Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3556, Better Than Nothing


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In addition, Yang Kai was currently holding Bei Li Mo’s Demon Heart in his hand. He could severely injure her at any time, so there was nothing to be afraid of. In any case, it didn’t matter who emerged victorious from the Soul Battlefield; that person’s Soul would ultimately return to the body in front of him.


“I’m afraid time waits for no one.” The Embodiment’s expression turned solemn, “Xue Li and Yu Ru Meng have arrived on Cloud Shadow Continent.”


Yang Kai frowned upon hearing this.


As the Master of the continent, the Embodiment must have sensed something for him to say that. Yu Ru Meng’s arrival was not a big deal. In fact, it was a good thing. Xue Li, on the other hand, gave Yang Kai a headache.


“Should I lead Yu Ru Meng here?” The Embodiment asked.


Yang Kai pondered for a while before slowly shaking his head in response, “No need. Don’t let her know about the situation here for the time being.”


Even though he had received a lot of protection from her on Eternal Sky Continent previously, he still could not completely trust her. Bringing her here before he could fully understand the situation would only add to the variables. She had a long-standing feud with Bei Li Mo and might even take the opportunity to get rid of Bei Li Mo if she saw her in this situation. Rather, it could also be said that Yang Kai had no intention of telling her about this even if it worked out. It was necessary to be prepared. Who was to say this hidden hand wouldn’t save his life one day?


Unfortunately, the two Demon Saints had already arrived on Cloud Shadow Continent, so it was only a matter of time before they discovered this place. Now, it all depended on how long the Embodiment could conceal the disruption here.


“How long can you delay them?” Yang Kai asked.


The Embodiment shook his head, “I don’t have the means to delay them. They are currently searching around Cloud Shadow Continent and will find this place within an hour.”


Yang Kai’s expression sank after hearing this, “I’m afraid it’s too late to change locations now.” There were still traces of Bei Li Mo’s aura here, so even if they switched locations, it would not make a difference. He could only hope that Xuan Bing and Bei Li Mo could decide on a winner between them within an hour.


For a time, everything went silent. Only the Demon Heart Yang Kai was holding in his hand continued to beat rhythmically, but just an incense stick of time later, Yang Kai suddenly noticed the resurgence of Spiritual Energy in Bei Li Mo’s body. Immediately following that, her hollow beautiful eyes suddenly came alive again. She also seemed to feel pain again and couldn’t help groaning.


As her vision focused, she saw Yang Kai standing in front of her with a wary expression. He had one hand stuck in her chest, gripping her heart firmly in his hand, which left her unable to breathe.


“Bei Li Mo?” Yang Kai raised his brow at her. Each person had a different Soul aura; thus, he could tell who the Soul that revived in this body belonged to. He was slightly relieved that the feeling he felt in Xuan Bing’s Soul Avatar had not disappeared, so it looked like what she had said was true. The Soul Imprint had been transferred to Bei Li Mo.


“En!” Bei Li Mo gritted her teeth and hissed, staring at him with eyes that were practically spitting fire.


“So, Xuan Bing died?” He breathed out softly. It did not come as a huge surprise. Xuan Bing herself had not been confident that she could devour and possess Bei Li Mo, so this outcome was well within his expectations.


“Are you disappointed?” Bei Li Mo gave a cold laugh.


“I can’t say that I am.” He shook his head faintly, “For me, it doesn’t matter who lives and who dies; in any case, neither of you were good from the start.”


Bei Li Mo took a deep breath, and her ample bosom rose and fell. That movement affected the injury on her chest, and she involuntarily furrowed her brow slightly. Lowering her head, she looked down at his claw and asked, “Can you remove your hand now? Don’t you think it’s rude to treat a woman like this?”


“You are a Demon Saint. It’s not like you’re an ordinary woman!” Yang Kai gave a soft snort. Even so, he did not insist and simply did as she asked, slowly releasing her Demon Heart and withdrawing his Dragon Claw.


Blood splattered everywhere as she groaned again in response, her complexion turning pale. Before she could catch her breath, Yang Kai had already pushed his Divine Sense. Bei Li Mo immediately clutched at her head and wailed loudly, lifting her gaze as she glared at him and shouted, “What are you doing!?”


Yang Kai replied lightly, “Testing out the power of the Soul Imprint.”


“Stop! Are you trying to kill me!?” She screamed. She was in so much pain that she had crouched to the ground and was trembling all over.


In response, Yang Kai just looked down at her condescendingly with a cold and ruthless expression, “Stop pretending in front of me. I know that it’s impossible for me to kill you even with this Soul Imprint. But, that doesn’t stop me from causing you pain. Remember this feeling. If you dare to have any malicious thoughts towards me one day, this pain will accompany you until the day you die!”


The Soul Imprint could not control her life or death, but it could restrict her actions. If he inflicted this pain on her while she was engaged in a decisive battle with somebody else, she would definitely die on the spot.


Bei Li Mo’s anguished wails were extremely bleak and it could be seen that she was in great pain. Murderous intent poured out of her body uncontrollably, but she didn’t dare to do anything else out of fear.


He had already pushed the power of the Soul Imprint to the maximum. He wasn’t trying to kill her; it only made her miserable wailing become even more desolate. After a short while, Yang Kai stopped. He had already tested how effective the Soul Imprint was. It was different from what Xuan Bing had claimed, but it was still within the acceptable range.


Bei Li Mo was currently lying on the ground like a puddle of sweat, panting heavily, drenched from head to toe, her beautiful eyes vacantly staring at the sky. For a moment, she was unable to focus her sight. She felt on the verge of death. Eventually, a gust of wind blew and a chill ran down her back, causing her to shiver and finally return to her senses.


She looked up and saw Yang Kai standing in front of her, looking down at her from above. She turned her head away, clenching her fists tightly. The corners of her eyes were slightly moist… [I have never endured such humiliation ever since I became a Demon Saint! Xuan Bing, that bitch! I can’t believe she pulled this trick on me even at the cost of her life!]


“Open up your Knowledge Sea. I need to reinforce the Soul Imprint!” Yang Kai instructed.


She didn’t move, acting like she was deaf.


To which Yang Kai laughed angrily, “Stop acting as if you’ve been defiled and disgraced by me. Do you know how seductive you look right now? If it arouses my more base instincts…”


Before he could finish his sentence, Bei Li Mo got up shakily, her teeth biting into her red lips as the grief and rage she felt could not be more extreme.


“I will not repeat myself!” Yang Kai said with a cold expression.


Bei Li Mo closed her eyes at those words, for fear that she might lose control and attack him if she saw his face.


“That’s better!” He chuckled, his Divine Sense surging as it poured into her Knowledge Sea.


“I’m warning you. Reinforce the Soul Imprint if you want, but I will fight you to the death if you dare to pry into my privacy!” She opened her eyes abruptly and snarled.


Yang Kai was taken aback for a moment before he nodded, “Rest assured, I don’t have the habit of peeping into others’ private lives.”


After he said that, he began to act.


Bei Li Mo remained vigilant, however, and it was only when she confirmed that he really had no intention of making any extra movements that a sense of relief washed over her.


As the Soul Imprint in her Knowledge Sea had been transferred from Xuan Bing, it had inevitably become slightly weaker. His act of reinforcement would ensure that the Soul Imprint remained firm. Having done that, he stated, “I need you to give me your Soul Brand. I’m sure you can fulfill my request, Holy Venerable.”


“What if I refuse?” Her expression was extremely ugly.


“That’s okay.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Ru Meng is currently on Cloud Shadow Continent. I can lead her here. I’m sure she will be happy to have a good talk with you.”


Bei Li Mo’s expression changed drastically at those words.


The Soul Imprint Yang Kai had planted in her Knowledge Sea was not a done deal; after all, she only needed to spend some time and pay a small price to get rid of it. Once she purged it, she would be able to regain her freedom.


However, it really would be over if Yu Ru Meng learned about this. Given her relationship with Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo was certain Yu Ru Meng would be more than happy to plant another Soul Imprint in her Knowledge Sea.


Yu Ru Meng had the most powerful Soul cultivation among the Twelve Demon Saints since she originated from the Charm Demon Clan. Even Huang Wu Ji had to concede this point. If she were to plant a Soul Imprint on Bei Li Mo, then Bei Li Mo would never have the chance to regain her freedom again. Bei Li Mo would truly become a pawn in her hands!


Thus, she took this threat seriously while her hatred towards Xuan Bing peaked. [If that bitch had not revealed so much information earlier, this little bastard would never have been so cautious!]


Bei Li Mo glared bitterly and resentfully at Yang Kai for a long time before she suddenly smiled and said, “I don’t mind giving you my Soul Brand. In any case, it will only hurt me a little even if you destroy it. It won’t kill me.”


Even when her Soul Manifestation was destroyed by Bright Moon she had only been injured, not killed, so how could a mere Soul Brand threaten her life?


“I know.” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “But, it’s still better than nothing.”


He certainly could not rely on a mere Soul Imprint or Soul Brand to control a Demon Saint; nevertheless, with these two pieces of insurance in hand, he could ensure that Bei Li Mo would not dare to play tricks in front of him so easily.


Seeing his insistence, Bei Li Mo was filled with a sense of helplessness and in the end, she nodded, “Good, I’ll do as you wish. But you have to promise to treat me well; otherwise, this Saint won’t comply with you.”


He asked, “If you don’t think a promise from me is trustworthy, then what’s the point of giving you my word?”


Bei Li Mo couldn’t help spitting disdainfully at those words.


A short while later, he received her Soul Brand and placed it on the seven-coloured island. Only then did he relax and turn to look at her, “You better not destroy the Soul Imprint. I will be checking on it every so often. If I find out that you’ve disobeyed me, I will make you suffer so much that you beg for death.”


“I know!” She replied in a grudging manner.


“Also…” He rubbed his chin in thought, “Don’t let others know about this matter between us.”


Bei Li Mo blinked her eyes at those words and her long eyelashes trembled slightly, “Not even Yu Ru Meng?”


“That’s my business. You don’t need to worry about it.”


Knitting her brow and thinking about it, it took a while before Bei Li Mo covered her lips with her hand and smiled prettily, “Strange. Aren’t you under the control of the Heart Seal Secret Technique? Why do you seem to be so guarded against her?”




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  1. I don’t get it… why did Xuan Bing kick YK out when she could have kept him there to help kill BLM? he could have stay there and keep replenishing her soul until she completely absorb BLM’s soul. She knew she was at a disadvantage from the start… it wasn’t like she was certain she would beat BLM. This whole Demon Realm arc makes everyone looks so dumb… I wonder how these people get to be saints with this level of intellect. It like the higher your cultivation level is, the dumber you get…

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