Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3555, Tempted To Act


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“Hah!” Yang Kai rested the Soul Splitting Saber on his shoulders, rubbing his chin with the other hand as he said, “That’s because this Young Master was lucky. If it had been anybody else, they would have died by now.”


Xuan Bing remained silent and her expression changed, but he could not tell what she was thinking.


He looked around their surroundings and spoke in an indisputable tone, “You have two options. Either I kill you both in one move or I slowly hack you both to death. Choose.”


While speaking, he slowly lifted the Soul Splitting Saber. His Spiritual Energy surged, and the blade light fluctuated in an unstable manner. It looked like a venomous snake waiting to strike.


Xuan Bing and Bei Li Mo both turn slightly pale. The two women never imagined that the situation would take such a turn in the end. They had been fighting each other desperately with their lives on the line only for an outsider to ultimately swoop in and take advantage of the situation.


Without any hesitation whatsoever, Bei Li Mo looked at Xuan Bing and stated, “I will count to three and we will withdraw at the same time!”


At this time, the only way for them to get out of this crisis was if they agreed to a temporary truce. Even if she was a Demon Saint, she would die if Yang Kai swung his blade at them right now, so she unceremoniously started counting the moment the words left her mouth.


Yang Kai stood by the side and sneered, the aura emanating from the Soul Splitting Saber becoming more and more dangerous and before she could count to three, the Soul Splitting Saber was already slashing toward her without any mercy.


In his opinion, Bei Li Mo was undoubtedly more dangerous than Xuan Bing; hence, if he wanted to kill anybody, he had to kill the Demon Saint first. Furthermore, Xuan Bing’s Soul Avatar was currently in a translucent state, so she bore no threat to him at all.


[It has only been less than a month since Bright Moon passed away. If I can kill a Demon Saint here, then it can count as revenge on Bright Moon’s behalf.]


Bei Li Mo’s expression changed drastically when she saw the sabre slashing down at her and she was preparing to withdraw her hand regardless of the damage it would cause her.


“Wait a moment!” Xuan Bing suddenly shouted, “I have something to say!”


The sword light paused just above Bei Li Mo’s head, its sharp aura cutting into the female Demon Saint’s Soul Avatar, causing her to feel a piercing pain. She was so scared that her complexion turned pale and her Soul quaked.


Yang Kai turned to look at Xuan Bing and said frostily, “It had better not be nonsense. I don’t have much patience.”


Xuan Bing cut straight to the chase, “Do you want a Demon Saint who will obey you and serve you? If you do, then you had better listen to what I have to say.”


“Huh?” He raised his eyebrows at her with a surprised expression, “What do you mean?”


“I meant it literally.”


Yang Kai pondered in silence for a moment before turning to look at Bei Li Mo and coldly said, “Don’t tell me you plan to help me subdue her?”


In order to subdue somebody, he would have to plant his Soul Imprint into that person’s Knowledge Sea or force that person to hand over their Soul Brand to him, only then could he control their life-or-death with a single thought. It was not his first time doing something like this of course; however, the premise was that his Soul cultivation had to be higher than the other party’s. That was the only way he could break through the opponent’s Soul defences. Unfortunately, Bei Li Mo was a Demon Saint, so he did not have the confidence to be able to control her.


Xuan Bing gave a mocking laugh, “The difference in strength between the two of you is too big. Even with my help, you won’t be able to subdue her!” She paused for a moment, the corners of her mouth lifting, “But, I have an excellent plan!”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and pondered for a while, “Even if you can pull this off, how does it benefit you?”


“It doesn’t benefit me whatsoever!” She laughed wildly, “Not only does it not come with any benefits, but it also comes with many downsides! However, I’ve said this before, even if I die, I will make this bitch pay for what she did!”


Bei Li Mo quickly spoke up when she heard those words, “Boy, this woman is extremely vile and cunning, don’t be deceived by her!”


Yang Kai immediately pressed the Soul Splitting Saber down a little harder as he rubbed his chin and said to her, “If you dare speak another word without my permission, I will kill you immediately!”


Bei Li Mo trembled with fury in response and her gaze was filled with hatred.


Once Bei Li Mo had settled down, Yang Kai turned back to Xuan Bing, “Explain it to me in detail; how are you going to help me?”


He had to admit that what Xuan Bing had said was very attractive. Killing a Demon Saint wasn’t bad, but the benefits that came with killing a Demon Saint were simply too small compared to subduing one.


“Naturally, by planting a Soul Imprint.”


“Are you messing with me!?” Yang Kai’s expression immediately fell and he felt like he had been toyed with. It was a very unpleasant feeling.


Xuan Bing simply laughed, “Of course not! I am not joking. I know what you are worried about, you’re afraid you won’t be able to break through this bitch’s Soul defences because her Soul cultivation is greater than yours, but what if somebody actively cooperates with you?”


Yang Kai’s expression turned even uglier, “Is she such a fool that she will cooperate with this kind of thing!?”


While speaking, he lost his patience and the aura coming from his body became extremely dangerous.


“Of course, she won’t cooperate with you. But this Queen will!” Xuan Bing laughed heartily, a sadistic and deranged expression appearing on her face.


Originally, Bei Li Mo did not take Xuan Bing’s words too seriously; however, she suddenly seemed to realize something after hearing those words and her expression changed greatly as she glared at Xuan Bing furiously, a trace of fear seeping into her beautiful eyes.


The change in her expression did not go unnoticed by Yang Kai and it made what Xuan Bing said seem much more credible.


Xuan Bing continued, “You can plant a Soul Imprint in me; that way, my life will be in your hands, and then…” She turned a cool gaze toward Bei Li Mo, “I will try and possess this bitch. If it all works out, this Queen’s life will still be in your hands. If it fails…”


“What will happen if you fail?” Yang Kai asked, narrowing his eyes at her.


“This bitch will have to devour this Queen’s Soul. The Soul Imprint will then be transferred to her and take effect on her instead!” She laughed maniacally, “So, whether I succeed or fail, you will still be able to subdue a Demon Saint. What do you think of this deal?”


Upon hearing these words, Yang Kai’s pupils expanded abruptly. If it was truly as Xuan Bing had said, then it was a deal with no cost but great returns. It was highly attractive indeed; even so, how could he believe her words so easily?


He glanced at Bei Li Mo and saw the anxious expression on her face. She looked like she had something to say but didn’t dare to speak up, so he immediately asked, “Do you have something to say?”


Bei Li Mo urgently said, “Don’t believe her! She is lying to you!”


He turned to look back at Xuan Bing just in time to see her smiling coldly, “Every word I’ve said is the truth. Brat, if you have the slightest sense, then you will know that I can’t deceive you in this kind of thing.”


Bei Li Mo scoffed, “Is that so? Regardless of which one among us devours the other, our Spiritual Energy is not something he can compare with. So, what if we are marked by a Soul Imprint? We only need a little bit of time to break free from those restraints!”


Xuan Bing nodded, “As you’ve said, it will take some time, but we can break free from the restraints, but what if he strengthens the Soul Imprint every few days?”


Bei Li Mo’s expression changed drastically as she ground her teeth and snapped, “You’re digging your own grave!”


Xuan Bing laughed heartily, “Are you afraid? That’s good. This Queen is just repaying you for what you did to me in the past. Do you know how I survived these tens of thousands of years? If it wasn’t for my desire to take revenge against you, I would have died long ago!”


She abruptly turned around to stare at Yang Kai and snarled at him through gritted teeth, “If you find this offer tempting, then hurry up and assist me; otherwise, everything will be in vain if she manages to escape!”


“How can I help you?” Yang Kai asked quietly. In such a short time, he had considered his options carefully and couldn’t help being tempted by her proposal. Now that things had come down to this, he could only take this risky gamble. If it worked out, then he would be able to subdue a Demon Saint.


“Use the power of the Soul Warming Lotus and replenish my Spiritual Energy. That will be enough,” she shouted through gritted teeth.


Yang Kai did not hesitate and immediately did as she asked. As he drew on the power of the Soul Warming Lotus, a seven-coloured light bloomed and enveloped her.


Xuan Bing, who had been stuck in a stalemate against Bei Li Mo, couldn’t help giving a soft moan. Her translucent body solidified at a speed visible to the naked eye, but that wasn’t all. A light shone from within her body, making her look extremely ethereal.


Bei Li Mo’s expression was so dark that it was practically dripping with gloom.


“Don’t resist!” Yang Kai shouted.


Xuan Bing hesitated for a moment before doing as he asked.


With a surge of Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy, a chain mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around her Soul Avatar. Then, it sank into her body and disappeared. At the same time, he felt a strange and wondrous feeling in his heart. Before he could figure out what it was though, Xuan Bing spoke, “You can leave now. Next up will be my battle with her.”


After she said that, a huge force of rejection surged in all directions and forcefully kicked him out of the Soul Battlefield. He only had time to curse at her before his vision blurred and his Soul returned to his physical body.


A fragrant scent wafted in front of him, mixed with the smell of blood. He lifted his gaze and saw that he was still standing in their previous posture. He had one Dragon Claw stuck in Bei Li Mo’s chest and was clutching her beating Demon Heart.


The Embodiment sensed something and immediately flew over, asking in a worried tone, “What happened?”


“It’s hard to explain!” Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged as he sent all his experiences in the Soul Battlefield to the Embodiment.


A short while later, the Embodiment exclaimed in shock, “I can’t believe that happened!”


Yang Kai replied with a sullen expression, “From the looks of things, I was deceived by Xuan Bing.”


At the last moment, the strange and wondrous feeling he experienced when he planted a Soul Imprint on Xuan Bing’s Soul Avatar clearly indicated that even if he had marked her, he was still incapable of controlling a Demon Saint’s life. The gap between their Soul cultivations was simply too wide.


“Should we just…” The Embodiment stared at Bei Li Mo, who was motionless and had a pained expression on her face, and swiped his hand across his stony neck.


This was indeed the best time to kill Bei Li Mo, as the other party was utterly incapable of fighting back right now. Yang Kai could turn her into a pile of mincemeat with ease, but all his previous efforts would be for naught if he did that, so he pondered in silence for a while before saying, “Let’s wait and see.”


Although he had no way to control a Demon Saint, the Soul Imprint he planted was not without effect. Now, he just had to see how much of an effect it would have.




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  1. My first instinct would have been to kill them both especially for the transgressions that he faced at Bei li mos moves behest but this was a better outcome only if it worked, if not then he would have blown this opportunity

    1. No, those where all only Demon Kings. The only Demon Saint he even faced back then was the one that snuck in at the end but only had like a fraction of his power.

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