Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3558, Sudden and Rapid Growth of the Soul


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Bei Li Mo’s attitude today was extremely unexpected. Just going by the relationship between her and Yu Ru Meng, it would not have been strange for her to cooperate with Xue Li, but on the contrary, she was going out of her way to protect Yang Kai. If she had not insisted on her decision, the situation today would not have been resolved so easily.


It left Yu Ru Meng feeling extremely puzzled; however, what baffled her even more was Bei Li Mo herself. Bei Li Mo had obviously been here for a while, and with her temperament, why hadn’t she done anything to Yang Kai? Yu Ru Meng did not believe that a mere word from Huang Wu Ji could make Bei Li Mo act so carefully as though she was worried she might harm an innocent person. Huang Wu Ji might be the strongest among the Demon Saints, but Bei Li Mo was a Demon Saint too, not his subordinate, so why was she being so obedient? Yu Ru Meng couldn’t shake the vague feeling that something was off.


“I’m not planning anything.” Bei Li Mo laughed softly before she turned to Yang Kai with bright eyes and spoke with great affection, “I just took a liking to him. Can’t I?”


That tender and affectionate attitude gave Yang Kai goosebumps.


Yu Ru Meng sneered, “Is that really all?”


“What else could it be?” Bei Li Mo raised her chin and glared at Yu Ru Meng provocatively, “If not for your untimely arrival, I would have gotten much more intimate with him.”


“Good!” Yu Ru Meng responded tit-for-tat, waving her hand widely, “If that’s your true intention, then why don’t I grant your wish? Do it right here! With the sky as your blanket and the ground as your bed, why don’t you show me how you intend to get on with it?” After saying that, she turned to look at Yang Kai, “Don’t be fooled by this woman’s age, she has never experienced the taste of a man before! If you can get on top of her, then you would have gotten the better end of the deal!”


Yang Kai felt sweat dripping down his back and couldn’t find the right words to form a response.


Bei Li Mo, however, retorted, “You speak as though you’ve experienced the taste of a man before.”


The two of them suddenly began glaring daggers at each other, neither one of them was willing to back down. As their Demon Saint auras collided with each other, even the world seemed to pale slightly.


Be that as it may, Bei Li Mo was suffering from an injury currently and that placed her at a slight disadvantage in this contest, so it didn’t take long before her complexion paled slightly. Flicking out her sleeve in irritation, she broke her staring competition with Yu Ru Meng and coldly snorted, “You owe me a favour for what happened today. You will return it to me one day.”


After saying that, she turned and flew off.


Yang Kai could not stop her from leaving; thus, he could only watch as she disappeared into the distance, secretly making up his mind to visit Soaring Snow Continent soon to check on her. He couldn’t allow her to break free of the Soul Imprint he had planted in her Knowledge Sea. Although he could not control her life with that Soul Imprint, it still might come in handy during critical moments.


Following Bei Li Mo’s departure, Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng were the only ones left in this place. The Embodiment had long since secretly and silently sunk into the ground when Bei Li Mo left.


Yu Ru Meng stood there thinking hard for a while before she turned to look at Yang Kai with a frown, “What did that woman do to you?”


Yang Kai shook his head in response, “She didn’t do anything.”


“Why was she hurt? Who hurt her?”


“I don’t know. She was already in that condition when she arrived.”


Yu Ru Meng stared at him deeply, as if trying to look deep into his heart, but he simply returned her look calmly. A long time passed before she sighed softly and walked over. Holding his hand, she said gently, “Don’t worry. Nobody can do anything to you with me here.”


Reversing her hold so that he was holding her hand instead, he smiled, “I’m not worried. You, on the other hand… I’ve caused so much trouble for you…”


Before he could finish his sentence, she pressed a finger to his lips. Her eyes that were like shimmering water gazed up at him and her red lips parted softly, “Are words like these necessary between us?”


They gazed at each other for a moment before he leaned down and kissed her. Her eyelashes trembled slightly before she slowly closed her eyes. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and her ample peaks pressed up against his chest to the point they became deformed.


A long while later, their lips parted and Yang Kai picked her up in a princess carry and whispered, “Let’s go back to the palace!”


With a flash of thought from the Embodiment, who was lurking underground, Yang Kai felt his vision blurring for a moment before he found himself standing outside the main palace of Cloud Shadow City with Yu Ru Meng.


Many Demon Kings were feeling extremely worried inside the palace at the moment. The changes that occurred on Eternal Sky Continent had been completely unexpected and none of them could have imagined the outcome. The plan was devised by the Twelve Demon Saints themselves, and more than a hundred Half-Saints had participated in that battle. In the process, more than ten Half-Saints had fallen in battle and the Demon Race lost more than a hundred million soldiers. And yet, the final winner turned out to be Yang Kai.


It would not have been a big deal if it had only been an ordinary opportunity; however, it was an opportunity that even Half-Saints fought over desperately and the Demon Saints could not ignore. How could it be so easy to keep? There was no way Yang Kai could survive after being chased by all the Demon Saints and Half-Saints combined.


Among them, the gloomiest looking ones were the three High-Rank Demon Kings from Blue Plains Continent. That couldn’t be helped; Tu Qia Luo, Ba Zha, and Gu Li had given Yang Kai their Soul Brands, so their fates were connected to his. Thus, they would not be spared either if anything were to happen to him.


In the days since they withdrew from Eternal Sky Continent and returned to Cloud Shadow Continent, these three had been in a constant state of misery. Moreover, they prayed more fervently than anyone else for Yang Kai to return safely and soundly.


At present, He Yin, Ke Sen, and Lao Ke were gathered together with these three High-Rank Demon Kings. It wasn’t to monitor them. Rather, the three High-Rank Demon Kings were simply trying to assess Yang Kai’s situation from their current states. If they died suddenly, then it would mean that something had happened to Yang Kai. On the other hand, if they remained alive and well, then it would mean that Yang Kai was also safe and sound.


The main hall was silent for a long time, shrouded in a heavy and suffocating atmosphere, when suddenly, a strange power fluctuation came from the outside. The entire group of Demon Kings looked up and in the next moment, they stood up in unison and stared in shock at the figure striding into the palace from the outside, their eyes bulging at the sight.


Lao Ke even rubbed his eyes vigorously, for fear that he was suffering from hallucinations.


“Great King!” The three Demon Kings from Blue Plains Continent had already rushed over, looking extremely emotional as they bowed with their hands on their hearts, “You’ve returned!”


Only then did Lao Ke and the others return to their senses and hurriedly rush forward to greet Yang Kai; however, the group of Demon Kings soon noticed Yu Ru Meng, who was being held in his arms and they all swallowed nervously and dropped their gazes…


Meanwhile, Yang Kai looked around and smiled, “You are all back, too. En, this King is perfectly fine as you can see, so why don’t you get back to your duties?”


After saying that, he passed through the great hall and headed straight towards the residences, leaving the group of High-Rank Demon Kings looking at each other behind him. Every one of them were feeling extremely puzzled. [Wasn’t the Great King being chased by the Demon Saints and Half-Saints? Why is he so leisurely getting…]


At the back of the crowd, a pair of empty eyes that seemed to have lost their light stared at Yang Kai’s back before a cold gleam began burgeoning in their depths.




Inside the room, Yang Kai threw Yu Ru Meng onto the bed before lunging forward under her surprised gaze and pressing her under his body. While supporting her head with one hand, he began kissing her again. At the same time, his other hand skilfully slid up her robes, past her lower abdomen and grabbed at her soft but supple peaks.


She tried to speak several times, but every time she tried, his heavy breathing would cover her mouth. Gradually, a stream of heat that surged from her heart and her lower abdomen left her feeling more than a little delirious and distracted in arousal.


Ripping sounds rang out next as he tore her clothes apart and threw them off the bed without even a second glance. It didn’t take long before her perfect body was exposed to the air. Her fair and delicate skin was as exquisite as the finest porcelain; her flat abdomen was without any excess fat; her long and slender legs were unconsciously entangled together; and a single hand was covering her most intimate place. She seemed like she wanted to refuse slightly out of shyness but was also welcoming him at the same time. Her neck was flushed with a faint tinge of pink and even her delicate earlobes became red. Her beautiful eyes were like a disturbed pool of water and her breathing was anything but calm.


In an instant, Yang Kai’s own clothes quickly turned into a pile of ashes.


Their fiery-hot bodies entangled together, and they could feel each other’s violent heartbeats. Yang Kai did not spend too much time on foreplay, but when he leaned down over her, a slender jade-white hand pressed against his chest to stop him from advancing further. Her beautiful eyes looked at him with a dreamy gaze, but there was an inexplicable pleading look in them.


Their gazes met, and his expression was calm, but Yu Ru Meng could sense his assertiveness and determination, something that had never appeared before. Although they had been intimate with each other before now, they never actually took that last step because she would always control her emotions at the last moment every single time.


However, this time… was clearly different from the past. She couldn’t tell exactly what was different, but she had a feeling that she would lose something precious if she repeated the same actions as she did in the past.


After a long while, she let out a soft sigh before slowly retracting her delicate hand. Turning her head away slightly, she closed her eyes. 


Yang Kai did not hesitate whatsoever, thrusting forward and piercing the last barrier between them, instantly feeling himself being wrapped by a soft and moist warmth.


A moan leaked out as Yu Ru Meng bit her red lips hard and clenched the bedsheets with her fists.


On the other hand, Yang Kai felt a distinct sense of coolness spreading out from his lower abdomen. It rushed straight into his mind, instantly shocking his Knowledge Sea and almost causing him to faint at that very moment. He hurriedly stabilized his mind as a trace of lingering fear appeared on his face. The turbulence in his Knowledge Sea had not stopped, though, and instead was becoming increasingly violent. Fortunately, the Soul Warming Lotus was guarding his Soul, so there was no need for him to worry about anything happening.


All of a sudden, a huge force exploded in his Knowledge Sea and flooded it completely. Yang Kai could feel his Spiritual Energy growing at a terrifying speed. It almost seemed like there was no end to this growth and the rising force was threatening to explode his entire Knowledge Sea, frightening him with this realization.


It was then that a soft, dreamy whisper entered his ears. Looking down, he saw a teardrop dotting the corner of Yu Ru Meng’s eyes; however, it was accompanied by a beautiful smile on her face. Her red lips moved and strange-sounding syllables came out of her mouth to form a mysterious and Heavenly melody, one that seemed to have some sort of profound effect. The sound seemed to transform into an invisible little hand that gently stroked his Knowledge Sea and slowly stabilized the turbulence it was experiencing.


Meanwhile, his Knowledge Sea was still expanding. The explosive growth of his Spiritual Energy left him completely dumbfounded. Nevertheless, he gradually calmed down with the help of her Heavenly melody and slowly began to enjoy the process.




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