Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3559, Stirring up Trouble


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When Yang Kai broke through to the Third-Order Emperor Realm, he experienced great growth in his Spiritual Energy; however, that growth was nothing compared to what he was experiencing right now!


He could never have imagined that he would obtain such a huge benefit when he passed through Yu Ru Meng’s final barrier of defence. Although it was unexpected, it was well within reason.


The Primordial Yin of women with cultivation generally contained a peculiar power, and the stronger the woman was, the greater this power became. There were many Secret Arts in the world that borrowed this power to aid in cultivation, but Secret Arts that gathered Yin to supplement Yang were generally incredibly malicious. The women who were taken as dual-cultivation cauldrons would usually suffer a tragic ending.


The Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art cultivated by Yang Kai and Su Yan on the other hand was a far more profound technique, a Secret Art for dual cultivation which greatly benefited both parties when practised. Therefore, the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art could be considered to be an orthodox Dual Cultivation Technique to a certain extent, not an Evil Technique.


Yu Ru Meng was a Demon Saint. Hence, the power of her Primordial Yin was absolutely terrifying. When the final barrier was torn, the Primordial Yin accumulated in her body throughout her lifetime was released all at once and then accepted by Yang Kai in turn. As a result, he experienced an astonishing growth in his Spiritual Energy. It was probably related to the fact that she was part of the Charm Demon Clan. For that reason, the benefit he obtained from the power of her Primordial Yin was not channelled into his physical body but into his Soul.


His Knowledge Sea expanded continuously, but he didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. The dreamy whisper kept echoing in his ears, making his mental state more peaceful than ever. It was an extremely peculiar state that gave him a sense of longing and made him wish he could remain like this forever.


Unfortunately, everything eventually comes to an end. When his Knowledge Sea had grown to more than three times its original size, Yang Kai found the rate of expansion slowed down greatly. At the same time, the whispering gradually subsided too.


Due to the Soul Warming Lotus, his Spiritual Energy had always been beyond his current Realm. He could sense that his Soul cultivation was inferior to that of a Half-Saint’s when he advanced to the Third-Order Emperor, but it was not something an ordinary Third-Order Emperor or High-Rank Demon King could hope to compare with either. In contrast, he was currently far ahead of any Half-Saint when it came to Spiritual Energy.


The only people in this world who had stronger Spiritual Energy than him were the Demon Saints and the Great Emperors. His explosive growth in Spiritual Energy allowed him to become even more sensitive to his surroundings and he experienced a mysterious feeling that felt as though he had been reborn after shedding his former body.


While he was checking out the changes in his body with some interest, he suddenly heard a soft moan in his ears. Only then did he return to his senses and look down. He saw Yu Ru Meng looking at him with a bit of resentment. She had a shy and embarrassed expression on her face, and there was a trace of wetness at the corners of her eyes.


When their gazes met, Yu Ru Meng looked away, bit her red lips, and pinched Yang Kai hard around the waist. Yang Kai hissed in pain and lowered his body to kiss the tears staining the corners of her eyes. Afterwards, he gently began thrusting again. At this moment, the one lying under him was not one of the overwhelmingly powerful Twelve Demon Saints, but a woman who had just suffered the trauma of experiencing her first time.


Unlike him, who was well-experienced in this field, she was a beautiful flower that was blooming brilliantly for the first time; thus, she was truly tormented half-to-death. They did not leave the room for three consecutive days and nights, which was extremely ridiculous.


It wasn’t until a certain moment three days later that Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes inside the room filled with an ambiguous air. Yu Ru Meng was lying on his chest with a head full of dishevelled hair, looking like a kitten that had found the most comfortable and suitable position. Her breathing was steady, sleeping away deeply.


This was extremely rare for a Demon Saint. With how high her cultivation was, she no longer needed to sleep; however, three days and three nights of non-stop passion had left her feeling absolutely exhausted, even more so than if she had fought a battle against another Demon Saint.


Yang Kai’s large hand gently stroked her smooth back while gazing down at the charming curve between her back and her bottom. Resisting the impulse in his heart, he quietly pulled himself out from under her body, dressed neatly, walked out of the room, and came into the courtyard.


There were small bridges with flowing water and rockery standing tall in the courtyard. Several unknown fruit trees were also planted there. They were in full bloom at this time with small pink flowers that were very pretty and lovely hanging from the branches.


Yang Kai stood under a certain tree with his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky with a lost gaze.


[I did it! Ru Meng didn’t stop me!] Even though he had made love to her for three days and three nights without stopping, he could still barely believe it. [I actually broke through her final layer of defence! I finally obtained her in her entirety!]


What Bei Li Mo and Bright Moon mentioned to him had made him somewhat defensive towards Yu Ru Meng. His attempt this time had been a kind of test. If she had continued to reject him, then he would have to reconsider his plans for the future. He never expected things to progress so smoothly.


[Could it be that Bei Li Mo and Bright Moon were both wrong?] A woman, who was willing to have a taste of love and passion, undoubtedly showed that she had no reservations towards him; she would never have used her virginity as a joke.


In contrast, what surprised Yang Kai was that his attitude had been so assertive at the time! That would have been impossible in the past. Before, he would not have forced her as long as she showed the slightest resistance; however, three days ago, he had been thinking that he was either going to possess her or they would have to go their separate ways. There had been no third possibility.


It would seem that after undergoing demonification, his temperament had also experienced some changes. Fortunately, the influence was not too large, or he would have felt as though he had become another person.




A soft sound rang out, accompanied by a shout that entered his ears, “Die!”


A sharp energy came from behind at that moment. 


Yang Kai immediately turned around, lifted his hand, and pinched his fingers together. A longsword shining with a cold light was caught between his fingers, just a palm’s length away from his eyes.


The owner of the longsword tried to pull the sword back vigorously but was unable to regain her weapon. Seeing this, she gritted her teeth and abandoned her weapon before striking at him with her palm. Emperor Qi surged and the fragrance of flowers overflowed. It was so enchanting that it didn’t feel like a slender jade-white hand was stretching towards him but rather that a flower was blooming before him. It was so beautiful that he wanted to drown himself in those petals.


Stepping forward though, he rushed into his opponent’s attack range. The woman seemed startled and caught off guard. 


Yang Kai grabbed her by her wrist and with a surge of his Demon Qi, the other party instantly lost all power to resist. Then, he looked at the woman in front of him and sighed. He knew that life would become a little more difficult after he gained the Great Emperor’s Opportunity; even so, he did not expect the first person to jump out and cause trouble for him to be Li Shi Qing!


At this moment, Li Shi Qing’s beautiful eyes were bloodshot as she glared at Yang Kai with unbridled hatred. She, who was usually so weak and timid, was now showing an expression filled with murderous intent.


With her longsword taken from her, her wrist being captured, and her Emperor Qi not responding to her, she couldn’t break free of his hold whatsoever. Nevertheless, her other hand clenched into a fist without hesitation and slammed into his chest. While hammering away at him, she shouted through gritted teeth, “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”


Yang Kai looked at her calmly, allowing her to hammer her fist against his chest however she pleased. She was unable to use her Emperor Qi, so her violent hits felt no different from being tickled. A long while later, he finally asked, “Why do you want to kill me?”


She glared at him furiously, “You killed the Great Emperor! I must seek revenge!”


“How did you know that I killed the Great Emperor?”


“I saw it with my own eyes!”


He lowered his gaze and calmly replied, “What you see may not be the truth!”


“I saw it… I saw you kill the Great Emperor!” She suddenly burst into tears that streamed down her face. The moment she began crying, all her murderous aura vanished instantly and she asked with red-rimmed eyes, “Why did you have to kill him!? Why!?”


The fist she pounded against his chest no longer held any strength in them. If anybody who did not know the situation saw this, it would seem like they were flirting with each other rather than trying to murder one another.


Yang Kai had nothing to say. [Why did I kill the Great Emperor? If I had known the other party I was attacking had been Bright Moon, I would never have killed him!]


Unfortunately, Bright Moon was gone, and it was useless to wonder about ‘what if’s’ now. In any case, Li Shi Qing’s reaction was normal. Anybody from the Star Boundary would try to kill him in an attempt to avenge Bright Moon after seeing such a scene. Not to mention, she was the Disciple of Flower Shadow Great Emperor, so she held an even greater sense of responsibility and awareness compared to most ordinary people. Thus, Yang Kai did not and would not blame her for acting like this. He only hated himself for being so weak that he couldn’t protect Bright Moon at that time.


The abnormal situation here quickly attracted Lao Ke and the others over. Most stared at the two of them with wide eyes while Bo Ya seemed to understand something and sighed involuntarily.


Li Shi Qing didn’t seem like she would stop crying anytime soon, so Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked her out, supporting her body before beckoning to Bo Ya, “Take her away and look after her,”


Bo Ya took the unconscious Li Shi Qing without a word, simply picking her up and disappearing in a flash.


“Disperse!” Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively and returned to his own room. Pushing the doors open, he walked in and saw Yu Ru Meng lying on her side on the big bed, her cheek leaning against her jade-white hand as she exuded a lazy air.


She was not wearing any clothes and was simply covered with a thin layer of cloth, which vaguely highlighted her curvaceous figure. The sight of her made Yang Kai’s blood pressure rise once more, but when their eyes met, she smilingly asked, “She wanted to kill you. Why did you let her go so easily?”


“Why should I be bothered by her?” Yang Kai’s gaze roamed all over Yu Ru Meng’s body as he climbed onto the bed and lay down behind her. He placed one hand around her waist, and the other began groping her with no trace of politeness whatsoever.


She grabbed at his large hand that was being naughty and frowned, “Stop it. I can’t bear it anymore.”


Turning a deaf ear to her words, he blew gently in her ears while breaking free of her restraints. He then cupped one of her peaks and began kneading roughly with a chuckle, “You are a Demon Saint. Your restorative ability can’t be that bad, right?”


“What the Hell do you know!?” She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Nevertheless, she closed her eyes slightly and tilted her head back.


“I want to stir up a little trouble!” After saying that, he bit her on her shoulder, drawing a soft cry from her lips…




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  1. Methinks this was a good opportunity for Yang Kai to “do away with her with his space principles” while in truth he would just yeet her into the bead. Homegirl’s still in the dark, and I feel that will be the case up until they’re safe in the Star Boundary again

  2. Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t be opposed to intimate scenes describing YK as something other than the worst incarnation of male hormones. I know it’s impossible but I wouldn’t mind it.

    1. “He’s demonified,” also he raped a demon queen, who could’ve done him in at least half a dozen times, if she was really opposed to the idea, which _sorta_ makes it ok’ish.

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