Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3557, Robbing a Demon Saint


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“None of your damn business!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


Bei Li Mo’s eyes flashed with a gleam of light and a meaningful smile appeared on her face as though she had discovered some dark secret. Then, she saw him stretching out his hand at her and she frowned and asked, “What?”


“Give me your Space Ring!” He was staring at the ring on her finger.


Taken aback, she exclaimed in surprise, “You want to rob me!? Are you insane!?”


In response, Yang Kai swiftly turned his head and looked at the Embodiment, “Get Ru Meng!”


“Here!” She snatched the ring off her finger and threw it at him viciously, her complexion pale in anger.


Yang Kai took the ring and poured his Divine Sense into it, checking out the contents with a feeling of excitement. How many good things would there be inside a Demon Saint’s Space Ring? After all, it was an accumulation of at least several tens of thousands of years…


There certainly were quite a lot of amazing things. Demon Crystals were piled high like mountains along with countless Demon Artifacts. There were also some items for women, as well as some bright and colourful clothes. Those clothes came in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some were extremely revealing while some were more modest. He couldn’t help fantasizing about how those clothes would look on her if she wore them.


[It would definitely be very seductive!] When that thought crossed his mind, he inadvertently lifted his head to sweep his eyes over her.


She seemed to know what he had seen. Sneering coldly, she consciously or unconsciously stretched out her hand to push her hair behind her ear, her actions revealing her infinite charm.


He withdrew his gaze and continued rummaging through the Space Ring and soon found what he was looking for, Myriad Demon Pills!


Myriad Demon Pills were unique to the Demon Realm and had a great effect on all members of the Demon Race that were in and above the Demon King Realm. The role of Myriad Demon Pills could not be understated in the reason why the Demon Race had so many high-end Masters. In fact, it could even be said to play a decisive role in the matter.


In the past, Yang Kai had found quite a few Myriad Demon Pills on the continents that had disappeared; however, those Myriad Demon Pills had all been consumed by the Embodiment. Doing so had allowed him to advance to the realm of Half-Saint in a very short time. Unfortunately, the path of advancing from Half-Saint to Demon Saint was another long and tedious journey. The power that one needed to accumulate for that purpose was unimaginable. In other words, it required a huge amount of Myriad Demon Pills!


The Embodiment wasn’t the only one who required them, however, as Yang Kai believed that he also needed them now. He had not been able to consume Myriad Demon Pills before because the nature of the power in his body had clashed with them, but it was different now. His Emperor Qi had been converted into Demon Qi, so the Myriad Demon Pills should be very useful to him.


Therefore, it was only natural for him to rob Bei Li Mo of her possessions at a time like this. As a Demon Saint, nobody could threaten her safety in the entire Demon Realm, so for that reason, she would definitely carry all her precious items with her.


He did not count how many Myriad Demon Pills she had in her Space Ring, but there were at least ten thousand. He did not hold back in front of her. Transferring those Myriad Demon Pills into his own Space Ring, he muttered in dissatisfaction, “Is that all the Myriad Demon Pills you have?”


Bei Li Mo’s expression was murderous, “Is that amount not enough to satisfy you!?”


He laughed mischievously, “One can never have too much good stuff.”


He looked at her sharply, “Are you hiding the rest somewhere else?”


“What is there to hide!?” She was annoyed, “I have so many subordinates under me. Do you think none of them need to consume these Pills!? Don’t I have to hand out rewards every year!? Did you think the Demon Saints get to accumulate a lot of Myriad Demon Pills!? If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Yu Ru Meng yourself! You can see just how many Myriad Demon Pills she has!”


Yang Kai chuckled softly without saying anything. Having said so much, she probably wasn’t lying to him on this point. Besides, there were more than ten thousand Myriad Demon Pills, which would be enough for both him and the Embodiment to use for several years. He didn’t take all of them of course, leaving a hundred for her. Then, he began helping himself to the Demon Crystals in her ring…


Demon Crystals were of little use to a Demon Saint, so there were not many of them in her Space Ring. She only had around one billion or so, but they were all High-Rank Demon Crystals. After the Demon Crystals, he started on the Demon Artifacts…


In short, he took everything of value. After some time, he finally returned the Space Ring to her.


Bei Li Mo checked her losses and grimly laughed, “You sure are shameless.”


In such a short time, at least half of all the good items in her Space Ring were pilfered. It was equivalent to having what she had accumulated for half of her entire life stolen by him.


Before Yang Kai could reply, the Embodiment suddenly spoke up, “They’re here!”


Yang Kai’s expression became stern as he glared at Bei Li Mo and warned, “Don’t say anything unnecessary!”


Bei Li Mo frowned at those words, but soon understood who Yang Kai and the Embodiment were referring to by ‘they’.


Two streams of light flying side by side sped over in a rush. The auras of the Two Demon Saints were very obvious. With two whooshing sounds, Yu Ru Meng and Xue Li landed almost at the same time and revealed their figures.


As soon as Yu Ru Meng saw Bei Li Mo standing there, the pupils of her eyes contracted. She immediately stood in front of Yang Kai and glared fixedly at Bei Li Mo before turning her head to the side and asking, “Are you okay?”


Obviously, this question was not directed at Bei Li Mo but at Yang Kai, who was standing behind her.


Yang Kai smiled, “I’m fine.”


She calmed down at those words, but even so, she looked doubtful. [Bei Li Mo is standing right there. How can he be fine?]


Upon closer inspection, she discovered that Bei Li Mo seemed to be injured as there was blood staining the front of Bei Li Mo’s chest… [What happened here? Who injured Bei Li Mo? She was not in such a miserable state when we went our separate ways back on Eternal Sky Continent!]


Xue Li was having the same doubts. His crimson eyes flicked towards Bei Li Mo before glancing back to Yu Ru Meng. He gave a low chuckle and a faint scent of blood permeated the air. At the same time, a dangerous aura began to spread out too.


“What are you laughing at? What’s so funny?” Bei Li Mo’s mood was as gloomy as it could get so she glared at Xue Li and snarled, “Laugh again and I’ll knock your teeth out.”


The corners of Xue Li’s eyes twitched. He did not know how he had offended this woman, but he stopped laughing and commented, “I can’t believe you didn’t do anything. It’s absolutely shocking.”


She glanced sideways at him and asked, “Why don’t you try?”


He said, “How about you and I work together instead? We can discuss who owns the little brat afterwards.”


Standing opposite him, Yu Ru Meng had a posture indicating that she was going to protect Yang Kai with everything she had; thus, it would be quite difficult for him to succeed with his power alone. It wouldn’t work unless he cooperated with Bei Li Mo and faced Yu Ru Meng two on one. One person could keep Yu Ru Meng busy while the other abducted Yang Kai. That way, Yu Ru Meng would be rendered helpless.


As soon as the words left his mouth, Yu Ru Meng’s expression became frosty. The Demon Qi in her body became agitated and she looked like she would fight them to the death if either Xue Li or Bei Li Mo dared to make a move.


Unexpectedly, Bei Li Mo chuckled and stated, “Go ahead and attack if you want, but I’m not going to get involved in this matter.”


Both Xue Li and Yu Ru Meng were stunned by those words and turned to stare at her suspiciously.


Xue Li asked frowningly, “Why?”


Bei Li Mo’s answer was simply too shocking. With such a tempting morsel placed right in front of them, how could any Demon Saint not be tempted by it? He couldn’t believe that Bei Li Mo had just said she would not be intervening in this matter. Had she gone insane?


Bei Li Mo said lightly, “Because… I don’t want to get on the wrong side of Senior Brother Huang.”


Xue Li felt even more puzzled than before, “What has this got to do with Senior Brother Huang!?”


After saying that, he seemed horrified and glanced around their surroundings, “Is Senior Brother Huang here?”


“How could Senior Brother Huang be here?” She laughed lightly, “It’s just that… Senior Brother Huang once mentioned before that this rotten brat could keep the opportunity if he truly became a member of the Demon Race. And… he has the qualifications now.”


Xue Li scowled at those words and asked, “Isn’t he a Human? Since when did he become a member of our Demon Race?”


Likewise, Yu Ru Meng was very confused by what she heard. While those two were wallowing in confusion, Yang Kai stepped out from behind Yu Ru Meng and the Demon Qi in his body surged with every step he took.


Xue Li was astonished. Similarly, Yu Ru Meng stared blankly at Yang Kai’s back. A look of pleasant surprise appeared in her beautiful eyes.


The scene before them undoubtedly meant that Yang Kai had completely undergone demonification and became a Demon. Even if he was born a Human in the Star Boundary, only a member of the Demon Race could have such pure Demon Qi.


This was great news for both Yu Ru Meng and Yang Kai. She had been worried about what to do if he fell into the hands of the other Demon Saints, but everything was fine now. Now that he was a part of the Demon Race, all those problems could be solved easily; after all, nobody would dare take Huang Wu Ji’s words lightly.


“How is it? I can be considered a member of the Demon Race now, right?” Yang Kai asked lightly while staring at Xue Li.


Xue Li looked extremely unwilling and his expression changed several times in the process. Then, he activated his Divine Sense and said something to Bei Li Mo via transmission.


Bei Li Mo immediately sneered and spoke out loud, “You can do those deceitful acts on your own. Don’t drag me into it. I don’t want to offend Senior Brother Huang.”


His expression darkened when he heard her answer. [I only just realized for the first time that she is a lunatic! I sent her a Divine Sense transmission in secret, so why would she blurt things out so blatantly!? How am I supposed to get out of this now!? How embarrassing…]


“Xue Li, what crazy stunt are you still trying to pull!?” Yu Ru Meng screamed. Although Bei Li Mo had not expressed it clearly, the meaning behind her words could not be more obvious. Xue Li had yet to give up and wanted to work together with Bei Li Mo to capture Yang Kai. In any case, only the three of them knew that Yang Kai had undergone demonification. Once they had accomplished their goal, Yu Ru Meng would be helpless against them. There was no use crying over spilt milk, so Huang Wu Ji would not say much either.


Xue Li, however, just smiled brightly, “I just wanted to offer my congratulations. What nonsense are you talking about?”


Yu Ru Meng did not dwell on the matter as there was no point in doing so. Instead, she simply replied, “There is nothing to congratulate me for. This was Yang Kai’s opportunity in the first place. This is my territory, Cloud Shadow Continent. You should leave. I will inform Senior Brother Huang about Yang Kai’s demonification myself. He will be the one to have the final say in this matter.”


Xue Li nodded, “Good, you do that.”


After saying that, he looked at Yang Kai with some regret before slowly shaking his head and flying off.


If Bei Li Mo refused to cooperate with him, then there was nothing he could do to Yu Ru Meng with his power alone. Besides, it wouldn’t do him any good to confront Yu Ru Meng. While Yang Kai certainly had the Great Emperor’s Opportunity, it would take a long time for him to grow up. He might be able to seize this chance again over the course of these long years ahead!


Yu Ru Meng stared in the direction Xue Li was leaving, and only after she confirmed that he had left did she turn to look at Bei Li Mo with a vigilant expression on her face, “What the Hell are you planning now?”




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  1. This guy is always in conflict with people levels above him. When he was just an emperor he was already fighting third order emperors, now whe he’s a third order he’s already fighting demon saints, I can just imagine who he’ll fight when he’s a great emperor himself

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