotus was a unique Supreme Treasure, one that was born from the primordial chaos itself. No wonder he managed to survive. He was protected by this treasure! The environment in the Soul Battlefield might be harsh, but how could it possibly kill him? That was a treasure that only existed in legends. She never thought that she would ever witness it with her own eyes one day.


Xuan Bing, who had resolved herself to death, couldn’t help but become revitalised again. Her current condition was very dire. She had no physical body, so she could not live for long unless she successfully possessed Bei Li Mo’s body; however, things would be different with the Soul Warming Lotus. If she could get her hands on this Supreme Treasure, then her Soul would never be at risk of dissipating. Not only could she make a comeback and turn the situation around in one fell swoop, but she might also be able to successfully possess Bei Li Mo’s body.


Even Bei Li Mo was stunned when Xuan Bing’s words entered her ears. As a Demon Saint, she should have been furious after being slapped like that; however, she actually forgot to become angry when she heard those three words ‘Soul Warming Lotus’. She simply turned around and stared at the seven-coloured lotus, dumbfounded.


She might hate Xuan Bing to the core, but she believed in the latter’s vision. Besides, she was a Demon Saint, so she could also perceive that the seven-coloured lotus was something extraordinary.


[He has the Soul Warming Lotus!? What a terrifying opportunity! No wonder I’ve always felt that his Soul cultivation is higher than his realm suggested! So it was because of this! Not to mention, he has part of the Star Boundary’s Will in him and is also proficient in the Dao of Space… Any one of these three is an unattainable dream for most people, and yet, all of them are gathered together in one person. Is he the illegitimate son of the Heavens themselves or something!? How can any one person’s luck be so good!?]


While Bei Li Mo was still caught up in her thoughts, Yang Kai slapped her again.




Her head turned to the side from the force of the blow, but this time she furiously jerked her head back and gritted her teeth, “You…”




Her head turned to the side once more.




After three consecutive slaps, her tender body shuddered. She was livid. She was a Demon Saint. How could she allow herself to be slapped by another person!? This humiliation was simply unbearable!


The rage in her heart turned into a towering tidal wave, and a malevolent aura surged violently in her body.


Nevertheless, she did not dare to turn her head again. She did not know why, but she had the feeling that this boy had changed a little since the last time she met him. There was now a ruthlessness behind his words and actions that was not present before.


“Don’t you dare go too far!” She lowered her gaze, her beautiful eyes gleaming with a cold light.


“Me? Go too far?” Yang Kai grinned savagely as he swung the Soul Splitting Saber and rested it on her white neck and declared coldly, “Who is the one who went too far? I’m sure you yourself know the truth in your heart. I warned you. If you don’t kill me, I will kill you instead! Do you regret it now!?”


Bei Li Mo didn’t say anything in response; however, she was practically gnashing her teeth to bits.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai tilted his head to look at Xuan Bing and smiled, “Senior, your schemes are truly deep. I nearly died because of your tricks. When you first handed the Profound Darkness Needle to me, you didn’t warn me that I’d be in danger too once it activated.”


Xuan Bing answered in a manner that was neither negative nor affirmative, “When two fight to the death, the third takes all. You just sat back and watched us destroy each other. Aren’t you reaping the benefits now?”




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